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Forest settlers now play hide and seek game                                                                                   (31.12.2005) What was expected to be a major clash between security personnel and settlers at the Mau forest of Narok district turned out to be much ado about nothing.

New forest evictions start today                                                                                                      (29.12.2005) A major operation to flush out 2,000 people from the Mau forest starts today. They have returned after being evicted by the Government five months ago.

Council boss jailed for contempt                                                                                                     (15.12.2005) Narok county council chief was yesterday sent to jail for six months for contempt of court. High Court judge Jacktone Boma Ojwang' delivered his verdict at 1.27pm and sent Stanislas Ondimu to start his new life at Kamiti Maximum Security Prison.

Mau saga clerk jailed for contempt                                                                                                  (December 14, 2005) Former Narok County Council Clerk, Mr Stanislas Ondimu, was jailed on Wednesday, just a day after a Nairobi court ordered his arrest.

Canada's 'alternative Nobel' winners call for water rights, global justice                                               (07.12.2005) STOCKHOLM, Sweden (CP) - Two Canadian recipients of this year's Right Livelihood Awards, also known as the "alternative Nobels," on Tuesday said privatization of fresh water resources represents a threat to human rights.

3,155 Mau evictees to be resettled, says DC                                                                                   (December 1, 2005) The Government will only resettle 3,155 people out of the 10,200 that were evicted from the Mau Forest.

SMILE, WOMAN OF AFRICA, SMILE!                                                                                            A. N. Kithaka - This week holds two important events for African women. The 25th of  November marks the start of the 16 Days of Gender Activism Against Violence, an international campaign meant to raise awareness about gender violence, strengthen the work of local organisations and  demonstrate the solidarity of women around the world. Incorporating  the International Day Against Violence Against Women (November 25th)  and International Human Rights Day (December 10), the goal of the campaign is to link violence against women to the fact that it is a  human rights violation. November 25 is also especially important for  African women, as it is the day that the Protocol on the Rights of  Women in Africa comes into force.

Kibaki fires his entire Cabinet                                                                                                         (24.11.2005) President Kibaki last night sacked his entire Cabinet and all his assistant ministers, only a day after losing the Constitution referendum.

Why presidential powers need to be trimmed                                                                                   (24.11.2005) The powers vested in the Executive underpinned the bruising contest for the new Constitution.

Issuance of titles to continue, confirms Kimunya                                                                              (24.11.2005) The ongoing programme of issuing title deeds and settling landless families will continue despite the outcome of the national referendum.

New constitution rejected in referendum                                                                                           NAIROBI, 22 November (IRIN) - Kenya's proposed new constitution has been rejected in a referendum despite its having been supported by President Mwai Kibaki and other key figures in his government, the country's electoral commission announced on Tuesday.

Curtains down on season of insanity                                                                                               (22.11.2005) THE reason the Government last week temporarily shut down KASS FM station broadcasting in the Kalenjin language was because it has been pro-orange team. The fact that the station was initially ordered closed until November 23 when referendum results would have been officially announced is itself emerged as some sort of proof that the station was a threat to some political interests.

Forests paying the price for biofuels                                                                                                (22 November 2005) THE drive for "green energy" in the developed world is having the perverse effect of encouraging the destruction of tropical rainforests.

PERSPECTIVES ON THE NOVEMBER 21ST REFERENDUM AND RECOMMENDATIONS                (November 20, 2005) Most likely, members of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) which is campaigning for a "No vote" in the referendum will win on Monday, a victory that is, most likely, going to raise various issues in the post-referendum situation in Kenya.

Why this bout of generosity rings false                                                                                            (20.11.2005) Kenya's successive presidents are a study in comparative generosity. Daniel arap Moi's looked inborn. But in Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Paulo Freire warns us against "the false generosity of the oppressor".

Kibaki creates 27 new districts, gives out land                                                                                 (17.11.2005) The latest wave of resettlement adds to the 12,000 people in Mau Forest – who had earlier been evicted and who are now undergoing a vetting process – and the 10,000 members of the Ogiek community who have since been asked to pick titles at the local Lands offices.

Reject Banana, 10 MPs tell Ogiek                                                                                                  (16.11.2005) Ten MPs have asked the Ogiek to vote against the proposed Constitution on Monday. About 12,000 members of the community were recently issued with land title deeds by President Kibaki.

Kenya and her Constitution, the story so far…                                                                                 1963 - Independence - Kenya adopts her first constitution ; 1964-9 - 1st Phase of Amendment Process - Highlights ....

The final sprint                                                                                                                               (13.11.2005) With less than 168 hours to go before the November 21 referendum, both the Banana and Orange teams yesterday entered the final sprint with over 15 rallies across the country.

Muite's defence of contempt astonishing                                                                                          (11.11.2005) Kabete MP Paul Muite is not known for pulling punches, especially on matters touching on the presidency.

Maathai Warns State On Forest Settlements                                                                                   (09.11.2005) Environment Assistant minister Prof Wangari Maathai has called on the Government to stop settling people in forests.

Muite must not defend violation of law                                                                                              (07.11.2005) PAUL MUITE, the MP for Kabete, is not well known for pulling his punches, especially on matters touching on the Kenyan presidency. During former President Moi’s reign, particularly following the fall from grace by his mentor, Charles Njonjo, Muite gained a reputation for throwing jabs (both lethal and non-lethal) at the presidency on every available opportunity.

ORION - Magazine November/December 2005                                                                                 MARK DOWIE - "Conservation Refugees" - When protecting nature means kicking people out ...

ENVIRONMENT-KENYA: Sustainability Collides With Poverty                                                          (04.11.2005) MT KENYA, Nov 4 (IPS) - Visitors to Mbeere district in Kenya’s Central Province can hardly miss them: bags of charcoal laid on either side of the road. Those who sell the bags are far less visible, however. They hide in the surrounding dense vegetation, only appearing to make hurried sales.

Kimunya: The President will not have powers to dish out plots                                                           (03.11.2005) Lands and Housing minister Amos Kimunya, a Yes vote advocate, says that the Government will not have the power to interfere with trust land. - Question: Which major land reforms would convince Kenyans to vote for the proposed Constitution?

Institutions treading on each other's toes                                                                                         (01.11.2005) In the recent past, we have witnessed cases where the very basis of the doctrine of separation of powers has been threatened by each of the three institutions of government violating the law and encroaching onto each other's constitutional spheres.

