News 2008


Two Ogiek shot by Kenya Police

03. Jan. 2008


Two Ogiek are the latest victims of Police brutality in Kenya's post-election turmoil. Nicolas Borwa, aged 29, were yesterday shot in the leg and Elijah Lesingo, aged 32, was shot in the neck. Both survived but are in bad condition.

Freshly deployed Administration Police from Beaston Trading Centre, located 30 km from Nakuru Town, who claimed that they had been instructed to protect houses of Kikuyu owners, are aparently harassing all civilians, except the people belonging to President Kibaki's tribe. The aboriginal Ogiek are thereby the least protected, though the Mau forest is their homeland.

The victims had to flee towards Nessuit and deeper into the forest area, where they only could find medical assistance from a traditional healer. Neither the health facilities nor the shops, who usually are providing some supplies at the trading centres, can be reached by the people from Nessuit, Mariashoni and other locations in the Mau forest. No means of public transport are operational any longer in this part of Kenya.

Only by means of a privately hired car at least some bags of maize and other emergency rations could be channeled through and did reach the Ogiek in Nassuit today. How many Ogiek families have lost their homes and belongings could not yet be established, but the situation is very severe, stated a spokesman from the Ogiek Peoples Development Programme.