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Mps differ on the Mau forest eviction


Sun, Jul 20, 2008

Forestry and wildlife Minister Noah Wekesa has openly differed with a group of Rift Valley MPs opposed to the eviction of people living in the Mau Escarpment.

Wekesa declared that the law would not be changed to allow illegal occupation of the forest.

He said that the endangered forest was the source of eleven rivers serving vital parts of Kenya and the entire East African region and had to be preserved at all costs. The livelihoods of over four million people depend on its water.

The Forestry Minister also challenged the leaders to be at the forefront in sensitizing the people on the need to safeguard the forest instead of putting their political interests first.

He was speaking in Eldoret East constituency on Sunday.

Ten other legislators at the forum led by Keiyo North MP Lucas Chepkitony and his Cherangany counterpart Joshua Kuttuny declared that those who were occupying parts of the Mau Forest had committed no crime saying the government should first set aside land for them to settle.