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Minorities Left Out in Coalition Politics                                                                                            (23.12.2006) As the year comes to an end and 2007 beckons, the issue top most in the minds of Kenyans is elections.

UN Special Rapporteur Visit to Hunter - Gatherer communities                                        (16.12.2006) In his recent trip to Kenya, Prof Radolfo Stavenhagen met with Ogiek, Sengwer, Elmolo leaders and actually visited Ogiek and Yiaku territories.

JOINT PRESS RELEASE BETWEEN THE OGIEK OF KENYA AND THE BUSHMEN OF BOTSWANA  We the 'hunter-gather' and the 'Bushmen' have unique human rights violations that include discrimination, oppression, harassment, marginalization and lack of political representation in parliaments and government sectors. We do reaffirm as a sign of solidarity that "self determination and affirmative action should prevail to the Bushmen".

A joint Human Rights Situation analysis of the Ogiek of Kenya                                        (08.12.2006) Introduction - Ogiek means ‘caretaker of all’ plants and animals. The Maasai nicknamed them “iltorobo” which meant “poor person” without herds of cattle. They are a hunter gatherer group and solely depended on the forest for food, medicine, shelter and preservation of their culture.

Ogiek Summoned by Provincial administration                                                                (13.11.2006) Following the last week Ogiek invasion to the illegal land allocated (Ngongongeri area) to powerful individuals in the former regime, the provincial administration led by Njoro District Officer and the Njoro Officer commanding station summoned the Ogiek group, who later appeared this morning.

Uganda: Country is a Thief - Who is Encroaching On Whom?                                          (15.10.2006) The recent drama of the attempted violent eviction of Basongora from Queen Elizabeth National Park brought my mind back to questions I confronted late last year while shooting Living Above the Line, a documentary commissioned by ActionAid International Uganda about the lives of the Benet people of Mt Elgon Forest Game Park, the Batwa of Kisoro and the Ogiek of western Kenya.

Two Ogiek killed in violent land clash                                                                             (12.10.2006) Two Ogiek have died after several days of violent clashes between Ogiek and a neighbouring tribe, the Kipsigis (Kalenjin). Violence erupted in the Rift Valley province on 7 October after some Kipsigis stole sheep belonging to an Ogiek man.

Ogiek Clashes with Kipsigis gets to the Fourth Day                                                        (10.10.2006) The ongoing clashes that erupted on Saturday night between the Ogiek and the Kipsigis (Kalenjin) has entered into the Fourth day in Tiritagoi, Sigotik and Sigaon of Nessuit settlement scheme of Njoro Division in Nakuru district, Rift valley province.

Logging ban opens black market for good timber                                                             (30.05.2006) Since logging was banned seven years ago, timber has become one of the most sought-after commodities in the country. The shortage resulting from the ban has turned timber products into some kind of holy grail, particularly with the rapid expansion of the construction industry.

MAU EVICTIONS BY "STANO"                                                                                                      (01.01.2006) ...


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