Presidential Election Disaster and Civil Strife in Kenya
Documentation of the developments



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DAY 24

More violence breaks out in Kenya                                                                                (20.01.2008) Fierce fighting led to the deaths of 22 people and left 200 homes burned in Kenya's troubled western Rift Valley, officials said.

Seven killed in Kenya's new deadly, ethnic clashes                                                         (20.01.2008) NAIROBI (AFP) - Seven people were killed, many of them Sunday, in clashes in the Kenyan capital and western region as the country reeled from deadly opposition protests against President Mwai Kibaki's re-election, police said.

Several dead in Kenya slum clashes                                                                              (20.01.2008) At least three people have been killed in clashes in the Kenyan capital as tribal violence flared for a fifth day, witnesses have said.

At least three killed in fresh Kenya clashes                                                                    (20.01.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Clashes between rival tribes in the Kenyan capital killed at least three people on Sunday in a fresh flare-up of ethnically-motivated violence after President Mwai Kibaki's disputed re-election last month, witnesses said.

Kenya: EU's Mediation Efforts Now Offer Hope                                                               (20.01.2008) A flicker of hope that negotiations could start despite the standoff between the Government and ODM came with the arrival of European Union commissioner for Development, Mr Louis Michel.

Three killed in Kenya clashes, opposition defiant                                                            (20.01.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Attackers hacked three people to death with machetes in a slum in Kenya's capital on Sunday in ethnic clashes triggered by President Mwai Kibaki's disputed re-election last month, witnesses said.

Clashes in Kenyan slums leave two dead: police                                                            (20.01.2008) Two people have been killed in overnight clashes in the Kenyan capital, as the country reeled from deadly opposition protests against President Mwai Kibaki's re-election.

Government and Opposition differ on Kalonzo team role                                                   (20.01.2008) The Government and ODM are split on the role Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka is to play in the mediation talks on the disputed presidential results.

ODM calls fresh round of protests                                                                                  (20.01.2008) The Orange Democratic Party has retreated from a promise made only hours before and announced a new round of mass action to protest against the disputed presidential election results.

What lies ahead for Kibaki Presidency?                                                                         (20.01.2008) What was billed to be the closest fought and thrilling election not only exploded into violence over disputed results, but also is redefining the country’s geo-political map. The bitterly fought contest, subsequent dispute over declared results and finally violence, has also upset the country’s inter-ethnic relations and traditional political alliances.

EU meets Kibaki, says he’s willing to see Raila                                                              (20.01.2008) The standoff between the Government and ODM could ease and then end. This emerged on Saturday after President Kibaki met a high level European Union delegation and said he is willing to meet ODM leader, Mr Raila Odinga soon.

EAC unable to intervene in crisis                                                                                   (20.01.2008) Kenya’s neighbours are prodding its current political impasse with a big stick. They are hesitant to be involved. Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete, Burundi’s Pierre Nkurunziza and Rwanda’s Paul Kagame, have not publicly acknowledged Kibaki’s victory.

Uganda maintains it has not deployed troops in Kenya                                                    (20.01.2008) Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Kuteesa has said he will resign his job if accusations that Uganda has sent soldiers to politically troubled Kenya are proved true.

Renewed ethnic clashes hit Kenya                                                                                (20.01.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya (CNN) -- Diplomatic efforts to solve the violent fallout from Kenya's disputed elections continued over the weekend with a visit from the European Union's development commissioner Louis Michel, who met with President Mwai Kibaki and opposition leader Raila Odinga.

DAY 23

CHRONOLOGY - Kenya in crisis after disputed elections                                                (19.01.2008) Five people hiding in a refugee camp in Kenya's Rift Valley were killed on Saturday by opposition supporters in the latest flare-up of violence in one of the regions worst hit by ethnic killings. Kenya's opposition has said it will resume protests next week over a disputed election, just having finished three days of demonstrations in which at least 23 died...

Kenya now listed among world's most dangerous destinations                                         (19.01.2008) A look at the world's most dangerous destinations ... Such was the case in Kenya recently when a disputed election resulted in the rioting and violence that killed an estimated 600 people. Bond says that there were about 9,000 Americans in Kenya when the fighting broke out and that many of them contacted the Department of State for advice about safety....

President Kibaki appoints committee to spearhead dialogue                                            (19.01.2008) President Mwai Kibaki on Friday formed a top-level political committee to spearhead national political dialogue, national reconciliation and to promote international understanding and good relations on the political problems facing the country following the recently concluded elections.

NGOs say poll winner uncertain                                                                                    (19.01.2008) A new report by 50 civil society organisations details how the Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) bungled the presidential poll. The report dubbed, ‘Countdown to Deception: 30 hours that destroyed Kenya’, further shows there were discrepancies in 130 out of 210 constituencies.

EU aid commissioner visiting Kenya                                                                              (19.01.2008) BRUSSELS, Jan 19 (Reuters) - European Union Aid Commissioner Louis Michel is in Kenya to assess the situation after last month's disputed election, his spokesman said on Saturday.

EU top aid official urges 'ceasefire' in Kenya conflict                                                        (19.01.2008) Nairobi - The European Union's aid chief on Saturday called on Kenya's opposition to halt protests against disputed election results that have been met by harsh police response across the country and have left dozens killed.

Poll violence death toll at 510, say police                                                                       (19.01.2008) Police Friday gave the death toll from three weeks of violence over the disputed presidential elections at 510 people. Police Spokesman Eric Kiraithe said 87 of those had died during “police intervention, but not necessarily shot by police”.

Policeman killed as protests rock town                                                                          (19.01.2008) An administration police officer was Friday shot with a poisoned arrow and later succumbed to his injuries in Kapsita area within Molo District. Rift Valley Provincial Police Officer Everett Wasige confirmed the incident which, he said, took place at around noon.

Deadly skirmishes continue in Kenya                                                                            (19.01.2008) Police crack down on angry protesters in Nairobi slum - Clashes between police and protesters in several cities resulted in as many as 12 deaths Friday, bringing the toll to nearly two dozen in three days of "mass actions," witnesses and officials said.

Five refugees die in Kenya attack                                                                                  (19.01.2008) Five people have died in western Kenya, in apparent ethnic violence linked to opposition protests against the outcome of last month's presidential election.

Odinga: Kibaki, Police Turn Kenya Into 'Killing Fields'                                                      (19.01.2008) Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga accused President Mwai Kibaki (picture) and the police of turning the East African country into "killing fields" in their attempt to suppress protests against electoral fraud, in an interview published in Germany Saturday.

Western Kenya's Kikuyus blame tribal rhetoric for violence                                              (19.01.2008) ELDORET, Kenya (AFP) - Members of Kenya's dominant Kikuyu tribe living in opposition strongholds feel they are paying the price for the tribal rhetoric that plagued last month's disputed elections.

Paramilitary units hunt Ogiek, while watching Kikuyu arsonists burn houses of fleeing Ogiek to the ground (19.01.2008) Horrible reports from Elburgon speak of police and para-military units hunting members of the Ogiek community, whom they allegedly blame for the death of one police officer. Security personnel, however, could not provide any evidence that the Ogiek are involved in this case at all. The officer was shot in the head with an arrow.

Tension in Kenya bloody violence                                                                                  (19.01.2008) NAIROBI: Kenyan riot police patrolled the capital on Saturday and rival tribes faced off in a southwest town, after 23 people were killed in three days of protests called by the opposition over a disputed election.

Five dead in Narok after violent protest                                                                           (19.01.2008) Five people were killed and many others injured as violence rocked Narok town. More than 20 people including Narok North MP’s daughter, Lydia Ntimama, were injured in the second day of the fracas. The demonstrators had responded to a call by ODM to hold three days of mass action to protest at the outcome of the presidential election.

Police termed Kisumu shooting regrettable                                                                     (19.01.2008) Police headquarters has termed as ‘unfortunate’ an incident in which a police officer was shown shooting two unarmed protestors in Kisumu, killing one.

Kenya Newspaper ‘Standard’ makes plea on live coverage                                               (19.01.2008) The Standard Group Deputy Chairman, Mr Paul Melly, has requested the Ministry of Information to give journalists guidelines on live coverage.

Four shot dead as protesters defy police                                                                        (19.01.2008) Four people were shot dead in Kibera slums as police dispersed demonstrators who had destroyed about two kilometres of the railway line. One of those killed was a 13-year-old girl caught up among a crowd of demonstrators.

One killed in Mombasa riots                                                                                          (19.01.2008) At least one person was shot dead by police in Mombasa as ODM supporters staged a demonstration.

Rumours persist on Ugandan soldiers                                                                            (19.01.2008) Rumours that Ugandan soldiers are in Kenya persist. On Friday, some Eldoret town residents mounted a ‘checkpoint’ following reports of aliens being transported to Burnt Forest in Molo.

Kenya counts losses                                                                                                    (19.01.2008) About two kilometres of Kenya-Uganda Railway line was uprooted in Nairobi’s Kibera’s slums on the final day of mass action as more deaths and violent confrontations took place.

ODM insists on international mediator                                                                            (19.01.2008) ODM has insisted it would only negotiate with President Kibaki’s team through an international mediator.

Poll mudslinging doesn’t seem to have spared even the UN                                             (19.01.2008) A full-page announcement published repeatedly this week bearing the coat of arms has taken to task the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and UN election observers. “You have claimed that the presidential election was irregular.

