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Kenya: Resettle the Ogiek, Moi Urges Kibaki


17 October 2007


Retired President arap Daniel arap has urged the Government to resettle more than 3,000 Ogiek squatters who were evicted from forests in Nandi last year.

He appealed to President Kibaki to resettle the squatters who were evicted from Government forests in Nandi South and Uasin Gishu districts before the December elections.

Mr Moi said the squatters were currently living in miserable conditions.

He said land problems facing the Ogiek had remained unsolved for many years, noting the issue was likely to be exploited by Opposition leaders in campaigns.

Most of those evicted from Government forests in Tinderet, Cerengonik and Kipkurere forests are living in make-shift houses in trading centres in Nandi South.

On Monday, the squatters appealed to Mr Moi to inform President Kibaki about their suffering.

Mr Moi, who was campaigning for President Kibaki's re-election in Nandi South District, blamed Nandi leaders for not helping the community despite having appointed many of them to top positions while he was in power.