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Second Successful Aid-Delivery to the Ogiek

02. February 2008

As a first ECOTERRA Intl. managed on 21. January 2008 to get through to the Ogiek hiding in the Mau Forest. We could deliver some food-aid to the widows and children of those families, whose fathers and husbands had been killed during the invasion of police-protected Kikuyu gangs. Then we also could establish the needs of the larger Ogiek community. Some of the video footage from the horrible situation in the field taken by Steffen Keulig of FPCN was even shown on national television channel KTN.

Now, yesterday on 01. February 2008, a second and much more substantial distribution of aid to mainly Ogiek women and children as well as the elderly was successfully carried out.

Wellwishers, who had contributed their relief donations through the Girl Child Network (GCN) and the Regional Network on Child Protection (RENOCP), can also be happy, because their aid did reach the most vulnerable groups of the Ogiek community, since they joined the ECOTERRA led operation into Ogiek-Land. ECOTERRA ensured that for a first time Ogiek women are now a full part of the specific committee of elders and leaders, which determines together with the relief-workers who and where actually the most vulnerable people among the Ogiek are and who shall receive the aid. This made the difference whereby the aid could be delivered safely and to the most deserving people.

This time a substantial amount of supplies (i.a. maize-meal, rice, beans, sugar, salt, high nutritious instant feed for malnourished children, cooking fats, tea-leaves, kitchen utensils, woolen blankets, clothes, disinfecting soap, medical supplies etc.) - nearly filling a 7 ton lorry - could be delivered directly into the Mariashoni area within the Mau forest and distributed to the needy. Especially the vitamin-enriched Insta-food, donated by the Anne K.-Taylor Foundation, a US 501c3 charity, will assist the only remaining health-worker (all others fled) in Mariashoni to prevent death of malnurished and starving Ogiek children. Additional food supplies were donated by FPCN-Germany.

While the multi-million dollar demanding UN laments insecurity and thereby only covers their own inactivity, the ICRC as well as the Kenya Red Cross respond rather slow, and had in several ill-designed operations to hurriedly leave the areas of people they were supposed to assist. Only organizations like Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) do like always their highly commendable top-professional job in the hot-spots of Kenya like Kisumu, Nakuru and Naivasha, but also they do not have the capacity to reach out into the most remote corners like Ogiek-Land. It is again (like in Rwanda and Somalia) the many small groups from individual citizen groups, many of whom are just good-doing foreigners living in Kenya, to the small Kenyan and International NGOs, who make the difference and actually help where they know best.

The 7 ton truck of relief to the Ogiek is nearly empty.Women, children and the elderly got the goods.


Please support further direct aid to the Ogiek:

N.B.: Though we appreciate any donation in kind and will deliver, please keep in mind that we also need to pay for transport, the sustainance of helpers as well as for communication and logistics. Therefore also cash-donations earmarked for such needs are highly welcome.