News 2008


Civil Servants in Plea for Security

The Nation (Nairobi)

12 February 2008

Luke Kapchanga and Kennedy Masibo


The Civil Servants Union is calling on the Government to provide security to its members affected by post-election violence.

Two Union officials speaking separately in Bungoma and Nakuru said it was up to the State to ensure the workers returned to their stations.

Mr Alfred Khangati, the union's secretary-general, said civil servants who are useful and productive to the Government were the most affected by the chaos.

Safe movement

Mr Khangati, who is also the ODM Member of Parliament for Kanduyi, appealed to the Government to facilitate the safe movement of displaced persons from the camps to their rural homes.

But he cautioned that the violence was not political but criminal.

"What we are witnessing now is not about stolen votes but organised gangs terrorising innocent people," he said.

Speaking in Bungoma Town, Mr Khangati said it was wrong for criminal gangs to block roads, kill people and destroy property under the guise of disputed election results.

Many civil servants are seeking transfers from hostile areas to more friendly zones.

Not resumed duty

In Nakuru, the union's treasurer, Mr Amos Kinyosi, said many of their members have not resumed duty in Rift Valley Province because of insecurity in their stations.

Mr Kinyosi said some of their members had fled from areas in North Rift because of threats on their lives and they could not return to work.

He said those who had not reported to their stations should report to any administrative unit near them.

"Its upon the Government to either have the officers transferred or protect them," he told the Nation.

Mr Kinyosi, who is also a member of the provincial consultative committee, said leaders should sensitise the public, particularly the youth, that the absence of the officers would affect service delivery.

The official regretted that some parts of the country would lag behind in development if targeting of certain communities continues.

Mr Kinyosi also took issue with the case at Kericho District Hospital where medical personnel from different communities have fled because of threats on their lives.