Presidential Election Disaster and Civil Strife in Kenya
Documentation of the developments



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DAY 59

Annan meets Raila and Kibaki over deadlock                                                                  (25.02.2008) Talks seeking to end Kenya’s post-election crisis ended in a stalemate on Monday after Government and ODM negotiators failed to agree on the role and powers of the proposed prime minister.

Talks must not go a day longer than necessary                                                              (25.02.2008) By the end of this week, the mediation talks to return Kenya to peace and back on track to democracy - following unprecedented bloodshed and chaos over discredited presidential elections described as deeply flawed - will be a month old.

US Military Plan for Africa Panned                                                                                 (25.02.2008) NEW YORK - While in Africa this week, George W. Bush drew fire for his plans to expand the United States' military presence on the resource-rich but economically strapped continent.

Guns recovered from park encroachers                                                                          (25.02.2008) UGANDA Wildlife Authority (UWA) officials, the Police and the army have recovered four guns from encroachers on Mt. Elgon National Park, reports Gerald Tenywa.

Ethnic tensions split Kenya, pose risk-UN                                                                      (25.02.2008) UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - Two months of violence in Kenya have split the country along ethnic lines and there is a risk of further clashes if the political crisis is not resolved quickly, a top U.N. official said on Monday.

Kenyan VP in Kampala On Talks Progress                                                                    (25.02.2008) PRESIDENT Yoweri Museveni yesterday held a meeting with Kenyan vice-president Kalonzo Musyoka at State House Entebbe, during which they discussed the progress of the talks between Kenya's government and the opposition.

The return of ethnic nationalism                                                                                     (25.02.2008) In Africa last week, President Bush deplored the genocide in Rwanda in the 1990s, defended his refusal to send U.S. troops to Darfur and decried the ethnic slaughter in Kenya.

Over 1,500 People Have Died In Kenya Unrest                                                                (25.02.2008) Nairobi, Kenya (AHN) - More than 1,500 have died in tribal fights and riots in Kenya since December's disputed re-election of President Mwai Kibaki, police reported on Monday.

Crisis Demands Both Immediate And Long-Term Solutions - UN Envoy                             (25.02.2008) International efforts to help Kenya recover from the unrest that started after election results were challenged in December should thoroughly address the root causes of the violence, but must first help resolve the political crisis as a matter of urgency, the United Nations' top humanitarian official said today.

State Should Ensure Safety for All                                                                                 (25.02.2008) More needs to be done. The mediation is at a critical stage. All those involved need to realise - or be forced to realise - just how much hinges on their efforts.

As Kenya talks stall, Annan threatens to pull out, source says                                        (25.02.2008) Nairobi - Former United Nations secretary general Kofi Annan seemed to become exasperated with the mediation talks he is leading to end the crisis in Kenya, threatening Monday to leave if stalling continues, a source said.

Laws Can't Guarantee Property Rights                                                                           (25.02.2008) The recent post-election violence was aimed as much at individuals as at their properties. From farmhouse torchings, to the looting of shops and the illegal occupation of houses in Nairobi, private property as a fundamental right is under assault. The destruction has been as much about economic resentment as it has been about disputed election results.

Change Ethnicity to What You Fancy - Be a Muganda, Then Luo                                     (25.02.2008) In most African cultures, there is a saying to the effect that when you live long you get to see many things that were unimaginable during your earlier years. Those of us living in Uganda today are that lucky, for we are seeing a major societal transformation that could not be imagined a few decades ago.

Kenya opposition announces nationwide, peaceful rallies                                                 (25.02.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) - Kenya's opposition is calling for nationwide rallies later this week after accusing the government of backing away from plans to share power.

Kenya Opposition Announces Rallies                                                                            (25.02.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) - Kenya's opposition accused the government of backing away from plans to share power after a deeply flawed presidential election and called for nationwide protests, raising fears of new violence.

Kenya opposition calls for mass protest                                                                         (25.02.2008) Kenya's opposition today called for mass rallies after negotiators admitted failing to resolve outstanding issues on power sharing.

UNHCR flies in more humanitarian supplies to Kenya                                                      (25.02.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya (UNHCR) - The UN refugee agency has flown 2,345 lightweight family tents to Kenya for use by tens of thousands of people displaced in different parts of the country during post-election violence this year.

PNU denies reaching deal with ODM                                                                             (25.02.2008) The ruling party for National Unity (PNU has denied the previously announced conclusion of a power-sharing deal with the opposition Orange democratic Party (ODM).

Kenya peace talks reach impasse                                                                                 (25.02.2008) Talks aimed at ending the political crisis in Kenya have stalled, forcing mediator Kofi Annan to intervene. He is to seek the input of President Mwai Kibaki and rival Raila Odinga in an attempt to salvage the process.

Fresh political crisis looms in Kenya                                                                              (25.02.2008) Nairobi, Kenya - Kenyans are bracing up for another round of mass protest s and what the opposition calls "civil disobedience" if talks to end the post-el e ction crisis does not provide a breakthrough this week.

ICG Recommends Key Complementary Issues For Kenya Crisis Talks                             (25.02.2008) For the last four weeks a team led by former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan has been trying to broker a deal between the Kenyan government of President Mwai Kibaki and the opposition led by Raila Odinga.

Musyoka calls for review committee                                                                               (25.02.2008) Vice president Kalonzo Musyoka says an independent review committee should be established to inquire into all aspects of the 2007 presidential elections.

Our lives are in danger, councilors claim                                                                        (25.02.2008) Several Nairobi councilors allied to PNU claim that they have received death threats from unknown people following the outcome of Monday's mayoral elections.

Talks hit a snag                                                                                                           (25.02.2008) Talks to resolve the political stalemate in the country Monday hit a snag Monday after the government side and ODM failed to agree.

Kenyan talks at standstill, Annan to meet rivals                                                              (25.02.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Talks to end Kenya's political crisis reached a standstill on Monday and negotiators from both sides said President Mwai Kibaki and rival Raila Odinga must now make the hard decisions on sharing power themselves.

Analysts warn of looming famine                                                                                   (25.02.2008) Kenya may be forced to fight a looming famine, if the post election crisis persists, a key business body in the country has warned.

Kenya's rival groups gird for fresh violence                                                                      (25.02.2008) As residents pin their hopes on talks to resolve the post-election crisis, eyewitnesses in Kenyan say that militias are re-arming themselves for fresh attacks.

Victims seek to stop the Annan talks, while - Man wants to share power with Raila           (25.02.2008) The State Monday questioned a case by 44 victims of the Eldoret church inferno seeking to stop the ongoing mediation talks.

Annan to meet rivals as Kenyan talks at standstill                                                          (25.02.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Talks to end Kenya's political crisis reached a standstill on Monday and negotiators from both sides said President Mwai Kibaki and rival Raila Odinga must now make the hard decisions on sharing power themselves.

Kenya talks reach standstill                                                                                          (25.02.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya (CNN) -- Negotiating teams for Kenya's government and opposition left their talks after only half a day Monday amid clear sticking points, sources close to the negotiations said.

Kenya unrest toll above 1,500: police                                                                             (25.02.2008) More than 1,500 people have died in Kenyan unrest since the disputed re-election of President Mwai Kibaki in December, police said Monday, a sharp rise on the previous toll of at least 1,000.

Kenya: Nobel Peace Prize winner receives death threats                                                 (25.02.2008) On Wednesday 27 February, hundreds of Amnesty International supporters across the globe - including the UK - will join in solidarity with the people in Kenya in an international Day of Action.

