Presidential Election Disaster and Civil Strife in Kenya
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DAY 72

Kenya: Divisions arise over deputy premiership                                                               (09.03.2008) The Orange Democratic Party (ODM) walks into a peace treaty with the Party of National Unity (PNU) as a divided house, can reveal.

KENYA MAIZE SEEDS GE CONTAMINATED                                                                (09.03.2008)  Biotech  industry  impunity  fuels  global  GE  contamination  spread  -  AMSTERDAM, International - Biotech  companies  are  acting  with  impunity  as  cases  of  genetic  engineering (1) contamination continue on a global scale, a new report launched today reveals.

Twelve African Army Chiefs Meet in Kampala                                                                 (09.03.2008) TWELVE  foreign  army  chiefs  under  the  Eastern Africa Standby Brigade (EASBRIG), arrive in Uganda tomorrow to discuss plans of forming a ready-to-deploy regional force to intervene in conflict situations.

Don't forget the real issues, Kenyan cartoonists warn                                                      (09.03.2008) NAIROBI: Kenya's power-sharing  deal  risks  lulling  the  country  into a false sense of security  when the root  causes of post-election  violence  have  barely  been broached, the nation's leading cartoonists warned.

Scores killed in fresh Laikipia clashes                                                                            (09.03.2008) Fourteen  people  have  died  and  six  were  injured  in  clashes  between  farmers  and pastoralists in Laikipia West District in the last two days. On Thursday, six people were killed, while four others were reported missing in different villages.

Women demand ‘fair share’ in new coalition                                                                   (09.03.2008) The government announced on Saturday that Kenyans who fled to Uganda at the height of the post-election violence had started returning home.

Mt Kenya leaders petition Kibaki                                                                                   (09.03.2008) Politicians from the Mt Kenya region are jittery about the shape and form of the coalition government. The leaders fears the 50-50 criterion of power sharing could result in the region being left out of government.

Sustaining Kenya on its democratic path                                                                       (09.03.2008) On Saturday night the United States Ambassador Michael Ranneberger addressed the Law Society of Kenya. Here are excerpts from his speech on the way forward for Kenya ...

Germany to help Kenya’s tourism                                                                                  (09.03.2008) The German government will help Kenya to revive the tourism industry, Germany Foreign minister Frank Walter Steinmeier said on Saturday. Dr Steinmeier said that the power-sharing deal signed by President Kibaki and Raila Odinga was the only recourse to peace.

ODM'S great expectations                                                                                            (09.03.2008) The Orange Democratic Movement has identified 18 ministries - among them 10 powerful portfolios now held by key Kibaki allies - that it wants to hold in the new coalition government.

10 killed in Laikipia violence                                                                                          (09.03.2008) The  official  death  toll  from  the  violence  that  broke  out  in Laikipia West district on Wednesday now stands at 10. Police have arrested two suspects and recovered nine firearms during an operation to crack down on the attackers who have burnt down 38 houses and left a trail of destruction and misery.

DAY 71

SHAME ! Kenyan spindoctor exports free-media-muzzling tricks to Zimbabwe and urges state-writes to help dictator back into the saddle !!!  (08.03.2008) BULAWAYO - The impartiality of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) was in doubt on Tuesday, when officials from the body barred journalists from the private media from attending an election-reporting workshop.

Kenyans mark Women's Day                                                                                        (08.03.2008) Women around the world Saturday marked the international women's day. In Kenya the day was celebrated with focus shifting from the achievements of women to the plight of women IDP's.

Pictures from the valley of fear                                                                                       (08.03.2008) The  ethnic  unrest  in  Kenya  has  left  in  its  wake  thousands  of  displaced people. The photographer Marcus Bleasdale visited one of the hardest-hit regions, the Rift Valley, and found that until issues surrounding land ownership are resolved, the tensions will remain.

Bigwigs scramble for deputy premier                                                                              (08.03.2008) Jostling for the post of deputy prime minister intensified on Friday as politicians across the parties positioned themselves for possible new roles in the expected unity Cabinet.

What Are the Mungiki Gangs Up To?                                                                             (08.03.2008) A protest march by the Mungiki along the Nairobi streets last week left people wondering what the outlawed sect is really up to. What is clear, however, is that the youths, in an apparent show of might, were sending a message or sounding a warning in the demonstration, which caught the Government security organs unawares.

VP appeals for assistance to rebuild Kenya                                                                    (08.03.2008) Vice President Mr Kalonzo Musyoka on Friday led a high profile Kenyan delegation in a meeting with two key ministers of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Truth Commission - Ultimate Test of New Partnership                                                     (08.03.2008) The power-sharing deal signed by PNU and ODM leaders has brought much relief and delight to Kenyans as it is a win-win situation for both parties.

Three more killed in flare-up                                                                                          (08.03.2008) Three  more  people  were  shot  dead on Friday morning as confrontation between two communities escalated in Laikipia West District. Scores of others were seriously wounded while the number of houses torched rose to more than 500.

Bills to legalise coalition out                                                                                          (08.03.2008) Bills  to  legitimise  ODM leader  Raila Odinga’s  position of  Prime Minister  have been published to  pave way  for  the  formation of a  new  government. Justice  and  Constitutional Affairs Minister Martha Karua issued the Constitution of Kenya (Amendment) Bill, which seeks to establish the position of PM and two deputies.