Kenyan Opposition Calls for Another Demonstration Thursday                                         (19.01.2008) Kenya's opposition has called for another demonstration, following three days of bloody protests against last month's national election that critics say was fraudulent.

Kenya Opposition Calls for More Rallies                                                                         (19.01.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) - Kenya's opposition, bloodied by protests that killed more than 20 people, called Saturday for more rallies as well as economic boycotts and strikes, hoping to paralyze the government it claims stole the presidential election.

ODM calls off mass action as deaths rise                                                                      (19.01.2008) The Orange Democratic Movement Friday ended its three days of mass action and announced a new strategy of economic boycott to protest against the outcome of the disputed presidential election.

Kenyan opposition calls for fresh protests                                                                      (19.01.2008) Kenya's opposition called Saturday for another day of peaceful protest next week after a violent police crackdown on three days of demonstrations against President Mwai Kibaki's re-election left 33 people dead.

Protesters destroy railway line                                                                                      (19.01.2008) It took hundreds of them pushing and pulling with their bare hands, but the rail line finally yielded.

Violence continues in Kenya, 20 killed                                                                           (19.01.2008) The violence in Kenya shows no signs of abating. More that 20 people have been killed in violent clashes between pro and anti-government groups.

Where are Kenyans to Turn?                                                                                         (19.01.2008) I am learning that the situation in Kenya is far more complex than it seems. There are undercurrents of deceit and corruption and nothing is clear. I don’t know who to believe. Every day the story seems to change.

Kalonzo team can't resolve election crisis                                                                      (19.01.2008) President Kibaki Friday named a committee of nine, most of them Cabinet ministers, on an assignment related to the political crisis that followed the General Election.

Why Uganda ignored reports on Kenya’s post polls violence (19.01.2008) The Ugandan leadership ignored intelligence reports that the elections in Kenya would ignite violence and compromise Uganda’s security for fear of harming relations with its eastern neighbour.

Kenya protests toll rises to 32                                                                                       (19.01.2008) NAIROBI: Kenyan police shot dead 13 protesters yesterday, bringing to 32 the number of people killed since a string of opposition rallies started two days earlier.

Kenya's streets tense after bloody protests                                                                    (19.01.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Kenyan riot police patrolled the capital on Saturday and rival tribes faced off in a southwest town, after 23 people were killed in three days of protests called by the opposition over a disputed election.

Odinga tells German paper Kibaki creating "killing fields" in Kenya                                   (19.01.2008) - ( dpa ) - Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga accused President Mwai Kibaki and the police of turning the East African country into "killing fields" in their attempt to suppress protests against electoral fraud, in an interview published in Germany Saturday.

Police turn machine guns on protesters as Kenya fractures                                             (19.01.2008) AT LEAST 13 people were killed in Kenya yesterday when police fired into a Nairobi slum and different ethnic groups clashed during protests against the disputed re-election of President Mwai Kibaki.

Polls groups lift the lid on tallying mess                                                                         (19.01.2008) The Electoral Commission could not have determined the winner of the Presidential election from the flawed results received from different constituencies, one of the biggest group of poll observers in the Kenyan General Election said Friday.

Kenya officials pre-determined election result                                                                 (19.01.2008) A leading Kenyan rights coalition said yesterday it had witness evidence that electoral officials had sought a pre-determined result in disputed presidential polls in which Mwai Kibaki was declared winner.

Kibaki appoints committee to lead crisis talks                                                                (19.01.2008) President Kibaki has appointed a high-level committee to spearhead national political dialogue and end the current crisis.

Briton shot dead by gang in Kenya                                                                                (19.01.2008) A Briton has been shot dead in Kenya by burglars who were ransacking his home. Graham Warren was shot at his home near Watamu, about 150 miles (241km) north of Mombasa, Steve Curtis of the Watamu Residents' Association said.

Briton killed in 'botched robbery' in Kenya                                                                       (19.01.2008) A Briton has been killed during a suspected botched robbery at his home in Kenya. Graham Warren, from Northampton, was shot in his home near Watamu, about 150 miles north of Mombasa, after apparently disturbing armed thieves.

UK man shot dead in Kenya robbery                                                                              (19.01.2008) A British man has died in Kenya, the Foreign Office said.

Kibaki, an Imposition of the West, Says Rawlings                                                           (19.01.2008) Former Ghanaian President, Jerry Rawlings, has said that the violence that erupted in Kenya over alleged rigging of the election by the incumbent President, Mwai Kibaki, is a protest against neocolonialism and the imposition of leadership by the West. According to him, Kenyans do not want to go through the same kind of experience again hence their insistence on change.

13 die on day three of Kenya election protests                                                                (19.01.2008) NAIROBI: At least 13 people were killed in Kenya yesterday when police opened fire in a Nairobi slum and ethnic groups clashed during protests against the disputed re-election of President Mwai Kibaki.

22 dead after final and bloodiest day of protests                                                              (19.01.2008) MASAI fighters battled rival tribesman loyal to President Mwai Kibaki yesterday, with both sides using machetes, swords, and bows and arrows on the final and bloodiest day of protests this week over Kenya’s disputed election.

Kenyan Police Release 3 Europeans Held on Terror Suspicion                                         (19.01.2008) Three European nationals arrested in Kenya on suspicion of terrorist activities have been released. German Andrej Hermlin tells the French news agency, AFP, that he and fellow German Gerd Uwe, along with a Dutch woman, Fleur van Dissel, were released earlier Saturday.

Two Germans and Dutch filmmaker released in Kenya                                                    (19.01.2008) Nairobi/Berlin/Amsterdam - Two Germans and a Dutch filmmaker arrested in Kenya were released on Saturday, officials said as foreign correspondents there protested what they said were violations of press freedom and bad working conditions.

Kenya holds Germans, Dutch for suspected terrorism                                                     (19.01.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Two German men and a Dutch woman who entered Kenya as journalists have been arrested on suspicion of terrorism after being found with photos of "vital installations", police said on Friday.

DAY 22

Germany Says Two Nationals, a Dutchman Arrested by Kenya Police                              (18.01.2008) Germany's Foreign Office in Berlin confirmed the arrest of two of the country's citizens and a Dutch national by Kenyan authorities yesterday as the trio tried to leave the strife-torn country.

Solidarity with the People of Kenya                                                                                (18.01.2008) Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Party (EPRP) The violence and bloodshed that has shaken the neighboring country of Kenya has saddened the EPRP and the people of Ethiopia who have first hand experience of electoral fraud and ruthless repression of dissent. The results of the Kenyan election, as announced, and proclaiming incumbent president Mwai Kibaki the winner, are justifiably contested by the opposition ODM led by Raila Odinga.

3 Days of Kenya Protests Leave 22 Dead                                                                       (18.01.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya - Masai fighters battled rival tribesman loyal to President Mwai Kibaki on Friday, with both sides using machetes, swords, bows and arrows on the final and bloodiest day of protests this week over Kenya's disputed election.

Activist held as he protests at killings                                                                            (18.01.2008) A civil rights’ activist was arrested when he went to police headquarters to protest at the shooting and killing of two youths in Kisumu.

Kenya opposition vows more pressure                                                                           (18.01.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) Clashes between rival tribes armed with machetes and bows and arrows on Friday marked the third, the bloodiest and what the government hopes is the last day of opposition protests over Kenya's disputed presidential election.

January 18 - a day to remember in Kenya 16 years ago                                                   (18.01.2008) In 1992 to the date more than 100 000 people attended Kenya's first legal anti-government rally in 22 years....

The Tribe is Innocent - Can You Say the Same of Yourself?                                             (18.01.2008) Looking at images of the violence that threatens to rip our country apart is an unnerving experience. I have to pinch myself to confirm that this is really happening at a time when we should have outgrown political chaos.

UN - Increasing violence on Kenyan streets as protests enter third day                             (18.01.2008) The United Nations reported more violence today in Kenya where opposition supporters took to the streets for a third day to protest last month’s disputed elections.

Kenya opposition says will stop protests                                                                        (18.01.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Opposition street protests over the disputed re-election of Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki will end after demonstrations planned for Friday, a spokesman said.

Final day of Kenyan opposition protests to kick off                                                          (18.01.2008) Nairobi - A third and final day of planned opposition protests was set to begin Friday over disputed Kenyan election results that have triggered widespread violence in the usually peaceful country.

Journalists barred from covering "operation" in Kibera                                                      (18.01.2008) Journalists once again faced the wrath of police last evening when they were forced out of Kibera where GSU officers were conducting an operation.

Kenyan opposition leader threatens to call general strike                                                 (18.01.2008) Kenya is bracing itself for another week of protests and unrest after the opposition leader, Raila Odinga, vowed to increase the pressure on Mwai Kibaki's embattled government with a general strike and boycott of some of Kenya's largest companies.

Kenya opposition vows economic boycott after 'final' protests                                           (18.01.2008) NAIROBI (AFP) - Kenya's opposition said Friday it would launch an economic boycott after staging a final day of protests as it ramps up the pressure on President Mwai Kibaki following his disputed re-election.

Kenyan opposition plans economic boycott                                                                    (18.01.2008) Kenya's main opposition party will lead a mass economic boycott after today's third and last planned day of street protests. The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), led by Raila Odinga, said at least seven of its supporters had been shot dead by police during the mass action yesterday.

