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Police to Recruit 5,000 Officers From NYS

The Nation (Nairobi)

15 February 2008

Fred Mukinda


The Government has announced plans to recruit 5,000 National Youth Service (NYS) graduates into the Police Force.

The recruitment, scheduled to start next month is geared towards reducing the police to population ratio, currently at 1:1000 against the global standard of 1:400.

After recruitment, they will be inducted into the force within five months. The induction period is four months less than the period for the normal programme.

The plan to recruit NYS graduates had been floated and documented in the Police Strategic Plan 2004-2008, but the implementation had been shelved.

The recent post-poll violence, which saw the police overstretched, and in some instances overwhelmed by rioting crowds, prompted the adoption of the shelved plan.

Crash programme

Plans are currently on course to ensure Treasury releases funds needed for the exercise, which will be implemented as a "crash programme."

The recruitment will not interfere with the normal police enlisting done once every year. An average of 3,000 recruits join police training every year under the ordinary programme. While the NYS programme is aimed at reducing the police to population ratio, the normal recruitment is aimed at replacing officers who leave active police service through retirement, death or those dismissed.

Details of the NYS recruits training programme are still being worked on.

However, it is expected the recruits will be exempted from some courses in the police curriculum.

Speaking to journalist at Vigilance House, spokesman Eric Kiraithe said: "Arrangements for the Kenya Police and the Administration Police to recruit from NYS trainees and graduates are at an advanced stage."

The Government is targeting graduates who have passed through the NYS from 2005 to date.

Mr Kiraithe said the recruitment will be balanced, drawing candidates from all parts of the country.

The crash training programmes will be run at NYS training schools to ensure facilities at the police training college at Kiganjo are not overstretched.

Successful candidates will be deployed to all police formations, including the General Service Unit after training.

NYS officials are regularly called to do police duties, most recently having been deployed to polling centres as special police officers.