Kenyan Churches call for fresh elections                                                                        (25.02.2008) RELIGIOUS leaders in Kenya have called for a fresh general election as the only way out of the current political impasse in Kenya. Talks aimed at ending the stalemate being chaired by Kofi Annan, former UN Secretary General is dragging on in Nairobi with the opposition, Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) this week threatening to call for mass action if the mediation talks do not bear any tangible result.

Nairobi Mayoral Poll Runs Into Stalemate                                                                       (25.02.2008) Today's Nairobi mayoral elections have ended in a stalemate after two candidates received the same number of votes.

Kenya parties still seek peace deal                                                                               (25.02.2008) Kenya seemed no nearer to a settlement of its violent political divide despite optimism at the weekend that a deal was close. More than 1,000 people have been killed in riots and ethnic attacks since trouble erupted over December's disputed presidential election.

Rights lobby accuses police over killings                                                                        (25.02.2008) A human rights organization, mandated to carry out investigations into the post-election deaths in Kenya has accused the police of arbitrarily executing unarmed protesters and subjecting others to torture and degrading treatment.

Kenyan wildlife reserves hit by bush fires                                                                        (25.02.2008) As much as a third of one of Kenya's best known national parks, Lake Nakuru, has been destroyed by a series of wild fires, with fears that the now dormant blazes could re-ignite at any time.

Film announcement                                                                                                      (25.02.2008) Cutting Edge: Living With Corruption - How corruption affects every waking moment for Africa's poor. - For one week, journalist Sorious Samura embeds himself in the smelliest slums of Kenya to show how endemic corruption affects every waking moment for Africa's poor.

Police Step in to Quell Rent Row                                                                                   (25.02.2008) Illegal occupation of houses in some Nairobi residents took a dramatic twist last week when the police entered the fray. When Kasarani OCPD, Mr Jasper Ombati, commanded his troops into troubled Ngomongo, Korogocho and Mathare, the areas resembled a battlefield.

29 Disabled Killed in Poll Violence                                                                                 (25.02.2008) Twenty nine mentally sick people have been killed in post-election violence, according to the Kenya Society for the Mentally Handicapped (KSMH).

No breakthrough in Kenya's latest round of talks                                                             (25.02.2008) During the latest round of talks to resolve the impasse following December's disputed elections, the Chief Negotiator of Kenya's opposition ODM, William Ruto, says they have failed to agree with the government on a number of issues.

Nowhere to Go                                                                                                             (25.02.2008) More than 10,000 displaced people, who have moved to their "ancestral lands" in western Kenya to escape ethnic violence, face an uncertain future in what is, for many, a foreign country.

Report Identifies Causes of Deaths During Kenya's Post-Election Violence                       (25.02.2008) In Kenya, talks to settle the post-election political crisis resume Monday with some immediacy to find a political settlement. President Mwai Kibaki’s Party of National Unity and opposition leader Raila Odinga’s Orange Democratic Movement have reportedly agreed in principle on the creation of the posts of prime minister and two deputies. There has been no agreement on both sides having equal number of cabinet positions in the proposed grand coalition government.

Kenyan foes to resume crisis talks                                                                                (25.02.2008) NAIROBI (AFP) - Kenyan leaders were due Monday to resume power-sharing talks to end the political crisis in the east African state that has sparked violence which has claimed over one thousand lives.

Kenya refugees request for permanent settlement in Uganda, while more arrive at Mulanda (25.02.2008) The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) with support from Uganda Red Cross Society (URCS) has so far re-located 1, 870 Kenyan refugees to Mulanda, a former technical institute in Tororo. More refugees keep on flowing to Mulanda from nearby communities they had opted to stay in during the re-location exercise while others come from camps in Kenya where facilities are limited.

Kenya rivals resume crisis talks                                                                                    (25.02.2008) Nairobi - Kenya's warring political parties have resumed their lengthy and often bitter negotiations to try to end a political crisis. Nearly two months after a flawed presidential vote that sparked widespread violence in the east African country, Kenya is still waiting for its government and an opposition that says the election was stolen to find a way to share power.

For Kenya's Human Rights Chairman, an Environment of Fear                                         (25.02.2008) Threats Shadow Critic of Election And Its Aftermath - It was a telephone call that drove home Maina Kiai's worst nightmare. Kiai, the head of Kenya's National Commission on Human Rights, had appeared on television during a dinner party in January in one of Nairobi's wealthy neighborhoods.

Fear may change ethnic map of Kenya                                                                          (25.02.2008) Tens of thousands of people are resettling in their ancestral homelands to escape tribal violence. LIMURU, KENYA - A month after mobs burned down his hardware store and chased his family into a squalid displacement camp, Joseph Kamau, 35, decided it was time to go home.

Kaparo hits at executive presidency                                                                               (25.02.2008) Former National Assembly speaker Francis ole Kaparo Sunday said a parliamentary system was the only way to end the political turmoil in the country.

Party plotting to paralyse Annan-led talks, 5 MPs claim                                                  (25.02.2008) Five Members of Parliament from Central and Rift Valley provinces Sunday accused ODM MPs of plotting to paralyse the Kofi Annan-led talks through mass action.

Armed militia take over houses                                                                                      (25.02.2008) In Nairobi’s Mathare estates, a gang of 20 has emerged from the post-election violence, and is now reaping from other people’s sweat.

Here’s bitter truth for the ODM and PNU Protagonists                                                     (25.02.2008) For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Principal protagonists in the political deadlock need to ponder over this biblical verse this week, which is set to be either decisive or explosive.

Group faults probe into deaths                                                                                       (25.02.2008) Investigations into post-election violence deaths should be conducted in line with internationally recognised procedures, a human rights lobby said Sunday.

STATE OF THE NATION: Kenyan crisis could take different path if fires spread to burn its neighbours (25.02.2008) If you have a lot of stamina, you are a fast driver, and set out before dawn from Kigali, you can arrive in Nairobi in time for a late dinner the same day.

Fresh dispute over prime minister deal                                                                           (25.02.2008) The Government and ODM Sunday differed over the number of concessions made so far in the talks aimed at ending the post-election political crisis.

Signs of agreement on prime minister                                                                            (25.02.2008) A prime minister appointed by the president but sharing powers with an executive president. This is the gist of the broad agreement that had been hammered out by the Kofi Annan-led negotiating team on Thursday last week.

Men abducted by ‘police officers’ feared executed                                                           (25.02.2008) Four men arrested by people claiming to be police last month are missing, raising fears they may have been executed.

I didn’t seek Nigeria’s help: Raila                                                                                   (25.02.2008) Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga has denied seeking Nigeria’s help in resolving Kenya’s political crisis.

Talks must not go a day longer than necessary                                                              (25.02.2008) By the end of this week, the mediation talks to return Kenya to peace and back on track to democracy - following unprecedented bloodshed and chaos over discredited presidential elections described as deeply flawed - will be a month old.

Not yet time for grand coalition                                                                                      (25.02.2008) CONTRARY TO Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan suggestion to Kenyan MPs that the two sides join hands and form a grand coalition to enact reforms, the country may not be ready for such an arrangement.

Raila: Report was malicious                                                                                          (25.02.2008) ODM leader, Mr Raila Odinga, has taken exception to reports alleging that he went to Nigeria to ask President Umaru Yar’Adua to join the efforts to find a political settlement to the crisis in Kenya.

Clip powers of president, says Kaparo                                                                           (25.02.2008) Former National Assembly Speaker, Mr Francis ole Kaparo, has blamed the presidency for post-election turmoil. To guard against such anarchy, Kaparo called for constitutional changes to introduce a parliamentary system of governance.