ODM ready to work with Annan                                                                                     (18.01.2008) NAIROBI - Kenya’s opposition said today it was ready to meet a mediation team headed by ex-United Nations (UN) chief Kofi Annan, after calling for three days of mass protests against President Mwai Kibaki’s re-election.

Aid freeze, boycotts could hurt Kenyan economy                                                            (18.01.2008) NAIROBI, Jan 18 (Reuters) - The threat of a freeze on aid to Kenya by western donors and opposition plans to boycott companies owned by people close to President Mwai Kibaki will delay the country's economic recovery, analysts said on Friday.

More protests in Kenya as 'mediators' arrive                                                                   (18.01.2008) Kenya on Friday braced for a final day of nationwide protests over the disputed re-election of President Mwai Kibaki, feared to turn violent, as would-be mediators arrived in the country.

Kenya protest violence spreads to south                                                                        (18.01.2008) NAROK, Kenya (Reuters) - One man was killed in ethnic violence on Friday when Kenyan opposition protests against a disputed election spread to an area near the famed Maasai Mara game reserve in the south of the country.

Conflict, crop failure increase food insecurity                                                                  (18.01.2008) KENYA Food Security Update - January 2008 - Political unrest that followed disputed election results has led to an unprecedented decline in food security among normally food-secure farmers and the urban poor.

Man killed in post-election violence in southern Kenya                                                     (18.01.2008) NAROK, Kenya (Reuters) - Maasai tribesmen protesting over President Mwai Kibaki's re-election killed a Kikuyu man with an arrow in southwest Kenya on Friday, police said.

Safina's Attempt to Block the Nomination of 12 MPs Fails                                               (18.01.2008) An attempt by Safina to block the nomination of 12 members of Parliament has flopped. The High Court declined to grant an order temporarily halting an Electoral Commission decision that denied the party a nominated slot in the 10th Parliament.

ANALYSIS - Kenya's Kibaki sheds gentleman image                                                      (18.01.2008) NAIROBI, (Reuters) - When President Mwai Kibaki was inaugurated on Dec. 30, 2002, a million Kenyans thronged a city park to hail him as saviour after 24 years of repressive rule.

The Rift Valley's deadly land rows                                                                                  (18.01.2008) NAIROBI - (IRIN) - Kenya's breadbasket Rift Valley Province has experienced some of the worst ethnic clashes since December's disputed polls. But there is nothing new to the violence in this volatile region.

Tale of Killer Bullets in Kisumu                                                                                      (18.01.2008) Theatre of the absurd by police was captured by TV cameramen as a trigger-happy officer snuffed out the life of hapless Olago Junior who had joined others for a peaceful protest in Kisumu.

Kenya Police Chief Says Protesters Shot                                                                      (18.01.2008) KISUMU, Kenya - The police chief in this opposition stronghold said she ordered her officers to fire on a rioting crowd, saying she was forced to because police were overwhelmed during protests over disputed elections.

Police clamping down on Kenyan protesters                                                                   (18.01.2008) The opposition leader says police are on a 'killing spree - NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) - Police cracked down fiercely on a second day of protests across Kenya on Thursday, firing bullets at opposition supporters and tear gas at a hospital. At least five people were killed.

More protests planned in Kenya as death toll rises                                                         (18.01.2008) Kenya is braced for more opposition demonstrations today as the death toll from post-election violence continues to mount. At least eight people have been shot dead by police during two days of protests over claims the re-election of President Mwai Kibaki was rigged.

Confirmed: Five killed in Kisumu on Thursday                                                                 (18.01.2008) Five people were shot dead during demonstrations in Kisumu today, Nyanza Province medical superintendent Dr.Juliana Atieno has confirmed.

Rigged polls and violence are all 'part' of democracy                                                        (18.01.2008) If you are not an East African news junkie, or a public-minded Ugandan for that matter, the name Kintu Musoke won’t ring a bill.

Illegal Loggers Invade Forest and Cut Down Trees                                                           (18.01.2008) More than 2,000 exotic and indigenous trees worth more than Sh1.2 million have been destroyed by illegal loggers.

Missionary flees Kenya to escape violence                                                                     (18.01.2008) A Calgary man who was forced to flee his missionary post and return to Canada this week after violence erupted in Kenya said he plans to return as soon as it is safe.

Red Cross helps trace missing family members                                                              (18.01.2008) Geneva/Nairobi (ICRC) –In the wake of Kenya's post-election violence that forced large numbers of people to flee their homes, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has helped the Kenya Red Cross to set up tracing teams in all the main affected areas.

Kenya protests to end after Friday: spokesman                                                              (18.01.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Opposition street protests over the disputed re-election of Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki will end "for now" after demonstrations planned for Friday, a spokesman said.

Opposition vows further action                                                                                       (18.01.2008) Kenya's embattled opposition said that it would turn to economic boycotts and strikes to keep up pressure on President Mwai Kibaki, whom it accuses of rigging the country's recent election.

Kenya opposition declares boycott of government-linked companies                                 (18.01.2008) NAIROBI (AFP) - Kenya's opposition said Friday it would launch an economic boycott of companies linked to the government after staging a final day of protests over the disputed re-election of President Mwai Kibaki.

Kenya: 'we are now moving on to a new phase'                                                               (18.01.2008) Nairobi - Kenya's opposition said on Friday would be the last day of street protests against President Mwai Kibaki's re-election, vowing to switch to an economic boycott to challenge the government.

Police continue to battle Kenyan protesters                                                                    (18.01.2008) The crisis seems to be worsening, as the death toll continues to rise and with opposition leader Raila Odinga and hbis partisans still contesting the election results.

Police shoot dead 10 more protesters in day two of demos                                              (18.01.2008) The toll of those whose lives were brutally brought to an end by police rose to more than 10, on another day of mass protests coupled with a drastic international response to the post-election crisis.

Kenya erupts again as clashes leave seven dead                                                            (18.01.2008) NAIROBI: Seven demonstrators were killed in Nairobi slums on Thursday in the second day of protests against the re-election of President Mwai Kibaki, opposition leader Raila Odinga said.

Anger at police shooting                                                                                               (18.01.2008) Television footage of a police officer shooting and kicking a demonstrator in Kisumu has infuriated religious and civil society leaders.

Activist held as he protests at killings                                                                            (18.01.2008) A civil rights’ activist was arrested when he went to police headquarters to protest at the shooting and killing of two youths in Kisumu.

Tribalism 'rampant' in Kenyan workplace                                                                        (18.01.2008) The rise of tribalism in the workplace has become a major talking point in Kenya following a newspaper investigation.

More killed in Kenya clashes                                                                                        (18.01.2008) At least 14 people have been killed in two days of clashes with Kenyan opposition protesters, police said on Friday, vowing to crackdown on a third day of demonstrations against disputed elections.

6 killed in second day of ODM protests                                                                          (18.01.2008) Six people have been shot dead in the second day of clashes between the Orange Democratic Movement supporters and riot police.

Second day of Kenyan protests turns deadly                                                                  (18.01.2008) NAIROBI: Men, women and children bearing machetes and clubs chanted opposition slogans in the slums of the Kenyan capital Nairobi yesterday as a second day of protests over disputed presidential election polls got violently underway.

DAY 21

Kenyan president stands in way of people's push for democracy                                      (17.01.2008) The Kenyan election crisis is into its third week, and maintaining its momentum. It's a story that on any other day would not have enjoyed the space that's been devoted to it. After all, what else is Africa known for but violence, war, hunger and disease. Anything you can think of goes awry in Africa, right?

Kenya faces third day of opposition rallies                                                                (17./18.01.2008) NAIROBI, Jan 18 (Reuters) - Kenyans face a third day of opposition protests on Friday as the death toll mounted from rallies against President Mwai Kibaki's disputed re-election.

Kofi means "A slap in the face!" in KiSwahili                                                                   (17.01.2008) - 3 killed as Kenya protests continue, while Kofi Annan has a flue - Kenyan police have killed three opposition activists in the second day of protests against President Mwai Kibaki's disputed reelection.

UN asks for $42 million in aid for Kenya refugees                                                            (17.01.2008) The United Nations launched an urgent appeal yesterday for member states to provide $42 million in humanitarian aid to help an estimated half a million people affected by violence in Kenya.

Police silence dissent in Nairobi                                                                                    (17.01.2008) From early morning we watched special units of paramilitary police in action in the slums of Nairobi - sweeping in and out, storming through the narrow alleyways, hunting down opposition supporters or anyone else they could grab.

'WE ARE READY TO DIE'                                                                                            (17.01.2008) Kenyan Opposition Vows To Continue, Despite Violence - Restraint seems to be one quality the police in Kenya don't have much of. Security forces on Wednesday killed at least two demonstrators and evacuated much of Nairobi's center. The violence continues on Thursday with the opposition vowing to continue -- no matter what.

"Death toll hits 1,000"                                                                                                   (17.01.2008) Nairobi - Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga said on Thursday more than 1 000 people have died in unrest across the east African nation since President Mwai Kibaki's disputed re-election in a December 27 vote.

UNICEF - Kenyan post-election violence displaces over 100,000 children                          (17.01.2008) The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) estimates that at least 100,000 children have been forced to flee their homes due to the wave of violence that swept through Kenya following last month’s disputed elections.

