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Rights group claims lobbyists' lives in danger

(N.B.: Other lobbyists are hunted by detectives from state-police in a kind of witchhunt to present "violence-culprits!)

Daily Nation


28. Feb. 2008

Journalists and human rights defenders whose lives were threatened in the wake of the political violence are yet to get any protection from the Government, a human rights organisation has said.

Those who were threatened recorded statements with the police but no action was taken. Consequently, some of them have left the country and others have withdrawn from public life.

Mr Hassan Shire Sheikh of the East and Horn of Africa Human Rights Defenders Network said activists have been forced to retreat from the public scene for the sake of safety.

Sought refuge abroad

“Efforts have been made by the Kenya Human Rights Commission to offer protection to the activists and some like James Maina (a member of the People’s Parliament) sought refuge abroad,” said Mr Sheikh yesterday.

Mr Sheikh said such measures only offered short-term solutions and did not guarantee security.

He said Mr Maina was still receiving threats because of allegations that a meeting was held between an important Government official and members of the outlawed Mungiki sect.

The Nation has since learnt that the chairperson of Kenya National Commission on Human Rights, Mr Maina Kiai, left the country for fear of his safety.