Fresh urgency as talks resume                                                                                     (25.02.2008) The talks must now assume a serious sense of urgency and conclude a political settlement within this week, mediators were told on a day Party of National Unity (PNU) threw another tantrum over the ongoing mediation.

Rift Valley land issues date back to the colonial period                                                    (25.02.2008) As Kenya grapples with how to address the highly complicated land question, the story of one of the country’s most promising lawyers’ struggle to prove land ownership patterns in parts of the Rift Valley province and elsewhere comes to mind.

Lawyers want talks concluded                                                                                       (25.02.2008) More than 600 lawyers want former UN Secretary-General, Dr Kofi Annan, to wind up the mediation talks. The West Kenya Law Society (WKLS) said the talks were taking too long.

Secular meets gospel: An unholy alliance?                                                                    (25.02.2008) JACK HAD A CONFUSING NIGHT out. He had been invited for an overnight prayer meeting at a church in Nairobi. Adjacent to the church was a busy nightclub.

All is not well at the parks as tourists keep off                                                                (25.02.2008) Last November, George Gaiti opened a souvenir shop, Mega Gift Shop, at the far end of the Nairobi National Park compound. It was also visible to the drivers on the busy Langata Road.

We need to resolve land issue sincerely                                                                         (25.02.2008) There are discordant if not too generalised voices on the land issue. “Land is an issue in the post-poll violence”, some have posited.

Another test as mayoral polls get under way                                                                  (25.02.2008) After four weeks of intrigue and playing hide and seek games - some in luxurious resorts - councillors go to the polls today to elect new mayors and chairmen of civic authorities countrywide.

Slums the new battle front as gangs evict landlords                                                         (25.02.2008) A pink doll, with the left leg missing and a leather-bound black Bible supporting several books sum up the miserable collection of the occupant’s room.

Truckers, touts prey on women at camp                                                                         (25.02.2008) Truck drivers and matatu touts are allegedly eloping with displaced women camping at Ugunja trading centre in Siaya District.

Police training for 5,000 NYS recruits begins                                                                  (25.02.2008) Police training of the first group of National Youth Service (NYS) recruits has begun. It started at the NYS Gilgil College where 5,000 recruits will undergo a crash programme. They will then be posted to the regular and Administration Police.

Kenya far from MDGs                                                                                                   (25.02.2008) Kenya is among the sub-Saharan countries that are not likely to meet their Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by the 2015 deadline. Mid-way to the set deadline, many countries in sub-Saharan Africa continue to register high child mortality rates.

What Kenya must do to resolve political impasse                                                           (25.02.2008) The first report on Kenya by the International Crisis Group (ICG) says that despite the current mediation efforts, serious obstacles remain. Armed groups are still mobilising on both sides. ODM has put on hold its calls for mass action and is using the talks to restore prestige it lost internationally due to the violence.

It’s all out war, Ngilu to Kalonzo                                                                                    (25.02.2008) Kitui Central MP, Mrs Charity Ngilu, has revived her turf war with Vice-President, Mr Kalonzo Musyoka. On Sunday, she told the VP to brace himself for a bruising battle for political supremacy in Ukambani.

Majimbo calls for serious, practical thought to succeed                                                   (25.02.2008) A LOT has been said about the benefits and otherwise of a majimbo system in Kenya. It’s time we moved to thinking of how to implement it as all indications are that the country is ripe for majimbo.

Airport staff threaten to go on strike                                                                               (25.02.2008) Kenya Aviation and Allied Workers Union has issued a 21-day strike notice over working conditions. The strike could paralyse air traffic to east Africa’s largest economy, whose critical tourism sector has been hit hard by post-election violence.

Condi Encounters Half-Naked Tribal Leaders in Africa                                                      (25.02.2008) Each week, veteran Condiwatcher Peter Huestis (also known as "Princess Sparkle Pony") provides a summary of the searing wit and infinite wisdom of America’s Favorite Princess Diplomat™! - Condi got to go back to the rumored land of her ancestors. No, not Russia, Africa!

Kenyan foes resume crisis talks                                                                                    (25.02.2008) NAIROBI (AFP) - Kenyan leaders resumed power-sharing talks on Monday in a bid to end the post-election political crisis in the east African state which sparked communal violence and left more than 1,500 people dead.

DAY 58

More Kenyan refugees flee into Uganda                                                                         (24.02.2008) THE number of Kenyans seeking refuge at Mulanda transit camp in Tororo district has increased, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

Revealed: Secrets of talks with Rice                                                                              (24.02.2008) The secret details of the high-level meetings US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice held with President Kibaki and ODM leader Raila Odinga in her few hours of diplomacy in Nairobi can be revealed today.

Raila tries to involve Nigeria in talks                                                                               (24.02.2008) Nigeria may have been urged to quietly join the efforts to return peace to Kenya. In an unannounced visit, ODM leader Raila Odinga held private talks with Nigeria’s immediate past President, Olusegun Obasanjo, asking him to urge President Umaru Yar’Adua to bring Nigeria’s might to bear on the disputants in Kenya to embrace peace by reaching a quick accord.

Kalonzo meets Kagame over crisis                                                                                (24.02.2008) Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka visited Rwanda on Friday and met with President Paul Kagame in a visit described as a “solution-finding visit”. This came just weeks after President Kagame, during a routine presidential press conference, suggested that a military intervention would end the post-election crisis in Kenya.

Diplomacy Not Convincing                                                                                            (24.02.2008) The rejection of renowned conflicts mediator, Mr Cyril Ramaphosa is so far, the biggest diplomatic let down in the Kenyan crisis. Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Mr John Kuffuor, Ms endayi Frazer, Mr Kenneth Kaunda, Mr Khetumile Masire, Mr Joaquim Chissano, Ms Graca Marcel, Mr Benjamin Mkapa was not quite such a long list of international intervention that Kenya could not absorb into their strategic diplomacy.

Spread mediation spirit beyond the Serena                                                                     (24.02.2008) Should mediation be a singular event or a philosophy allowed to actively percolate into all layers of our nationhood? This question is important because the status of the current mediation as a singular event held behind closed doors in Nairobi, and recently at a secluded lodge, has left every Kenyan craning his or her neck for glimpse of the small but important team at the Serena. This has relegated everyone else to a passive status.

Refugee in Business                                                                                                    (24.02.2008) The sound of Buffalo Soldier a song by Bob Marley interrupts Mpimbaza Hashaka's (RDC of Tororo) address about the situation in the Mulanda Community Polytechnic Instructors' College, a Kenyan refugee site in Tororo.

To the Destitute, the Right to Elect Leaders is Very Useless                                           (24.02.2008) 'Africa's New Governance Models' by J. Oloka Onyango and Nansozi K. Muwanga debates the form and substance of promises by the post Cold War "new breed of African leaders".

Government - No Agreement On Contentious Issues                                                       (24.02.2008) The Government side in the Annan-led mediated talks has said no agreement has been reached on four contentious issues.

Kenya Vice President Contemplates Criminalising Ethnicity                                            (24.02.2008) Kenya vice president Kalonzo Musyoka contemplated criminalising ethnicity as a solution to the crisis in his country.

Battle Rocks on Somalia-Kenya Border District                                                              (25.02.2008) Over one hour lasted fighting between Dobley district's police forces and tribal militias erupted in the district situated between Kenya and Somalia, authorities said.

No agreement on ministerial appointments, govt says                                                     (24.02.2008) As Kenyans await the Kofi Annan led mediation talks to resume Monday after a weekend break, the government negotiating team has moved to clarify the status of the talks so far.

