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The Ogiek Peoples National Assembly (OPNA), The Ogiek Rural Integral Projects (ORIP), Ogiek Welfare Council (OWC), and Ogiek Peoples Development Program (OPDP), states as follow:

THAT we support the cabinetís decision to protect and stop the wanton destruction of the Mau forest.

That, the Ogiek people have, through traditional systems, conserved the Mau forest and environs for hundreds of years.

THAT the Narok county council to immediately mark boundaries for Group ranches and Trust land to facilitate a sound and legal basis for any action.

THAT the forest destruction is being perpetrated by relatives of some of the cabinet ministers from Central province, with the full support of the Provincial Administration.

THAT about seven former District commissioners including some serving in different capacities are beneficiaries of the forest allocation.

We appeal to the government to spare the Ogiek people further harassment as they are just victims of capitalistic interest in the Mau forest complex

In exercising its powers the government must act within the international conventions protecting the rights of Aboriginal Indigenous peoples - the Ogiek, Maasai and the Sengwer communities in Kenya. 

The Draft declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples ILO convention 169 and convention on civil and political rights are just a few. ...


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Colonisation is going on !

IN THE HIGH COURT OF KENYA AT NAIROBI - CIVIL?CASE NO 238 OF 1999                                            - THE GREEN SMOKESCREEN RULING OF KENYA -                                            

Statement by the Ogiek People National Assembly (OPNA) on the Mau Forest Complex                    (background on the Ogiek, facts about the Ogiek's case, and the Ogiek's demands)

The Ogiek: The Ongoing Destruction of a Minority Tribe in Kenya                                                       A report on the Ogiek written in September 2000 by John Kamau of Rights Features Service.

RESEARCHING INDIGENOUS PEOPLES RIGHTS UNDER INTERNATIONAL LAW                                    ( open as fullsite link ! - Copyright © 1992-2003, Steven C. Perkins. All rights reserved. ) This is a revision of a document prepared for presentation at the 1992 Annual Meeting of the American Association of Law Libraries. It may be reproduced for non-profit educational use if this notice appears on the reproduction. - Alternative weblink : !

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