Presidential Election Disaster and Civil Strife in Kenya
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DAY 55

Kenya's Wangari Maathai sees war on the horizon                                                          (21.02.2008) Kenya's political rivals are haggling over a settlement to the crisis sparked by disputed elections, but if the squabbling doesn't bear fruit, the ordinarily stable East African country risks being plunged into war, a Kenyan Nobel Peace Prize laureate warned on Thursday.

Think-tank says violence may flare again in Kenya                                                          (21.02.2008) NAIROBI: Armed groups are still mobilising in Kenya's political standoff and violence could flare again if talks fail to solve the worst crisis since independence in 1963, a think-tank said on Thursday.

Kenya in Crisis                                                                                                            (21.02.2008) Africa Report N°137 - Since the announcement of the contested presidential election results on 30 December 2007 giving a second term to Mwai Kibaki, Kenya has been in its worst political crisis since independence. Over 1,000 people have died and 300,000 have been displaced in violence with a serious ethnic character.

Forgiving the Killer Next Door                                                                                        (21.02.2008) KIGALI, Rwanda - (Lessons from Rwanda for Kenya!) Rwandans Learn to Live Side by Side After Last Decade's Bloody Genocide ...

Kenyan rivals in possible breakthrough on PM                                                                (21.02.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) Concerning the Grand Coalition - Annan beginns to see light at the end of the tunnel - but maybe it's the oncoming train of Collision!

Repeat Elections Now                                                                                                  (21.02.2008) Just days after admitting partisanship in the last elections, the inter-religious forum is now calling for a repeat of the General Election (G.E.) within the shortest time possible.

Political Instability Hurting Economy                                                                              (21.02.2008) One of the most heartening features of Nairobi a few months ago was the fact that many Kenyans were keen to encourage their compatriots who live abroad to invest in the country.

Must read: Kenya falls further under the machete’s rule                                                   (21.02.2008) The blast from a bus horn disturbs the calm of dawn in the city of Kisumu, western Kenya, signalling the arrival of another cargo of traumatised passengers.

Don Says Poll Bankrollers Demand Their Pound of Flesh                                                (21.02.2008) A university lecturer Wednesday claimed that shadowy individuals and organisations were controlling politics in Kenya.

What Did the Government Promise the Libyans?                                                            (21.02.2008) Early last year, the Government decided to give Libya, through a Memorandum of Understanding, exclusive rights over three lucrative projects.

Challenges of a Power Sharing Deal                                                                              (21.02.2008) Kenya is at a crossroads and under the world's microscope as every effort is made to find a political settlement to our current woes.

Dispatches from fractured Kenya                                                                                   (21.02.2008) “My friend, how is your Valentine’s like? Here in Kenya it is exclusively a youth affair. The seniors dismiss it as merely foreign culture. Still, shops are still colored by red. I wish you were near! We would celebrate together! Keep good, my friend. Pray for us.”

Finding Families                                                                                                          (21.02.2008) Parents and children search for each other as Kenyan political factions try to bring peace - NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) - Among the children laughing and shouting on the swing set at a Nairobi orphanage is a boy who was pulled from his bed by men with machetes and an 11-year-old girl who assumes her mother was burned alive.

How Close to the Brink We All Are! - see Kenya                                                             (21.02.2008) Following the ill-fated general elections in Kenya, the people went on the rampage and left over 1000 dead!

Crisis Talks Heighten Tension in Western Kenya                                                            (21.02.2008) The political opposition in Kenya is holding out the possibility of further anti-government demonstrations if there is no agreement on resolving Kenya's disputed presidential elections.

Citizens for Truth Commission But Say Delink It From Politicians                                     (21.02.2008) Members of the public Wednesday differed on whether Kenya was in need of a truth and reconciliation commission following violence triggered by last year's disputed presidential poll results.

Poghisio is a threat to freedom of the Press                                                                   (21.02.2008) After failing to arm-twist the Media Council of Kenya to endorse a suspect plot to audit the media, Information minister Samuel Poghisio and Permanent Secretary Bitange Ndemo now intent to embark on a unilateral blietzkrieg.

