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New date for cancelled Ogiek fete
(December 20, 2000) The Ogiek Welfare Council has organized another cultural fete on December 31 running to the new year after police cancelled a two-day fete set for December 9 and 10 that coincided with the International Human Rights Day.

Police cancel Ogiek fete
(December 9, 2000) Police cancelled a cultural fete organized by the indigenous Ogiek tribe of Kenya and ordered everyone to go back home.

Ogiek to host cultural festival
(December 5, 2000) The embattled Ogiek indigenous community of Kenya has organized a major cultural fete to inform the world of their culture and their determination to retain it.

A plea to the international community
(December 1, 2000) A Kenyan human rights organization produced a new report on an embattled indigenous group fighting to keep their homeland.

Kenya's Mau Forest Dismembered for Political Payoffs                                                                     (November 20, 2000) NAIROBI, Kenya - One of Kenya's few remaining moist forests is set to lose another 60,000 hectares (148,000 acres) of land, intensifying a conservation crisis brought about by the Kenya government's systematic destruction of the country's forest cover.

Government to annex Ogiek land
(November 13, 2000) The Kenya government has discussed a plan to degazette some 60,000 hectares from the East Mau Forest, thus depriving the Ogiek indigenous group of the last remnants of their ancestral land, the Ogiek Welfare Council reported.

Ogiek case - East Mau Forest-KENYA                                                                                            (October 9, 2000) CONTEMPT PROCEEDINGS - The Ogiek people are on of the last remaining forest dwellers and the most marginalised of all indigenous peoples and minorities in Kenya.

THE FIGHT MUST GO ON - Edward Goldsmith                                                                                (August 2000) Reprinted from The Ecologist, August 2000, and Fourth World Review No. 103.- “Science and technology can only serve to mask the symptoms of our much wider problems.” 

Kenyan Forest Dwellers Face Eviction                                                                                             (May 23, 2000) OGIEK Action Alert - ECOTERRA North America - The Ogiek people are a minority forest dwelling community residing in the Tinet  since time  immemorial. Since 1939, there have been attempts by successive political regimes in Kenya to remove the Ogiek from their ancestral homelands, often forcibly.

Where are all the young Women?                                                                                                   (May 5, 2000) Younger women interested in politics are now saying they fear the youth agenda might never see the light of day in the current political debates because of the stranglehold the current crop of national leaders have on Kenyan politics.

OGIEK EVICTION STOPPED                                                                                                         (May 5, 2000) Kenya Court of Appeal grants stay of execution of a High Court Degree.- In the "Ogiek of Tinet Forest" case against their eviction from their ancestral lands by the Government of Kenya, allowed for by a landmark ruling (High Court Judges Richard Kuloba and Samuel Oguk) of the Kenya High Court on 23rd of March 2000, appellate judges Lady Justice Effie Owuor and Judges A.B. Shah and P.K.Tunoi were now appointed for the Court of Appeal to hear the grievances of these indigenous peoples, known as the honey-hunters of Kenya.

THE STRUGGLE OF THE OGIEK WILL BE DISCUSSED AT THE CSD8 !                                          (May 2, 2000) CSD8 SIDE EVENT --- 3-5PM Tues. 2 MAY 2000 ; Conference Room A ....

KHRC - URGENT ACTION                                                                                                              (April 8, 2000) Imminent violent displacement and eviction of the Ogiek Forest People in Tinet Forest area of Molo in Nakuru District, Rift Valley Province, Kenya.

TRIBAL ELDERS AND HUMAN RIGHTS WORKERS ARRESTED                                                     (April 6, 2000) KENYA: Several elders of the Ogiek tribal community were arrested, together with three people from the Kenyan Human Rights Commission and eight from the 'Citizens Coalition for Constitutional Change' theatre group, on Thursday 30 March in Tinet, Nakuru District. They are being held in the nearby police station at Molo.

Green smokescreen for eviction of forest people
(Spring 2000) The forest-dwelling Ogiek of Kenya swear to resist eviction from their land in spite of a High Court judgment which denies their right to it. [Survival International]

Human rights defenders arrested for acting in front of primary school children
(March 31, 2000) Kenyan authorities now seem to believe that acting is a crime. [Amnesty International]

Judges Rule In Favour Of Environment                                                                                             (March 27, 2000) Nairobi, Kenya (PANA) - Undeterred by unruly status quo and modernity, the Ogiek people of Kenya have fought a losing legal battle over their habitat and heritage as a court ruled in favour of the environment.

Kenya's indigenous honey hunters lose their forest home
(March 24, 2000) The Ogiek people of Kenya's central Rift Valley have lost a legal battle over their habitat and heritage. [Environment News Service]

United Nations rejects report                                                                                                          (March 7, 2000) The United Nations has rejected the government's report on economic, social and cultural rights.The report was declared sub-standard and inadequate, the convenor of Housing and Land Rights Committee, Habitat International Coalition, Mr Miloon Kothari, said yesterday

Kenyan Government evicts traditional landholders while promoting logging                                          (January 15, 2000) - In Kenya's East Mau Forest, the conflict is growing between the Government and logging companies on one side, and the Ogiek people and organisations supporting them on the other side. The Government is accused of defying a High Court order by continuing to allocate the Ogiek people's land claims.


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