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Small Kenyan tribe battles government over fate of forest                                                                  (October 23, 1999) NAIROBI, Kenya (CNN) -- A small rural tribe is taking the Kenyan government to court over the fate of precious forest land where tribe members have lived for as long as anyone can remember. The 5,000-member Ogiek tribe hunts and gathers in the Rift Valley Tinet Forests, about 120 miles northwest of Nairobi. The Ogiek also harvest rich honey from forest beehives.

World Bank Monitoring Developments over Karura Forest in Kenya                                                    (September 02, 1999) NAIROBI, Kenya (PANA, 02/08/99) - The World Bank says it is keenly monitoring the destruction of Nairobi's Karura forest and how Kenyans would react to the affair. The bank's vice president, Ismail Serageldin, said Monday in Nairobi during a meeting with a environmetalist Wangari Mathai that the (global) environmental issue was high in the bank's agenda, as most countries were affected.

Environmental destruction a threat to languages                                                                               (August 26, 1999) The diversity of languages is being eroded by the unabating destruction of the environment, the United Nations Environment Programme has said.

An end to unjust land deals?
(August 16, 1999) A recent announcement by the Kenyan government promises an end to a long line of corrupt land allocations. [BBC]

Inside Africa                                                                                                                                  (August 8, 1999) John Kariuki - LAST month, thousands of Kenyans living in Nairobi and surrounding districts thronged to the Bomas of Kenya, a stateowned cultural centre, to witness the first public display of Masai rites of passage. For seven days, those who attended, many of them Kenyans of non-Masai origin, were able to watch the morans (young Masai men) conduct mock cattle raids and demonstrate how to kill a lion. Though the lions had to be imagined, real bulls were killed as part of the ceremonial closing event marking the completion of the morans' passage from boyhood to manhood.

Championing Ogiek cause through art                                                                                             (June 25, 1999) By KAPLICH BARSITO - Budding artist Patrick Tuwei, has no mystic air around him common with accomplished artists, but his paintings have the rare ability to provoke an upsurge of emotion. For him, there is no better source of inspiration to painting a good picture than the tribulations of his Ogiek people and their unique lifestyle practised deep in Tinet forest in Molo.

Leave Ogiek community alone, govt ordered                                                                                     (June 25, 1999) The government was yesterday restrained from evicting 5,000 members of the Ogiek community from a forest in Nakuru.

KENYA: OGIEK NEED YOUR ACTION NOW - FINAL JUSTICE MUST COME NEXT WEEK !              WILD_ROAR, issue 19.06.99 , ECOTERRA Intl. - Thanks to a world-wide protest and a wise judgement, the Nakuru High Court ruled that the injunction against the attempts to evict an Ogiek community of more then 5.000 people from Tinet Forest, their ancestral homeland, will stand now permanently until the final word in the case is spoken.

OGIEK MINORITY PROTESTS                                                                                                       WILD_ROAR, issue 15.06.99 - ECOTERRA Intl.- Kenya's Chief Justice Zacchaeus Chesoni has not yet given directions to the High Court of Kenya in Nakuru, who requested advise concerning the number of judges, who will have to decide over a pending civil case, in which more than 5000 members of the community of the Ogiek seek orders permanently restraining District Commissioner John Litunda from effecting his threat of evicting the Ogiek families from Tinet Forest against the decision of the President of the Republic of Kenya.

DEFENDERS HALT "DEFENDANTS"                                                                                             (June 4,1999) ECOTERRA Intl.- OGIEK honey hunters vs the THE HIGH COURT of the Republic of Kenya - No final justice yet - only two weeks grace period gained.

Guards threaten Ogiek group                                                                                                      By NATION Correspondent - Forest guards at Kirandit in Tinet Settlement Scheme yesterday threatened to evict members of the Ogiek community unless they move out voluntarily by today.

ISSUE : PLEASE POST WIDELY AND SUPPORT!                                                                          (May 28, 1999)  To: ALL NOBLE PEOPLE SUPPORTING SUPPORTING INDIGENOUS PEOPLES RIGHTS - The Ogiek people have lived from time immemorial in the forests of the Mau escarpment, Kenya. By tradition, they are a hunter-gatherer people, especially famed as harvesters of honey, which they consume themselves and exchange with their neighbours.

Ogiek group in plea for security                                                                                                       (May 28, 1999) The 5,016-member Ogiek community given a 14-day quit notice from Tinet settlement scheme have petitioned the government to protect them against alleged external harassment.

Mau forest hit by degradation                                                                                                          (March 11, 1999) Mau Forest in Nakuru District is faced with serious environmental degradation problems, a report presented at a natural resources management workshop says.

Kuloba probe on, case taken                                                                                                          (January 9, 1999) Bribery allegations against Mr Justice Richard Kuloba will be investigated by the Attorney-General, the Chief Justice ruled yesterday. He also disqualified Justice Kuloba from hearing the Duty Free case and re-assigned it to Kisii resident judge, Mr Justice Tom Mbaluto.

MPs, Maathai beaten at forest                                                                                                        (January 9, 1999) Protesters were whipped and beaten when they tried to plant seedlings at the gates to Karura forest yesterday.Violence flared after a three-hour confrontation during which security men refused to allow the demonstrators into the forest, parts of which have been allocated to private developers.

PRESS RELEASE - IMMEDIATE RELEASE - 3rd August 1998                                                        African Scientists Condemn Monsanto's Latest Tactics and Call for European Support: At the weekend Monsanto published an advertisement as part of its controversial £1 million advertising campaign. The ad is to persuade the European public that biotech will feed the world's growing population.

Ogiek / Okiek * - Emory University / Linguistic Anthropology                                                     (1994) Okiek is a Southern Nilotic language, one of the related languages of the Kalenjin branch of that language group. Other Kalenjin languages are Kipsigis (the most similar to Kipchornwonek Okiek), Nandi, Tuken, Keiyo, Sebei, Pokot, and Marakwet. Kalenjin languages have been described by Tucker and Bryan (1966), Toweett (1979), and Creider (1981). I have discussed Okiek linguistic repertoires, lexical borrowing, and language use elsewhere (Kratz 1986, i.p.), as well as many aspects of Okiek verbal art (1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1994). I review here some of the most prominent aspects of Okiek language structure.

Slippery solution - Mabo case highlights aboriginal land rights                                                           1993 - Aboriginal leaders in Australia have rejected the Labor Government’s response to the controversial Mabo land-rights case. The High Court ruling in the case of Mabo vs Queensland in June 1992 overturned the assumption that Australia belonged to no-one before white colonization.

The Human Rights Situation of Indigenous Peoples in Africa                                                   Moringe Parkipuny, Member of Parliament, Ngorongoro, Tanzania - Mr. Parkipuny delivered these remarks before the Sixth Session of the United Nations ; Working Group on Indigenous Populations in Geneve, Switzerland on August 3, 1989. -- Madam Chairperson, fellow representatives and friends in the struggles of indigenous peoples rights, first, I convey from Africa the message of unity and resolute determination to consolidate the strive for our common course.....


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