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Norway supports negotiations in Kenya

(Ed. note: A reward for Kenyans to wage war? - or given directly into the pockets of Kofi Atta Annan and Nane Maria Lagergren for their retirement in Kenya? Couldn't the oil-hungry Norwegians given that kind of money for peaceful development instead now for de-escalation? Always too little - always too late now enlarged by always to the wrong side? Like Annan himself as Head of UN Peacekeeping - responding too slowly and too "diplomatic" to stop the Rwandan genocide! Or is it just - reverse to "as father as son" - a remake of food for oil?)

NRK/Press release


The Norwegian government has granted USD 1 million in support of the ongoing negotiations aimed at solving the political crisis in Kenya.

"It is important that Norway continues to support negotiations on a solution to the political crisis in Kenya," says State Secretary Raymond Johansen.

"We will therefore provide up to USD 1 million for the process being led by Kofi Annan.

“The negotiations in Kenya have so far resulted in agreement on negotiating a political solution and on measures to stop the violence and human suffering. In order to ensure commitment to real negotiations, it is important that the international community makes a concerted effort to keep the parties at the negotiating table.

“Even if a solution is found during the next few days, a good deal of negotiation will still be needed to resolve the underlying issues. These include the need for reform of the constitution and the judiciary, more equitable distribution of resources, and land reform,” says Mr Johansen.

Norway has for years supported Kenya through its aid program. The African nation erupted into tribal violence after the incumbent president declared himself the winner of the December election, while the opposition claimed vote fixing in many areas.

(NRK/Press release)