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Kenya: Moi Asked to Broker Peace in Kuresoi

The Nation (Nairobi)

21 December 2007

Michael Njuguna


The Ogiek have asked former President Moi to help broker peace in Kuresoi and resolve land-related problems across the country.

Ogiek Welfare Council coordinator Joseph Kimaiyo said Mr Moi was peace mediator in the Sudan conflict and understood local problems.

An estimated 26 people have been killed and more than 300 houses burnt in Kuresoi since October 19.

"The former President understands the scenario on the ground better and can help resolve land and political issues that are to blame for the conflicts." Mr Kimaiyo said.

He noted that when Tinet, Ndoinet and Saino settlements in Kuresoi were created in the Western Mau Forest, about 11,578 landless people were settled, leaving out about 4,000 others, mainly from Bomet and Kericho districts.

More than 870 families working in tea estates also demand land. Excision of Mau East Forest Complex led to the creation of Sururu, Likia, Tinet and Nessuit settlements.

Uprooted families

The bloody conflict in Likia settlement last year led to the repossession of a section by the Forestry Department and the acquisition of another farm in Molo to create room for uprooted families.

According to the council, the bulk of the families that were ejected from Kuresoi recently were from the former group but a large number of squatters had also arrived in the area after the excision.

Mr Kimaiyo said that the Ogiek were marginalised and had abandoned settlements such as Sururu.