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Two Held Over Were's Killing Freed

The Nation (Nairobi)

13 February 2008


Two people who were being held by police in connection with the killing of Embakasi MP Mugabe Were have been set free.

They were released from police custody on Monday, just hours before the 14 days elapsed, as dictated by the law. The law restricts the police investigating capital offences from holding any person beyond the period unless with the authority of the court. The two, a man and a woman, have not been arraigned in court since they were arrested on January 29, hours after Mr Were was shot dead outside his home in Nairobi's Woodley estate.

Detectives were unable to take the two to court since they established they were not part of the killer gang.

Shot dead

The detectives have been interviewing them hoping to get information to help in the hunt for the gang that gunned down Mr Were. Police have also not ruled out a political motive in their investigations.

The two are among 15 other people who had their accounts recorded by police. Others include the MP's relatives and attendants at a city restaurant, where he was spotted having drinks about an hour before he was shot dead. At the restaurant, Mr Were had been in the company of the woman now set free. The detectives also interviewed staff at Nairobi Hospital, where he was taken after the shooting.

Ballistic experts also conducted tests on two spent cartridges collected at the scene of the crime. His vehicle, a Mercedes Benz, has also been dusted for fingerprints.

Mr Were was shot outside his gate at around 12.30am. He is said to have taken a friend in Fedha estate, in the city's Eastlands, about an hour before the shooting was reported.