Emerging forceful voices in politics                                                                                (08.03.2008) As women gather around the globe to mark the International Women’s Day, there is cause for hope and for worry among the Kenyan lot.

Why the Media Must Take Up Opposition Role                                                               (08.03.2008) Lord  Jeffrey  Archer, that  failed and criminal  British  politician  but  fabled and  hugely successful novelist slept with a whore after paying her about $100 (Sh7,000) in 1987. When London's Daily Star reported the dalliance, he sued the paper and was awarded $800,000 (Sh56 million) plus legal costs.

Teachers in IDP camps paralyse learning                                                                       (08.03.2008) Operations in schools for the displaced in Eldoret have been paralysed. Learning for the more than 2,500 displaced pupils camping at the Eldoret showground were suspended after the 117 teachers  demonstrated.  The  volunteer  teachers,  waving  twigs  and  placards,  held  a  peaceful demonstration within the showground to protest at the delay in salary payment.

Targeting men in the war against sexual offences                                                            (08.03.2008) As women  the  world  over  celebrate  their  International day this year, Unifem’s interim director Joanne Sandler  has a rosy  vision of “an end to the pandemic of violence against women and girls - and genuine progress on achieving gender equality and women’s empowerment.”

Raiders burn more houses                                                                                            (08.03.2008) Tension is high on the Borabu/Sotik border after more houses were burnt on Thursday in separate attacks. In the first incident, armed raiders struck Chepng’ombe village in Manga but were repulsed by villagers. But they set three houses on fire during the 10 pm incident.

Raila, only a step away from being PM                                                                          (08.03.2008) The process to making Mr Raila Odinga the Prime Minister was fast-tracked to the penultimate stage, with the publication of the Bills to be debated in Parliament.

Will This Marriage of Convenience Work? Time Will Tell                                                  (08.03.2008) Can real power be shared? Now that the battlefield has finally moved from the shamba to Parliament, Kenyans  are  about to find  out if it is  possible. The pen has once  again  vanquished the sword, using  constitutional  fine print to spell out the exact powers (and perks) of a new leadership. Where before there was one, soon there will be two.

Tackling Agenda Four                                                                                                   (08.03.2008) After  the  departure of  former  United  Nations  secretary-general, Mr  Kofi  Annan, the National Dialogue and Reconciliation team now faces the tedious task of finding long-term solutions to a host of problems responsible for the periodic violence in Kenya, especially at election time.

SA provides R4m in aid to Kenya                                                                                  (08.03.2008) SOUTH  Africa  was  to  provide  R4 million  in  aid  to  Kenya’s  citizens, displaced after violence erupted in that country. The Foreign Affairs Department spokesperson Ronnie Mamoepa said 10000 blankets, 1000 chemically treated mosquito nets, 1000 tarpaulins (plastic sheeting), 2000 water purification tablets and female sanitary items would be shipped to Kenya yesterday.

Governmental land grabbing: Squatters to get Criticos’ land                                             (08.03.2008) The Government has cleared the way for the purchase of 15,000 acres of land belonging to former MP Basil Criticos in Taveta District to resettle squatters. Solicitor-general Wanjuki Muchemi has written to National Bank of Kenya, advising them that they are at liberty to accept payment for the land from Settlement Fund Trustee (SFT) against the objections of Mr Criticos.

Dangerous path: Ethnicity law plan wins support                                                             (08.03.2008) President Kibaki’s proposal to table laws curbing negative ethnicity received praise. The President in the State opening of the 10th Parliament, proposed to the House a comprehensive policy that would ensure national security and social cohesion were not threatened by negative ethnicity.

Three More Killed in Flare-Up                                                                                        (08.03.2008) Three  more  people  were  shot  dead on Friday  morning as confrontation between two communities escalated in Laikipia West District. Scores of others were seriously wounded while the number of houses torched rose to more than 500. The killings brought the death toll to nine since last weekend.

DAY 70

German foreign minister compares notes on power-sharing with Kenyan officials               (07.03.2008) BERLIN (AP) - Germany's foreign minister compared notes with senior Kenyan officials Friday on his country's governing «grand coalition» of rivals, an exchange that came as Kenya's politicians prepare to implement their own power-sharing agreement.

Somalia: 'Muslims are being massacred': Dobley mayor                                                  (07.03.2008) DOBLEY, Somalia (Garowe Online) - The mayor of a town in south Somalia which was the target of a U.S. air strike last week says that al Qaeda has never set foot in the town. Ali "Dheere" Hussein, the mayor of Dobley, told the BBC Somali Service that the U.S. bombing killed innocent civilians.

Human Rights Council discusses annual report of High Commissioner for Human Rights    (07.03.2008) -  Excerpt  - High  Commissioner  Says  She  Will  Not  Seek a Second Term in Office - United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour today presented her annual report to the Human Rights Council  which was  followed  by an  interactive dialogue. Ms. Arbour announced that this  would be her last annual  report, as she had  informed the Secretary-General that she would not seek a second term when her mandate expired at the end of June 2008.

BBC story baseless: says Mutua                                                                                  (07.03.2008) The government spokesperson Dr. Alfred Mutua has expressed the government's shock at a story appearing on the BBC that alleges that members of the proscribed group Mungiki held meetings at Statehouse, Nairobi.

8 killed in continuing Kenya violence                                                                              (07.03.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) - Eight people have been killed in separate attacks in western and central Kenya, government officials said Friday, underlining the difficulty of reversing Kenya's cycle of postelection violence despite President Mwai Kibaki and his rival agreeing to share power.

