News 2008


Ogiek killed like rabbits by rampant militia in Kenya

Mount Elgon - 04. Feb. 2008 - WTN

Realizing that the Ogiek had fled the area around Chepyuk and took refuge at Teldet and Chepkitale, the Sabaot Land Defense Force (SLDF), Kenya's most dangerous and notorious, at least 1000 men strong armed militia, has now taken advantage of the lawlessness and the commitments of the police elsewhere to hunt and kill the Ogiek like rabbits.

It is reported now that the Mount Elgon Ogiek have been evicted from Teldet and Kiboroa areas by the SLDF.One Ogiek Pastor by name Mati was killed by SLDF on 2nd February 2008 at Teldet area. The Ogiek call upon all Human Rights agencies and organizations to visit these areas, to witness and assess.

It must be noted that the Ogiek have known no peace since September 2006 until to date. Now that there is a national crisis, it is feared that the Ogiek of Mount Elgon will be exterminated by the SLDF, if no rapid rescue is mounted to free the area from the SLDF and their atrocities and to guarantee the safety and security of the Ogiek.

Local NGO staff reports: "THE SLDF MILITIA HAS ACTUALLY TAKEN OVER THE WHOLE OF MT. ELGON AND TRANS-NZOIA REGION. The police is closing their eyes or are even actively involved in creating death and misery. All are requested to help where they can as the Ogiek cannot access the towns but are currently holed up in the forests of Chepkitale covering such areas as Kapchepkelda, Labot, Toboo, Chepoongweny and Tommoi without any security or humanitarian assistance."

Today, 4th February 2008, the fighting between the hounting militia and fleeing Ogiek is still on at Teldet, 35 km from Kitale, where the Ogiek had gone with some cattle to exchange for money and cereals. About 70 of their cattle were yesterday "confiscated" by the police and 50 are held at the Do's office at Saboti, apparently upon the instructions by the District Officer. The other stolen cows are unaccounted for.