News 2008


Kibaki warns inciters

February 12, 2008


By Samuel Otieno

President Kibaki has told the perpetrators of violence that their days are numbered.

He also warned those inciting wananchi to engage in arson attacks that the law would soon catch up with them.

Kibaki said the Government would re-settle displaced people, help them rebuild their homes and give them adequate security.

"We want to encourage them to go back to their homes and rebuild, but we warn those who torched their houses to dare repeat that act again," the President warned.

Kibaki was making off-the-cuff remarks after launching the free secondary education programme at Jamhuri High School on Monday.

The Presidentís remarks come at a time of renewed hope that a political solution to the crisis will be found at the talks headed by former UN chief, Mr Kofi Annan.

Annan is urging patience, saying a deal could be settled this week.

Close to 1,000 people have been killed and more than 250,000 people rendered homeless in post-poll unrest sparked by the announcement that President Kibaki had won the presidential election.

In addition, UN Emergency Relief Co-ordinator, Mr John Holmes, has called for a peace deal after visiting areas worst hit by violence.

Kibaki, who termed those perpetuating the violence as "crazy people", noted that they would not achieve their aims by merely burning down peopleís homes.

"Hawa watu wamepungukiwa na akili. Tutawasamehe na tuwasaidie wabadilike ili waache kazi hiyo ya upuzi (These people have lost their minds but we will forgive them and instead help them to reform in order to stop their stupid activities)," Kibaki said.

He urged Kenyans not to allow themselves to be dragged into illegal activities that would wipe away the gains made.

The President said Kenyans were free to live in any part of the country and that those attacking others would be dealt with.

"Hakuna mahali ambapo imewekwa ati ni yako. Wakenya wako na Uhuru ya kuishi mahali wamejenga (There is no place that has its owners; Kenyans have a right to live where they have built their homes)," Kibaki said.

He urged teachers to lead by example through fostering co-existence amongst students irrespective of their ethnic backgrounds.