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Kenya government anger with Annan


13. February 2008

NAIROBI, - The head of the Kenyan government team at crisis talks has expressed anger with mediator Kofi Annan over comments on resolving the election dispute.

Mr Annan hinted that both sides had agreed on a transitional government for two years, after which fresh presidential elections would be held.

But Justice Minister Martha Karua said this had never been discussed.

She said that Mr Annan, the former UN chief, had undermined the government`s position at the negotiations.

Some 1,000 people are thought to have died in the violence that followed the disputed polls results.

More than 600,000 people have been forced to flee their homes amid clashes between rival ethnic groups, seen as pro-government or pro-opposition.

When talks between government and opposition teams were moved away from the capital, Nairobi, on Tuesday to a secret location to avoid the glare of publicity, Mr Annan asked both sides not to discuss the contents of the talks with anyone else, calling for a complete news blackout.