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MPs Should Be Impartial

Business Daily (Nairobi)


12 February 2008

For all the promise that the Kofi Annan- led mediation effort to return the country into political stability has shown, keen watchers of the Kenyan political scene believe it is entering the most testing phase
now. That phase has nothing to do with the nature of political settlement .

It has everything to do with entrusting the implementation of agreed settlement to a Parliament that has a history of partisan, rather than public interest, approach to issues.

That the 10th Parliament will not be beholden to the looming threat to Kenya as a nation has been evident since soft spoken Annan declared that Parliament would be the overall body, as provided in the Constitution, to make amendments that would give any form of settlement legal teeth.

The people's representatives now need to put country before the political careers of their leaders by shunning partisan inclinations. If they do not, they will be judged by history as the crop of leaders who
failed the future of this country.