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Kibet suffers another attack

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Saddique Shaban for the IAAF

This afternoon, for the second time in under two months, World Marathon champion Luke Kibet has survived an attempt on his life in Kenya.

The attack comes as a tragic blow at a time when Kibet’s personal situation after recovering from the first assault seemed to be returning to normality.

Luke Kibet of Kenya celebrates winning the Men Marathon's gold medal in Osaka (Getty Images)

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World champion Luke Kibet offers a beacon of hope for troubled Kenya

The latest incident happened at 1600hrs today in Kinungi, Naivasha district, 60 kilometres from the Kenyan capital Nairobi. This was one of the areas most affected by the second wave of ethnic clashes.

Driving from Eldoret on a misty stretch of road, Kibet, in the company of four other athletes, came across a herd of sheep strategically placed on the road to ostensibly slow down drivers, and when they applied the brakes they were confronted by a group of six men demanding to know why the driver had “killed” their sheep.

Wailing and swearing in both Kiswahili and Kikuyu, the gang then threatened to set them ablaze in the car. At which point, Kibet drew a gun in self protection, which bought enough time for their car to escape the scene.

Kibet has now safely completed his drive to Nairobi, himself and all the passengers are safe, and now heading to the Prisons Services XC Training Camp at the Bomas of Kenya in Langata, Nairobi.