Kenya's Protests: A Moment of Truth?                                                                           (17.01.2008) Protesters clashed with police on the second day of what Kenya's opposition leaders had billed as three days of mass action over Kenya's flawed election.

Ex-UN Chief Sidelined by Flu                                                                                        (17.01.2008) GENEVA - Former U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan had to postpone a mediation trip to Kenya because of flu and is recuperating, a U.N. official said Wednesday.

Kenya 'turned into killing field'                                                                                        (17.01.2008) Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga has accused the government and the police of turning the country into "killing fields of the innocent".

Killings Will Jeopardize Crisis Talks, Says Raila                                                             (17.01.2008) ODM leader, Mr Raila Odinga, has warned that the ongoing killings of innocent protestors would jeopardise talks on the political stalemate.

Mkapa Arrives for Mediation                                                                                          (17.01.2008) Former Tanzanian President, Mr Benjamin Mkapa, has arrived in the country for mediation talks between the Government and ODM.

'Parachute' Journalists And the Crisis                                                                            (17.01.2008) They were probably the longest days of my life. Red-eyed from lack of sleep and desperate for updated information on the Kenyan elections, I meticulously watched international TV networks and spent hours surfing the net for relevant sites covering the elections. I could sense curiosity turn into anxiety then fear before an unprecedented implosion. Kenya was at war with itself.

Kenya police accused of 'killing spree'                                                                           (17.01.2008) Kenya's police have been accused of "shooting innocent civilians at will” after 12 people were killed during protests against President Mwai Kibaki.

Who does Ngugi want tried in The Hague?                                                                     (17.01.2008) PROF. Ngugi wa Thiong'o was my teacher many years ago. He taught me how to think logically at the University of Nairobi at a time when the nation's consciousness was at its peak. In those days, the Literature Department was the place to be. A mere department in the Faculty of Arts was larger than life.

A cracked nation holds its breath                                                                                  (17.01.2008) The economy is shaking as government and opposition remain deadlocked - NEARLY three weeks after a bitterly disputed election, President Mwai Kibaki (left), who almost certainly lost it, is defiantly refusing to compromise, let alone bow out, in the hope that time is on his side and ...

Total death toll scores now over 700                                                                              (17.01.2008) Kenya opposition says police kills 7 protesters today - NAIROBI (Reuters) - Kenya's opposition leader Raila Odinga said police shot dead seven protesters in Nairobi on Thursday during the second day of demonstrations against President Mwai Kibaki's disputed re-election.

Kenya opposition says 1,000 dead in post-poll unrest                                                     (17.01.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga said on Thursday more than 1,000 people had died in unrest across the east African nation since President Mwai Kibaki's disputed re-election in a December 27 vote.

Kenya police kill two on second day of clashes: aid worker                                              (17.01.2008) NAIROBI (AFP) — Kenyan police shot two people dead in a Nairobi slum Thursday, an aid worker said, in a second straight day of battles with opposition supporters protesting the re-election of President Mwai Kibaki.

Kenyan police 'kill 10 protesters'                                                                                    (17.01.2008) Police in Kenya shot 10 people dead today as protests against the disputed re-election of President Mwai Kibaki continued, reports said.

Kenyan police, protesters clash for 2nd day                                                                   (17.01.2008) Police and anti-government demonstrators clashed in Kenya for a second day Thursday as police fired into the air, striking one man in the western city of Kisumu, says a report.

Clashes erupt for second day in Kenya                                                                          (17.01.2008) Young men armed with machetes hurled stones at police who fired back tear gas in a slum in Kenya's capital Thursday, but most of the country was quiet as opposition protests over a disputed presidential election appeared to lose steam.

Police fight Kenyan protesters for second day                                                                (17.01.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Kenyan police and opposition backers clashed on Thursday in a second day of protests against President Mwai Kibaki's disputed re-election in which police have already killed three.

Clashes Erupt for Second Day in Kenya                                                                         (17.01.2008) Young men armed with machetes hurled stones at police who fired back tear gas in a slum in Kenya's capital Thursday, but most of the country was quiet as opposition protests over a disputed presidential election appeared to lose steam. - (a second article from KATHARINE HOURELD)

Hard-liners block Kenya's reconciliation                                                                         (17.01.2008) Kenyan president, opposition leader willing to meet - Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki and opposition leader Raila Odinga both have privately signaled a willingness to meet to try to end the country's violent political standoff, U.S. Ambassador to Kenya Michael E. Ranneberger said yesterday, but hard-liners in both camps have prevented any bid at reconciliation.

Death in ODM protests                                                                                                 (17.01.2008) A man was shot dead and two others injured as police battled demonstrators during Day One of marches called by ODM to protest against the outcome of the December presidential election.

Police battle Kenyan protesters for second day                                                              (17.01.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Kenyan police clashed with opposition protesters on Thursday in a second day of demonstrations against President Mwai Kibaki's disputed re-election in which police have already killed three.

Four killed as police clash with ODM protesters                                                              (17.01.2008) Members of the ODM Pentagon were tear-gassed in central Nairobi, riot police killed four people including a 10-year-old boy in Kisumu, and several others were seriously injured as the three-day countrywide mass protests began on Wednesday.

Day 2 of fatal clashes in Kenya                                                                                     (17.01.2008) Kenyan police shot two people dead in a Nairobi slum on Thursday, an aid worker said, in a second straight day of battles with opposition supporters protesting the re-election of President Mwai Kibaki.

Police shoot to kill as Kenyans defy ban on rallies                                                          (17.01.2008) KENYA'S simmering political stand-off has erupted into street violence, with police using tear gas and live rounds to snuff out opposition plans to stage three days of protests against the disputed re-election of the President, Mwai Kibaki.

More protesters killed in Kenya clashes                                                                         (17.01.2008) TWO KILLED IN KENYA CRACKDOWN - KENYAN POLICE FIRE AT PROTESTERS - Kenyan police have killed two people on the streets of a Nairobi slum on the second day of protests against the re-election of President Mwai Kibaki. "Two people were killed... by the police," an international aid worker said, speaking on condition of anonymity. "We are in the middle of a crisis."

Residents Turn Heat on Police                                                                                      (17.01.2008) Police in Malindi Wednesday came under fire from residents who accused them of allegedly organising and sponsoring a vigilante group which harassed them.

Police in Kenya's Kisumu shoot one, fire in air                                                                (17.01.2008) KISUMU, Kenya (Reuters) - Riot police shot in the air and struck at least one man as they battled youths who set up blazing roadblocks and gathered in a second day of protests over President Mwai Kibaki's disputed election, witnesses said.

Kenya police shoot amid protests                                                                                  (17.01.2008) Kenya's police have fired into the air to disperse opposition supporters in cities across the country on the second day of protests against disputed polls. A BBC correspondent says two people have been shot in Nairobi's Kibera slum and there are clashes in Kisumu in the west as police try to clear barricades.

We`ll soldier on, vows Raila                                                                                           (17.01.2008) He warned: "You haven’t seen the best of ODM yet. It is a battle of wits and it will not be business as usual. We will soldier on with mass action until we triumph over our stolen vote."

Thousands of protestors dispersed in Eldoret                                                                  (17.01.2008) Thousands of ODM supporters defied General Service Unit police officers and held a peaceful and successful demonstration in Eldoret town.

Solve crisis or suffer aid cuts, warn donors                                                                     (17.01.2008) Fourteen key donors have threatened to cut aid to the Government if the political crisis is not resolved.

Kenyan Children Face Looted, Burned Schools                                                              (17.01.2008) When Nelly Chepchumba returned to school this week, she found charred walls where her classroom used to be and two corpses half-buried in the garden. A place of learning had been consumed in the explosion of violence that followed a disputed presidential election in Kenya.

Violence erupts as Kenyan opposition attempts protests                                                 (17.01.2008) Nairobi - Men, women and children bearing machetes and clubs chanted opposition slogans in the slums of the Kenyan capital Nairobi Thursday as a second day of protests over disputed presidential election polls got underway.

Kenyan police fire on protestors as Kenya clashes continue                                            (17.01.2008) Nairobi: Clashes between opposition supporters and the Kenyan police have continued with contention over the re-election of President Mwai Kibaki.

Kenyan police shooting opposition protesters 'indiscriminately', says witness                    (17.01.2008) Violence again erupted in Kenya today on the second day of demonstrations staged by the opposition to protest against the disputed re-election of President Mwai Kibaki.

Kenya police teargas hospital emergency room                                                              (17.01.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Police chasing protesters in the Rift Valley town of Eldoret fired tear gas into the emergency wing of the main hospital there on Thursday, striking a security guard, a hospital official said.

Police fire tear gas at foreign reporters, CNN correspondent hit by canister                       (17.01.2008) The Kenyan police high command must order its anti-riot police to respect the neutrality of journalists, Reporters Without Borders said today after warning shots and tear gas were deliberately fired at foreign reporters covering protests by the opposition Orange Democratic Movement yesterday in Nairobi.

Taped Shooting Of Protester Rattles Kenya                                                                    (17.01.2008) Violence Again Breaking Out Across Country As Tribal, Political Tensions Boil Over - (CBS/AP) Violence has again engulfed Kenya, after television video showing police shooting a young, unarmed anti-government protester to death enraged opponents of President Mwai Kibaki.

