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Transitional govt my proposal, clarifies Annan



Written By:Daniel Waitere

Wed, Feb 13, 2008


Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan Wednesday clarified that the formation of a two-year transitional government followed by a presidential election were only his suggestions and that the matter had not been agreed upon by the two parties in the political dispute.

While responding to the reservations expressed by the government side over the statement, Annan however said the matter has been discussed and resolved.

During the plenary session at a speakers ‘Kamukunji" on Tuesday and in which the media was barred, Annan is reported to have said that the team had agreed among other things that the two principal players ODM and PNU form a transitional government to be followed by presidential elections in two years.

The statement immediately sparked a protest from the government's side which termed the statements as grossly inaccurate saying the matter had neither been discussed nor agreed on.

The mediation team is at an undisclosed location thrashing out outstanding issues in search of a political solution.