News 2003


Mr.Collin Church, stop this madness.

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I`m not certain everyone is following the drift here, Collin Church, the director of KWS, god knows if he`s Kenyan anyway, is still spearheading the move to chop-up and sell KWS. The chairman, Mr.Mukolwe is in on it too. Dr. Leakey opposes this move, the public opposes this move, our forefathers would oppose this move, then why in God`s name don`t these a-s-s wipes get it? 

Where is Emilio in all this? Has N-a-n-c-y clipped your patriotism? I mean, we respect the Presidency but heck, he ought to act like he gives a damn. 

Despite government subsidies and a tax exempt status for this corporation, how on earth can?t these so called experts get it right? Prof.Wangari Mathai ain`t said diddly-squat yet during Moi`s era, she could be heard lake to coast hurling insults. 

What Mr.Church is telling us that a bunch of Loaded (rich) Kenyans can go to the UK and buy up all the pieces of the Royal Empire including the stone henge as a bonus? Is this clown telling us that these asserts, traditional or otherwise ought to be put up for the quickest buck? He is asserting that despite improvements in this industry and a public that is willing to protect its institutions and heritage with exception of its leaders, that we ought to commercialize and capitalize our survival? And not just that but place it the hands of foreigners, he must be crazy than legendary Crazy Horse

This, my friends is where I differ. I`d rather die broke, but die in my own back yard having not sold it to save myself because maybe my child will make better of it. Maybe my child will have some heritage to talk about and relate to. 

Kenya is not one big honey port for foreigners to s- up whatever they can get hold of oblivious of the natives traditions, feelings or right to own what is destined. Let`s not mistake that Mr. Collins Church.