Tribe And Tribalism - Identity Battle Rages On                                                                (07.03.2008) The recent violent events in Kenya have prompted attempts to analyse and postulate whether the same thing could have happened in Uganda.

No Quick Fix for What Still Ails Kenya                                                                           (07.03.2008)  Political  Accord  Skirts  Huge  Issue  Of  Land  Reform - ELMENTEITA, Kenya - After reaching a power-sharing deal last week, Kenya's rival political leaders are now confronting one of the most explosive issues underlying the post-election crisis, and one that every Kenyan government since independence has managed to avoid: land reform.

UN Rights Chief Stepping Down                                                                                    (07.03.2008) The U.N.'s  top  human  rights  official is quitting after only one term. Louise Arbour, the high commissioner for human rights, says she has told U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon that she will not be available for a second term. Arbour says she will serve until the end of her current four-year term on June 30.

Kenya hails Kikwete as Kibaki pushes peace deal                                                          (07.03.2008) Kenya  has  hailed  the diplomatic techniques President Jakaya Kikwete used in ending the stalemate over its bloody post-election crisis as an invaluable home-grown conflict resolution input.

Team to Settle Chaos Victims                                                                                       (07.03.2008) A  new  department  has  been  established  to  oversee  the  resettlement  of  internally displaced people in the country. The  new  Directorate  for  Resettlement, plus National Humanitarian Assistance Fund, are to assist internally displaced people in farming areas to regain their livelihoods through provision of free seeds and other farming inputs, President Kibaki said.

Cattle Rustlers Give Deaf Ear to Intense Political Activities                                              (07.03.2008) As millions of Kenyans went to the ballot on December 27 last year, heavily armed cattle rustlers went on the rampage in the larger Meru and Isiolo districts, stealing hundreds of livestock left under the care of herds boys. Voting was not in their agenda for the day.

Thoughts On Way Forward for Kenya                                                                             (07.03.2008) Yesterday,  Kenya's 10th Parliament  convened  formally, to  implement  the  Harambee House Accord. Kenya's urban  middle  classes  bask in  the justified relief of our country being pulled back from  the  very  brink of civil war. But  the 600,000  Kenyans  living in appalling destitution in IDP camps have nothing to celebrate.

Kibaki sets out plans for the nation                                                                                (07.03.2008) Government  will  table  various  Bills  to  enale  the  country  get  back  on its feet - The following  is  an  abridged  version  of a speech  delivered by  President Kibaki  during  the  opening of Parliament on Thursday.

Envoys support Kibaki’s gesture on grand alliance                                                          (07.03.2008) The international community yesterday pledged to support the soon-to-be established coalition government to put the country back on the path of stability and economic prosperity.

US backs pact with Sh1.6 billion                                                                                   (07.03.2008) The United States has given the Government an additional $25 million (about Sh1.6 billion) to help in the implementation of a power-sharing deal between President Kibaki and ODM leader, Mr Raila Odinga.

Crime wave worries lobby                                                                                              (07.03.2008) More than 200 businessmen have protested over the escalating insecurity in Malindi and urged  the  police  to  act  speedily  to  stem it. The local  branch of the  Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry fears that the insecurity will affect tourism, the lifeline of area.

President Says Crisis a Turning Point                                                                            (07.03.2008) President Kibaki opened the second session of the Tenth Parliament with a passionate appeal to members to look inwards following events of the last two months.

New Squad Formed to Crack Down On Mungiki                                                              (07.03.2008) Another squad has been formed to crack down on Mungiki sect followers. The squad, which will be based at CID headquarters, has been instructed to investigate and bring to book those behind the Wednesday protests by sect followers in Nairobi.

MPs skip debate on Kibaki speech                                                                                (07.03.2008) Leaders from the Orange Democratic Movement and the Government coalition Thursday agreed to suspend debate on the presidential speech and deal with the Bills aimed to prop up a grand alliance.

DAY 69

Nine killed in Kenya as parliament tackles power-sharing deal                                         (06.03.2008) NAIROBI (AFP) - Nine  people  were  killed  Thursday in western Kenya, underlining the fragility of a landmark power-sharing agreement just as President Mwai Kibaki was urging parliament to back the deal.

Militia Attack in Mt Elgon (as of Mar 2008)                                                                     (06.03.2008) The map provides a spatial context to existing reports, and an overview of the nature of attacks around Mt Elgon, Trans Nzoia and its environments. Media reports puts the figure of those who have died since the violence started at 534 people and over 40,000 displaced.

Call to Action Against Europe's Aggressive Agenda                                                        (06.03.2008) We, civil  society  organisations, including  farmers,  workers, women's, faith-based and students' groups and organisations, call on our people to redouble their efforts to stop the self-serving free trade  agreements, misleading  designated as 'Economic  Partnership Agreements' that Europe seeks to impose on African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries, and which will destroy the economies of these countries.

Agenda for the 10th Parliament outlined                                                                         (06.03.2008) President Mwai Kibaki Thursday expressed confidence that the country shall overcome the setbacks it faced recently and create a solid foundation for development.

Tackle Mungiki Menace                                                                                                (06.03.2008) Without any warning, members of the proscribed Mungiki sect made a dash into the Central Business District on Wednesday and took over the city for a while catching both the police and everyone else by surprise.