Violence in Kenya Leaves Hundreds of Thousands With Nowhere to Go                            (21.02.2008) In Kenya, violence that began shortly after elections in December is blamed for the deaths of more than 1,000 people and the displacement of 600,000 others. Many who fled their homes now live in church compounds, police stations and other locations across the country. Cathy Majtenyi visited several displaced persons camps and filed this report for VOA.

Kenya OKs Prime Minister for Rivals                                                                             (21.02.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) - Kenya's government tentatively agreed Thursday to create a prime minister's post to be filled by the opposition, moving the East African country a step closer to ending weeks of deadly clashes over the disputed presidential election.

Kenya Expects Political Deal By Friday                                                                         (21.02.2008) Kenyan Officials Say They Expect A Deal By Friday To End Deadly Political Crisis - NAIROBI, Kenya - (AP) A political deal to end Kenya's deadly postelection crisis is expected by Friday, with the two sides having largely agreed on a new government structure, including a prime minister's post, officials said Thursday.

Ethnicity Runs in Veins of Citizens                                                                                (21.02.2008) While  managers  in  the  flower  industry  were  anxious  to  get  roses to Europe for Valentine's Day, thousands of their displaced workers were worried about security, food and basic medicine.

Kenya athletes deny helping Rift Valley killings                                                              (21.02.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Senior members of Kenya's athletics fraternity reacted indignantly on Thursday to an accusation they funded some of the worst post-election violence in the Rift Valley area.

PNU/ODM ‘largely agree’ Govt structure                                                                         (21.02.2008) Hopes of Kenya’s political rivals reaching a deal to end the country’s crisis heightened today with chief mediator Kofi Annan announcing that there was “finally light at the end of the tunnel”.

Kenya's "women in white" to circle peace talks                                                               (21.02.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Kenyan women wearing white clothes to symbolise peace vowed on Thursday to surround the venue of crisis talks until a solution is found to the east African country's worst turmoil since independence.

Kenya’s religious leaders call for fresh polls                                                                    (21.02.2008) Kenya’s religious leaders have come together to call for a fresh General election as the way out of the current political crisis.

Kenya's youths at center of its violence                                                                          (21.02.2008) Coming of age at a time of transition, they have one foot in a modern ideal and one rooted in tribal traditions. - NAIROBI, KENYA - He's a preacher's son and part-time college student who idolizes Martin Luther King Jr. and aspires to escape Kenya's biggest slum.

Machetes and Elections                                                                                               (21.02.2008) On the Ground - Until he was circumcised with a machete in front of a jeering mob and then dragged off to be beheaded, Robert Ochieng had been a symbol of modern, post-tribal harmony in Kenya.

Kibaki using delay tactics in power sharing: ODM                                                           (21.02.2008) The Opposition in Kenya has hit out at the government charging them for not being a serious partner in reaching a political settlement.

Kenya 'at risk of fresh violence'                                                                                      (21.02.2008) Further violence could erupt in Kenya unless a solution to the country's political crisis is found urgently, an international think tank has warned.

Violence may flare again in Kenya - think-tank                                                                (21.02.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Armed groups are still mobilising in Kenya's political standoff and violence could flare again if talks fail to solve the worst crisis since independence in 1963, a think-tank said on Thursday.

Ex-corruption fighter urges reform in Kenya                                                                    (21.02.2008) LONDON (Reuters) - An exiled former anti-corruption adviser urged Kenyans on Wednesday to tackle graft and push through land and constitutional reforms as part of a package to end a political standoff after disputed elections.

Opposition in Kenya Threatens More Protests                                                                (21.02.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya - Kenya’s  leading  opposition  party  on  Wednesday  accused  the government  of  stonewalling in  negotiations  to  resolve  the  country’s  festering  political crisis and threatened to resume protests if a power-sharing agreement was not reached within a week.

Bus set on fire as violence flares over rent dispute                                                           (21.02.2008) The protests started at around 6 am Wednesday, less than an hour after police had called off the six-hour operation in which 85 people were evicted from their illegally occupied houses and arrested.