Taskforce on media is illegal                                                                                         (24.02.2008) The motive behind the proposed Government taskforce to examine the media’s coverage of General Election remains suspect.

Leaders blame officers for Rift Valley violence                                                                 (24.02.2008) Politicians and religious leaders have accused police of worsening the post-election violence by using excessive force. Police, they said, shot innocent people while the inciters went scot-free.

Forget about State House, it’s our nationhood that is at stake                                          (24.02.2008) That we as a nation are at crossroads is an understatement of disproportionately large dimensions. Crossroads actually present no real trouble; isn’t it said that all roads, after all, lead to Rome? At the crossroads, one can pick any of the four possible routes and still get home.

Time Ripe to Amend This Document                                                                              (24.02.2008) Why do I respect the Jesus of gospel? Because of his practical wisdom. He serves the spirit of the law, not the letter of it. Thus he often deliberately breaks the law so as to make its spirit more manifest. He thus exposes the hypocrisy of the Pharisees time and again.

The US in Kenya ... duh!                                                                                               (24.02.2008) By the time international diplomat and former United Nations secretary-general Kofi Annan arrived in Kenya to attempt mediation between Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga, the two warring leaders had not even met each other and African Union chairman and Ghanian President John Kufuor, after spending just two days in Nairobi, had left with little success to report.

Country Edges Close to Deal                                                                                        (24.02.2008) A deal ending the impasse could be announced mid this week, if the parties agree on the sole divisive issue remaining at the talks chaired by former United Nations Secretary General Dr Kofi Annan. If the two parties agree on Monday or on Tuesday, the fate of the country will remain in the hands of President Mwai Kibaki and ODM leader, Mr Raila Odinga.

Blame US for despotism from Kenya to Pakistan                                                            (24.02.2008) UNTIL he was circumcised with a machete in front of a jeering mob and then dragged off to be beheaded, Robert Ochieng had been a symbol of modern, post-tribal harmony in Kenya.

PNU’s hurdles undermining search for settlement                                                           (24.02.2008) President Kibaki and his PNU brigade seem to be borrowing from Chinese war strategist, Sun Tzu, to navigate through the current crisis.

Nakuru national park fire spreads                                                                                   (24.02.2008) A fire that broke out in the Lake Nakuru National Park continued unabated for the second day on Saturday. The fire spread to the eastern side as Kenya Wildlife Service warders and Kenya Army soldiers battled to put it out yesterday.

Cattle rustlers using mobile phones                                                                               (24.02.2008) Police in West Pokot say use of mobile phones by cattle rustlers is making it hard to track them. The raiders use the gadgets to monitor police movement. The practice has become rampant along West Pokot-Trans Nzoia border.

Githongo: Corruption to blame                                                                                       (24.02.2008) Grand corruption could have played a key role in last year’s discredited General Election, a former anti-corruption czar has said.

North Rift group tells ODM to call off demos                                                                   (24.02.2008) A group of civil societies in the North Rift has urged ODM to call off the mass action slated for next week. They urged the party to give the Kofi Annan-led talks a chance. ODM has called for mass action on Friday if no deal is reached.

Boy, 10, among those police killed in raid                                                                      (24.02.2008) A boy, 10, was among seven people shot dead by police officers who were tracking down stolen cattle in Trans Mara District. Dominic Kiprotich, a Standard Six pupil at Chebulu Primary School, was gunned down while on his way to school on Wednesday morning.

Localise the mediation solutions                                                                                    (24.02.2008) In the next few days the mediation talks may yield a solution to our political stalemate. We all hope that unlike the treaty of Versailles, the solution will be long lasting; both parties will not go back to the trenches.

Chief Justice can help restore confidence in the Judiciary                                                (24.02.2008) There is an eye-catching advertisement in the current edition of the Economist. It is a notice of 21 vacancies of the Queen’s Bench and Chancery Divisions of the High Court. It reads: "How are High Court Judges appointed? It answers: "On merit." The judicial appointments commission of the UK placed the advertisement.

Minister should not sabotage mayoral polls                                                                    (24.02.2008) On Monday, councillors across the country will elect mayors to run local councils for the next four years. Coming in the backdrop of last year’s disputed and discredited General Election, the exercise takes place at a crucial period.

Election debacle a lesson to lay a strong foundation                                                       (24.02.2008) There is a myth by some Kenyans abroad that the 2000 US presidential election debacle remotely resembles the 2007 General Election in essentials and outcome. The grinders of this myth readily point to the disputed US election and its eventual determination through the courts as the course of action ODM should opt for.

Church has failed to make impact in crisis resolution                                                      (24.02.2008) The impact of Church leaders has not been felt in resolving the current crisis. They have neither helped us in averting the gridlock nor in mediation talks. It was obvious that prior to the elections the Church was not spared the division that is now strangling the country.

Emerging camps threaten Kalonzo’s clout in Ukambani                                                   (24.02.2008) Political realignments and simmering undercurrents are evolving in Ukambani. New power camps are emerging to test the influence of Vice-President and ODM-Kenya leader, Mr Kalonzo Musyoka.

Grand coalition government                                                                                           (24.02.2008) They are never love affairs and they are never about sympathy. You don’t even have to like the man or woman you end up in the Government with.

Squad to curb illegal logging                                                                                         (24.02.2008) A special squad has been formed to curb forest destruction in the North Rift region. They started operations in forests in Keiyo District on Friday night. The officers arrested 27 people and impounded eight lorries with timber worth about Sh1million.

Cemetery where the dead won’t rest                                                                              (24.02.2008) In Meru, the dead have no place to rest, and the living are restless. At a public cemetery located next to Meru District Hospital mortuary, two men sweat in the sun, struggling with hoes and spades to scoop out soil from a fresh grave. In the process, they dig out bones of people buried there.

Mediation talks at a make or break stage                                                                       (24.02.2008) Despite stern warnings of an economic meltdown and a humanitarian crisis in East Africa precipitated by the political deadlock in Kenya, the region lacks impetus to navigate the country out of the turbulence.

Kibaki is a stumbling block to popular reforms                                                                (24.02.2008) On Tuesday, February 19, Mr Mwai Kibaki released his proposal on how he and his Party of National Unity intend to resolve the power crisis that engulfs Kenya. According to him, the primary consideration is that any power sharing arrangement has to comply with the dictates of the Constitution.

Large doses of humility needed                                                                                     (24.02.2008) Psychics and other paranormals must be doing roaring business right now. Predicting what will happen next if talks fail must surely rank up there with security and funeral business as the most bullish, if somewhat ghoulish!

Kenyan airport union threatens strike in three weeks                                                       (24.02.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Kenya's main airport workers union on Sunday threatened to strike in three weeks over working conditions in the east African nation, which is reeling from a political crisis that has badly damaged the economy.

Only few Tourists flow back into Kenya                                                                          (24.02.2008) Some 600 foreign tourists arrived in the eastern Kenya resort city of Mombasa over the past week, while 180 arrived via a cruise ship last weekend, and another 400 arrived into the country this week from Germany and Austria via charter flights. Analysts perceive this as a sign that Kenya's multimillion dollar tourism sector will have completely recovered by August this year.

The road less travelled: Why the journey to western Kenya is a nightmare                        (24.02.2008) One-and-a-half months after the disputed presidential election results were announced and violence set in, travelling to western parts of the country is still a nightmare for both passengers and Public Service Vehicle (PSV) operators.