ALERT: Kenya may resettle IDPs in tea belts encroaching on last forests                         (06.03.2008) Plans by the Kenya government to settle internally displaced people (IDPs) in state owned tea belts next to the country’s main natural forests are raising fears of a major environmental catastrophe.

Call for lasting solution to insecurity in western region                                                     (06.03.2008) NAIROBI (IRIN) - Weary of the violence that has plagued Kenya's western district of Mount Elgon, residents have urged authorities to step up efforts to restore security in an area where long-standing disputes over land ownership erupted into bloodletting in 2006.

Hard times at Kenya's desert school                                                                              (06.03.2008) The turmoil following the elections in Kenya has had a serious economic impact in some of the remotest corners of the country, such as the northern oasis town of Marsabit, which is suffering from fuel and water shortages.

Ethnicity - Releasing the Continent's "Suppressed Rage"                                                (06.03.2008) Kofi Akosah-Sarpong argues that the key challenge for African leaders to work with states created by Europe in a way that they are able to appropriate the various ethnic groups' histories and traditional values that form their nation-states, for peace and progress.

Reform or fall, Odinga warns new coalition                                                                      (06.03.2008) The  survival  of  Kenya's  new  coalition government will hinge on its success in pushing through constitutional and land reforms, Raila Odinga, the man set to be prime minister, has said.

AFRICANS AND VICTIMHOOD                                                                                     (06.03.2008) - If you cannot earn respect, earn fear. It will keep you safe. - There is a kind of woman who relishes describing the physical and other wounds her partner or spouse has inflicted on her. “He beat me so badly, I had to have six stitches in my cheek”, she says, buying things for her man's dinner. However atrocious the treatment she receives, she goes back.

Kenyan parliament convenes over power-sharing deal                                                      (06.03.2008) NAIROBI (AFP) - President Mwai Kibaki on Thursday urged Kenyan deputies to pass laws enshrininge a power-sharing deal aimed at ending a post-election crisis that cost some 1,500 lives.

Swiss bank drops suit against Wikileaks site                                                                 (06.03.2008) SAN FRANCISCO -- A Swiss bank dropped its lawsuit Wednesday against the whistle-blowers Web site Wikileaks, which also compiles the whistleblower files on Kenya, after stirring up a free-speech furor over a judge's order, now rescinded, to shut down the site for allowing the posting of private bank documents.

Uneasy Peace                                                                                                             (06.03.2008) Politicians in Kenya reach compromise. As post-election violence in Kenya continues to worsen, talks between the ruling Party of National Unity (PNU) and the opposition Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) finally resulted in a power-sharing deal after former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan met with both groups separately.

Kenyan refugees in Uganda fear returning home                                                              (06.03.2008) Kampala, Uganda - More than 12,000 Kenyan refugees who poured across the border to Uganda during the country's post-election violence are afraid to go home despite a political settlement signed by rival leaders, the United Nations said Thursday.

Mediation talks adjourned to next week                                                                          (06.03.2008) Former Nigerian Foreign Minister Prof. Oluyemi Adeniji has adjourned talks aimed at resolving Kenya's deep-rooted historical injustices until March 11th.

Kenyan president urges MPs to back power-sharing deal                                                (06.03.2008) The Kenyan president, Mwai Kibaki, urged MPs from all sides to back a power-sharing deal in the country's parliament today, aimed at ending weeks of violence since his disputed re-election.

Kenya's Kibaki urges parliament to back peace deal                                                       (06.03.2008) NAIROBI  (Reuters) -  President  Mwai  Kibaki  urged  Kenya's  divided  parliament on Thursday to set aside partisanship and enshrine into law a power-sharing pact to end a bloody post-election crisis.

Kenya: will peace and democracy survive?                                                                     (06.03.2008) The power sharing agreement that has ushered in tentative peace after more than two months of violence in Kenya has been dubbed by UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown a "triumph for peace and diplomacy."

Militias use cover of lush forest to steal cattle worth millions and evict 'outsiders'               (06.03.2008) Security forces have identified Kabolet Forest as the base of ruthless militias that have killed dozens of people and stolen their livestock worth millions of shillings.

Once a source of livelihood, Kabolet Forest now brings death to villagers                          (06.03.2008) In the heart of Trans Nzoia East district is a settlement of 3,000 members of the Sengwer community also known as the Cherangany. According to a local dialect, Cherangany means sunrise but the people of this area have been living in the shadow of death due to frequent attacks by militiamen.

Mutua dismisses report linking State to election chaos                                                   (06.03.2008) The Government has dismissed a British Broadcasting Corporation report claiming that post-election violence in parts of the Rift Valley Province was State-sanctioned.

Mungiki demand leader’s release                                                                                   (06.03.2008) Thousands of Mungiki sect members swarmed city streets Wednesday, calling for the release of their leader, Maina Njenga from prison.

Armed gang robs tourists                                                                                              (06.03.2008) Hopes of a happy holiday in the Malindi sun were dashed for eight Italian tourists when a gang of armed men raided their exclusive villas and robbed them.

Elderly African leaders should go                                                                                   (06.03.2008) NOW THAT OUR LEADERS ARE agreeing to agree, there is one item they should add to the agenda that all Kenyans would love to see - an age limit for presidential and parliamentary candidates.

Gov't and ODM MPs hold joint meeting                                                                          (06.03.2008) MPs from the both the government side and ODM held a joint meeting Thursday to forge a common stand. The one of a kind PNU and ODM joint parliamentary meeting began shortly after 8 A.M Thursday morning ahead of the State opening of Parliament later in the afternoon.

