News 2008


Mau Forest is a regional issue

July 30 2008

Mau Forest is an important source of water not only for human beings but also wild animals.

Its destruction will lead to an economic crisis in this country and in neighbouring states as well.

There is no way a few people should be allowed to affect the lives of so many others in the name of settlement.

Members of Parliament, particularly from the area who are defending squatters are only defending their political interests.

It appears that they had not toured the area to assess the damage before holding press conferences in Nairobi to castigate the good move to save the ecosystem.

The best thing the MPs should have done is to support the Prime Minister for his great concern for the forest.

The destruction is a set back to tourists who view game, and the industry would lose millions of shillings if the destruction is allowed.

Efforts to save the forest need the support of all.