Diversity vital to our knowledge                                                                                                       (01.11.2005) By Diona Fay Howard - "Hello class, welcome to intellectual heritage 51. Can anyone tell me what intellectual heritage means?" says a Temple professor at the beginning of each semester. A bold student ready to earn an A for the course eagerly answers, "It means the legacy of great thinkers and ideas in this world."

Land for loyalty?                                                                                                                            (31 October 2005) Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki has allocated thousands of title deeds for land in a move his opponents say is an attempt to “bribe” voters to support a controversial draft constitution in a November 21 referendum.

DISPOSSESSING AFRICA'S WEALTH                                                                                           (Patrick Bond - Oct. 2005) Exactly how much wealth does Africa lose every year? Third World  repayments of $340 billion each year flow northwards to service a  $2.2 trillion debt, more than five times the G8's development aid  budget, notes Patrick Bond. In addition Africa’s citizens experience  depletion of assets like forests and mineral resources, and suffer  the impact of pollution as a result of mining. In this context, Bond  argues that those who claim international integration can enrich  Africa are wrong.

Land inspections suspended                                                                                                          (29.10.2005) THE government yesterday suspended with immediate effect inspection of land registers and other related documents, citing rampant forgeries and frauds. In a press statement the Ministry of Lands and Housing further announced the review of the administration of land survey records for the release of deed plans and that sole custodianship of such documents had been granted exclusively to the Commissioner of Lands.

The beehive factor in Kenya's politics                                                                                              (29.10.2005) Not too long ago, I had the difficult task of explaining to a group of foreigners a small news item appearing in one of the local newspapers.

Why Kibaki must respect courts                                                                                                     (29.10.2005) I half-expected the Attorney General to come out and reassure the country that President Kibaki did not deliberately flout the law last week.

Did Kibaki Really Break the Law On Ogiek Titles?                                                                            COLUMN (October 25, 2005) Acrimony over the proposed draft Constitution heightened last week when the president issued 12,000 title deeds to members of the Ogiek community.

Stop ignoring court orders                                                                                                              (25.10.2005) Recent Government pronouncements have put the rule of law in serious jeopardy, because they deliberately ignore or belittle valid court orders.

MPs Urge State to Resettle Forest Evictees                                                                                    (25.10.2005) Two Kanu MPs want the Government to unconditionally resettle more than 10,000 families evicted from Mau Forest.

Are Kirwa, Koech written off politically?                                                                                           (24.10.2005) THERE is growing perception and reasons to boot that Kalenjin leaders on the Banana camp are having a mountain to climb from what is happening on the ground. They say perceptions can be deceptive but then again its is often perceptions which tend to crystallize into realities more so in the province of politics.

Even Kibaki is prone to double talk                                                                                                  (24.10.2005) Before the Wako Draft was handed over to the Constitution of Kenya Review Commission and the Yes and No referendum campaigns kicked off, President Kibaki was away from the limelight as LDP and NAK activists crisscrossed the country.

MPs walk out on president was unfortunate                                                                                     (23. Oct. 2005) The behaviour of some Kanu Members of Parliament from Rift Valley province leaves a lot to be desired. Their conduct is not only wanting but at times also seems to be immature and not worthy of elected leaders in their respective communities.

Kibaki calls for peaceful campaigns                                                                                                 (21.10.2005) President Kibaki yesterday sent a passionate appeal to Kenyans for them to maintain peace during the referendum campaigns and to turn out in large numbers to vote.

Kenyatta Day Speech 20th October 2005                                                                                  "The award of title deeds to members of the Ogiek community is also part of the government's efforts to streamline land matters in the country." - SPEECH BY HIS EXCELLENCY HON. MWAI KIBAKI, C.G.H., M.P., PRESIDENT AND COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF OF THE ARMED FORCES OF THE REPUBLIC OF KENYA DURING THE KENYATTA DAY CELEBRATIONS AT NYAYO NATIONAL STADIUM, NAIROBI, 20TH OCTOBER, 2005

'Lets honour our heroes,' - Kibaki                                                                                                    (October 20, 2005) President Mwai Kibaki said Wednesday that national heroes should be honoured adequately through commemorative projects that reflect the ideals they championed.

Titles: Did Kibaki bend the law?                                                                                                      (19.10.2005) On Saturday, the President gave land to residents of Olenguruone in Nakuru district after a court order against the move – and now a row simmers if the gesture was legally right ...

Graft: Narc yet to clean up act                                                                                                        (19.10.2005) Kenya has been ranked among the world's 20 most corrupt nations. According to a report released yesterday by a global anti-graft watchdog, this was an indication that the fight against corruption had stagnated.

Shrinking forests stunt Kenya's growth                                                                                            (18.10.2005) Kenya's efforts at wealth creation have hit a snag because of the massive of destruction of forests and rapid depletion of its natural resources, a World Bank reports says.

President selective over titles, says priest                                                                                        (October 18, 2005) Controversial Kitale Parish priest Fr Gabriel Dolan has termed the issuance of title deeds by the President as selective and inconsistent.

First People's Workshop in Defense of Water                                                                                   (October 18, 2005) Water Privatization in Latin America - The drive to privatize water distribution and resources is gaining steam in Latin America. Although transnational water companies have suffered setbacks in places like Puerto Rico, Bolivia, and Uruguay, they continue with plans to appropriate the region's hydrological resources - rivers, aquifers, wells, and aqueduct systems. While “privatization” has become a loaded term in the water business, companies prefer a softer discourse, employing concepts such as “decentralization,” “civil society participation,” and “sustainable development.”

Kenya's Kibaki Under Fire by Legal Society                                                                                     (17.10.2005) An influential group of lawyers in Kenya says President Mwai Kibaki has taken a number of actions recently that violate court orders. President Kibaki's move to grant land titles to displaced communities in the Rift Valley is under fire.

Kibaki gives Nakuru four districts as race hots up                                                                             (October 17, 2005) President Kibaki yesterday said Nakuru District would be split into four new administrative units. The President said the district was too large and that the creation of the new units would make it more manageable administratively.

Corrupt leaders made me quit, Githongo says                                                                                  (October 17, 2005) Former anti-corruption czar John Githongo has ended speculation over his departure by revealing that he quit his job because of his war against a clique of powerful corrupt individuals.

Kibaki criticised over Ogiek title deeds                                                                                            (17.10.2005) President Kibaki yesterday came under heavy criticism for defying a court order that stopped the issuance of title deeds to the Ogiek. But the President also received backing for giving out 12,000 title deeds over the weekend with Local Government assistant minister, Maina Kamanda, arguing the court injunction was open to varied interpretation.

Kibaki criticised for ignoring court order                                                                                           (17.10.2005) President Kibaki came under attack yesterday for disregarding a court order against issuing title deeds to the Ogiek community.