US missile attack missed key target                                                                             (06.03.2008) A US missile strike against the Somali town of Dobley may have missed its target - Kenyan terror suspect Saleh Ali Saleh Nabhan.

State denies BBC report on link to post-election violence                                                 (06.03.2008) The Government has denied a BBC report indicating that the State sanctioned the recent violence in parts of the country.

Mungiki storm city, stage demo                                                                                    (06.03.2008) Hundreds of followers of the outlawed Mungiki sect staged a demonstration in Nairobi’s Central Business District, where they demanded the release of their leader Maina Njenga.

Militia killed in Mt. Elgon security operation                                                                    (06.03.2008) Two suspected Sabaot Land Defence Force fighters have reportedly been gunned down. A police source said the two were shot dead and 10 others arrested on Tuesday evening in a security operation at Teldet Forest, along the Trans-Nzoia-Mt Elgon border.

Ailing tourism sector gets back on track                                                                        (06.03.2008) The ailing tourism sector is now showing signs of recovery. Tourism players said tourists arriving in Mombasa on charter planes have started visiting the region for safaris.

DAY 68

UN launches first expert team on conflict mediation                                                        (05.03.2008) New York - Experts will be on standby to help the United Nations deal with crises around the world as part of a Mediation Support Standby Team, the UN Department of Political Affairs said Wednesday in launching its first such team.

Kenya to Heal Wounds & Rebuild                                                                                  (05.03.2008) A Truth and Reconciliation-style body looks set to examine and redress the injustices that have characterized Kenya’s heterogeneous society for decades. Kenya's President Mwai Kibaki and opposition chief Raila Odinga on Tuesday [4 March 2008] agreed to unite and heal the nation that was nearly destroyed by deadly post-election violence, the presidency said.

Kenyan government met secretly with rebels                                                                  (05.03.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya (UPI) - Some 1,500 people died in Kenya amid violence after a disputed presidential election last December, BBC reported Wednesday.

Rape: A controversial weapon in African politics                                                              (05.03.2008) While  those  murdered  in  African  conflicts are obvious victims, rape victims are often neglected by government organizations.

EU warned that Kenya crisis is not fully resolved                                                            (05.03.2008) The International Watchdog Organization, Human Rights Watch, has warned the European Union not to regard the Kenyan crisis as resolved.

Members of dreaded militia gang march through Kenyan streets                                      (05.03.2008) Nairobi, Kenya - Hundreds of members of the outlawed quasi-religious Mungiki sect, stormed the streets of Kenyan capital here Wednesday, demanding for the immediate release of their leader, Maina Njenga, who was handed a five year jail sentence in June last year, after he was found guilty of being in possession of firearms and administering oaths.

Kenya parliament will reopen with busy agenda                                                              (05.03.2008) Radical bills, innovative ideas, life changing laws and comic relief amendments on the constitution will be the highlights of the first session of the 10th Parliament that opens its gates to business starting Thursday morning.

Report on Kenya’s media coverage of political crisis released                                          (05.03.2008) The three organizations Reporters Without Borders, International Media Support, and Article 19 have released a joint report on Kenya’s media coverage in the violent aftermath of the nation’s highly disputed December 27, 2007, elections.

Another referendum on way                                                                                           (05.03.2008) Kenyans will be treated to another referendum in 12 months on the new constitution to govern the country. The mediation team went a step further to establish three bodies that will address long-term issues that led to the post-election violence in which more than 1,000 people were killed.

Top- level talks augur well for Kenya                                                                              (05.03.2008) President Kibaki and ODM leader Raila Odinga on Monday met and set up a team of six to draw up plans for implementing the grand coalition deal they signed last week. The meeting was significant in several ways.

Join opposition, lawyers ask Kalonzo                                                                             (05.03.2008) Lawyers want the Vice-President, Mr Kalonzo Musyoka, to step out of Government and be  the  Leader of  the  Official  Opposition. The  Law Society of Kenya (LSK) Chairman, Mr Okong’o Omogeni, and East Africa Law Society (EALS) President, Mr Tom Ojienda, said Kalonzo should be in the opposition for the interest of Kenyans.

Displaced people returning home in Rift Valley                                                                (05.03.2008) Life is slowly returning to normal for thousands of people uprooted from their homes by post-election violence that rocked Nakuru and Molo districts.

Smile, it's a new Kenya                                                                                                (05.03.2008) President Kibaki and ODM leader Raila Odinga looked relaxed and smiled freely as they met Tuesday for the first time without mediators to prepare the ground for their coalition Government.

Now Maathai’s security detail reinstated                                                                        (05.03.2008) The Government has reinstated the security detail of Nobel Peace laureate Wangari Maathai more than a month after withdrawing it under unexplained circumstances.

Imam MP to back Muslims                                                                                           (05.03.2008) ODM nominated MP and Muslim preacher, Sheikh Mohamed Dor, will become the first Imam in Kenya’s Parliament. Dor and Ms Safia Abdi were selected by the National Muslim Leaders Forum (Namlef) for the ODM nominations and would be sworn-in on Thursday.

Switzerland denies visa to Kenyan minister                                                                    (05.03.2008) Switzerland has translated her travel ban for Kenyan leaders into practice by refusing a visa to minister Martha Karua who was to attend a conference on human rights in Geneva Switzerland.