Professionals want quick solution                                                                                  (24.02.2008) The umbrella organisation of professional societies in the region has called on the Kofi Annan-led mediation team to speed up the search for a solution to the current political crisis.

More cry foul over nominations                                                                                      (24.02.2008) The nomination of councillors to local authorities countrywide got mired in more controversy ahead of Monday’s mayoral elections.

We must all reject the evil of tribalism                                                                            (24.02.2008) The controversial 2007 presidential election has brought to the fore the true picture of the nation of Kenya. It is highly tribal, unequal, fragile and built on seriously flawed assumptions.

Kenyan deal close to finalisation                                                                                   (24.02.2008) Government and opposition leaders in Kenya say they are once again closing in on a deal to share power. However, they continue to argue over details.

Kenya's election uncorks outrage                                                                                  (24.02.2008) Surprisingly, it's young, educated, integrated men who are fueling recent tribal violence. NAIROBI, Kenya - He's a preacher's son and part-time college student who idolizes Martin Luther King Jr. and aims to leave Kenya's biggest slum.

Kenya's government says power-sharing structure far from settled                                    (24.02.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) - Kenya's rival politicians remain divided over the details of forming a government together to end the postelection crisis, government negotiators said Sunday. The officials said local media reports that the two sides had gotten as far as divvying up ministries were wrong.

State should ensure security on the highways                                                                (24.02.2008) Despite constant assurances by the government that security agents are on top of things, it is now evident that law enforcement officials have a long way to go before they can surmount specific security challenges thrown up by post-election violence.

Rise and fall of Kenya’s democracy                                                                               (24.02.2008) Regarded as a beacon of hope and democracy, the world is struggling to come to terms with events in Kenya. Locals and foreigners are dismayed at how quickly the country is sliding back to the dark old days of fear and repression.

President commends Annan team                                                                                 (24.02.2008) President Mwai Kibaki has commended members of the Kofi Annan-led mediation team and urged them to resolve the outstanding issues. The President urged them to take into account the broader national interests and ensure they reached lasting solutions that enhanced national cohesion.

Kenya edges Close to deal                                                                                           (24.02.2008) A deal ending the impasse could be announced mid this week, if the parties agree on the sole divisive issue remaining at the talks chaired by former United Nations Secretary General Dr Kofi Annan.

Out of Kisumu                                                                                                             (24.02.2008) We should have seen it coming. The violence between the Luo and the Kikuyu tribes that started after the December elections was spreading again down Kenya’s Rift Valley. By Sunday evening, there was news that 19 people, including women and children, all Luos, had been burned in a house in Naivasha. But by Monday morning in Kisumu, the Luo-dominated city in western Kenya, everybody went about business normally.

DAY 57

Kenya talks to resume Monday                                                                                     (23.02.2008) NAIROBI - Mediators trying to resolve Kenya's political deadlock adjourned talks on Friday night without clinching a political settlement on the post of prime minister which is one of the options for a political settlement.

Time is running out of Kenya                                                                                         (23.02.2008) The agreement in principle to establish a prime minister's office in Kenya, one of the main opposition demands, may be the key to breaking the deadlock but time is of the essence.

No deal yet                                                                                                                  (23.02.2008) Negotiators attempting to end the political standoff in Kenya again failed to reach a compromise yesterday, despite promises from the government that a breakthrough was imminent. "There is nothing," negotiator and senior opposition member William Ruto said.

Kibaki commends Annan team                                                                                      (23.02.2008) President Mwai Kibaki has commended the Government and all members of the Kofi Annan-led mediation group for the work they are doing.

Kenya negotiators consult bosses on impending deal                                                      (23.02.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Negotiators for Kenya's rival political parties consulted their bosses on Saturday and poured over a draft for a new prime minister's post to resolve a post-election crisis that has killed more than 1,000 people.

Whether we like it or not, the US must undo the Gordian Knot                                         (23.02.2008) In the third century, Greek and Persian empires shared the then known world and enjoyed complete duopoly of military and economic power. Alexander the Great wanted sole dominance and, between him and the world, stood an ancient myth that whoever undid the Gordian Knot in Phrygia, Turkey, would rule the world.

It wasn't business as usual when Condoleezza hit town                                                   (23.02.2008) She’s brisk, she’s bright, she’s (red, white and) blue — and oh yeah, black too. She’s Condoleezza Rice, “the most powerful woman in the world.” For a few hours on Monday, she was in Nairobi for the highest-profile visit to Kenya since her predecessor, Mr Colin Powell, came to bid President Moi adieu in 2001.

Athletes deny link to North Rift violence                                                                         (23.02.2008) Former and current athletes from the North Rift yesterday denied having sponsored the recent political violence in the region.

Group warns of looming crisis                                                                                       (23.02.2008) Chief mediator Kofi Annan should not let the Government and the Opposition postpone the tough details of a power-sharing agreement as this could see the country plunge into a fresh wave of violence, the International Crisis Group warns.

Kenyan game reserve devastated by fire                                                                         (23.02.2008) A series of devastating wildfires are still burning after blazing through Kenya's most popular game reserve.

Here's How to Deal With the Feeling of Trauma After Post-Poll Violence                           (23.02.2008) Since the December 27 elections, people all over the world have either read newspaper articles or watched images on television of Kenyans who have been brutalised, killed or displaced from their homes. Official estimates put the death toll at 1,000 and 400,000 displaced.

Kenyan negotiators meet with supporters to firm up power-sharing deal                            (23.02.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya: Government and opposition negotiators met with party leaders Saturday as they tried to use a weekend break to firm up a power-sharing deal to end Kenya's bloody political crisis.

Power sharing is not democratic nor costitutional                                                            (23.02.2008) Condoleezza Rice arrived in Kenya apparently to speak with the Kenyan leaders, President Mwai Kibaki and the opposition leader Raila Odinga. Her mission was to deliver a message from president Bush. President Bush demanded that the two leaders enter into a power sharing agreement.

Washington Update                                                                                                      (23.02.2008) The crisis in Kenya has become an urgent focus for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s Africa Subcommittee, and this has delayed work on Ethiopian democracy and human rights issues.

Kenyan wildlife park bush fire rages for second day                                                         (23.02.2008) NAKURU, Kenya (Reuters) - Using branches to beat back flames, Kenyan rangers and residents struggled for a second day on Saturday to control bush fires that have engulfed a third of one of the nation's best-known wildlife parks.

Government, Opposition Negotiators in Kenya to Hold Internal Talks                                 (23.02.2008) Negotiators on both sides of the bloody political crisis in Kenya are taking advantage of a break in talks to consult with their bosses and supporters.

Kenya's Odinga unexpectedly heads to Nigeria                                                               (23.02.2008) A critical day for Kenya's peace talks hit a snag yesterday when the opposition leader unexpectedly left the country and his party said the government failed to show up on time for the latest negotiations.

Kenyan wildfires force out hunters and hunted                                                                (23.02.2008) ... Warthogs can go months without water and when startled they can run at up to 30mph. They sometimes allow banded mongooses to groom them for ticks. Marsh mongoose - a solitary carnivore and efficient swimmer, it is reported to lure birds by lying motionless with its pink rear end sticking up in the air before pouncing on them.

Kenyan politicians meet with supporters to firm up power-sharing deal                              (23.02.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) - Government and opposition leaders in Kenya said they were once again closing in on a deal to share power Saturday, but continued to spar over details as they asked a violence-weary country to wait a few days more for the end of a bloody political crisis.

Declare tribalism a crime: VP                                                                                        (23.02.2008) Kenyans should learn from the decision by Rwanda to declare tribalism a crime. Vice president Kalonzo Musyoka says it was prudent for Rwanda to criminalize negative ethnicity since it was an abuse of tribe, which sometimes leads to ethnic based violence.