It's time Kenyans shunned outdated ethnic ideologies                                                                       (16. Oct. 2005) MAYBE you have read the old fable about the scorpion and the frog, which illustrates how man’s nature is much more devious and controlling than his logic.

Govt criticized over famine relief                                                                                                      (October 16, 2005) The government has been accused of using famine relief food to woe voters in drought stricken Ukambani area to endorse the proposed draft constitution during the November 21 referendum.

Orange team alleges death threats                                                                                                  (October 16, 2005) Claims that spies are trailing rivals of the Wako Draft and threatening some with death emerged yesterday.

Kibaki issues title deeds to the Ogiek                                                                                             (October 16, 2005) President Mwai Kibaki said Saturday the government was not issuing land title deeds to solicit favours from the people.

President hands out 12,000 deeds despite court order                                                                      (16.10.2005) President Kibaki yesterday gave out 12,000 land titles in Nakuru amid controversy on whether or not he had ignored a court order stopping the issuance of the documents.

Kibaki woos Kalenjins, rules out witch-hunting                                                                                 (15. Oct. 2005) PRESIDENT Mwai Kibaki yesterday said that his government would not hunt for individuals who might have committed human rights injustices in the past.

President in move to allay fears over land                                                                                         (October 15, 2005) The Government will not pursue former State officials implicated in human rights abuses when the new constitution comes into force, President Kibaki said yesterday.

Court stops President from issuing titles                                                                                          (15.10.2005) The High Court has stopped President Mwai Kibaki from issuing land title deeds to members of the Ogiek community. Sitting in Nakuru, Justice Daniel Musinga issued the prohibition order after some Ogiek community members, claiming to have been left out of the exercise, sought legal redress.

Court stops issuance of title deeds                                                                                                 (14.10.2005) The Government was yesterday barred from issuing title deeds to members of the Ogiek community. The barring orders were issued by the High Court against the Commissioner of Lands, the chief lands registrar, the principal registrar of titles and the Rift Valley provincial commissioner.

Tree cutting an environmental calamity                                                                                            Open letter to The Editor, Nation Newspapers. (October 10, 2005) Dear Sir, I have just spent a couple of days around Kibwezi and Masongaleni and was truly shocked to see the changes in the environment and the extent of degradation that has occurred over the last few years.

Breaking the law to pass a bad law                                                                                                 (October 9, 2005) Three chilling revelations emerged this past week: One, politicians in government will not hesitate to distort the truth, rob the taxpayer, bribe, incite, coerce, maim or incarcerate to pass that pretension of a constitution.

War of words on Draft hots up at twin rallies                                                                                     (Date: 10/8/2005) The war of words over the proposed Constitution intensified yesterday as the Yes and No-vote teams went head to head with parallel rallies held only a few kilometres apart.

Big pay rise for councillors as vote bribery row rages                                                                        (07.10.2005) Councillors countrywide were given a hefty pay rise plus the promise of free life insurance yesterday, even as the Government was being accused yet again of making a series of concessions aimed at bribing voters to support the proposed new Constitution.

The decimation of another indigenous people                                                                                   OGIEK PRESS STATEMENT - The decimation of another indigenous people is taking place in Africa - this happened systematically round the world since the 17th century. Another tribe of people is to be displaced, unheard, detroyed.

State plans Sh100m house for the President ( - but Ogiek are out in the cold )                                    STANDARD, Nairobi (October 6, 2005) The Government will spend Sh100 million on the construction of an official residence for the Presidency.

African countries to form regional network on global environmental change                                          NEWS RELEASE: Nairobi 5 October, 2005 – At a historic meeting held in Nairobi last week, scientists from throughout Africa called for a regional network to promote much needed research on environmental degradation in the region.

KENYA: Gov't announces plan to resettle forest evictees                                                                  NAIROBI, 5 October (IRIN) - Kenyan authorities have unveiled a plan to resettle thousands of families evicted in June from farms allegedly carved out of a forest in the Mau area of the country's southeastern Narok district.

Move to settle thousands is not new, say ministers                                                                          (05. October 2005) Senior officials yesterday denied that the Government's decision to resettle people recently evicted from Rift Valley forests has anything to do with the referendum.

Accusing Kibaki                                                                                                                            (October 5, 2005) Roads minister Raila Odinga and Kanu Chairman Uhuru Kenyatta yesterday led the Orange team in accusing President Kibaki of turning to "bribery’’ in the referendum war....

OGIEK OPPOSE KIBAKI’S DIRECTIVE ON TITLE DEEDS                                             (03.10.2005) PRESS STATEMENT TO THE MEDIA - The President’s directive that more than 12,000 Ogiek shall be issued with title deed in the Mau is ill timed and a monumental conspiracy to expropriate Ogiek ancestral land in Nakuru and Narok districts to other mainstream societies for political expediency.  The Ogiek land struggle is as old as our independence and to date the Ogiek people are not legally among the 42 tribes of Kenya.

Kibaki gives out land for ‘Yes’ review vote                                                                                         (03.10.2005) The Government will resettle families evicted from Mau Forest before the November 21 referendum in a move clearly aimed at wrong-footing the No platform.

Land question generates more heat than light                                                                                  (03.10.2005) The sensitive issue of land ownership and usage has emerged as one of the most hotly contested in the debate for the proposed new Constitution.

Report: Why Kenya is a failed state                                                                                                (02.10.2005) Despite all appearances to the contrary, a report by a US research organisation has classed Kenya as being among the world's failed states.

THE WATER MAFIA DOES NOT GIVE UP                                                                                      Forest evictions to go on, says Karua (02.10.2005) The Government will not go back on plans to remove people living in its forests illegally, Water minister Martha Karua said yesterday.

New Land Mapping System to Give People Greater Say                                                                   (September 23, 2005) Kenya will soon have an electronic land adjudication system if the Government adopts recommendations by an international conference.

Lobbies want House to hold fresh talks on proposed law                                                                   (17.09.2005) Three lobby groups want Parliament to reconvene and examine afresh the contentious clauses in the proposed Constitution.

Group kicked out of Mau Forest                                                                                                      (17.09.2005) More than 100 armed men were yesterday forced out of Mau Forest by police.

Graft has gone up, say Kenyans                                                                                                     (17.09.2005) Ninety four per cent of Kenyans think corruption has increased since Narc came to power in 2003, says a report.