Minister says No to mass transfers                                                                               (21.02.2008) The Government has no plans to transfer civil servants affected by post-election violence. Public Services minister Asman Kamama said they will encourage the officers to return to their work stations instead, saying each case for transfer would be considered according to its merit.

Media shrugs off ban threat                                                                                           (21.02.2008) The media fraternity Wednesday reacted sharply to threats by the Government to disband the Media Council of Kenya.

Ali blames public for ‘protecting criminals’                                                                      (21.02.2008) The public is to blame for hindering efforts to investigate and prosecute perpetrators of post-election violence, police commissioner Hussein Ali said Wednesday.

Group roots for new law                                                                                                (21.02.2008) The civil society is calling for an interim constitution to pull the country out of the current political crisis.

Two suspects in MP’s killing arrested                                                                            (21.02.2008) Two people who police believe were part of a gang that killed Embakasi MP Mugabe Were have been arrested.

Kenyans for truth commission but say delink it from politicians                                        (21.02.2008) Members of the public Wednesday differed on whether Kenya was in need of a truth and reconciliation commission following violence triggered by last year’s disputed presidential poll results.

ODM threatens mass action over talks                                                                           (21.02.2008) Orange Democratic Movement Wednesday threatened mass action if Parliament is not summoned in a week to enact necessary constitutional changes to pave the way for implementation of its proposals to end the stalemate.

Annan's team in crucial talks over PM's role                                                                   (21.02.2008) Government and ODM negotiators in the Kofi Annan-led talks were Wednesday evening on the verge of reaching agreement on the creation of a prime minister’s post.

Mass action is not a solution to anything                                                                       (21.02.2008) Orange  Democratic  Movement  MPs  Wednesday  resolved  to  call  mass  action if Parliament is not summoned by next week to enact constitutional changes that will pave the way for the implementation of proposals tabled during the Kofi Annan-led mediation talks.

Waruru, editors dismiss threats by Government                                                              (21.02.2008) The Media Council of Kenya (MCK), editors and reporters have protested at what they termed as Government interference with the Press.

Disband task force or else you go, warns Mutua                                                             (21.02.2008) The Government has directed the Media Council of Kenya (MCK) to call off a proposed Press audit or face deregistration.

You have no power to dissolve council, Mutua told                                                          (21.02.2008) The Government has no powers to disband the Media Council, lawyers say. Law Society of Kenya Western branch said only Parliament could dissolve the body, which was established last year through the Media Act 2007.

Mutua bites more than he can chew                                                                              (21.02.2008) The outburst by the Director of Information that he could deregister the Media Council of Kenya was misdirected and petty grandstanding.

Poghisio is a threat to freedom of the Press                                                                   (21.02.2008) After failing to arm-twist the Media Council of Kenya to endorse a suspect plot to audit the media, Information minister Samuel Poghisio and Permanent Secretary Bitange Ndemo now intent to embark on a unilateral blietzkrieg.

Maathai receives threats                                                                                               (21.02.2008) Nobel Peace Laureate, Prof Wangari Maathai, has received death threats and now believes her life could be in danger. Maathai said she believes the threats were politically motivated after she took a stand she says is perceived as undermining President Kibaki’s presidency.

Creditors storm PNU offices to demand payment                                                            (21.02.2008) Creditors stormed PNU offices for the second time demanding more than Sh60 million. The creditors jammed the PNU office on Lenana Road and blocked the entrance with their vehicles, demanding audience with Mr Lee Karuri of Kibaki Tena, whom they accused of giving them false promises.

Civil society groups reject power sharing                                                                        (21.02.2008) Civil society groups want an interim constitution providing for a transitional Government enacted. The 160 NGOs on Wednesday said power sharing would not be a panacea to the political impasse, and called on Parliament to amend the Constitution.

Tension high as police arrest ODM politician                                                                  (21.02.2008) A prominent Uasin Gishu farmer, businessman and ODM politician, Mr Jackson Kibor, was arrested by police and flown to an unknown destination.