Focus shifting to recovery, resettlement of IDPs                                                              (05.03.2008) NAIROBI (IRIN) - After two months of post-election violence, the humanitarian focus is shifting to help the hundreds of thousands of internally displaced persons (IDPs) to recover and rebuild their lives.

Kenya's wildlife needs tourists to come back - UN                                                          (05.03.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Conservation projects to protect Kenya's rich wildlife, from its rhinos to whale sharks, are at risk if the country fails to attract tourists back after a post-election crisis, the United Nations said on Wednesday.

Early Recovery of Nature-Based Tourism Good for Kenya and Good for Biodiversity Says UNEP Head (05.03.2008) Achim Steiner Backs Kenya Tourist Board and Kenya Wildlife Service Push at Berlin Tourism  Fair - Berlin/Nairobi - Tourism  can  play  a  key  role  in  restoring  economic  activity  and employment in Kenya and in doing so play its part in bringing peace and stability to the East African country, the head of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) said today.

After weeks of violence                                                                                                 (05.03.2008) ... many wonder if Kenya’s success was merely an illusion - TIGONI, Kenya - More than a century ago, European colonists carved up Africa, jamming together people who spoke different languages, danced to different music and worshipped different gods within the same borders.

Kenya police fire teargas to halt gang protest                                                                 (05.03.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Kenyan  police  fired  teargas  on  Wednesday  to  scatter  street protests by hundreds of young men demanding the release of a former leader of the outlawed Mungiki gang from prison.

State 'sanctioned' Kenyan clashes                                                                                (05.03.2008) The  BBC  has  learnt  of  allegations  of  state-sanctioned  violence in Kenya during the turmoil that  followed last December's  disputed  presidential poll. Sources allege  that meetings were hosted at the official residence of the president between the banned Mungiki militia and senior government figures.

Choppers pursue Mt Elgon militia                                                                                  (05.03.2008) The  Government  has  launched  the  long-awaited  ground-to-air  operation  against  the Sabaot Land Defence Force (SLDF) militiamen in Mt Elgon and Trans-Nzoia West districts.

DAY 67

Museveni, Annan Discuss Kenya                                                                                  (04.03.2008) FORMER UN secretary general Kofi Annan has held a meeting with President Yoweri Museveni to brief him about the power-sharing deal in Kenya.

Africom: maybe next time                                                                                             (04.03.2008) African countries refuse to let in new us military command. Base to remain in Germany - President George W. Bush is wrapping up a week-long tour of five African countries. But not even the success of the US president's visit is enough to get Africa to change its mind about Africom.

Kibaki, Raila meet to discuss grand coalition                                                                  (04.03.2008) President Mwai Kibaki Tuesday at Harambee House met with ODM leader Raila Odinga and discussed how their two parties will relate and work together in the coalition Government.

First Kenya meeting since deal                                                                                     (04.03.2008) Kenyan  President  Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister  designate  Raila Odinga are holding their first meeting since  they signed a deal  to share power. Mr Odinga has hinted that MPs from the two parties will have a joint meeting before parliament convenes on Thursday.

Tanzanian leader emerges as regional power broker                                                        (04.03.2008) By Daniel Wallis NAIROBI, March 4 (Reuters) - The involvement of Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete in sealing a deal to end Kenya's crisis has raised hopes he can push forward east African economic and political integration as a strong regional power broker.

Kenya's political leaders seek to heal wounds                                                                (04.03.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Kenya's political leaders are intent on healing wounds and uniting a country torn apart by post-election violence, opposition leader Raila Odinga said on Tuesday.

Kenya President, Opposition Leader Meet                                                                      (04.03.2008) NAIROBI,  Kenya (AP) - Kenya's  president  and  the  rival  with  whom he has agreed to share power after weeks of bitter negotiations held a two-hour meeting Tuesday about how to move the country past postelection violence that killed more than 1,000 people.

These criminal gangs must be destroyed                                                                       (04.03.2008) The  killing  of 12 people  near  Kitale by a shadowy gang is sending a chilling message that calm has yet to return to some parts of the country, despite the efforts to end violence.

Knut wants Mt Elgon land row resolved                                                                          (04.03.2008) Teachers want the Government to resolve the land dispute at the controversial Chebyuk Settlement Scheme in clash-torn Mt Elgon District which has affected learning in the area.

Food reserves won’t last long                                                                                        (04.03.2008) Available food reserves can only last for the next eight months. The Government says unless farmers in Rift Valley prepare their farms in time and plant crops for this season, the country was likely to experience serious food shortages.

13 people killed in night raid                                                                                          (04.03.2008) Thirteen people, including five family members, were killed when suspected Sabaot Land Defense Force (SLDF) gang raided a trading centre in Trans-Nzoia West District.

US missile strike kills women and children at Kenya/Somalia border                                (04.03.2008) The US military  fired  missiles at a town  in  southern Somalia in the pre-dawn hours of Monday  morning, killing  and  wounding  civilians. Local  officials in  the  town  of  Dobley  told  news agencies  that  at  least  three  women  and  three  children  were killed in the attack and another 20 wounded.

Kenyan brand of democracy a facade                                                                            (04.03.2008) I detest the new tyranny in the façade of democracy, especially the Kenyan brand. Though fronted as an inclusive political system where the majority decide, the select few have devised a way of circumventing the majority.