Minority Rights Activists Reject Kenya's Proposed Constitution                                                         (09 September 2005) listen to interview with Korrir Singoei  (MP3 Audio - 2,15 MB) In Kenya, a group representing the interests of minorities and indigenous peoples has come out against the draft constitution – which will be accepted or rejected by voters on November 21st.

Expert wants communities involved in land mapping                                                                         (September 8, 2005) Local communities should be allowed to participate in land demarcation to avert conflicts, a workshop heard yesterday.

Radical proposals on land ownership                                                                                               (September 4, 2005) By John Kamau - The problem of landlessness is worse than many Kenyans think - something that will complicate the implementation of the Wako Draft Constitution.

CHALLENGES OF DOMESTICATION: THE PROTOCOL TO THE AFRICAN CHARTER ON HUMAN AND PEOPLE’S RIGHTS ON THE RIGHTS OF WOMEN IN AFRICA (Sept. 2005) Once 15 African countries have ratified The Protocol To The African Charter On Human and Peoples' Rights On The Rights of Women in Africa, its provisions will have to be included in country-level legislation. This is the next challenge facing the Solidarity for African Women’s Rights Campaign, says Sarah Mukasa, who assesses some of the potential stumbling blocks inherent in the domestication process. “It is imperative that strategies adopted for this campaign take into account these factors and prepare for the resistances that will surely come,” she warns.

"Small Tribes still marginalised by proposed new constitution!"                                                          Minister alleges parallel draft in circulation (August 31, 2005) Cabinet Minister Najib Balala yesterday alleged that the Government was printing two sets of the proposed constitution. Balala said there were two sets of the constitution at the Government printers, one with contentious issues and another without.

4 CID men executed Kaiser, MP alleges                                                                                          (August 16, 2005) Kabete MP Paul Muite yesterday told a Nairobi court that four police officers killed Catholic priest Antony Kaiser before his body was dumped on the Nakuru-Naivasha road.

Sport hunting will transform the north                                                                                               (10.08.2005) If you have travelled by bus from Mombasa to Lamu, one of the sights that may have startled you as you traversed Tana River District, is that of passengers alighting at some point and walking off into one of the most desolate landscapes in the country.

Ogiek leader attacked and nearly killed                                                                                           (01.08.2005) Nakuru / Kenya 01.08.2005 - The indigenous Ogiek and all their friends are in profound shock after Councilor Joseph Miangari of Nessuit ward was attacked in his house at 3am on the morning of 01. August 2005 by unknown gangsters.

Mau Forest Residents Decry Violent Evictions                                                                                 (July 15, 2005) Twelve-year-old Nicholas Kiptum was traumatized when Kenyan police destroyed his school in early June.

Kenya forest evictions leave thousands in penury                                                                             (14 Jul 2005) Thousands of Kenyans are hungry and homeless after being forced from an environmentally sensitive forest area in a violent expulsion critics likened to Zimbabwe's controversial slum clearances.

Speaker criticises Kanu after walk-out                                                                                             (13.07.2005) About 20 Kanu MPs disrupted House business as they walked out in a group to address a news conference on the Mau Forest evictions.

Open Letter to Security Minister                                                                                                     (12.07.2005) OGIEK RURAL INTEGRAL PROJECTS (ORIP) - I am writing to you on behalf of the Ogiek people living in the Mau forest complex and who are the original indigenous peoples of the Mau forest....

The next war? - no it's already on at the Mau!                                                                                   (Sunday July 10, 2005) The next war - Major conflicts in Africa over the next 25 years could be due to that most precious of commodities - water. Water wars are likely to erupt in areas where rivers and lakes are shared by more than one country, according to a United Nations Development Programme report. Possible flashpoints are the Nile, Niger, Volta and Zambezi basins. The report predicts population growth and economic development will lead to nearly one in two people in Africa living in countries facing water scarcity or ‘water stress’ within 25 years.

Squatters flee Mau as evictions resume                                                                                           (July 7, 2005) Squatters continued to flee Nkaroni area of Mau yesterday in the latest eviction in the catchment area. This comes barely two weeks after it the evictions were temporarily stopped for unexplained reasons.

Fresh hope for revised forests Bill                                                                                                    (07.07.2005) The controversial forests Bill has been revised and will be tabled in Parliament for debate next week.

Ogiek case postponed                                                                                                                   (06.07.2005) The High Court in Nakuru has postpond this morning the civil applicationof  the Ogiek vs the Narok County Council concerning the eviction of Ogiek from Mau Forest. The Narok County Council demanded more time to set their defence.

Land order will lead to anarchy, Govt warned                                                                                    (03.07.2005) The Government's order for seizure of grabbed land without seeking court orders attracted angry reactions yesterday.

Marmanet Forest Squatters to Be Evicted                                                                                        (July 1, 2005) The next phase of evictions from gazetted forests will be in Marmanet in Laikipia District, Lands Minister Amos Kimunya has said.

Spare us from eviction, plead Ogiek                                                                                                (28.06.2005) Ogiek community members have asked the Government to spare them from ongoing eviction in Mau Forest.

Jobs clash paralyses Sondu power project                                                                                       (June 25, 2005) A week after Japan expressed interest in funding another power plant at Sondu-Miriu, a fresh jobs controversy has paralysed work at the multi-billion power project.

Finally: Red Cross gives assistance to eviction victims                                                                     (24.06.2005) The Kenya Red Cross Society has dispatched a humanitarian relief consignment worth Ksh 6 million to assist thousands of people affected by evictions in Narok District.

Where is priority? Sanctity for life or love for property?                                                                      (23.06.2005) Did Michuki ask where these people are living now, whether their children are still going to school, where are they sleeping and do they have food to eat? If the President and Michuki did not ask this, what did they say?, writes KOIGI WA WAMWERE MP, SUBUKIA

Michuki taken to task over Mau eviction                                                                                           (23.06.2005) THE Minister in charge of Internal Security and Provincial Administration John Michuki was asked to explain the circumstances under which thousands of families with genuine title deeds were evicted from Mau forest.

Ignore order on squatters, MP urges chiefs                                                                                      (June 23, 2005) The Coast Parliamentary Group chairman, Mr Joe Khamisi, yesterday urged chiefs to ignore an order to evict squatters. Khamisi said the order by Internal Security minister John Michuki to chiefs to evict squatters from private land in the province, was a direct incitement and could cause chaos.

MPs (including ole NTIMAMA) and ministers on Sh785m debt list                                                      (23.06.2005) Two Cabinet ministers are among hundreds of Kenyans who owe a farmers' organisation a staggering Sh785.3 million in loan arrears.