Chaos as police raid houses                                                                                         (21.02.2008) Fresh chaos erupted in Mathare slums in Nairobi following a police raid over an alleged rent dispute between landlords and tenants.

Lawyers back change of law                                                                                         (21.02.2008) The Constitution can be amended within a short time to end the political stalemate, a regional lawyers’ body has said. The East Africa Law Society (Eals) president, Mr Tom Ojienda said the amendment would be forwarded to Parliament as a Motion, after drafting at the Attorney General’s office, then go through the first to third reading before being passed into law.

Kibaki tells opposition not to dictate solutions                                                                (21.02.2008) President Kibaki met the Government Coalition Parliamentary Group and declared that there was no constitutional vacuum.

China has proved it’s not a friend to count on                                                                  (21.02.2008) Outsiders - only in the literal sense since the world is now a global village - got embedded in the Kenya tragedy after ballots became bullets.

ODM MPs threaten mass action over talks                                                                     (21.02.2008) The ODM Parliamentary Group has demanded that Parliament be summoned in one week to amend the Constitution to implement the mediation talks’ proposals.

Talks facing uncertainty                                                                                                (21.02.2008) The mediation talks appeared to be in jeopardy last night after President Kibaki declared there was no constitutional vacuum, even as it emerged that negotiators may have agreed in principle to the creation of a Prime Minister’s post.

What’s behind the Kenyan conflict?                                                                               (21.02.2008) Since the crisis in Kenya erupted six weeks ago there has been a lot of handwringing about the threatened collapse of a haven of “stability” in Africa. This is largely hypocritical nonsense.

Top Kabuga Associate Arrested                                                                                    (21.02.2008) One of the six most wanted Rwanda genocide suspects and close associate to Felician Kabuga was arrested in Kigoma on Monday this week after hiding for about 14 years since the end of 1994 genocide.

Kenyan rivals debate power sharing amid new troubles                                                    (21.02.2008) NAIROBI (AFP) - Kenya's feuding political leaders on Thursday haggled over a power-sharing deal that could see the opposition given a special prime minister's post, amid new violence in Nairobi.

DAY 54

New Kenya riot as 80 held over unpaid rent                                                                    (20.02.2008) FRESH riots broke out in Kenya yesterday as angry slum residents confronted police amid claims that they were unfairly arresting people over unpaid rents.

Kenya's opposition threatens mass protests unless work begins on changes to constitution (20.02.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) - Kenya's opposition on Wednesday threatened mass protests within a week if the government fails to start work on changing the constitution to pave the way for any type of power-sharing government.

Kenya faces further threats                                                                                           (20.02.2008) Kenya's opposition Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) has expressed disgust about the looming political deadlock over disputed election, warning to return to the street mass street protests within a week should the situation remains the same.

Police team probes killing of tourist                                                                               (20.02.2008) A TEAM of detectives yesterday went to Mount Elgon National Park to investigate the murder of Belgian tourist Annick Van De Venster early this month.

Honest Appreciation Can Heal the Nation                                                                       (20.02.2008) Many have seen the need for reconciliation and healing in the work place. Staff, or at least their friends and their relatives, have been through traumatic experiences; and not a few have found themselves engaging in rough exchanges.

AU Boss in Nairobi on Thursday                                                                                    (20.02.2008) AFRICAN key movers appeared unmoved by reports that there was a slowdown in the mediation talks in Nairobi and renewed threats by the opposition to return to the streets and are still booking dates to puh a political deal among the Kenyan protagonists.

AU commission chief to visit Kenya over political turmoil                                                 (20.02.2008) African Union Commission chief Jean Ping will make a two-day visit to Kenya for talks with former UN chief Kofi Annan who is mediating the country's political turmoil, the pan-African body said Wednesday.

Violence Unabated in Mt Elgon District                                                                          (20.02.2008) UN Integrated Regional Information Networks - Sporadic killings are continuing in western Kenya's Mt Elgon district where a dispute over land ownership sparked violence and widespread displacement of people in 2006.

ODM threatens renewed protests                                                                                  (20.02.2008) ODM is threatening to renew its calls for mass action next week and is demanding for parliament to be recalled to pass constitutional changes that could enable the Kofi Annan brokered deals to be implemented.