Junior officers ordered to surrender small arms                                                               (23.02.2008) Junior police officers in Nyanza have been ordered to surrender all small arms assigned to them. The directive comes amid fears of misuse of the weapons to settle vendettas in the police force.

Mediation Group's Legality Challenged in Court                                                               (23.02.2008) A parliamentary loser has moved to court to challenge the constitutionality of the mediation team. Mr Antony Ndung'u Kirori wants the High Court to issue an order restraining all the negotiators from adopting any resolution by the Kofi Annan team which is likely to alter the governance structure of Kenya in violation of the Constitution.

Leaders urged to refrain from commenting on talks                                                          (23.02.2008) ... (... and how shall community leaders get involved, if you muzzle their voices?, Mr. Ambassador! - Germany certainly doesn't call for such - just YOU do!) - Germany is calling on leaders to stop commenting on the Annan led proceedings. Germany Ambassador to Kenya Walter Lindner said commenting on the peace process was not helping the negotiations.

Residents Face Starvation As WFP Suspends Food Aid                                                 (23.02.2008) The World Food Programme (WFP) has suspended school feeding programmes in Malindi District even as a Government agency forecasts an imminent famine in the Coast. WFP suspended the programme after an assessment team found out that the area does not require food supplements.

Kenya: Research Points to Election Fraud                                                                     (23.02.2008) Karuti Kanyinga, a senior research fellow at the Institute for Development Studies of the University of Nairobi, explains in these excerpts from an AllAfrica interview why analysts have concluded that December’s presidential election in Kenya was rigged.

Nakuru park catches fire                                                                                               (23.02.2008) Lake Nakuru National Park was on verge of total destruction Friday as a wild fire, which broke out on Thursday, continued unabated for the second day.

Bushfire engulfs Kenyan wildlife park                                                                             (23.02.2008) Kenya (Reuters) - A bushfire engulfed Kenya's Lake Nakuru park on Friday, destroying vegetation and terrifying wildlife at one of the east African nation's top tourist destinations, local authorities said.

Githongo tells of fights with ministers                                                                             (23.02.2008) Former anti-corruption star John Githongo has talked of how he differed with Cabinet ministers appointed by President Kibaki on the best way to fight corruption when the Narc Government came to power.

ODM calls for mass defiance if talks fail                                                                         (23.02.2008) ODM has called for mass civil disobedience from Wednesday next week if the Annan-led talks fail to achieve tangible results.

This insatiable lust for land must end                                                                             (23.02.2008) As we engage in political acrobatics at the House of Peace with Mr Kofi Annan and his team, a few unscrupulous people are subverting the public interest.

The world needs a new Kenya                                                                                       (23.02.2008) AS Kenya recovers from post-election mayhem, the people are investing their hopes in the Kofi Annan-led team to find a lasting solution to the political crisis.

State should act on report about militias                                                                        (23.02.2008) A report by the International Crisis Group claiming that politicians were grooming militia in readiness for war should the peace talks collapse, cannot be taken lightly. In fact, it should be a wake-up call to the authorities, particularly the police, to keenly monitor what is going on across the country.

The last hurdle to new prime minister                                                                             (23.02.2008) Only a constitutional amendment seemed to stand in the way of the long-awaited settlement to the country’s post-election crisis Friday after a day of long talks and factional consultations.

Victims find ancestral homes not so welcome                                                                (23.02.2008) The real impact of the humanitarian crisis sparked off by the post-election violence is beginning to unfold in Nyanza. Many displaced people cannot trace their homes.

Displaced families face adversity at home                                                                      (23.02.2008) When vehicles were provided to take them to their ancestral homes, the displaced families could hardly hide their joy.

Polls: We never know the truth                                                                                      (23.02.2008) It is said truth is a big casualty in any conflict. It is also said that there are three ways to look at truth. The first is a person’s own perspective. The other is what other people think. Then there is the indifferent plank of truth. When there are opposing arguments, each side holds what they think as the truth.

Like everybody else, rulers are subject to rule of law                                                       (23.02.2008) Sovereignty is the ultimate liberty and authority, given to humans by Divinity. It is the exclusive claim to unrestrained control. Such control could be over an area of governance, or it could be unbridled authority over a people. It could even be exclusive power over oneself and over one’s property.

Church must give Annan’s team time                                                                             (23.02.2008)  Even  before  Kenyans  can  comprehend  the  Church’s  admission  that  for  tribal considerations, it  failed  to  stay  above  the  fray  in  the  General  Election,  the  clergy  are  back sermonising.

IDPs assured of HIV drug supply                                                                                   (23.02.2008) The Government has assured HIV- positive displaced people in camps that it will provide them with Anti-retroviral drugs. Director of Medical Services, Dr James Nyikal, said the Government had supplied sufficient drugs to IDP camps.

Annan talks now taken to court                                                                                     (23.02.2008) The mediation process led by former UN chief, Dr Koffi Annan has been challenged in court. A Lang’ata parliamentary loser in last year’s General Election has gone to court seeking temporary orders to restrain the Annan team from adopting any resolution arising from the talks.

Two injured as raiders hit Timboroa (and police shoot six youth)                                       (23.02.2008) Two people were attacked and seriously injured in Timboroa, Uasin Gishu District. One of the injured was shot while the other was hacked with machetes by raiders who stole about 150 sheep.

Athletes appeal for a stop to harassment                                                                       (23.02.2008) Athletes from the North Rift have asked the Government for protection from people claiming they sponsored violence. Retired, current and budding runners on Friday gathered at Kipchoge Keino Stadium in Eldoret to protest at victimisation.

Elder to spend weekend in police custody                                                                      (23.02.2008) Eldoret elder Jackson Kibor will spend the weekend in custody after police failed to charge him in court. The elderly politician spent his third day in police custody and it is not clear when he would be charged or released.

420 children yet to trace families                                                                                   (23.02.2008) Hundreds of displaced children cannot trace their families, a humanitarian organisation has said. The Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) has since January registered 420 missing children. Most of the children are under five years. This has made efforts to trace their families hard since most of them cannot speak well.

Mediation team leaves meeting tight-lipped                                                                     (23.02.2008) The headache of fine-tuning the function of the office of prime minister and the shape of a power-sharing Cabinet slowed down mediation talks even as local and international pressure mounted.

MPs demand executive premier                                                                                     (23.02.2008) ODM MPs have told their colleagues at the Annan-led talks to accept nothing short of an executive Prime Minister. The MPs emerged out of a Parliamentary Group meeting, on Friday and pressured the negotiating team to go for a Prime Minister with executive powers.

Briefing On Recent Africa Trip                                                                                       (23.02.2008) Briefing on Recent Africa Trip - (WAS THAT ALL?) - SECRETARY RICE: Good afternoon. I thought I would stop off in Washington on my way from Africa to Asia and pick up those of you who will be going on with me to Asia. Let me just make a few opening remarks and then I'm happy to take your questions.

DAY 56

Kenya crisis talks break for weekend without deal                                                           (22.02.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Negotiators for President Mwai Kibaki and opposition leader Raila Odinga broke off talks on Kenya's post-election crisis on Friday, saying they would hold consultations over the weekend and resume on Monday.

Mediation group’s legality challenged in court                                                                 (22.02.2008) A parliamentary loser has moved to court to challenge the constitutionality of the mediation team. Mr Antony Ndung’u Kirori wants the High Court to issue an order restraining all the negotiators from adopting any resolution by the Kofi Annan team which is likely to alter the governance structure of Kenya in violation of the Constitution.