Kenya: Evictions Crisis Worse, Says Lobby                                                                   (17.01.2008) The Government was Wednesday urged to move with speed and establish the number of people displaced in post-election violence in parts of Rift Valley, Western and Nyanza provinces.

Kenya’s score in human freedoms declines                                                                    (17.01.2008) Kenya is listed as one of the countries in the world experiencing reversals in human freedoms. A survey done last year by US-based organisation Freedom House, groups Kenya alongside Nigeria, Pakistan, Egypt and Venezuela as countries which had faired poorly in the advancement of freedoms compared to the previous year.

Violent Protests Continue to Ravage Kenya                                                                    (17.01.2008) Men, women and children bearing machetes and clubs chanted opposition slogans in the slums of the Kenyan capital Nairobi Thursday as a second day of protests over disputed presidential election polls got violently underway.

Kenya's Opposition Calls for Coalition Government                                                          (17.01.2008) - (Bloomberg) -- Kenya's opposition called on President Mwai Kibaki to form a coalition government to end a political crisis sparked by the disputed presidential election. "We are calling on Kibaki to negotiate through an international mediator the formation of a coalition government on a 50-50 basis to resolve all outstanding political issues,'' Salim Lone, a spokesman for the opposition Orange Democratic Movement, said today in a telephone interview from Nairobi. "Kibaki can remain president while the negotiations proceed.''

Kenya tired of foreign missions' threats                                                                          (17.01.2008) Kenyan government spokesman Alfred Mutua broke down during an international Press conference at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC) Thursday.

Donors link future support to dialogue                                                                            (17.01.2008) Fourteen development partners have warned that future funding will depend on the achievement of "a political situation that reflects the will of the people".

May voice of reason rescue Kenya                                                                                (17.01.2008) When two bulls fight, goes the old saying; it is the grass that suffers. The grass here is the ordinary people of Kenya who have been reduced to expendable cannon fodder as the rich and powerful duel for political supremacy.

Kenya police kills 2 opposition supporters                                                                      (17.01.2008) Kenyan police shot two people dead in a Nairobi slum on Thursday, an aid worker said, in a second straight day of battles with opposition supporters protesting the re-election of President Mwai Kibaki.

Commonwealth observers say Kenyan polls failed credibility test                                     (17.01.2008) Panapress - Nairobi, Kenya - The Commonwealth Observer Group to the Kenyan presidential elections Thursday said the elections failed to meet the internationally-required standards due to the irregularities in the final tally of the presidential votes.

GSU sent to troubled Gusii borders                                                                               (17.01.2008) General Service Unit officers were Wednesday deployed to the clash-torn Borabu-Sotik-Bomet districts’ boundary. Borabu district commissioner Asha Kiiva confirmed the presence of the dreaded GSU on the border that has recently experienced skirmishes.

Obama's Kenyan Uncle Trapped by Violence                                                                  (17.01.2008) KISUMU, Kenya (AP) - U.S. presidential hopeful Barack Obama's uncle has been a prisoner in his own home, trapped by postelection violence that has left more than 600 Kenyans dead.

Missionaries flee after rioters attack homes                                                                    (17.01.2008) A GROUP of Australian missionaries have fled from Kenya to neighbouring Uganda after their homes were attacked by rioters.

EU assembly urges freeze of aid to Kenya                                                                     (17.01.2008) STRASBOURG, France (Reuters) - The European Parliament said on Thursday the bloc should freeze budgetary aid to Kenya until the crisis over President Mwai Kibaki's disputed re-election is solved.

EU Freezes Aid to Kenya Over Post-Poll Stalemate                                                        (17.01.2008) The European Parliament yesterday voted for a freeze of all budgetary support to Kenya until a political settlement to the disputed re-election of President Kibaki is found.

EU parliament endorses Kenya aid freeze                                                                      (17.01.2008) The European Union (EU) parliament has recommended an immediate aid freeze on Kenya to push President Mwai Kibaki to urgently kick-start efforts to end the East African country's post-election political stand-off.

Kenya holiday flight ban extended                                                                                 (17.01.2008) UK major tour operators have extended the ban on holidays to Kenya to include all charter flights up to and including next Monday.

DAY 20

Police kill four on day one of Kenya opposition protests                                                   (16.01.2008) Nairobi, Kenya - Police on Wednesday shot dead four people and violently dispersed opposition leaders at the start of the three-day opposition mass protests which saw businesses paralysed in Nairobi and all the major towns and cities, including Kisumu, Mombasa and Eldoret.

Kenya Police Chief Says Protesters Shot                                                                      (16.01.2008) KISUMU, Kenya (AP) - The police chief in this opposition stronghold said she ordered her officers to fire on a rioting crowd, saying she was forced to because police were overwhelmed during protests over disputed elections.

Peace fine, but justice holds the key to future stability                                                    (16.01.2008) What exactly are all those discordant voices in our midst that are crying out for the much desired peace calling for? Are they pursuing yet another ceasefire or working for durable peace this time around?

ODM vows to go on with protests                                                                                  (16.01.2008) ODM leader Raila Odinga has today said that they will continue peaceful demonstrations across the country until they get “justice” over the disputed presidential election.

Bloodshed in African nation should grab world's attention - Human-rights crisis in Kenya    (16.01.2008) The world is going to see which of the political adversaries in Kenya have the best interests of the Kenyan people at heart and who simply wants power at any cost. Thus far, it does not appear that the ruler in power is thinking of the well-being of the people.

Police teargas opposition protesters at Kenya coast                                                       (16.01.2008) MOMBASA, Kenya (Reuters) - Police used teargas to disperse youths in the Kenyan coastal city of Mombasa on Wednesday who were gathering to protest against President Mwai Kibaki's disputed re-election, witnesses said.

Kenyan police fight protesters, 1 dead                                                                           (16.01.2008) KISUMU, Kenya, Jan 16 (Reuters) - Kenyan police battled hundreds of opposition protesters on Wednesday, killing one, as the opposition defied a ban on rallies against President Mwai Kibaki's disputed re-election, witnesses said.

Polls turned neighbours into enemies                                                                             (16.01.2008) NAIROBI AND NAKURU - (IRIN) - Amid the usual piles of fetid rubbish on the streets of Kibera, Kenya's largest slum, there was clear evidence of the recent political violence in the blackened buildings and boarded-up shops. A row of kiosks was reduced to a pile of rubble and cinders; several larger buildings were now mere charred shells.

Riots as police break ODM protests                                                                              (16.01.2008) Police have broken demonstrations in Mombasa, Kisumu and Migori as various other towns across the country remained tense following protest rallies called by the Orange Democratic Movement.

Kenya braces for mass opposition protests                                                                    (16.01.2008) Police fired tear gas and live ammunition against opposition protesters in several Kenyan cities on Wednesday at the start of three planned days of nationwide protests over last month's disputed elections.

Kisumu braces for mass protests                                                                                  (16.01.2008) A contigent of para-military police was in Kisumu and neighbouring towns ahead of countrywide protests called by ODM starting Wednesday.

Residents braced for chaos as mass demos kick off                                                       (16.01.2008) Panic and fear has gripped residents of Kisumu town over the planned demonstrations set to begin Wednesday. Many shoppers started lining up at supermarkets as early as 6am to stock up in the event of a repeat of the skirmishes. Several shops closed early for fear of attacks. Some residents have vowed to go on with the rallies despite a police ban.

Rallies still on despite police ban, says ODM                                                                 (16.01.2008) A showdown looms between police and ODM supporters this morning with the party insisting that the countrywide rallies are on. Party Secretary-General, Prof Anyang’ Nyong’o, said the rallies would be held in 41 venues and asked the Police Commissioner, Maj-Gen Hussein Ali, to send officers to protect peaceful marchers.

ODM and police faceoff over rallies                                                                                (16.01.2008) Riot police have braved the morning drizzle and cordoned off Nairobi’s Uhuru Park, one of the key venues of today’s mass protests called by the Orange Democratic Movement.

Cat and mouse in central Nairobi                                                                                   (16.01.2008) Heavy rains overnight and into the early hours almost dampened the spirit of Kenya's opposition Orange Democratic Movement supporters gearing up for mass protests in the capital, Nairobi.

Marende wins on day of high drama                                                                               (16.01.2008) Mr Kenneth Otiato Marende was pronounced Speaker of the Tenth Parliament in a cliff-hanger that lasted seven hours. Nearly an hour later, another ODM candidate, Mr Farah Maalim, ran away with the Deputy Speaker’s position, putting the icing on the cake for the Opposition party that says it won the last presidential election but was stolen from them.

Genital Mutilation a Weapon in Kenya                                                                           (16.01.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — For two terrifying hours, the woman crouched inside her shop, watching as a gang attacked five men in the street, pulled down their trousers and sliced their genitals with rusty machetes.

'We had to kill protesters'                                                                                              (16.01.2008) Kisumu - The rioters were looting, setting fires, blocking roads with burning tires. Police chief Grace Kaindi says she had no choice. She ordered her officers to fire.