Kenyan Opposition Promises Peaceful Protests if Talks Fail                                            (20.02.2008) Kenya's opposition has promised peaceful mass protests if the government fails to begin the process of changing the country's constitution.

Kenyan opposition vows mass action if parliament not summoned                                    (20.02.2008) NAIROBI (AFP) - Kenya's opposition on Wednesday vowed to launch mass action if parliament fails to meet within one week to vote on changes to the constitution in a bid to solve the country's political crisis.

Kenya opposition in protest threat                                                                                 (20.02.2008) Kenya's opposition has threatened mass protests unless serious work to put power-sharing into the constitution starts within a week.

Kenya's opposition threatens more mass protests                                                          (20.02.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) - Kenya's opposition party called for renewed mass protests unless the Parliament meets within a week and changes the constitution to make way for a political settlement.

The current situation in Kenya                                                                                       (20.02.2008) A gradual reduction in post-election violence has been observed across the country in the past week. The US Secretary of State Ms Condoleezza Rice arrived in the country on Monday 18th February. After separate meetings with President Kibaki, Mr. Raila Odinga and Kofi Annan, She said that President Kibaki and Mr. Raila Odinga must come together and there is need to have a power sharing arrangement for the country to move forward.

McKinnon urges Kenya’s leaders to finalise political settlement                                       (20.02.2008) “There has been good progress and agreement on the reforms needed, and the violence has abated. These are the positives. There is also a roadmap, but there is also still some distance to go, and the humanitarian situation remains of concern.

Bush: No new US bases in Africa                                                                                  (20.02.2008) ACCRA (AFP) - US President George W. Bush on Wednesday fought to dispel African concerns that he wants to build new US military bases on the continent, and downplayed worries about mounting US competition with China.

Kenya govt calls opposition protest threat "blackmail"                                                     (20.02.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - A threat by Kenya's opposition to resume street protests next week if mediation talks fail to produce constitutional reform amounts to bullying, a government negotiator said on Wednesday.

HOW NOT TO MANAGE A CRISIS                                                                               (20.02.2008) A response from a Kenyan to: "Investigate Barrack's Kenyan Connections!" - I am a Kenyan & I've been following Mr. Gaynor's recent articles on Mr. Obama Kenyan connections with interest...

Nobel prize winner under death threat                                                                            (20.02.2008) Nobel Laureate Wangari Maathai is claiming her life is in danger after receiving death threats from a group identifying itself as the outlawed Mungiki militia.

Kenya's Nobel winner Maathai receives death threats                                                      (20.02.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Kenya's Nobel Peace laureate Wangari Maathai said on Wednesday she has received death threats since urging tribal elders to help stop ethnic killings following a disputed December 27 presidential election.

Kenya opposition vows protests if Annan talks fail                                                           (20.02.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Kenya's opposition threatened to resume street protests in a week if talks led by Kofi Annan fail to end a post-election crisis that has killed more than 1,000 people and tarnished the country's reputation for stability.

When peace walks the other way                                                                                  (20.02.2008) As in any region of the world torn apart by conflict and violence, there can be no mistaking the tangible sense of fear that exists in Showground camp in Kenya's Rift Valley region.

Kenya Airways Suspends All Fights to Paris                                                                  (20.02.2008) Nairobi (eCanadaNow) - Kenya Airways has announced that they have suspended all flights to Paris. This comes amidst a great deal of violence in Kenya which caused many in France to stop flying to Kenya.

Kenya government urges rights panel to be non-partisan                                                  (20.02.2008) Nairobi (Xinhua) The Kenyan government Wednesday urged the state-funded Kenya National Human Rights Commission (KNHRC) to be non-partisan in its work to avoid further polarizing the country.

Rioters attack minibus in Nairobi slum                                                                           (20.02.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya: Kenya's opposition on Wednesday threatened mass protests within a week if the government fails to start work on changing the constitution to pave the way for any type of power-sharing government.

