Archive 2003


Forest Peoples offenders work with all tricks

False accusations against the Ogiek Rural Integral Projects were reported in the local Press (Daily Nation, 28th Nov. 2003), which tried to discredit their handling of funds.

In a very clear official statement by the Office of the President - Narok Provincial Administration -, on the same day was clarified, that "At no point did I pinpoint at any NGO or at the Ogiek Integrated Project for the matter, as a victim of the vice, or to be subjected to any form of investigations related to misuse of funds".

District Commissioner H.O. Odino requested in a letter addressed to the Editor of the Daily Nation also that "the anomaly be corrected as your reporter, who covered the occasion missed the point".

Once again it seems that the times of diffamation as means to oppress indigenous peoples in their struggle are not over yet.