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Man stabbed over candidate choice                                                                                                 (Publication Date: 11/18/2002) Nation-FM Radio - A man stabbed his friend to death after differing over the right candidate for the Tinet civic ward in Molo.

EXPERT REGIONAL MEETING ON INDIGENOUS RIGHTS IN THE COMMONWEALTH AFRICA         Commonwealth Policy Studies Unit - PRESS RELEASE - 16th-18th October 2002 - Indigenous Peoples of Africa Coordinating Committee (IPACC) - Cape Town, South Africa -- Important delegates to a historic meeting of African Indigenous Peoples in the Commonwealth held this week in Cape Town, dealt with the issues of Commonwealth responsibility to Indigenous Peoples. The meeting sought to bring to an end the ‘invisibility’ of Indigenous Peoples in Commonwealth Africa, thus requiring the member States to give due attention to their human rights and land rights. As a first step member states must identify and acknowledge their Indigenous Peoples, including full demographic information.

Squatters in appeal for land                                                                                                            (September 11, 2002) Squatters in Nandi and Uasin Gishu forests yesterday urged the Government to fulfil a promise to resettle them.In a meeting at Serengonik along the two districts borders, the 1,500 members of the Ogiek community said they were tired of living as squatters, "in our own country nearly 40 years after independence."

ICRA: Pétition Ogiek                                                                                                                      (Kenya) Pour la défense des terres ancestrales des Ogiek Montagnes de Mau, forêt de Tinet (Décembre 1999 - juillet 2002, centre-ouest du Kenya) Voisins des éleveurs Massaï, les Ogiek, peuple de chasseur-cueilleur, sont aujourd'hui menacés par la perte de leur territoire ancestral.

Kenyan Indigenous Group Faces October 1 Court Date                                                                     (September 1, 2002) On October 1, an indigenous group living in Kenya's Mau Forest is scheduled to have its case heard in the country's High Court. The hearing is the latest attempt by the Ogiek people's long effort to protect their forest homeland from destruction.

WORLD SUMMIT 2002 - Drawbacks and Shortcomings                                                                    (May 14, 2002) - Massive Pullout from World Summit - Many groups from around the world say NO to their earlier planned participation at the World Summit for Sustainable Development (WSSD) in Johannesburg later this year.

Forest degradation and the way ahead for conservation efforts                                                           (May 5 , 2002) WRM BULLETIN 58 - Environmental degradation seems to have taken a sad toll in Kenya. As many as 12 people were killed in a landslide at Kanyakine, Meru Central District, where deforestation has laid bare hill slopes where trees used to perform the function of holding the soil together.

Court blocks forest excisions                                                                                                          (April 24,  2002)  (IRIN) - Environmental activists in Kenya have welcomed a court order temporarily blocking the Kenyan government's plans to excise some 70,000 hectares (170,000 acres) of the country's remaining forests, pending the hearing of a suit they have filed challenging the move.

Ogiek anti-excision case deferred as judge warns government attorney
(April 23, 2002) Once again, the Ogiek's case has been rescheduled because of the Kenyan government's failure to file the necessary affidavits.

Civic education session for the Ogiek community                                                                          (April 22, 2002) A man roasts meat during a civic education session for the Ogiek community at Karandit Tinet, Molo, at the weekend. The session was sponsored by the Ogiek Welfare Council.

Kenyan cabinet minister now supports Ogiek
(April 11, 2002) A senior Kenyan cabinet minister has asked the Ogiek and Maasai tribes who were being evicted from Enoosopukia (in Narok District) to defy the order.

Communities defy quit order                                                                                                           (April 10, 2002) Ogiek and Maasai communities yesterday defied a government order to leave Enoosupukia.

Kenya's hunter-gatherers Another African land-grab                                                                          (April 4 , 2002) MAU FOREST: In Kenya, it is politically correct to burn forests and evict indigenous people - On a high slope above the Great Rift Valley, Kiprono Sigilai, a hunter-gatherer, sniffs the breeze, smells smoke and deduces that an election is coming.