Kenya peace talks in disarray                                                                                       (22.02.2008) Nairobi (AP) - A critical day for Kenya's peace talks has been thrown into disarray when the opposition leader unexpectedly left the country and his party said the government failed to show up on time for the latest negotiations.

Hopes fade of Kenya crisis solution                                                                               (22.02.2008) Talks to end Kenya's post-election crisis have reached a crucial stage amid fears of renewed violence if the two sides cannot agree soon to share power, a leading diplomat said.

Give people and peace a chance, ActionAid urges Kenya's political leaders                      (22.02.2008) In response to confusing signals coming from Kenyan political leaders in the last two days, ActionAid says that it is time to put people and peace before politics and power.

The might of rights                                                                                                       (22.02.2008) An open economy, with property safeguards and the rule of law, is the key to beating poverty - Here are some figures you won't believe if you only read the headlines about global poverty. More wealth has been created in the past six decades than in all previous history, and it has reduced poverty.

Speech of the Commonwealth Secretary-General Don McKinnon at the Africa Investment & Finance Conference  (22.02.2008) How many times do you hear people begin a statement with the words, “The trouble with Africa…”? Not only does that give a starting point to any conversation that is negative, but it is based on assumptions that are factually wrong, as I intend to explain. And it also implies that all Africa is the same, which is another assumption I intend to tackle.

Kenya can't solve it alone                                                                                             (22.02.2008) International help to end the crisis is not meddling but a moral duty, and our leaders must embrace it. The post-election crisis in Kenya remains unresolved. The damage being done to the country's economy is severe: tourism, horticulture, and other industries that depend on trade beyond the Kenyan border are reeling. Thousands of livelihoods, along with investments throughout the region, are threatened and collapsing.

Kenya says it expects deal to end political crisis                                                            (22.02.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) - Government and opposition negotiators met in Kenya on Friday with promises to sign a power-sharing deal by the end of the day _ encouraging hope of a real resolution to a postelection crisis that has sparked weeks of deadly violence.

Africa's top diplomat pushes Kenya rivals to agree                                                          (22.02.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Africa's top diplomat was meeting Kenya's feuding parties on Friday to push for a deal after the government agreed in principle to create a prime minister's post to help end a deadly post-election crisis.

Foreign countries are not meddling, just trying to help                                                     (22.02.2008) The post-election crisis in Kenya remains unresolved. The damage being done to the country’s economy is severe: tourism, horticulture, and other industries that depend on trade beyond the Kenyan border are reeling. Thousands of livelihoods, along with investments throughout the region, are threatened and collapsing.

Exclude Warlords From the Deal                                                                                   (22.02.2008) PROMOTING POWER-SHARING has become appealing to the international community and to Kenyans as a response  to  the  internal conflict. Frustrated  by  the  lack of success, many international actors, civil society  activists,  politicians  and ordinary Kenyans have looked towards power-sharing arrangements as the most appropriate model for political change.

AU head pleased with progress in Kenya talks                                                               (22.02.2008) Newly-elected African Union (AU) Commission chairperson, Jean Ping, says he was satisfied with talks between Kenya's rival politicians to end the country's post election crisis.

Following IDPs moving from Tigoni to the Western Region                                               (22.02.2008) Lucy Hannan looks at the human toll of the Kenya crisis and calls for the Immediate assistance for the huge population of migrant returnees.

Kenyan violence: athletes threaten World championship withdrawal                                  (22.02.2008) Nairobi, Kenya - Kenyan athletes Friday threatened to withdraw from the World Cross Country championships set for Edinburgh, Scotland, in March if the go v ernment failed to provide them with adequate security as they prepare for the event.

Kenya peace talks continue as opposition accuses gov't of stonewalling                           (22.02.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) - A  top  African  Union  official  said  Friday he was satisfied with talks between Kenya's rival politicians to end the country's deadly postelection crisis, even as the opposition leader unexpectedly left the country and his party accused the government of stonewalling.

Pastor-politician points to Muslims as source of Kenyan violence; experts disagree           (22.02.2008) - (Now the religious arsonists wont to have a field day!) - DALLAS - Religious extremism prompted much of the violence surrounding Kenya’s disputed presidential elections, according to a Kenyan expatriate and Baptist pastor who lost a bid for a seat in parliament. But international experts with contacts in the region point to ethnic and political divisions - not religion - as precipitating the bloodshed.

Tergat denies Kenyan athletes funded militias                                                                (22.02.2008) Nairobi, Kenya - Former world marathon record holder Paul Tergat Friday has denied allegations by the International Crisis Group (ICG) allegations that Kenyan athletes funded militias in the post-poll election violence saying they "so u nd far-fetched".

Kenya tribes clash over cattle, 14 dead                                                                          (22.02.2008) ISIOLO, Kenya (Reuters) - At least 14 people were killed during clashes this week between rival pastoralist groups in central Kenya, authorities and locals said.

WITNESS-In Kenya, watching as tribalism takes over                                                     (22.02.2008) NAIVASHA, Kenya (Reuters) - The drive into Kenya's Rift Valley is a breathtaking climb up over the escarpment followed by a precarious, winding descent down into Naivasha.

Kibaki's meeting with PNU team delays talks                                                                 (22.02.2008) President Kibaki's meeting with PNU negotiators has resulted in a delay of today's peace talks. The ODM side and Annan's team were kept waiting for their government counterparts for close to four hours.

'Murder arrest was Kenyan plot to grab land'                                                                   (22.02.2008) A Kenyan aristocrat on trial for his life has accused powerful political forces of fabricating a murder case against him to seize the estate that his great-grandfather crafted from the bush a century ago.

Kenya cops kill 11 cattle raiders                                                                                    (22.02.2008) Nairobi - Kenyan police have killed 11 raiders in the country's volatile Rift Valley province, says a police commander. The seven were killed late on Wednesday in Laikipia district, a barren region often affected by cattle rustling, around 200km north of the capital, said the commander, asking to remain unnamed.

Kenyan stalemate stifling regional economies -bloc                                                         (22.02.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - The Kenyan political stalemate has choked business in fellow East African Community (EAC) states, an official of the regional trade bloc said.

Kenya Peace Talks Hit Snag                                                                                        (22.02.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) - Kenya's opposition leader unexpectedly left the country Friday, the day government negotiators and their rivals had promised to sign a power-sharing deal to end the postelection crisis that has sparked weeks of deadly violence.

Snag hits key day in Kenya talks                                                                                  (22.02.2008) A Kenyan government delegation has failed to arrive on time for crucial talks with the opposition, aimed at ending weeks of post-election violence. In response, opposition representatives left the talks venue, saying they would return later, after a press conference.

Deal in the Making                                                                                                       (22.02.2008) The Office of the Prime minister is to be assigned a supervisory role in addition to co-ordinating affairs of the envisaged coalition Government.

State to Reveal Cost of Rebuilding Clash Victims' Homes                                                (22.02.2008) The full cost to the government of helping the internally displaced victims of post-election violence to rebuild their homes will be known next week.

Man killed in housing row                                                                                              (22.02.2008) A man was hacked to death as chaos linked to police raids to evict “illegal occupants” spread to Nairobi’s Korogocho area.

Rift Valley security team wants risk pay enforced                                                           (22.02.2008) -
(First they kill and stand by while others kill - then they demand payrise!) Divisional police commanders in Rift Valley Province want risk allowances implemented, according to a source at a two-day meeting they held at Nakuru a few days ago.

