News 2008


Annan demands News Blackout for 48-72 h

- Mediation translocated outside Nairobi -


11. Feb. 2008


(Nairobi) - After another day, which didn't bring progress in the negotiations concerning the legitimate governance in Kenya after the flawed presidential elections, Chief-Mediator Kofi Annan asked his mediation team and the feuding sides to continue the talks at an undisclosed location outside Nairobi.

Citing the need to achieve tangible results, the statement issued by Kofi Annan, demands a total news blackout on the negotiations for the next 48 to 72 h.

Media in Nairobi, where the TV and radio stations just have been relieved from a month-long ban on live-broadcasting, responded with astonishment and one observer remarked: "Secrecy, for whatever reason, doesn't go very well with bleeding Kenyans and also violates what the UN and the West always are preaching: Transparency!"

However, before all the power brokers will desert Nairobi for greener pastures, the mediation team will meet all present parlamentarians in a special session at the old chambers of the parliament for a briefing session tomorrow morning.