We the 'hunter-gather' and the 'Bushmen' have unique human rights violations that include discrimination, oppression, harassment, marginalization and lack of political representation in parliaments and government sectors. We do reaffirm as a sign of solidarity that "self determination and affirmative action should prevail to the Bushmen".
In accordance with the theme, we demand for the following issues to be addressed to the Bushmen with immediate effect;

1. That Human Rights is civil and political in nature, hence the government of Botswana should allow the Bushmen to "go back to their ancestral land as they are friendly to its environment".
2. That it's against the United Nations Convections and human rights instruments to forcefully evicts persons without the principles of consultation, participation and free prior Informed consent.
3. That the Botswana government is a signatory to various UN convections that includes protects on the rights of the child and women, buts its sad to not that it has prejudice in "Toto" its agreement.
4. That many families have been separated resulting to many death due to increase of diseases like HIV/Aids that has wiped majority of the generations; and we quote one victim of separation Mrs Bahedile in New Xade ' I want to see my husnabd Mr. Mongwegi of Metsiamanong in CKGR whom we separated during forcefully eviction in February 2005 to date'.
5. The government of President Festus Mogaye should immediately compensate those injured during evictions that includes;
  • Kesodilo ntwayamogala - shot in the thighs
  • Mokgakala Gaoberekwe - shot on the jaws

And address with care and speed the problems of the Bushmen as he has managed to the strong economy and having leaping trigonometrically progression, being the second fastest growing economy after the South Africa.

6. That all the alleged clandestine activities which include the drilling in such of diamonds should be stopped until the case in court is determined.
7. That the government of Botswana should pave way for the UN special rappoteours on various mandates to visit the country and access the claims besides giving the advice and possible solutions; so as to reduce the increased stain of reputations and image of the independent government.
8. That all the cases in court should be heard and determined sooner by the independent judges and magistrates without interferences from the government extremely executive arm and the parliament.
9. That the development of infrastructures should follow the people but not the people to follow the development.

In conclusion, government in consultation with its citizens should entrench positive policies and mechanisms that will recognize, affirm, and protect the rights, interests, and values of the locals (Bushmen) rather than the multinational companies' investors.
Finally, allow them to stay and co-exist with the ecosystems, the animals, the trees, and their culture as they have always been.



For Ogiek

Kiplangat Cheruyot .........

Mpoiko Kobei ........


For Bushmen:

Roy Sesena ......

Jumanda Gakelebone .....

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