Greed at the centre of land problems                                                                                               (21. 06 2005) IT will seemingly take us a while longer to see the last of the incessant squatter problem in the country. Most of the squatter cases are genuine and a few of them consist of greedy individuals who have wilfully set aside their rightful land and encroached on to private land.

Michuki orders chiefs to evict all squatters                                                                                       (June 21, 2005) Internal Security Minister John Michuki yesterday ordered chiefs in Coast Province to evict squatters who have settled on private land.

OGIEK CRY FOR HELP                                                                                                                (20.06.2005) Please take note of the serious humanitarian crisis and the appaling condition in which the evicted Ogiek families from Enoosupukia were left by the Kenya state already in the first eviction wave. Please try to consider your assistance.

A govt of the rich must live to oppress the poor                                                                                 (19.06.2005) IN her poverty-stricken existence, Kenya remains one of the nations that continues to parade numerous features of poverty, particularly as shown by the ‘squatter uprisings’ and inadequacy of housing provisions in terms of quantity and quality.

Agony over Mau forest evictions                                                                                                      (19.06.2005) AGONY, desperation and anguish descended settlers at the Mau Forest in Narok District as the government stood its ground last week to continue with their evictions, generating political heat in the country as various groups either rallied behind the government or came to the defence of the victims.

Arrest of HR and constitution process activists                                                                                 We the members of Yellow Movement of the  Multi-Sectoral Forum (MSF) are shocked and outraged by the barbaric actions of the police who unleashed terror on citizens who were on a peaceful procession during the launch of MSF Maua Chapter on Saturday the 18th June 2005 in Maua.

Obey the Law, or face jail - Land's Minister told                                                                                (18.06.2005) ...while freezing Ogiek children, who do not know their future or from where their next meal will come, are not cared for by the state machinery, who thrushes them into misery. - Please get directly in contact with the Ogiek Support Programme by e-mail or call ...

Kipsigis ‘may take law into their hands’ over land - Bett                                                                    (16.06.2005) NARC nominated MP Franklin Bett has warned that members of the Kipsigis community might be forced to take the law in their hands to protect themselves over the controversial land issue in the Mau Forest in Narok South should the government fail to act and defend them.

Families protest relocation                                                                                                             (June 16, 2005) A row has erupted over the relocation of 247 families from the Tana River Primate National Reserve.

Squatters now say officers raped, robbed them                                                                                (16.06.2005) Squatters evicted from Mau forest yesterday claimed security officers raped them. Administration Policemen and Narok County Council rangers were also accused of robbing victims of money.

Sack corrupt ministers, Kibaki urged                                                                                               (June 16, 2005) President Kibaki has been urged to take advantage of the truce declared by the Liberal Democratic Party to purge his Government of corrupt ministers.

Bewildered villagers still in shock as police evict them from their homes                                             (15.06.2005) Lydiah Chebet's two wet exercise books lie abandoned on her desk in her Standard One class at Sepetet Junior School in Ololulunga Division, Narok District.

BIANCA JAGGER BACKS NEW CAMPAIGN FOR WORLD'S TRIBES                                              'Alternative Nobel Prize' meeting, Salzburg, 13 June 2005 - Bianca Jagger has backed a new campaign for the world's governments to sign up to the main international law protecting tribal people.

Kenya's major water tower under threat                                                                                           (June 12, 2005) The Mau forest complex has a long and chequered history, and the current controversy is but the latest in a long string of problems dating back to the colonial times.

Stop these evictions, MPs urge Kibaki (12.06.2005)                                                                         Three Members of Parliament from Rift Valley Province want to meet President Mwai Kibaki over the on-going evictions in Mau Forest.

Statement from OGIEK RURAL INTEGRAL PROJECTS (ORIP)                                                         (10.06.2005) The Kenyan government continues to evict people from the Mau Narok forest west of Narok and over 3,000 Ogiek so far are homeless. The total number of Ogiek evicted in Narok district numbers over 3,500 people. If the exercise is not halted and dialogue sought over 10,000 Ogiek people will be affected.

Indigenous peoples in Kenya persecuted by state, corporate and NGO terror                                      Scorched homestead policy in Kenya - Narok, Kenya 09. June 2005 - The Ogiek - one of the few true aboriginal people of Kenya face not only constant persecution from the majority tribes, but are now targeted by international corporations and their proxies in government as well as in NGO cover-ups.

FINANCING GLOBAL FOREST DESTRUCTION                                                                               Excerpts from W R M B U L L E T I N 95 - June 2005 - New policies, old problems. Ever since the 1970s, the World Bank has struggled to define an approach to forests, which reconciles its expressed commitment to poverty alleviation with its model of promoting 'development' through top-down growth and commercialisation.

Pandering to the industrial lobby?                                                                                                   WWF resurrects failed World Bank policy in Cambodia's forests.(27 May 2005) Whilst welcoming the recently announced WWF/World Bank Forest Alliance objective of a 10% reduction in global deforestation rates by 2010, Global Witness questions its ability to deliver, given the Alliance's track record in Cambodia and other countries. The Alliance's support for industrial logging in moist tropical forests is particularly problematic.

Poverty is a major obstacle to indigenous rights                                                                               PARTICIPANTS IN INDIGENOUS FORUM HIGHLIGHT DISASTROUS EFFECTS OF POVERTY, CONFLICTS, LACK OF ACCESS TO HUMAN RIGHTS EDUCATION (2005-05-25) CL - As the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues continued its fourth session today, participants highlighted the disastrous effects of poverty, ongoing conflicts and lack of access to education on the achievement of full human rights, and stressed the urgent need to complete the draft declaration on indigenous rights.

Indigenous people resist DNA-project                                                                                              Genographic research as neo-colonial attitude (28.04.2005) The ambitious DNA profiling "Genographic project" which seeks to retrace the path of human settlement on Earth has been encountering resistance among indigenous people. After a boycott-appeal by the US-American Indigenous Peoples Council on Biocolonialism, now some Maori and African First Nations have also announced concerns over the project .

Kanu declares Kibaki Cabinet illegal                                                                                                (Date: 4/20/2005) President Kibaki's government of national unity is illegal, Kanu claimed yesterday. Opposition leader Uhuru Kenyatta wrote formally to the Speaker, Mr Francis ole Kaparo, claiming the appointment of Kanu members to the Cabinet was against the law.

Clashes at polls border talks                                                                                                          (Date: 4/20/2005) Political leaders differed sharply as the constituency boundaries review got under way yesterday. Political rivalry took the centre stage as they clashed on how they wanted the exercise carried out in their areas.