DAY 66

Kenyan Refugees Return Home                                                                                     (03.03.2008) KENYAN  refugees  at  Mulanda  transit  centre in Tororo district have begun going back home. The  deputy  resident deputy district  commissioner, Richard Gulume, said  at least 367 of the displaced at Mulanda had returned home in the last few days.

Kenya's new geography                                                                                                (03.03.2008) Post-election violence in Kenya has scarred the country. - ELDORET, Kenya - The two months of post-election violence that has plagued Kenya has created a new geography. Francis, our driver, points it out to us as we drive through Kisumu in Western Kenya.

Fifteen killed in Kenya as politicians thrash out reforms                                                   (03.03.2008) NAIROBI (AFP) - Fresh  ethnic  violence  claims  at least 15 lives  in Kenya's Rift Valley region, police  said Monday, while  political rivals discussed their new deal to share power and tackle root causes of the strife.

How Kikwete, New Darling of the West, Saved the Country From Collapse                        (03.03.2008) What  influence  and  clout  did  the  chairman  of the African Union, Tanzanian President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, bring to bear on the Kenyan mediation process? Those were the questions on the lips of most observers as the country celebrated last Thursday's historic breakthrough in the protracted negotiations.

EAST AFRICA: 14 million "face hardship from drought"                                                   (03.03.2008) KAMPALA (IRIN) - Up to 14 million people in the greater Horn of African region are expected to suffer under harsh weather conditions in the next three months that threaten food security, according to climate specialists meeting in Kampala, the Ugandan capital.

Nakuru curfew lifted                                                                                                      (03.03.2008) The Government has finally lifted the one-month curfew imposed in Nakuru and its environs. Speaking on phone to Kenya News Agency Monday, the Rift valley Provincial Commissioner Hassan Noor Hassan said that due to improved security, normalcy has returned and people can now go about their business without fear.

A somewhat misleading piece by the BBC                                                                     (03.03.2008) The horrible attack, which happened last night in Kinyoro / Trans-Nzoia-West District actually  was a revenche mission  launched  by  the  Sabaot  Land  Defence Force (SLDF), a ragtag though  well  armed  militia  of  Kalenjin-speaking  Bok  people  against  their  own  people  of  a Bok community, which had not agreed to participate in the armed terror the SLDF has slammed on all non-Kalenjin, especially the aboriginal Ogiek, in the Mount Elgon and Trans-Nzoia areas.

Suspected US missile strike in Somalia along Kenya/Somali border                                 (03.03.2008) KISMAYU, Somalia (Reuters) - Two  missiles  hit a makeshift  house in a remote area of southern Somalia on Monday  and  local officials and witnesses said they believed it was a U.S. air strike against Islamist insurgents.

Europeans ease Kenya warnings                                                                                   (03.03.2008) THE easing of travel advisories to Kenya by the U.S., U.K. and key European should be reflected  by  Australia  during  the  next  week, according  to chairman Charles Bench at Australia’s leading African safari operator Bench International.

UN role mulled after Kenya election                                                                               (03.03.2008) UNITED NATIONS (AP) - Kofi Annan used all his negotiating skills to work out a power-sharing deal over Kenya's contested presidential election. If the former UN secretary-general hadn't stepped in, African Union and UN officials acknowledge, they wouldn't have known what to do next.

South African judge to chair poll review team                                                                  (03.03.2008) Former head of South Africa’s Independent Electoral Commission, Judge Christiaan Kriegler, is to chair the Independent Review Committee that will investigate the 2007 General Election, The Standard has learnt.

US pledges support for deal                                                                                          (03.03.2008) The United States of America will provide an additional Sh2 billion to facilitate the implementation of the power-sharing deal to end Kenya political turmoil.

IDPs receive power deal with mixed reactions                                                                 (03.03.2008) Displaced people at various camps in Kisumu town have received the power sharing agreement between President Kibaki and Mr Raila Odinga with mixed reactions.

Ugandan soldiers did not infiltrate the Force, says officer                                                 (03.03.2008) Was the Kenya Police assisted by outsiders? This is the question worrying human rights activists following reports that hundreds of people speaking in an unusual Kiswahili and sporting jungle camouflage and gumboots (rather than the normal police boots) were reportedly seen in Bungoma, Eldoret, Busia, Mumias and Kisumu operating alongside the Kenya Police.

Leaders protest at war arrests                                                                                       (03.03.2008) Cabinet minister Moses Wetang’ula wants the youths arrested on the farm of former Saboti MP Davis Nakitare while allegedly undergoing illegal military training released.

Raila in plea for tourism revival                                                                                       (03.03.2008) ODM leader Raila Odinga Sunday made a passionate appeal to tourists to return to Kenya for their vacations saying the country is now safe.

Somali elders say four civilians killed in US air raid near Kenya/Somalia border                 (03.03.2008) MOGADISHU/Nairobi (AFP) - An Islamist-held town in Somalia came under attack Monday from what local elders identified as a US Air Force AC-130 gunship, leaving at least four civilians dead.

Kenyan police say 15 killed in Rift Valley attack                                                             (03.03.2008) NAIROBI (AFP) - At least 15 people were killed and several wounded when raiders attacked overnight a village in Kenya's Rift Valley, which has been widely affected by post-electoral violence, police said Monday.

DAY 65

World Bank Group Statement on Kenya                                                                         (02.03.2008) The World Bank Group welcomes the signing of the agreement and creation of a coalition government to bring an end to the political impasse. We commend the leaders for making this important commitment towards peace and reconciliation.

