News 2008


PNU MPs protest at mediation proposals

February 13, 2008


By David Ohito and Ayub Savula

PNU and Government MPs were ambushed by mediation proposals for a transitional Government and fresh presidential elections, they have claimed.

The MPs emerged from a Parliamentary Group meeting shortly after they were addressed by former UN Secretary-General, Dr Kofi Annan, and accused his team of making public agreements that had not been discussed.

Addressing the media shortly after a ‘Kamukunji’, (an informal session of the House), the MPs denied that proposals for a transitional government and a repeat presidential election had been agreed on or discussed.

Garsen MP, Mr Danson Mungatana, said: "The Government has not given its mediation team authority to discuss issues of a transitional Government. Our supporters are concerned and are calling us to clear the air."

Mungatana said he was speaking on behalf of 75 MPs. He was with the Government Chief Whip and Juja MP, Mr George Thuo, and the Deputy Government Whip, Mr Johnstone Muthama, at the media conference.

"We note with concern that, in response to questions and comments, Annan touched on issues that have never been discussed," Mungatana said.

Under the Constitution, the President has powers to incorporate members of the Opposition into Government.

"The issue of a transitional Government or presidential election within two years has never been discussed and no agreements have been reached," Mungatana said.

"We plead with the media to report accurately. No agreement has been reached. We ask you to withdraw the misleading headlines and make corrections about the Government stand," he added.

Our position is as follows: "We support the establishment of an independent commission or committee to investigate and establish the truth behind the 2007 disputed elections," he said.

He added: "We support the establishment of a Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Committee and support the identification and prosecution of perpetrators of violence."

"As talks go on, we support the rehabilitation and resettlement of displaced people on their land."

The Garsen MP said the Government side was for comprehensive legal, constitutional and institutional reforms, not to appease the political class but Kenyans.

"The key issues include, but are not limited to the Executive, Legislature, Judiciary, devolution and land," Mungatana said.

But New Ford-Kenya asked PNU to respect Annan in the mediation talks to end the political crisis.