Inept civil servants to be sacked                                                                                                      (April 20, 2005) All non-performing civil servants will be dismissed immediately, President Mwai Kibaki has said. The President said yesterday poor service delivery was tainting the Government’s image.

Sengwer Indigenous Peoples in Kapolet forest attacked by Pokot Cattle rustlers                                 (April 20, 2005) Open Letter by SENGWER* ETHNIC MINORITY HUNTER-GATHERER INDIGENOUS PEOPLES

Eyewitness Account of the First Aboriginal Holocaust Memorial Day Action in Vancouver, Canada       (Monday, April 18, 2005) Dolly Pratt is an elder of the Songhees First Nation near Victoria, BC who is nearly eighty, but she travelled to downtown Vancouver to be with us last Friday, April 15 to ask a simple question of the churches and government of Canada: Where are the bodies of the children who died in native residential schools?

Petition on the Ratification of the Protocol on the Rights of Women in Africa                                       (15. April 2005) At the African Union meeting in Maputo in July 2003, the AU adopted the "Protocol to the African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights on the Rights of Women in Africa". The Protocol offers significant potential to guarantee the rights of women. But in order to come into force it needs to be ratified by at least 15 countries.

Potential conflict of interest in Nobel Laureate's appointment to AU                                                    (15. April 2005) Tajudeen Abdul Raheem says the appointment of Nobel Laureate Wangari Mathai to the Economic, Social and Cultural Council (ECOSOCC) of the African Union represents a dangerous conflict of interest as she is already a Kenyan government minister. Wangari should either quit as a government minister or reject the ECOSOCC position, he argues.

Broken Promises - The World Bank and Forests                                                                              The World Bank is contributing to destruction of world’s forests - (April 14, 2005) This report finds that programmes funded by the World Bank Group are causing destruction of the world’s remaining forests and harming poor people dependent on forests for their survival. The report says that the Bank has failed to implement its own Forest ‘Safeguard’ Policy, adopted in 2002, and that not one of the conditions the Bank promised to fulfil has been met.

Kenyan surveyors say Kimunya's land subdivision order is doomed to fail                                           (April 11, 2005) Kenya's Minister for Lands and Housing, Amos Kimunya, has been criticised over an order he issued a week ago freezing the subdivision of agricultural land below one hectare (2.47 acres). Professionals and experts said the minister's decree would not only be hard to implement but would also force Kenyans to conduct informal land transactions with the attendant danger of fuelling land-based disputes and conflicts.

SENGWER MEMORANDUM TO PRESIDENT KIBAKI                                                                     THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD IMMEDIATELY BRING TO AN END POKOT TERRITORIAL EXPANSION THROUGH CATTLE RUSTLING IN THE NORTH RIFT VALLEY - Memorandum from: Sengwer Ethnic Minority Hunter-Gatherer Indigenous Peoples - P.O. Box 3894 , Kitale 30200 - presented to: His Excellency Honourable Mwai Kibaki, M.P. CGH , President of the Republic of Kenya - on 7th April 2005

An Open Letter to the Vatican: Pope Fails Indigenous Peoples on Important Fronts                            Pope John Paul II's recent death has stirred a kind of global frenzy for an individual unparalleled in modern times. As millions have mourned and gathered to pay tribute to him, some have chosen to step back and reflect upon the meaning of the third longest papal tenure in history.

ICC: US pressure on Kenya over immunity                                                                                       (April 4, 2005) The United States is attempting to "blackmail" Kenya into giving US nationals immunity from prosecution by the International Criminal Court (ICC), an advocacy group charged last week.

Kenyan ministers' row over 'grabbed' forest land deepens divisions in Narc                                          (April 4, 2005) Clashes within Kenya's fractious ruling coalition extended last week to involve government policies, with Lands and Housing Minister Amos Kimunya declaring that the ongoing evictions in forests were a Cabinet decision and would continue, in defiance of his Environment Ministry counterpart Kalonzo Musyoka, who is opposed to the exercise.

"That country, the United States, belongs to the red man, the American Indian.                                  It's actually a shame to be a so-called American because everybody living there is ... an invader," Fischer said. Bobby Fischer arrives in Iceland - REYKJAVIK, Iceland (AP) 31.03.2005 Bobby Fisher's latest audacious gambit has begun in a wind-lashed corner of the north Atlantic.

Rising Insecurity in and around Cherangany Hills                                                                              Open letter by SENGWER ETHNIC MINORITY HUNTER-GATHERER INDIGENOUS PEOPLES - P.O. Box 3894, Kitale 30200 – Kenya - March 27, 2005 - to - Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Provincial Administration and National Security, Harambee House, Office of The President, P.O. Box - Nairobi.

GM seeds burnt by more than 3000 tribal women                                                                             Bhubaneshwar (Orissa): Demanding Orissa be declared an Organic State, more than 3000 tribal women today made a bonfire of hybrid and genetically modified seeds of cotton and other crops -- calling it the launch of a seed satyagrah...

Why is the Kenya Government Afraid of its Former Friends?                                                             (March 22, 2005) A commentary on the recent Kenya government calls on the local chapter of Transparency International to "apologize" regarding allegations that a top member of NAK regime has stashed away almost 800 million shillings in an overseas account.

ICRA - Envoyez un courrier de protestation                                                                                      (Update: 21.03.2005) Bulletin d'Action Urgente : Stop à l'expulsion des Ogiek de la forêt de Mau
Suite au précédent ICRA News concernant l'expulsion de 200 Ogiek de leurs terres, nous vous donnons l'occasion d'agir et d'empêcher des déplacements encore plus importants des populations de la forêt de Mau.

Kenya is the sixth most corrupt country in Africa                                                                              (March 18, 2005) Kenya is the sixth most corrupt country in Africa, according to the Transparency International report. Nigeria is the most corrupt followed by Chad, Cote d'Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo and Angola.

Land policy long overdue                                                                                                                (12.03.2005) The National Land Policy Formulation Process Steering Committee will start collecting views from the public in Mombasa next week. Its mandate is to collate public impressions to help the Government to formulate a sustainable national land policy.

How Europe tricks Africa                                                                                                                (12.03.2005) At last the Western states appear to be beginning to own up. It is that Western companies and experts are major players in the myriad of corrupt deals involving African states.

Group to fight for women's rights                                                                                                     (12.03.2005) Kenyan leaders have resolved to ensure that women have the freedom to enjoy their rights. Delegates at a meeting in New York to discuss the status of women said they would strive to ensure that issues such as the trafficking of women and prostitution, which are flourishing in Kenya but have been ignored, were dealt with urgently.

