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Grave Concern over Peace / Tourism Conference in Tanzania

Open letter to ‘Coalition Murderous’

Navaya ole Ndaskoi
Indigenous Rights for Survival International
P. O. Box 13357
Dar Es Salaam
Mobile phone +255-744-453 192
Alternative phone +225-748-604 038

November 30, 2003

1. Louis D’Amore, President
International Institute for Peace though Tourism
Fox Hill 13 Cottage Club
Road Stowe
Vermont, 05672
United States of America.

2. Dr. Catherine DeLeo, Chair
Recreation Resources & Ski Resort Mgmt
Lyndon State College
Vermont 05851
United States of America

Dear Louis and Catherine:

2) YOUTH LEADERSHIP FORUM December 7-12, 2003 Dar es Salaam.

Like many all over the world, I have spent the last days and weeks and months in great agony, as the
current assault and massacres of Peace, Law and Justice by the most rapacious imperial powers on
earth has unfolded. Death, destruction and human misery have turned into celluloid images analysed
and dissected by retired majors and ‘embedded’ journalists with utter cynicism and shameless glee
while exhorting the virtue of precision bombing. Shame itself is ashamed as marines descend from
their tanks to throw water bottles to traumatised thirsty Iraqis while tanks fire at Basra's water plants.

Not many months ago. In the Palestine theatre of conflicts, innocent children, youth, women and the
vulnerable are dying each passing day.

In this state, I am finding it impossible to intellectualise on Peace and muse over Tourism. Peace,
Law, Justice and Liberation have all been murdered! And we all know the murderous.

I am afraid, I cannot simply bring myself to attend these conferences. I know you will be disappointed. I also know that you have gone out of your way to make it possible for me to attend. But I also know that you, like many others at these conferences, do not necessarily share my anxiety and outrage. Perhaps the conferences will be an occasion for you to make policies that make the poor poorer and the rich get richer. Enough of ‘development’ tricks!

No, for once, I want to be myself. Let me read my books and hope that my generation will place this
world back on its head. The rational and human thing that can be said and done is to attack all forms of tourism which use money to trample an African human being underfoot.

In all sincerity, in this context, can we really talk about peace through tourism? In whose image? In
the image of Anglo-American ‘peace’? If this is not another empty vessel, why the meeting should be
held in Dar es Salaam? I am told Dar es Salaam is a capital of one of the most ‘peaceful’ countries on
earth. True Dar and Nairobi were bombed in 1998. But that does not alter facts. The targets of those
bombings were Americans. We know that they know it.

In your retired e-mails, you said that two Global Summits on Peace through Tourism were held in
(Amman, Jordan – Nov. 2000; and Geneva, Switzerland, Feb. 2003) and the First IIPT African
Conference, Nelspruit, Mpumalanga Province, South Africa, March 2002).

Now Jordan, Switzerland and South Africa are not, and I stand to be proved wrong, the most shambolic countries as far as insecurity is concern. Right? If wrong, at least they do not outstrip
Kabul, Kunduz, Najaf, Gaza Strip, Tikrit and Baghdad. If the conferences are hot potatoes for Africa, there are real battlefields on the continent. They are Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Burundi, DR Congo, Liberia, Somalia, Northern Uganda and Southern Sudan. There is no peace in those countries.
They are thus the best venue.

But wait. Did I read in one of your e-mails something to this effect: the ‘aims of the conference are…to mobilize travel and tourism…as a leading force for poverty reduction in Africa.’ Did I hear somewhere too that until recently Kenya ‘was leading in attracting the bulk of the sub-Saharan Africa tourist trade?’ Are ordinary Kenyans any better than other ordinary Africans? What country on earth developed by depending on fickle tourist revenue?

It is a great source of sadness too that some of the participants are the very people responsible for
the plight of indigenous communities, wildlife and the environment (read the Loliondo controversy).
Genuinely, you have arranged for me to meet Gerald Bigurube-Director General Tanzania National
Parks Authority (TANAPA). Unfortunately, a possible cardinal sin to be committed by anybody, in his right senses, who knows TANAPA’s acts of mindless vandalism in villages bordering national parks is to meet Bigurube. TANAPA is behaving as if some inhabitants of Venus head it. You have no idea how much this grieves me.

Since tourism brings foreign currency, it can be understood why the establishments value wildlife than
human beings. But why the very money magnets, wildlife, should be subjected to an undue killing in
the name of sport-hunting, is best known to the big shots of this country, Bigurube included. He is a
presidential appointee. Did he resign in the interest of peace and wildlife if the Government did not
listen him concerning the outrageous hunting in Loliondo? One cannot possibly cut off the hand that
feeds him. He head TANAPA. Pretend that things are in order. Get the bread! The Director General
may disagree with me to this point. But if he likes the Loliondo killings then we (you and I) must
develop other thoughts.

