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Why 'Illegal Aliens' Head West

The Daily Observer (Banjul)


13 February 2008

The question of migration has to be seen in its full context. A French philosopher became famous for saying "I think therefore I am". Human existence since Adam and Eve can be characterised by a similarly simple phrase: "I move, therefore I am". If you don't move you are dead!

For the relevance of the topic under discussion, "Illegal migration", it must be said that the British Anglo-Saxons migration all over the world was truly illegal - because in most instances it was followed by genocidal behaviour towards the indigenous occupants of the lands the British migrated to.

In the USA, the British hunted down the Red Indians to the verge of extinction, as was also the case in Argentinia. The aborigines of Australia were virtually destroyed and those of Tasmania were indeed wiped-out as the British killed the last one sometime during their imperial rule.

Of course, on our own continent, the Belgians in the Congo, the British in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Kenya, the Germans and the Herero people in Namibia, and the French in Algeria practised the same genocidal policies to take and hold lands from others.

These genocidal European migrations are the ones that are truly "Illegal". The God-given rights of human-beings to move from one greener pasture to another and settle peacefully anywhere on God's earth cannot be seen as "illegal" - except by the Europeans and Americans who think the world belongs to them and them alone.

These Europeans and Americans can today move and live without problems in any country in Africa. I have on numerous occasions seen Toubabs living peacefully in remote compounds in The Gambia, totally surrounded by Black African homes.

These Toubabs are welcomed and their security cherished and protected by the government and their neighbours. And certainly, the Gambia Immigration Department and police do not knock on their doors in the middle of the night to check their papers. In some areas of America and Europe, they break-down your doors in the middle of the night and hold guns to your head, just to deport you - if your white neighbours have not set fire to your house in the middle of the night first.

As we saw recently in the case of the Ghanaian woman dying of cancer, the British will even take you from your hospital bed in UK to deport you back to Africa.

And yet what Kebba Dibba describes in his article on page 12 are migrants who go to Europe solely to work, build those countries, and earn a legitimate salary to support their families back at home in Africa.

I leave my readers with one question as they read Kebba's piece: which is the "illegal" and inhuman behaviour? Our boys and girls heading to Europe for greener pastures to help develop Africa, or that of Europe and America doing all they can to keep them out of Europe and America?