UK HUMAN RIGHTS POLICIES 'ABHORRENT AND SHAMEFUL'                                                     (11 March 2005) Indigenous peoples are marking Commonwealth Day on 14 March by attacking the UK government for blocking the recognition of their rights at the UN. 'The UK's human rights policies concerning indigenous peoples are abhorrent and shameful,' says Inuit spokeswoman Dalee Sambo Dorough.

Death of Rain Forest Defender BRUNO MANSER Declared                                                               BASEL/Switzerland.10.March 2005 - Today Bruno Manser was declared officially as "presumed dead" by a court in Switzerland. Almost exactly five years after his disappearance without a trace into the last jungles of Sarawak on the island of Borneo in South-East Asia, the civil court of the Swiss town of Basel finalized its findings concerning an official request filed by the family of Bruno Manser to establish the fate of Bruno Manser as a missing person.

International Women's Day: homage to women's struggle in forests and plantations                            - supported by ECOTERRA Intl. - On the International Women's Day, the World Rainforest Movement wants to pay homage to the innumerable women that have played and still play an essential role in the governance and nurturing of forests and other ecosystems.

OGIEK APPEAL                                                                                                                           200 OGIEK RENDERED HOMELESS, HUNDREDS OF PROPERTIES DESTROYED IN AN EVICTION EXERCISE (7 March 2005) 200 hundred members of Ogiek Community in Enoosupukia region of Narok District have been rendered homeless following a Government eviction plan causing loss of hundreds of properties, we can now establish. In a fact finding mission conducted by OWC to establish the extent of losses, it is now revealed that the affected families are presently camping at a local church without food and shelter.

ICRA: 200 Ogiek sans-abris, des centaines de propriétés détruites dans une opération d'expulsion      (7 mars 2005) Deux cents membres de la communauté ogiek dans la région d'Enoosupukia du District de Narok se sont retrouvés sans-abris suite à un plan gouvernemental d'expulsion qui a causé la perte de centaines de propriétés, comme nous pouvons aujourd'hui constater. Lors d'une mission d'enquête menée par l'OWC pour établir l'étendue des pertes, il a été révélé que les familles victimes campent pour le moment dans une église locale sans nourriture et sans abris.

President must be barred from allocating land                                                                                  (March 7, 2005) The proposal by the Kenyan Government to amend the Government Lands Act to embed a Land Titles Tribunal which will rectify, validate or revoke titles to public land earlier "irregularly" allocated is commendable.

EA rates poorly in new US human rights report                                                                                (March 7, 2005) Respect for human rights is one of the key criteria that the United States applies in determining a country’s eligibility for expanded development assistance, writes KEVIN J.KELLEY - East Africans’ human rights continue to be routinely violated by their governments, the United States charges in a new report.

Why are we conspiring against our own survival?                                                                              (March 7, 2005) Each time the government acts to rid the country's threatened water catchment areas of illegal settlements, politicians cry foul, rally behind the settlers and castigate the government for being insensitive to the plight of the poor. 

Politics behind settlement of Mau forest                                                                                          (March 7, 2005) Following last week's forced eviction by the government of settlers who had invaded the Mau Forest,The EastAfrican has established that the massive re-settlement of people in the forests was political.

Cleric urges State to implement land report                                                                                      (05.03.2005) Kitale Catholic Justice and Peace Commission Director, Father Gabriel Dolan, yesterday told the Government to implement the recommendations of the Ndung’u Land Report.

Forest Evictions Counter-productive                                                                                                 Open letter to the Kenya Government (March 4, 2005) The recent eviction of 1,200 residents from Enoosupukia, and the plans to evict many thousands more from other parts of the Mau are entirely counter-productive to the aims of environmental protection. Rather than solving environmental problems such as deforestation and soil erosion, the government has created more pressure on other lands, and worsened the problems of landlessness which plague Kenya. Furthermore, this move takes the country farther away from peace and security, by laying the groundwork for renewed ethnic violence like that seen in Enoosupukia Location in 1993.

Rights lobby calls for law on evictions                                                                                              (March 04, 2005) A human rights watchdog has asked the Government to formulate a policy on evictions. The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights yesterday said the country lacked a policy on how people should be evicted, creating room for the abuse of the eviction process.

Rights body to act on evictions                                                                                                       (4th March 2005) A human rights organisation is working on a policy document to control the eviction of squatters by the Government.

Security plea as leaflets circulate                                                                                                    (4th March 2005) Leaflets threatening members of a certain community with death are circulating in parts of Nakuru District.

Forest assaulted with fire and axe                                                                                                   (03 March 2005) The Mau Forest Complex in Rift Valley, threatened by excisions, illegal felling of trees and encroachment now faces its greatest danger from huge fires that erupted in the past week.

Anti-WTO demonstrations in Kenya lead to dozens of arrests                                                            (March 03 2005) Chaos greeted the World Trade Organisation (WTO) mini-ministerial conference yesterday as lobby groups tried to invade the venue in Mombasa's South Coast.

Six Kanu MPs in forest land division case                                                                                        (Date: 03/03/2005) Six Kanu MPs were yesterday enjoined in a suit challenging the Government's decision to excise key forests in 2001. The six who included Baringo Central MP Gideon Moi, Charles Keter, Moses Cheboi, Sammy Ruto, William Boit and Sammy Koech were enjoined as interested parties.

OGIEK EVICTED DESPITE COURT ORDER                                                                                   (03.03. - 13.07.2005) A compilation from 03.03.2005 to 13.07.2005 ...

Eviction in Narok                                                                                                                           (01. March 2005, 14h00 EAT) Ogiek too were evicted during the current crack-down on forest squatters in the South Mau Forest. Hundreds of Ogiek of Enoosupukia Narok are now camping at the catholic mission at Enoosupukia. More than 500 Armed Police officers have been deployed in the area. Children and women are all living at the mission for fear of being killed by the police following the government notice for all to quit state forests and trust lands.

Quo vadis - Kenya?                                                                                                                       Kenya: Police brutally thwart anti-globalisation protest - Update on arrests of anti-WTO protesters in Kenya: According to local reports a total of 53 people had been arrested in connection with a legal and notified, peaceful protest against the so called "mini-ministerial" meeting of the WTO in Diani, Kenya. 43 people were kept in the police cells overnight and 39 people, who appeared in front of the Magistrate judge this morning, were given bail under the condition of a bond of 10.000 Kenya Shilling.

Benn to end link between aid and privatisation                                                                                  (March 2, 2005) Britain is to announce that it will no longer urge poor countries to privatise large swaths of industry or open their markets to foreign trade overnight as a condition for receiving development aid.