UGANDA: More refugees flee from neighbouring Kenya                                                   (16.01.2008) BUSIA, UGANDA (IRIN) - Kenyans fearing more political violence are continuing to seek refuge in neighbouring Uganda, according to aid workers. "Since Saturday [12 January], we have noticed an increase in the number of people coming in and we have registered dozens every day at a time when the situation seemed to have normalised," Geoffrey Ebong, head of the UN World Food Programme's (WFP) sub-office for eastern Uganda, told IRIN at the Integrated Primary School in the border town of Busia. About 2,000 refugees are camped at the school.

DAY 19

Alarm over shoot-to-kill order                                                                                         (15.01.2008) The Government should immediately order the police to halt what is being described as a “shoot-to-kill” policy, a US human rights group has said.

Ministers disown political referees                                                                                 (15.01.2008) The political impasse stemming from the controversial December 27 General Election is bound to continue after two key ministers insisted the Government had not invited a group of eminent persons for mediation talks.

ODM’s Marende is Speaker                                                                                          (15.01.2008) Orange Democratic Party’s Kenneth Marende is the new Speaker. The opposition MP-elect bagged the coveted seat after managing 105 votes to his rival Francis ole Kaparo’s 101.

Safina to block nomination of MPs in court                                                                     (15.01.2008) The Safina party is expected to move to court today to block the Electoral Commission of Kenya from nominating 12 members of Parliament. The move follows ECK’s refusal to grant the party a chance to nominate an MP to the 10th Parliament.

EU could cut aid to Kenya - senior official                                                                      (15.01.2008) The European Union could cut its aid to Kenya over concerns about disputed elections, the EU's top aid official said yesterday.

Kofi Annan expected as Michuki talks tough                                                                  (15.01.2008) Former United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan is expected in the country on Wednesday to mediate talks between President Kibaki and ODM leader Mr Raila Odinga over the political crisis that has cost more than 500 lives.

Analysis - Donors have few options to tackle Kenya crisis                                               (15.01.2008) NAIROBI, - Western countries pressing Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki and the opposition to start talks and end weeks of chaos over a disputed election are likely to have limited influence because the West has little leverage...

KENYA = AFRICA - KENYA equals AFRICA is not equal USA                                        (15.01.2008) ... A democratic government is a government elected in an open forum by the people to reperesent their interests and to govern them.Such an election being acceptable interms of time and means.

Kibera residents wary of ethnic politics                                                                          (15.01.2008) Anne Wairimu stands guard over the small portion of land at the famous Toy market in Kenya's Kibera slum, where her second-hand clothes stall once stood.

Kenyans forcibly circumcising men                                                                                (15.01.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya - For two terrifying hours, the woman crouched inside her shop, watching as a gang attacked five men in the street, pulled down their trousers and sliced their genitals with rusty machetes.

DAY 18

ODM: Govt importing troops                                                                                          (14.01.2008) MPs-elect from Western and Nyanza provinces have accused the Government of importing Ugandan soldiers to cause mayhem during their peaceful mass rallies this week.

China Says Democracy Hurts Kenya                                                                             (14.01.2008) BEIJING (AP) - The election-related violence that has killed hundreds in Kenya is proof that Western-style  democracy  is  a  bad  fit for Africa, said China, which has been under fire for its friendly relations with authoritarian leaders on the continent.

Fresh Elections Must Be Held to Stop Anarchy                                                              (14.01.2008) The furore over the recent presidential elections and the blood-letting that has followed are the clearest demonstration, if any were needed, that for a democratically elected leader to be legitimate, his election must not only be fair but must be seen to be fair.

Kenya at the crossroads                                                                                               (14.01.2008) Newly-elected lawmakers are due to take their seats in the Kenyan parliament. Raila Odinga's opposition Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) has the majority of seats - but it is far from clear whether it will take them or dash for the seats on the government benches.

Political unrest sparks food insecurity, livelihood losses                                                  (14.01.2008) NAIROBI (IRIN) - Most of the people who fled political violence in Kenya's Rift Valley Province, the country's breadbasket, are farmers and their displacement during harvest season is expected to undermine national food security, humanitarian officials said.

GSU sent to quell skirmishes at border                                                                          (14.01.2008) The Government has sent the General Service Unit (GSU) to the troubled Bureti-Bomet-Nyamira border to quell clashes.

ODM: No talks without justice                                                                                       (14.01.2008) ODM leader, Mr Raila Odinga, is ready for dialogue "only if truth and justice are upheld". Kenyans, Raila said, were crying for justice and looking forward to the day they would get it.

US accused of double standards over results                                                                  (14.01.2008) The US has been accused of applying double standards in handling the post-election crisis. Dagoretti MP-elect, Mrs Beth Mugo, said America was "walking through the back door" to support ODM.

A week of hard options                                                                                                 (14.01.2008) The European Union (EU) presidency joined the United States in cautioning Kenya that it won’t be business as usual, on a week that the country expects to haul itself out of a crippling post-election impasse.

Youths hired to cause chaos at Coast, say elders                                                          (14.01.2008) Youths who caused chaos in Mombasa recently were hired, local village elders claimed Sunday. Led by Pwani for Peace interim chairman Abdulswamad Nassir, they said the youngsters were induced with money to cause mayhem in the guise of protesting against election results.

ODM: Govt importing troops                                                                                          (14.01.2008) MPs-elect from Western and Nyanza provinces have accused the Government of importing Ugandan soldiers to cause mayhem during their peaceful mass rallies this week. The MPs claimed they had evidence that the Ugandan troops are in Kenya with the consent of Kibaki’s Government.

Kenya rulers reject outside help                                                                                    (14.01.2008) The Kenyan government has again turned down international efforts to broker a solution to the crisis triggered by disputed elections. Government minister John Michuki said there was no need for former UN chief Kofi Annan to visit Kenya on Tuesday to lead fresh mediation efforts.

Kenya Crisis: Defining Moment for Africa                                                                        (14.01.2008) IF, by this time next week, the political crisis in Kenya has not been resolved, aided by a group of distinguished, influential Africans, the continent can start lowering its sights on all fronts.

DAY 17

US warns over Kenya’s crisis                                                                                        (13.01.2008) Frazer’s full statement on situation - The United States strongly supports a political resolution to the post-electoral crisis in Kenya. That is why Secretary of State Rice sent me to Kenya. We favoured no side during the electoral contest. We supported efforts to carry out transparent and fair elections.

Kenya death toll hits 693                                                                                              (13.01.2008) The death toll from Kenyan post-election violence soared to 693, officials said on Sunday, amid pressure on rival leaders to acknowledge election irregularities that spurred the violence and drop all preconditions for talks.

World watches Kenya                                                                                                  (13.01.2008) African Union’s (AU) mediator between President Kibaki and Mr Raila Odinga has asked political leaders not to take any further steps that would compromise the search for peace.

Is Dr Mutual a man in denial?                                                                                        (13.01.2008) Dr Alfred Mutua, the Government spokesman, is either a man in denial or one paid by the public to deny. If Kenyans choose to believe him, then Ghanaian President Mr John Kufuor must love tea. According to Mutua, Kufuor who is also the chairman of the African Union, flew all the way from Accra to Nairobi last week just to have tea with President Kibaki.

Alarm over alleged presence of Ugandan troops in Kenya                                                (13.01.2008) Armed Ugandan soldiers are allegedly crossing into Kenya. Busia residents told The Sunday Standard that some Ugandan troops have been sighted in town and in Port Victoria along River Suo.

DAY 16

Can Annan save Kenya?                                                                                               (12.01.2008) It is a race against time as a new mediation team prepares to tackle Kenya’s election crisis while ODM beats the war drums for mass action. Former UN secretary general Kofi Annan will head the new panel of negotiators which includes former South African President Nelson Mandela’s wife Graca Machel and ex-Tanzania President Benjamin Mkapa.

UN disowns alleged memo in support of Kibaki’s win                                                       (12.01.2008) The United Nations has refuted claims that it supported President Kibaki’s victory as alleged by a leaked memo said to have been written by World Bank. In a press conference, the UN denied that it had data that the World Bank used to determine that "Kibaki win was correct".

Kenyan Elections: Doesn’t Museveni have enough problems in his backyard?                   (12.01.2008) Our African Leaders never cease to intrigue us with their stupidity once they get in power, a case in mind is Museveni.

Displaced victims face starvation and disease                                                                 (12.01.2008) A humanitarian crisis looms in several parts of the country, with hundreds of thousands of displaced people facing hunger and lack of essential services. Violence sparked off by the announcement of last year’s disputed presidential results has forced many to flee their homes for fear of attack by rowdy youths.

Post-election chaos cost tourism Sh4 billion                                                                  (12.01.2008) The political crisis has cost the tourism industry Sh4 billion, it was said. Kenya Tourism foundation (KTF) chief executive, Ms Margaret Otieno now warns that the industry earnings this year would fall below last year’s Sh60 billion.

ODM plans three days of mass action                                                                           (12.01.2007) Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) plans countrywide three-day rallies beginning Wednesday as part of its mass action programme to push up its claim President Kibaki stole their victory. The prospect of a confrontation immediately sprung up as Police Commissioner Hussein Ali once again decreed all rallies, no matter the profile of the organisers, will not be allowed.

Mystery of deal that Kibaki rejected                                                                               (12.01.2008) WORLDBANK fuck-up!: The origin and authorship of a controversial document supposed to have been agreed on between President Kibaki and Mr Raila Odinga has become one of the enduring mysteries of the week.

