News 2008


Let us join hands in protecting the Mau Forest and other natural resources

21. 07. 2008

Though the Mau Forest is an ecosystem with great ecological and economic importance, itís saddening to see and hear some politicians trivialising the issue of its conservation for narrow political interests.

It is uplifting to see Prime Minister Raila Odinga championing the protection of the forest for the benefit of all.

Lack of political will and corruption had in the past led to illegal logging and settlement in the forest. Mara River, which has its source in the forest, is fast declining due to wanton destruction of the forest. This dangerous scenario threatens the future of the forest considered as one of wonders of the world.

Thus, destruction of the forest poses a threat to our tourism industry, among other economic activities. Lake Nakuru National Park, is in danger as the lake is shrinking due to destruction of Mau Forest, a source of rivers draining into the lake. The future of Sondu Miriu hydroelectric power project hangs in the balance owing to interference with the Mau ecosystem.

Kimani S Mwangi, Kiambu


Politicians should emulate Raila in demonstrating prudent leadership where the interests of Kenya come first.

Let us all join hands in protecting the Mau forest and other natural resources for the good of our country.