Archive 2003



On June 16 Ogiek representatives addressed the Truth and Reconciliation taskforce on behalf of the Ogiek communities. He presented the memorandum included below. 

JUNE 16, 2003 On the behalf of the Ogiek community we present this memorandum in support of the formation of the truth and reconciliation commission. This we do so with the following reasons. It will lead to the truth: About the origin and causes of the tribal clashes and who were the beneficiaries; About the population transfer of the Kalenjin persons from their respective districts to the Ogiek ancestral lands in Nakuru District; The successive mistreatment of the Ogiek and their property by the Kenyatta and Moi regimes; The mass arrests, false charges and forced disappearances of the Ogiek leaders by the state machinery; The looting of the forest products/trees by officer of the former regimes and how these facts affected our environment alongside the national economy; For in doing so, it will not only be to the Ogiekís benefit, but also to all Kenyans who were evicted in these forests in the late 1980ís only, for the same areas to be declared an adjudication area a few years later. 

This document was signed by J.K. Towett, Kones Solomon, and Kiplangat Cheruiyot on behalf of the Ogiek people.