News 2008


Re-run could be a good option

by MUGURE ANNE, Kabete.

11. 02. 2008

Our leaders should agree to a poll re-run to restore the confidence of Kenyans and the international community.

President Kibaki has been at pains to win the confidence of the international community following the disputed elections held last year. Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka was last week on a tour of Europe and America to try to convince the powers out there that Kibaki won his second term fairly.

It is also notable that the Government has made attempts to downplay the significance of the clashes visited upon Kenya as a result of the disputed elections, and to blame the Opposition for the mayhem.

The Western powers that have for many years used democracy and accountability as conditions for their dealings with governments in the developing countries, have been adamant that the will of the people must be respected in the Kenyan situation.

Already, a number of them have threatened to withdraw their assistance to Kenya if the current situation is not sorted by the concerned parties.

If President Kibaki is of the view that he won the presidency fairly, there is need for him to do everything possible to win back the confidence of Kenyans and foreign powers alike by demonstrating that he does not fear democracy at all.

Any hard-line stance taken by the parties before the Kofi Annan-led talks will only complicate matters for Kenya.