Kenya in Translation: An Interview with Ngugi wa Thiong'o                                                (02.03.2008) Ngugi wa Thiong'o was imprisoned for writing in his own language. He speaks to AlterNet about the importance of language in battling oppression.

Militia Groups Are a Worrying Phenomenon                                                                   (02.03.2008) That there are people preparing to disturb the peace is really worrying. That these illegal and secretive armed groups could be having high level backing is certainly shocking.

U.S. official: Missiles fired at Somalia terror target at Kenya Border                                  (02.03.2008) WASHINGTON (CNN) - The United States on Monday used precision missiles to strike a "known terrorist target" in southern Somalia, a U.S. military official said.

America Gives Sh1.7 Billion as Reconstruction Begins                                                    (02.03.2008) Reconstruction of structures destroyed during the post-election violence has started after Thursday's signing of power-sharing deal between President Kibaki and Mr Raila Odinga.

Deal-broker Annan leaves Kenya (02.03.2008)                                                                        Former  United  Nations  Secretary  General  Kofi  Annan  has left  Kenya after helping secure a deal between  the country's  rival political  leaders. Mr Annan successfully mediated  in talks following the presidential election in December which the opposition said was flawed by vote rigging.

Kofi Annan Urges Kenyans to Ensure Peace                                                                  (02.03.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) - Kofi Annan said Sunday that Kenyans must ensure the country moves beyond a bloody postelection crisis now that its political leaders have agreed to share power.

Kenyans want live House coverage                                                                                (02.03.2008) As Parliament has been convened on Thursday, a majority of Kenyans believe the time has come for live radio and television coverage of the proceedings in the House.

The Swiss deny minister visa to travel to Geneva                                                            (02.03.2008) A Cabinet minister has been denied a visa to travel to Geneva, Switzerland, on official assignment. The minister, who is a member of PNU and was to leave on Saturday night with a ministerial team, cancelled the trip on Thursday after being informed of the visa ban.

Nigerian diplomat replaces Annan                                                                                  (02.03.2008) Seasoned Nigerian diplomat, Ambassador Oluyemi Adeniji, takes over as chair of the mediation talks this morning. He is relieving Dr Kofi Annan who steered the process for a month leading to last Thursday’s power sharing deal.

Major task ahead for AG as Annan leaves                                                                      (02.03.2008) Chief mediator Kofi Annan leaves the country on Sunday as the task of transforming the historic Harambee House deal into law shifts to Attorney-General Amos Wako and Parliament.

DAY 64

MUST READ: Us and Them - The Enduring Power of Ethnic Nationalism                          (01.03.2008) - Ethnic  nationalism  a  formidable  force - March/April  2008 -  Summary: Americans generally belittle  the  role  of ethnic  nationalism  in  politics.  But  in  fact,  it  corresponds  to  some  enduring  propensities  of  the  human spirit,  it is galvanized  by  modernization, and  in  one form or another, it will drive global politics for generations to come. Once ethnic nationalism has captured the imagination of groups in a multiethnic society, ethnic disaggregation or partition is often the least bad answer.

Post-poll: 35,000 people in northern Kenya face starvation                                               (01.03.2008) Nairobi, Kenya - At least 35,000 people in northern Kenya face hunger and starvation as a result of a debilitating drought and post-election violence that cut off food supplies to the mainly pastrolitist communities, a British international charity, ActionAid warned here Saturday.

Kenyan opposition leader says France could serve as model for new power sharing deal    (01.03.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya: Kenya's opposition leader said on Saturday that France can serve as a model for Kenya because its political system has allowed rival political parties to work together in government.

It's Time To Demilitarize US Policy in Africa                                                                   (01.03.2008) Since the end of the Cold War, the U.S. has fomented no less than fourteen wars in Africa -- enough is enough. It's time to demilitarize US policy toward the African continent. Since the end of the Cold War in 1989, Republican and Democratic administrations alike have provided military aid, military training, military assistance and arms transfers to at least 50 out of 53 African nations, and fomented no less than fourteen wars.

Tension grips farms following killings                                                                              (01.03.2008) Tension remained high at two farms in the Mau Summit area of the clash-torn Molo District after three people were killed, nine injured and more than 30 houses torched by raiders.

After the grand coalition, let’s lay the foundation for a united nation                                   (01.03.2008) Kenya is 45 years old today, but it is yet to find peace with itself. In this day and age, we still engage in tribal clashes and cattle rustling as well as burn houses and chop off one another’s necks.

Security Council urges Kenyan leaders to implement power-sharing deal without delay      (01.03.2008) UNITED NATIONS (AP) - The U.N. Security Council welcomed the new power-sharing agreement in Kenya and urged President Mwai Kibaki and opposition leader Raila Odinga to implement it «in full and without delay.

From Tutu to Kikwete-World leaders who came calling                                                    (01.03.2008) On January 29, Mr Kofi Annan predicted that the squabble over the disputed presidential results would be solved within a month.

Hate speech SMS offenders already tracked                                                                  (01.03.2008) A list of more than 1,700 contacts of individuals who created or forwarded short message service (SMS) messages to incite ethnic violence has been compiled and is awaiting government action.

Media urged to keep a sharp eye on new deal                                                                (01.03.2008) Journalists should monitor the historic agreement signed by President Kibaki and ODM leader Raila Odinga to ensure it is fulfilled to the letter.


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