More bloodshed in Kenya as crisis talks face tough times                                               (20.02.2008) NAIROBI (AFP) - At least five people have died in clashes in recent days in western Kenya, police said Wednesday, as former UN chief Kofi Annan pressed for a deal to end the crisis sparked by December's elections.

Kenya Opposition Issues Talks Deadline                                                                        (20.02.2008) Kenya's opposition has threatened to resume street protests if negotiations led by Kofi Annan fail to resolve the post-election crisis within a week.

Kenya's opposition threatens mass protests                                                                   (20.02.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) - Kenya's opposition on Wednesday threatened mass protests within a week if the government fails to start work on changing the constitution to pave the way for any type of power-sharing government.

Militias turn slums into no-go zones                                                                               (20.02.2008) Political militiamen are terrorising Nairobi slums transforming them into no-go zones and killing or injuring innocent civilians on ethnic consideration.

Official warns about rushing Kenya talks                                                                        (20.02.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya (UPI) - A basic disagreement over how much power Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki should share with the opposition has stalled peace talks.

Why world`s attention is focused on Kenya                                                                    (20.02.2008) Rice`s arrival, together with that of the coming and going of top world leaders has globalised what some Government functionaries appeared to think was a minor internal affair that would fizzle out.

Kenya Crisis Talks Stall Over Power Sharing                                                                  (20.02.2008) In Kenya, talks between the government and the opposition Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) have reportedly hit a stalemate over disagreement about power sharing.

Kenya warms to Kofi the peacemaker                                                                            (20.02.2008) Before Kofi Annan had even arrived in Nairobi to try to persuade Kenya's leaders to begin peace talks, one of President Mwai Kibaki's more hardline ministers made the government's view quite clear.

Kenya Disputed Elections Awaken Warring Tribes' Grab for Land                                     (20.02.2008) - (Bloomberg) - Bishop Cornelius Korir explains the violence that erupted in Kenya after disputed elections in December with one word: "land."

Environmentalist? Is That a Politician with Food for Our People?                                      (20.02.2008) I tried crossing through the Uhuru Park this morning from Nairobi central business district on my way to Community Hill but paramilitary police, better known as GSU or the General Service Unit, barred my way.

Kibaki rejects power sharing principle                                                                            (20.02.2008) President Mwai Kibaki and affiliate parties have rejected any power sharing deal that would violate the Kenyan constitution. Kibaki was referring to rival Raila Odinga's proposal to have the position of prime minister -head of government - while Kibaki would remain head of state.

(UN whitewash?) Acting in Time                                                                                     (20.02.2008) Some years back in UN circles, there was a good deal of talk about « early warning » and « preventive diplomacy ». The idea of preventive diplomacy - of acting at the first signs of conflict before a pattern of violence set is - had been made popular by then Secretary General Boutros-Ghali in his 1992 Agenda for Peace.

The U.S. Attempts to Tighten Its Grip on Africa                                                               (20.02.2008) George Bush's foray into Africa revealed both U.S. intentions to militarize the continent and the limits of American coercive power in the current global environment. Bush scaled down his visit to five "safe" countries where his millions of dollars in "aid" would be warmly received, while avoiding nations where U.S. policies are unpopular.

Seeds of class war in Kenya's crisis                                                                              (20.02.2008) Kenya is a land of stark contrast: the rich drive gleaming luxury cars, can afford to enrol their children in top British schools and in the case of one local magnate, send suits to London for dry cleaning. But most live a hand-to-mouth existence and some Kenyans believe the bloody post-election crisis that has exposed the east African country's tribal divisions could also inflame the gulf between classes and further exacerbate instability.

Kenyans Will Pay the Full Price                                                                                    (20.02.2008) THE CRISIS THAT STARTED as a disputed presidential vote count and later became a social catastrophe has transformed itself, in its eighth week, into an international battle of wits.

The Cutting Edge                                                                                                         (20.02.2008) Veteran newsman Hillary Ng'weno should make a sequel to his highly informative and educative historical documentary series, "The Making of a Nation", which ran on NTV last December, urges Clifford Oluoch. He  adds: "This time round, he should  aptly  rename it, 'The Destruction of a Nation', and adopt a no-holds-barred approach  by  naming and  shaming  all those  who  have been instrumental in fanning the events that have been destroying this country for over a month."

