News 2008


Kenya now listed among Hunger's Global Hotspots

Hunger's global hotspots: 12 February 2008


The Government of Kenya, Kenya Red Cross (KRC) and WFP continued to provide food assistance to people displaced/affected by post-election crisis. Thus far, 1,772 mt of WFP food has been distributed to 372,000 people displaced in Rift Valley and western Kenya as well as the most vulnerable people in the slums of Nairobi and Kisumu.

The number of IDPs in Naivasha has been decreasing due to fears of attacks in the camps. KRC, WFP and other partners are setting up transition shelters in Kisumu to offer essential services - including a one-week food ration - to displaced people on the way to their ancestral homelands.

WFP is supplying micronutrient-rich corn-soya blend for supplementary feeding of moderately malnourished children under five, as well as pregnant and lactating women.

The disrupted commercial supply chain has resulted in shortages and an increase in prices of fuel and staple food. WFP-contracted transporters have also requested an increase in transport rates.