Secondly the venue is the Golden Tulip Hotel, Dar es Salaam. If the aim is to fight poverty can
participants see any poverty in Golden Tulip? Above all, the majority of people in this Republic live
far below the ‘Poverty Line.’ Are Frederick Sumaye, Prime Minister of the United Republic of Tanzania, Zakia Hamdani Meghji, Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism, Republic of Tanzania,
Dr. Asha Rose Migiro, Tanzania Minister for Community Development, Gender and Children, Dawid
De Villiers, Deputy Secretary General, World Tourism Organisation and Ian Christie, World Bank
Group themselves poor? How can an oppressor negotiate himself, and there are also women, out of
the system that benefited him? Nelson Mandela correctly argued, ‘force is the only language an
oppressor can understand.’

Do Tanzanians, the majority, have interest in the conferences? Do they see the validity? Can they
afford to attend even when there were no registration fees? Would decent Tanzanians like their
country to be visited (short stay, quick and dirty) by foreigners whose sole purpose is to commit
grossly inhuman acts that they could not do in their own countries?
Would they like to be seen hosting brutal freak shows for MONEY? Is Tanzania so financially impoverished and so morally bankrupt that this is actually being advertised? National pride, humanity,
common decency...quo vadis.

It always shocks me to the marrow to see our rulers performing somersaults to attract veracious
vultures called investors and predators called tourists (consumptive and non-consumptive) especially
from the nations of European stock. The conferences are, I like to believe, most certainly the triumphs of the powerful, the rich, and those expecting perks, local and expatriates!

Another major downside of one of the conferences is its very expected outcome. ‘The outcome of
the Conference will be an “Action Agenda” – a “21st Century Agenda for Peace through Tourism”
with a focus on implementation of strategic initiatives and pilot projects that empower local communities to achieve jobs with dignity and sustainable futures.’

Well. Is there any truth in this? In the face of things this looks like a strong argument. Some who
know the facts extremely well, however, feels that despite the fallacies the people who are already at
their lowest ebb of suffering loose much. Despite the fads, fancies, ‘new directions’ and endless
‘policy rethinks’ that have characterised the ‘development’ business for decades, and despite the
expenditure of a lot of money there is little evidence to prove that the poor have actually benefited from the ‘development’ agenda. Year in year out, however, there can be no doubt that conservation, tourism and ‘development’ pay the heft salaries and underwrite the privileged lifestyles of the international civil servants, ‘development experts, consultants and assorted freeloaders who staff ‘development’ agencies themselves.

How can we talk of peace while the nations of European stock are molesting it? Perhaps one day, the
oppressed in Tanzania (by extension in Africa) will drive away tourists with whips!

We could demonstrate against the said conferences. But this Government, which you seem to cherish, is guaranteed to gun us down. With live ammunition! Read January 26 and 27, 2001. So you can just go ahead. History will prove you wrong. Unfortunately while history will vindicate us it will
never restore our rights.

No, thank you…! I shall not utter ‘peace’ until I see the ghosts of the Iraqis, Afghanis and Palestines
dancing on buried tanks, APCs and B52s! Until I see all ‘coalition’ murderous leaving Iraq and Afghanistan. Until I see both Bush and Blair being dragged to face the full force of law. Until I see the
monstrous Ngorongoro Conservation Area Ordinance (No.14´ of 1959) as amended from time to
time being rubbished. Until I see the Maasai retaking their ancestral land, the Greater Serengeti! Until
I see the remains of Michael Grzimek (buried in Ngorongoro), Frederick Selous (buried in Selous
Game Reserve), Hugo van Lawick (buried in Ngorongoro) and all murderous buried in conservation
areas including Cecil Rhodes (buried in Matopos National Park, Zimbabwe) being flown where they
belong, Europe.

I know this letter will bitterly offend you. I make no apologies for that.
Over our dead bodies! No exploitation of man by man.
The world is watching you.
With grave concern,
Navaya ole Ndaskoi
Indigenous Rights for Survival International.

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Additonal call by the author:

Dear Friends,

I appeal to you and all peace loving people around the globe to pay attention to this mail.

The International Institute for Peace through Tourism and the Youth Leadership Forum, based in the United States are organising IIPT 2nd Conference on Peace through Tourism to be held in at the Golden Tulip Hotel in Dar es Salaam (Tanzania), 7-12 December 2003.

This conference conceals sinister objectives (Please see the attachment).
Do two things then. Foremost, distribute this e-mail to has many individuals and organisations as you can or possibly publish it.
Secondly, swarm the IIPT with protest letters and/or e-mails.

Their conduct is as follows:

International Institute for Peace through Tourism
Fox Hill
13 Cottage Club Road Stowe
Vermont, 05672 USA
Telephone: 802-253-2658
Fax: 802-253-2645

Let us prevent the rich and powerful from trampling human beings underfoot.


Navaya ole Ndaskoi
Indigenous Rights for Survival International
P.O. Box 13357
Dar es Salaam