ODM plans to hold 16 rallies                                                                                         (12.01.2008) ODM has called for three days of mass action next week in 16 major towns country wide. The decision comes a day after mediation efforts by Ghanaian President John Kufuor failed to bring together President Kibaki and ODM leader Raila Odinga to resolve the political crisis that arose from disputed election results.

Families left with no place to call their home                                                                   (12.01.2008) Rift Valley Province bore the brunt of the madness that Kenya descended into following the disputed election results. NATION writer ARNO KOPECKY was in Burnt Forest and Nakuru to witness the horror of the violence ...

DAY 15

No Solution in Sight for Kenya                                                                                       (11.01.2008) By Thilo Thielke - DER SPIEGEL - International mediators are trying to persuade President Kibaki and opposition leader Raila Odinga to find a compromise in Kenya's ongoing crisis. Although Odinga has called off a rally planned for Tuesday, hundreds of thousands of people are still displaced and more violence may be looming.

Kenya's dubious election                                                                                              (11.01.2008) Kenya's opposition Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) claims that last month's election was rigged in favour of President Mwai Kibaki. Protests have led to some 600 deaths nationwide and 250,000 people have fled their homes. International and domestic observers have also raised their concerns.

Kenya: Crisis - Let Odinga Keep the Heat On the Culprits                                               (11.01.2008) The brutal message coming out of the diplomatic flurry surrounding the aftermath of the disastrous Kenyan elections that has left hundreds dead and hundreds of thousands displaced is that the world has conspired to keep Raila Amolo Odinga from power.

Ngugi laments Kenya violence                                                                                       (11.01.2008) Renowned Kenyan novelist and playwright Ngugi wa Thiong'o tellls BBC World Update his views on the unrest that has engulfed Kenya since last month's disputed elections.

Kenya election protests to resume                                                                                (11.01.2008) Kenya's main opposition party will resume mass protests after last month's disputed elections, its spokesman says.

World Bank boss’ leaked memo stirs controversy                                                           (11.01.2008) World Bank Country Director, Mr Colin Bruce, was a man on the spot as a confidential memo he authored supporting President Kibaki’s re-election kicked off controversy in Nairobi and Washington.

Kivuitu disowns poll results                                                                                           (11.01.2008) The credibility of the presidential results took a further beating when the chairman of the disgraced Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) disowned a list published in the press on Thursday.

Talks collapse as Kuffuor jets out                                                                                  (11.01.2008) Talks between the Government and ODM to hammer out a solution to the crisis that has crippled the country collapsed, putting in jeopardy a process that had returned calm to the country.

Peace talks deadlock                                                                                                   (11.01.2008) The anticipated face-to-face talks between President Kibaki and ODM leader Raila Odinga failed to take place Thursday.

World Bank boss in row over Kibaki                                                                               (11.01.2008) A row is brewing over a confidential memo from the World Bank’s Kenya office that supports President Kibaki’s victory in the disputed elections.

The Next Genocide?                                                                                                     (11.01.2008) With the machetes out in Africa, the world lends its focus to the continent—fearing that the genocide that was to never again occur after World War II could repeat itself one more time in Kenya.

DAY 14

Ten officers killed in election Violence                                                                            (10.01.2008) Ten police officers, including an OCS, have been killed in post-election violence. Three other officers are undergoing treatment at various hospitals. Nairobi’s Muthangari OCS, Chief Inspector Daniel Njuguna Mbugua, succumbed to bullet wounds on Monday at a Nairobi hospital.

Ethnic Violence in Kenya: Did we mistake Ethnocracy for Democracy?                            (10.01.2008) On the morning of December 27th 2007, the people of Kenya, approximately ten of the fourteen million registered voters fulfilled their civic and democratic duties by voting in the presidential and parliamentary elections.

Breaking: Obama Talks To Kenya                                                                                 (10.01.2008) Presidential  hopeful  and  favorite  son of  Kenya, Kansas, oh, and Chicago, Barack Obama, actually had some time to intervene in Kenya’s recent political battle over last December’s contested presidential elections.

Kufuor leaves as talks hit stalemate                                                                               (10.01.2008) Ghana’s John Kufuor has left Nairobi with no deal out of efforts to reconcile President Kibaki and his challenger Raila Odinga of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM).

DAY 13

It's the economy, stupid (not "tribalism")                                                                            NAIROBI, 9 January 2008 (IRIN) - The wave of violence that engulfed Kenya after the presidential election has been widely described as tribal or ethnic in nature. But analysts in the east African country point to basic economics as the true cause of the unrest.

Hospitals treating hundreds in post-poll violence                                                                 NAIROBI, 9 January 2008 (IRIN) - Hospitals in areas affected by the post-election violence that rocked Kenya in the last week of December and early January have been treating hundreds of patients for injuries inflicted with machetes, arrows and spears, as well as gunshot wounds and burns.

Kalonzo VP in Kibaki’s new Cabinet                                                                              (09.01.2008) ODM-Kenya leader Mr Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka is the Vice-President, in a new-look coalition government announced by President Kibaki.

Kalonzo is new VP                                                                                                       (09.01.2008) President Kibaki yesterday named a 17-member Cabinet, appointing one of his main rivals in the presidential race Mr Kalonzo Musyoka vice-president.

Kibaki’s move illegal, declares Orange group                                                                  (09.01.2008) ODM Tuesday described the naming of Cabinet by President Kibaki as illegal. The party’s secretary-general, Prof Anyang’ Nyong’o, said everything done by Mr Kibaki remained unlawful including his swearing in as Head of State.

DAY 12

Ogiek Women Raped by GSU                                                                                       (08.01.2008) Tinet / Kenya - WTN - 8th Jan. 2008 - Members of the General Service Unit (GSU), the paramilitary force known for its brutality since 20 years, have allegedly raped two Ogiek women and two girls of minor age during the days of turmoil after the fraudulent presidential election in Kenya.

Rival Kenyan leaders agree to meet as death toll climbs                                                  (08.01.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya (CNN) - Kenya's president and opposition leader will meet to address vote-counting irregularities and the ensuing violence in which nearly 500 people have been killed, U.S. envoy Jendayi Frazer said on Monday.

DAY 11

Kenya crisis: Spectre of economic collapse sends shivers through EA                             (07.01.2008) Sooner or later, the economic destruction caused by the worsening violence in Kenya, which erupted in the wake of an election whose results have been pronounced flawed by European Union observers - was bound to take on a regional dimension.

Ethnic strife: How Kenya’s politics was tribalised                                                            (07.01.2008) It is Friday, December 4. I walk through the lobby of the Serena Hotel in Nairobi. Packs of politicians and their entourages hurry past. Most have mobile phones into which they whisper urgently. They brush shoulders with white men and women lugging large cameras, trying to arrange for taxis to take them to the nearest scene of carnage and bloodletting....

Homeless in the homelands - the perils of IDP evacuation                                                (07.01.2008) - (IRIN) - Thousands of people displaced (IDPs) by recent post-election violence in Kenya are being evacuated to areas which, although more conducive to their safety because of ethnic affinity, pose a risk of "destitution" because few IDPs have homes in the areas in question, the UN Children's Agency (UNICEF) has warned.

UGANDA: More Kenyan displaced arriving at refugee centres                                          (07.01.2008) MALABA (IRIN) - Post-election violence has decreased in several districts of western Kenya, but displaced civilians have continued to trek across the border to seek refuge in Ugandan border towns, officials said.

Interview with John David Kwabili of Kenya Indymedia                                                      (07.01.2008) While  the  international media focuses on shocking stories of ethnic violence in Kenya following a disputed presidential election, activists with Kenya Indymedia ( are working to create a space where their fellow citizens can “voice their thoughts, fears, tribulations and aspirations” and strive toward restoring peace in their society. Look for their website to be re-launched in  the coming  days. John  David  Bwakili of  Kenya Indymedia  was forced to  flee escalating ethnic tensions in his neighborhood in the capital city of Nairobi and shared his thoughts in an email interview with The Indypendent.

Obama's Other Life                                                                                                      (07.01.2008) One of the more extraordinary stories of the Obama campaign has been playing out behind the scenes over the past week as the candidate has been working on a daily basis to try to calm things down in his father's homeland and his grandmother's home, Kenya, where a contested election has led to riots.

Kenya's darkest week                                                                                                  (07.01.2008) Seven people were killed in a shoot-out between police and raiders as Kenya marked the end of the darkest week since the country won independence in 1963.

Mazrui’s proposals over poll dispute: Fresh Poll!                                                             (07.01.2008) Renowned scholar, Prof Ali Mazrui, proposes a fresh presidential poll supervised by international organisations or power sharing to resolve the leadership stalemate.

Protests off as Kenya death toll nears 500                                                                     (07.01.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - The official death toll from Kenya's post-election violence rose to nearly 500 on Monday as the opposition called off nationwide protests to give mediation a chance.

DAY 10

Let AU mediate, British envoy urges                                                                              (06.01.2008) Political divisions in the country following the flawed General Election require international mediation, UK foreign secretary Mr David Miliband said.

A nation at a crossroads                                                                                               (06.01.2008) President Kibaki repeated he is ready to form a cross-party government but Orange Democratic Movement leader Mr Raila Odinga maintained negotiations be transacted through a credible international mediator.