Another Ogiek diaspora is threatened
(April 3, 2002) Some pockets of Ogiek community who live in Narok district in southwestern Kenya are on the verge of eviction from the land they have resided in for ages.

KENYA: Focus on forest excisions                                                                                                 (March 29, 2002) NAIROBI, - Environmental activists in Kenya are going to court to challenge a decision by President Daniel arap Moi's government to de-gazette some 4 percent of the country's remaining forests. They say the excision will result in a devastating impact on the country's fragile ecosystems.

Kenya's Ogiek Face Eviction From Forest Homeland                                                                        (March 28, 2002) The rights group Survival International is charging that a traditional hunter-gatherer community in Kenya is facing destitution because of government plans to cut down their forest home.

Now, a Global - Drive to Save Mau Forest                                                                                        (March 25, 2002) A TOP environmental pressure group has called for international pressure to be put on the Kenyan government to stop the cutting down of huge swathes of the Mau forest.

Tribal trials
(March 13, 2002) The Guardian's James Astill reports on the threat to the Ogiek and its concomitant disastrous implications for Kenya's environment. [The Guardian]

Ancient forest tribe under threat                                                                                                      (March 6, 2002) The BBC's Nairobi correspondent Ishbel Matheson details the current plight of the Ogiek. [BBC]

Forest destruction for the benefit of government cronies                                                                    - WRM BULLETIN 55 - February 2002 - Kenya's ecosystems are on the edge, unable to continue providing water, plant materials and other basic human needs to its burgeoning population.

Moi issues new decree on forests
(February 22, 2002) Kenya's president Daniel arap Moi issued a statement yesterday stopping the allocation of Kenyan forest, but many are skeptical that it will have any effect.

Another false start for Ogiek case
(February 21, 2002) The Ogiek indigenous community today expressed frustration after their court case was once again rescheduled to April 23.

Building On The Indigenous In Constitution Making                                                                           By Professor Bethwell A. Ogot Director, Institute Of Research And Postgraduate Studies, Maseno University, Kenya. - 07-02-2002 - At the Constitution Of Kenya Review Commission Seminar On Culture, Ethics And Ideology At The Great Rift Lodge. Naivasha. 7th February 2002

Global Response Campaign ( extern link ! )                                                                                      GR Action 01/02  - Protect Forests and Indigenous Peoples / Kenya - Jan-Feb 2002

Forests excision could turn Kenya into desert                                                                                  ISSUE No. 28 - JANUARY  2002 - Perennial forest excisions in Kenya could in the near future convert the country into a desert. Latest researches reveal gloom as authorities flounder on their cardinal responsibilities to conserve the remaining forests in the country. Today there’s hue and cry over wanton destruction of forestland around Mt. Kenya and the Mau forest to the West of the country, both Key Water Catchments areas, known to anchor the livelihoods of millions of Kenyans.

Excisions: US Activists Rally Support for the Ogiek                                                                          (January 28, 2002) ENVIRONMENTAL AND human rights campaigners in the US are working to rally international opposition to the planned excision of 167,000 acres of forests in Kenya.

Kenyan president a beneficiary of Ogiek land, claims newspaper
(January 23, 2002) Members of Kenya's parliament demand that President Daniel arap Moi explain allegations that he received allocations of forest land.

Kenya's rulers clear way for drought and disaster by felling forest                                     (16.01.2002) FEARS OF an environmental disaster are growing in Kenya because President Daniel arap Moi's government is pushing ahead with plans to clear vast areas of forest before elections later this year.

Kenya's Plot to Legalise Forest Excisions                                                                                       (January 14, 2002) LAST YEAR'S controversial degazettement of 167,000 acres of forest land in Kenya was meant to regularise the excisions of forests that had been going on in the country for the past two decades.

The riddle of when rules and rights conserve forests                                                                          (January 5, 2002) Some places have dense populations and strong economic incentives to destroy forests yet somehow protect them. Meanwhile, forests are vanishing fast in other areas with much less population pressure and weaker market forces driving forest loss.


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