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Ogiek Women Raped by GSU

Tinet / Kenya - WTN - 8th Jan. 2008 - Members of the General Service Unit (GSU), the paramilitary force known for its brutality since 20 years, have allegedly raped two Ogiek women and two girls of minor age during the days of turmoil after the fraudulent presidential election in Kenya.

Reports indicate that Paulina Segem and Josphine Soi (the names of the minors are still withheld), who all hail from Tinet village, were raped by GSU personnel, which had been dispatched to guard the tea-factory and plantation at Kiptagich, belonging to former president Daniel arap Moi.

The four victims have not yet officially reported to the Police, because they fear reprisals at the hands of the police and the given intimidation is forcing them to not file a report. The ladies demand
that they get immediate protection from Human Rights Organizations and thereafter will report and press charges.