A Compelling Case For A Government of National Unity (GNU)                                        (06.01.2008) Instead of  sitting back  and conducting paralysis  analysis, an  innovative group is  now offering “A Compelling  Case For A  Government of National Unity (GNU)”. Yes!  I have confirmed the document authenticity from one of the undersigned who said to me “The initial healing stage requires the protagonists coming together and GNU looks like a very good vehicle”

Kenya's President Seeks to End Crisis With Coalition Offer                                             (06.01.2008) Opposition Insists on Outside Mediation - NAIROBI - Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki said Saturday he was willing to form a national unity government with opposition leader Raila Odinga, who has accused Kibaki of stealing the Dec. 27 presidential election.


Why are the Kenyans fighting?                                                                                      (05.01.2008) Eldoret, Kenya - Close to where 30 of their kin burned to death, thousands of Kikuyus are sheltering in another church, protected by a cleric from the same tribe that carried out the worst atrocity of Kenya's crisis.

Kenyans flee for their lives                                                                                            (05.01.2008) Cheptiret - Thousands of terrified refugees under armed escort fled western Kenya on Saturday in buses that streamed down roads strewn with downed power lines, burnt-out vehicles and the corpses of others killed trying to escape an explosion of post-election ethnic violence over the past week.

Kibaki, Raila spell out conditions                                                                                   (05.01.2008) President Kibaki is open to a coalition arrangement, including the Orange Democratic Movement, but first violence has to stop.

Kibaki-Raila deal possible, says Tutu                                                                             (05.01.2008) South African Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu Friday hinted at the possibility of a coalition government as a way of ending Kenya’s political crisis.

Police block second ODM rally                                                                                     (05.01.2008) The ODM rally at Uhuru Park flopped for the second day after police repulsed its leaders. Party chairman Henry Kosgey, treasurer Omingo Magara and Ugenya MP-elect James Orengo were the only leaders who tried to access the historic grounds which was fortified by an estimated 100 paramilitary officers.

Kufuor to go to Kenya for crisis talks                                                                             (05.01.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Ghanaian President John Kufuor will visit Kenya next week in an attempt to break the country's political deadlock and end its explosion of ethnic violence, his foreign minister said on Saturday.


Diplomacy falters as Kenya burns                                                                                 (04.01.2008) Diplomatic efforts to try to stop the violence and encourage political reconciliation in Kenya faltered on Thursday.

World leaders deplore chaos in Kenya                                                                           (04.01.2008) Several world leaders have reacted to the violence arising from the disputed presidential elections in Kenya. According to Los Angeles Times, US President George Bush called on both President Kibaki and ODM leader Raila Odinga to reach a solution.

KENYA PETITIONS                                                                                                     (04.01.2008) Here are two petitions for you to sign ... Please endorse and then send them far and wide for others to do likewise.

Peacemaker Tutu slams Kenya elite                                                                              (04.01.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya (CNN) - Archbishop Desmond Tutu rounded on Kenya's ruling elite Friday, saying its people are sick of the corruption that has plagued the nation. Tutu, in Kenya to try to mediate a solution to the violence that followed December 27 elections, said: "People have been incensed by the level of corruption."

Kibaki and Tutu back dialogue                                                                                       (04.01.2008) President Kibaki and South Africa’s Archbishop Desmond Tutu today called for an end to the post election violence in the country saying leaders from across the political divide must give dialogue a chance.

Top US envoy to help in talks                                                                                        (04.01.2008) America’s top most official for Africa is due in Kenya today to help set up talks between President Kibaki and his rival Raila Odinga of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM).

Wako calls for a fresh tallying of poll votes                                                                     (04.01.2008) The Attorney General has called for an independent team to tally the presidential votes afresh and end post-election violence.

Protests in the city as police bar ODM from Uhuru Park                                                  (04.01.2008) Violent protests returned to the city, making Nairobi a ghost town. On Thursday, normalcy witnessed on Wednesday was shattered as violent protests rocked the city. Tension reached its peak at 9am when the protestors gathered in many parts of the city chanting ODM slogans.

Are elections in Africa really necessary or a waste of time?                                             (04.01.2008) ELECTIONS, IF MERELY FOR their own sake, are a waste of time in Africa, and nowhere else has this been demonstrated more than in Kenya.

U.N. rights investigators condemn Kenya violence                                                           (04.01.2008) GENEVA (Reuters) - United Nations human rights investigators on Friday condemned ethnic killings in Kenya and urged party leaders to calm their supporters to end the post-election violence.


Protest rally put off                                                                                                       (03.01.2008) The Orange Democratic Movement has put off its protest rally to tomorrow after hours of running battles with the police in Nairobi. Three people have been reported dead, a church and two petrol stations set ablaze and five cars torched in the chaos visited on the capital city.

Kenya/Uganda border town sets up camps for families displaced by poll violence, while Kenya/Tanzania border has been closed MALABA, 3 January 2008 (IRIN) - Johnstone Kimili still does not understand why it happened as he describes the violence in western Kenya that forced him to seek refuge in neighbouring Uganda. "I am a pastor and had gone to church that Sunday [30 December] morning. There was nothing that indicated violence would break out," he told IRIN at a makeshift camp in the Ugandan border town of Malaba.

Twilight robbery, daylight murder                                                                                   (03.01.2008) After a stolen election, ethnic cleansing and even the threat of civil war - THE decision to return Kenya's 76-year-old incumbent president, Mwai Kibaki, to office was not made by the Kenyan people but by a small group of hardline leaders from Mr Kibaki's Kikuyu tribe. They made up their minds before the result was announced, perhaps even before the opposition candidate, Raila Odinga, had opened up a lead in early returns from the December 27th election. It was a civil coup.

Politician killed as 'peace' decoys lure him to trap                                                           (03.01.2008) A Molo politician is among three people killed in Kuresoi in post-election violence. Mr G.G Ngengi allegedly received a phone call from one of the assailants requesting him to arbitrate in the ongoing tribal clashes that have rocked various parts of Molo District only to be killed moments later.

LSK to contest Kibaki’s re-election                                                                                (03.01.2008) The Law Society of Kenya (LSK) will move to court to challenge President Kibaki’s re-election. LSK Chairman, Mr Okong’o O’Mogeni, said this was in accordance with the LSK Act that gives the lawyers’ organisation the mandate to help the public on legal issues.

Raila takes the lead in search for a way out                                                                    (03.01.2008) ODM leader Mr Raila Odinga last night took the lead in trying to find a way out of the impasse caused by alleged fraudulent tallying of votes that cost him victory in the just completed poll and led to loss of lives.

Resign, UASU tells Kibaki                                                                                            (03.01.2008) THE Universities Academic Staff Union (UASU) has called for the resignation of President Kibaki. The union said this was the only way to stop violence and end the political stalemate that has arisen since Kibaki was declared the winner of the December 27 General Election.


Kenya 'facing humanitarian disaster'                                                                              (02.01.2008) Aid agencies today warned of a humanitarian disaster in Kenya amid claims of "ethnic cleansing" and increased international pressure on Kenyan leaders to end the post-election violence.

Post-poll violence a 'national disaster', says Red Cross                                                   (02.01.2008) Kenya is in the throes of a humanitarian "national disaster" amid post-election violence that has left scores dead, tens of thousands displaced beyond reach of immediate assistance and many more destined to be dependent on aid for several months to come, according to the Red Cross.


Kenya: The perfect storm                                                                                              (01.01.2008) Shocked by pictures of death and mayhem on the streets of Kenyan towns, a Kenyan friend in  Britain  called  me  to  express  her shock. “But these things don’t happen in Kenya!” she exclaimed, as if Kenya – or Keenya as she pronounced it – was immune from the political ills that have plagued Africa in the last 50 years.

Which prince charming will revive democracy in Africa?                                                   (01.01.2008) Who  killed  democracy  in  Africa?  This  is a  question I  ask  myself often. A string of suspects have merged from history. Let me personify four forces at work. The first is the magician who came in from the North. This suspect symbolises the first phase of democratisation brought to Africa from the northern hemisphere ‘magic’ models of governance.

Death, chaos as ECK chiefs break ranks over results                                                      (01.01.2008) The violence that has claimed at least 160 lives countrywide continued for the third day on Monday, on a day five Electoral Commission of Kenya commissioners broke ranks with their colleagues over the disputed presidential results.


EU Observer Mission                                                                                                    (31.12.2007) The Chief Observer of the EU Election Observation Mission (EU EOM), Mr Alexander Graf Lambsdorff, Member of the European Parliament, issued the following statement on Sunday about the announcement of the winner of the presidential election for the Republic of Kenya: "Once again, we would like to commend Kenyan citizens for the strong commitment to peace and democracy that they showed on election day.


Opposition tipped to win close Kenya election                                                                (23.12.2007) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Two heavyweights of Kenya's post-independence politics square off in a presidential vote on Thursday whose run-up has seen the opposition hold a small lead in opinion polls over President Mwai Kibaki.

Kenya Accused of Mass Killings                                                                                   (06.11.2007) Human rights campaigners in Kenya have accused police of carrying out hundreds of extrajudicial executions during an operation against the Mungiki criminal sect. A shadowy and fractured quasi-religious movement, the Mungiki were blamed for a string of grisly murders earlier this year.


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