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Aboriginal Peoples Emergency Helpline

Immediate Needs:

a) Emergency Food and Non-Food Items for widows of killed Ogiek and displaced Ogiek women and children in Mt Elgon and Mau Forests (400 cases - 1,2 mio KSh = 18,000.- US)

b) Legal Funds to bring the rape cases of Ogiek women to justice (8 cases - approx. 400,000 KSh = 5,700.- US) - if legal costs after prosecution can be retrieved they will go into the Ogiek Forest Defence Fund.

c) Medical Funds to assist Ogiek Forest Defenders, who got shot, to pay their hospital bills (2 cases - 250.000 Ksh = 3,500.- US) - since they do not have medical insurance, no costs can be retrieved. To have them waved by the government is rather unlikely, since Police would rather cover up and arrest the survivors.

d) Reconstruction Funds - rebuilding roofs of destroyed schools and burned houses (45 cases -630,000 KSh = 9,000.- US) - if funds could be retrieved in future through the reconstruction fund for burned homestead, promised by the Kenya Government, these funds will go into the Ogiek Forest Defence Fund.

e) Emergency Response and Relief Network (ERRN) Funds - communication costs (mobile phones, airtime, radio licences), internet costs, transport and fuel costs: 250,000.- KSh = 3,500.- US for the next 6 months.

Members of the aboriginal minority peoples suffer the most, while the major tribes fight it out in Kenya's post-election skirmishes.

In addition a situation, where the population has been intentionally or unintentionally cut off from the mobile phone networks, because there are hardly any possibilities to top up the private phone-credits, creates a situation of increasing helplessness and insecurity.

In order to maintain the network of the Kenyan Hunter-Gatherer Forum a hotline has been set up, where people in distress as well as well-wishers, who like to support the Ogiek, the Aweer, the Watha or Yiaku can call in.

The Ogiek - so far - are affected the most and directly by the skirmishes.


Ogiek message to the world:

"The Ogiek are an indigenous people that live in and around the Mau Forest, an area of 900 square kilometers northwest of Nairobi overlooking the Rift Valley.

They also live in the forests around Mt. Elgon, in Western Kenya near the Ugandan border.

The Ogiek are facing severe food shortages and lack of medicines. They fear coming out of the forests because of the roadblocks and threats of violence and have not been able to access the markets in the towns and villages to buy provisions for the last 11 days.

They are at risk from malaria and we fear an outbreak of cholera, particularly among the children."

ECOTERRA managed to provide phone-credit to key groups in order to strengthen the communication and emergency network, and delivered already twice food and other essential supplies to the Ogiek, but more assistance (food, blankets, medicine) for the displaced Ogiek, who are affected most in their hideouts at Mau Forest and Mount Elgon, is urgently required.

While the Ogiek - so far - have to register the most severe impact of the civil strife, the Watha, Aweer, Dahalo and Yiaku have maintained absolute peace in their areas, but suffer economically.

Please tell us about your wish to support specifically these most vulnerable communities:


International: +254-714-747-090

National: 0714-747-090

(Please do no longer use the previous number: 0724-301-099)

(People in Kenya can use this number to M-Pesa or Sambaza funds to the emergency relief programme or for the emergency communication network!)

Or send e-mail messages to africanode(at)


Call/SMS +254-714-747-090

As long we live - we will listen to you!

.... and we'll listen with a smile - we promise - as long we live! How long will we have to wait until you reach out? We don't know, but hope soon. In the meantime we'll hopefully survive by our own skills and little means.

... and on a lighter note:

We wait for your call - 24/7!

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