Code of conduct for judicial officers released                                                                                    (1th March 2005) A code of conduct for judiciary officers has been released. Failure to adhere to it will lead to disciplinary action including dismissal, said Chief Justice Evan Gicheru yesterday. It is named the Judicial Service Code of Conduct and Ethics.

Group goes to court claiming sheep ranch                                                                                       (March 01, 2005) A group of Narok residents want the Purko Sheep Ranch declared theirs.

Heavy downpour helps put out forest fires                                                                                        (March 01, 2005) A heavy downpour in the North Rift put out fires in four forests in Uasin Gishu and Trans Nzoia districts yesterday.

Kenya starts process to cancel 12,000 title deeds                                                                            (February 28, 2005) Kenya last week started a process that could lead to the cancellation of an estimated 12,000 title deeds for illegally acquired public land by setting up a five-man Special Advisory Task force that will dig up evidence to be presented before a National Tribunal.

Land crisis rooted in political patronage                                                                                           (February 28, 2005) The NARC government inherited a crisis of monumental proportions related to loss of confidence in title deeds. The Kanu regime had perfected the art of using public land to reward loyalty and pay political debts.

Scholars unearth Britain’s dirty war against Mau Mau                                                                       (February 26, 2005) Studies by two Western historians show colonial Britain used mass detention without trial, sadistic violence and bent justice far more than previously believed to suppress the revolt.

Landless Kikuyu families invade minister’s ‘idle land’                                                                        (February 25, 2005) Residents of Elburgon town yesterday engaged police in running battles and invaded a farm owned by Trade Assistant Minister Petkay Miriti.

Mai Mahiu: Maasai leaders protest at killings                                                                                   (February 25, 2005) Maasai leaders, led by National Assembly Speaker Francis ole Kaparo, yesterday said they were horrified and shocked at the shooting of members of their community in Mai Mahiu by the police.

The Ogiek vow to defy govt order                                                                                                     (February  23, 2005) MORE than 3,000 members of the Ogiek community living in Narok district have vowed to defy the government’s directive to move out of Mau complex forest .

Kenya's struggle to save forests                                                                                    (22.02.2005) As more than 100 environment ministers meet in Nairobi, the Kenyan government is under growing pressure to try to conserve the environment as well as provide job opportunities for its people.

PRESS STATEMENT TO ALL MEDIA HOUSES                                                             (22.02.2005) EVICTION OF SQUATTERS IN THE MAU NAROK FOREST - OGIEK SHALL NOT MOVE OUT! - The Ogiek Peoples National Assembly (OPNA), The Ogiek Rural Integral Projects (ORIP), Ogiek Welfare Council (OWC), and Ogiek Peoples Development Program (OPDP), states as follow: THAT we support the cabinet’s decision to protect and stop the wanton destruction of the Mau forest.

Cabinet moves to save forests from further destruction                                                                      (February 21, 2005) The Cabinet yesterday moved to curb the continued destruction of forests and ordered the immediate eviction of illegal settlers from Mau forest within Rift Valley Province.

Fallout casts shadow over economy                                                                                                (February 21, 2005) The president's critics are incensed that it took Githongo's resignation to jostle him into action - Against all odds, the Central Bank of Kenya expects Kenya's economic growth to accelerate to 3 per cent this year, compared with 2.4 per cent recorded last year.

Germany cuts Kenya anti-graft aid                                                                                                  (19 February, 2005) Germany has joined the US in suspending funding for Kenya's increasingly discredited anti-corruption programme. German ambassador Bernd Braun said changes made to Kenya's cabinet had not gone far enough to prove President Mwai Kibaki's resolve to deal with graft.

Theologians Warn of 'False Gospel' on the Environment                                                                    WASHINGTON, D.C., February 14, 2005 - In an effort to refute what they call a “false gospel” and to change destructive attitudes and actions concerning the environment, a group of theologians, convened by the National Council of Churches USA, today released an open letter calling on Christians to repent of “our social and ecological sins” and to reject teachings that suggest humans are “called” to exploit the Earth without care for how our behavior impacts the rest of God’s creation.

African treaty to protect forest                                                                                       (05.02.2005) Leaders of seven African nations have signed a joint treaty to protect their continent's massive rainforest - second only to that found in the Amazon basin. They were joined by international officials as well as French President Jacques Chirac in the Congolese capital, Brazzaville.

LSK: Kenyans must call for action against corrupt officials                                                                (04 Feb 2005) The Law Society of Kenya yesterday asked Kenyans to stand up and demand that the Government takes action against corrupt ministers and public servants.

We want our country back!                                                                                           (04.02.2005) Corruption returned to the news in a big way this week, with claims of nearly two dozen new scandals, some of them involving more money than what is supposed to be the greatest shame of the Narc government - the Anglo Leasing scam.

Ogieks protest against eviction                                                                                                       (04 Feb 2005) Over 500 members of the Ogiek community on Wednesday demonstrated against their eviction from Nkaretta Forest in Mau East, Narok District.

Tree thieves invade forests                                                                                                              (02/04/2005) The Ogiek community in Narok District has threatened to take the law into their own hands to deal with people destroying Maasai Mau Forest, if the Government does not stop them.

KENYA: Human rights violations persist - lawyers                                                                            NAIROBI, 2 February (IRIN) - Kenyan lawyers said on Tuesday that human rights violations had continued, despite the government's earlier pledges that it would strive to entrench respect for civil liberties.

Initiation in Mau forest                                                                                                                    Photo journalist and winner of the Silver Camera Geert van Kesteren travels around the world looking for urgent stories. Last year his book about the war in Iraq was published. In december Geert visisted Kenya to record the struggle for land rights of the Ogiek. He wrote the following report.

Clashes Blamed on Poor Resource Management                                                                             (January 31, 2005) THE KENYA government's inability to effectively manage the country's natural resources may be the root cause of the recent land and water-related conflicts in various parts of the country, in which scores of people were killed.

Ndung'u Report: Kimunya 'Can't Cancel' Bad Titles                                                                           (January 24, 2005) FRESH DOUBTS have emerged over the commitment of the Kenya government to implement recommendations by the commission of inquiry into the irregular allocation of public land. The doubts were sparked off by recent claims by Lands and Housing Minister Amos Kimunya that he had cancelled thousands of illegally acquired land titles.

ORIP AND OPNA CONDOLE – KIPKENOI ( A BRAVE OGIEK ELDER)                                             We have received with profound sadness the sudden death of Elder and leader in the Ogiek struggle the late Kipkenoi, which occurred on the 24th day of January 2005.


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