Cleric warns talks team over comments                                                                         (22.02.2008) The Government side in the ongoing peace talks was Thursday accused of using the Constitution as an excuse to block the mediation process.

Held trader’s lawyer says it’s politics                                                                             (22.02.2008) A prominent Uasin Gishu farmer and businessman who was arrested in Eldoret on murder charges was Thursday being held at the Rift Valley CID offices.

40 bodies of violence victims still at mortuary                                                                  (22.02.2008) More than 40 bodies of post-election violence victims are still uncollected at an Eldoret hospital.

Third arrest made in MP Were’s killing                                                                           (22.02.2008) A third suspect has been arrested and agreed to confess before a magistrate to having killed Embakasi MP Mugabe Were last month.

Insecurity: ODM wants Parliament reopened                                                                  (22.02.2008) ODM Thursday asked President Kibaki to re-open Parliament next week so that MPs can address the key issue of growing insecurity in the country.

We don't want heroics, just sober and serious leadership                                                (22.02.2008) WRITING IN THE LOCAL press at the start of the first Kibaki presidency, former Fida-Kenya boss Jean Kamau was so overwhelmed that she declared that our new leader had the potential to be Kenya’s Nelson Mandela.

Our leaders must make sacrifices                                                                                 (22.02.2008) The Party of National Unity and its rival, the Orange Democratic Movement, have now settled for the creation of a prime minister’s post as part of a deal to end Kenya’s seven-week political crisis.

Kibaki urges Kenyans to unite for progress                                                                     (22.02.2008) President Kibaki has reassured Kenyans that the country will overcome the current political challenges and get back to the development path it had embarked on.

Cotu calls for review of Constitution                                                                                (22.02.2008) The workers umbrella body Thursday joined calls for a minimum review of the Constitution to break the political impasse in the country.

Churches call for fresh poll                                                                                            (22.02.2008) Kenyan religious leaders have called for a fresh general election as the only way out of the current political crisis.

Hope over PM deal                                                                                                       (22.02.2008) Government and ODM negotiators Thursday closed ranks and agreed on the creation of the position of a Prime Minister.

Alert on Aids drug resistance                                                                                        (22.02.2008) Kenya faces a possible twin disaster characterised by HIV/Aids drug resistance and a looming epidemic occasioned by post-election chaos.

Programme denied funding                                                                                            (22.02.2008) The Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs has suffered a setback following delays in funding of the crucial Governance, Justice, Law and Order Sector (GJLOS) Reform Programme.

AU, Commonwealth push for deal                                                                                  (22.02.2008) The Commonwealth and African Union (AU) continue to pile pressure on PNU and ODM to reach an agreement.

NCEC, Muite defend Press                                                                                           (22.02.2008) Kenyans will not give up their rights of freedom of expression and the Press, the Government has been told.

Keep sideshows out of the mediation talks                                                                     (22.02.2008) Talks to resolve the political crisis have been on for a number of weeks now. Kenyans, neighbouring countries and the world are waiting with bated breath for a solution to the post-election mayhem in which 1,000 lives have been lost and 350,000 displaced from their homes and places of work.

Act tough on leaders, says report                                                                                  (22.02.2008) A report wants pressure sustained on leaders who triggered and fanned violence after the elections or are blocking a solution to the political crisis.

Atwoli: No time for hardliners                                                                                         (22.02.2008) The Constitution does not guarantee return to peace and democracy, a trade unionist has claimed. Central Organisation of Trade Unions (Cotu) Secretary-General, Mr Francis Atwoli, on Wednesday, said the Constitution was not cast in stone and could be amended to ensure peace was restored.

Annan co-chair experienced                                                                                          (22.02.2008) The man co-opted to help Dr Kofi Annan in the mediation talks has had a successful diplomatic career.

Pope’s aide plea for quick solution to end crisis                                                              (22.02.2008) Pope Benedict’s representative has expressed concern over the local political crisis. He called for peace and justice, saying that Kenyans had suffered unnecessarily in the past two months.

Let’s do what it takes to end violations of human rights                                                    (22.02.2008) If power sharing is what it will take to stop crimes against humanity so be it. But whatever the power sharing arrangements, we must not lose sight of the real issues that provoked predator instincts.

Kibor may face murder trial                                                                                           (22.02.2008) A former Kanu strongman could face murder charges. Lawyers for Mr Jackson Kibor, who is being held at Nakuru Central Police Station, on Thursday said though he was arrested for alleged incitement, the State was preparing murder charges.

Kibaki reassures on settlement                                                                                     (22.02.2008) President Kibaki sought divine intervention as he expressed hope that the post-election crisis would end soon. Speaking at the burial of former Director of Intelligence, James Kanyotu, in Kirinyaga District on Wednesday, Kibaki termed the current state of affairs as "challenges of humanity".

After political agreement, two governments in one no option                                             (22.02.2008) President Kibaki will, barring the inevitable and unforeseeable, serve a full term. What is no longer on the Orange Democratic Movement cards in the negotiations is the demand that he accepts he stole the election and quit.

In defence of Kalonzo: A reply to Dominic Odipo                                                             (22.02.2008) The Standard’s Monday columnist of many years’ standing, Mr Dominic Odipo, has lately taken to bashing Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka in the most embarrassing vendetta of the post-General Election period.

Mass action call cited at Annan mediation                                                                     (22.02.2008) The ODM threat to call mass action was part of the agenda in the mediation talks. On Thursday, both sides agreed it was reckless to issue intimidating statements.

MP murder weapon recovered                                                                                       (22.02.2008) The weapon used to kill the Embakasi MP has been recovered, police investigators have said. They also recovered personal documents stolen from Mugabe Were. Two suspects have been arrested, one in Machakos and the other along the Kenya-Uganda border as he allegedly tried to escape.

Ten Die As Warriors Clash Over Cattle                                                                           (22.02.2008) More than ten people were feared dead after Samburu and Pokot warriors clashed over cattle in Laikipia West District.

Armed and dangerous                                                                                                  (22.02.2008) NAIROBI (IRIN) - Kenya is at risk of plunging into a new wave of violence, despite progress in negotiations to end a political crisis, because several armed groups are mobilising on all sides of the country's ethno-political divisions, according to the International Crisis Group (ICG) think-tank.

Two Killed in Rent Chaos in City Slum                                                                           (22.02.2008) Two people, including a baby, were killed in a row over rent in Nairobi. The baby was trampled on during a stampede as gangs fought running battles in Ngomongo slums, on Thursday. A man was also hacked to death in the mayhem.

Director Downplays Showdown                                                                                      (22.02.2008) The Director of Information, Mr Ezekiel Mutua, has downplayed a face-off with the Media Council of Kenya. Addressing journalists on Thursday, Mutua said the council had clarified that it had not set up a task force to audit the media, but had set up a committee to look into terms of references of the Government task force.

Peace Deal Nearly Done in Kenya                                                                                 (22.02.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya - Kenya’s rival political parties have nearly finalized a deal to end the political crisis that has kept this country on edge for almost two months, with the government agreeing to create a prime minister position, one of the opposition’s key demands, a high-ranking government official said Thursday.

STATE OF THE NATION: Blind with power and ambition, they cannot see the fires            (22.02.2008) The seeming reluctance by the Kenyan parties to the Kofi Annan-led mediation to make the concessions to stabilise the country after the post-election violence (at least the first round of it), the insistence by the government side that its position is right and the opposition’s adamance on getting the biggest prize are all too familiar. We saw them all and their consequences catching the players totally by surprise in Cote d’Ivoire.


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