PNU Group Resist Power Sharing Deal                                                                          (20.02.2008) Government allied MPs are opposed to any form of power sharing as a way of ending the current political crisis. The MPs from PNU and its affiliates, including ODM-K said their rivals in ODM should be fitted in Government without sharing power with President Kibaki.

Varsity Holds Meeting With Elders Over Security                                                            (20.02.2008) Moi University authorities Tuesday held a meeting with the community elders following fears of attack on students and lecturers. The vice-chancellor, Prof Richard Mibey, held the meeting with the elders at Kesses to end the fears to enable the institution's academic programmes to resume.

Major Rifts As Talks Resume                                                                                        (20.02.2008) Talks to end the political crisis in the country resumed at a slow pace Tuesday with reports of major rifts between PNU and ODM negotiators.

The mediators are only doing what politicians failed to do                                                (20.02.2008) KENYANS WILL FOREVER BE grateful to former United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan and his team of mediators for their efforts.

Opposition to grand coalition spells doom for the country                                                 (20.02.2008) Letters: ... I wish to raise a few issues about the letter by Ngotho wa Kariuki (DN February) titled: “Grand coalition not the best way out of Kenya’s political crisis”.

International community has a stake in Kenya                                                                (20.02.2008) With the intervention of ever more foreign diplomats in Kenya’s political stalemate, indignation is at an all-time high. Official statements are being issued, some alluding all the way back to our fight for independence.

Govt set for fresh clash with media                                                                                (20.02.2008) The government and the media were headed for a clash Tuesday with the former threatening to disband an independent industry watchdog.

(Little) Positive signs of a deal in sight                                                                           (20.02.2008) There were indications that a deal out of the crippling political crisis could be in the offing, but Parliament would still have the last word. It was the only good news on a day of discord and a lack of impetus on the mediation front, dominated by a Party of National Unity (PNU) waving the sanctity of the Constitution.

Brace yourself for famine, warns report                                                                           (20.02.2008) A famine could hit the country this year, a report warns. The food situation update for February says serious shortages could be experienced following post-election violence, which mainly hurt the grain basket region of Rift Valley and Western provinces.

EU issues another warning over the political impasse                                                      (20.02.2008) The European Union has reiterated that it would not conduct "business as usual" with Kenya. In a press statement released on Tuesday, at the end of Council of Ministers meeting in Brussels, the EU said it would monitor the local situation.

Nakuru curfew still on, says PC                                                                                     (20.02.2008) The dusk-to-dawn curfew imposed in Nakuru town a month ago is still in force. Rift Valley PC, Mr Hassan Noor Hassan, on Tuesday denied that the curfew had been lifted, and urged residents to ignore reports carried in the media.

Police deny new fears of Mungiki attacks                                                                       (20.02.2008) Police have dispelled fears that the outlawed Mungiki sect is planning to unleash terror. On Tuesday, the police said new tactics would be used to deal with the gang. Police Spokesman, Mr Eric Kiraithe said various police units would hunt down the gang to ensure it did not recruit new members.

Lynch mob burns offices over witch                                                                                (20.02.2008) Irate wananchi burnt Government offices in an orgy of violence. The Kangundo Town Council, Matungulu DO and chief’s offices were set on fire by a mob after their attempts to lynch a suspected witch failed.

41 fighters arrested at clash-hit border                                                                           (20.02.2008) Police have arrested 41 suspected fighters and recovered a cache of weapons at the troubled Borabu-Sotik border.

World must help Kenya enforce Bomas draft                                                                  (20.02.2008) Kenyans need leaders who are prepared to place the interests of the country ahead of that of their tribe. Kenyans needs leaders who can say, with the founders of United States, " We pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honour," in defense of those values and principles that give dignity to human lives.

Coalition must be within the law, says                                                                           (20.02.2008) A political solution to the political crisis must be constitutional, President Kibaki has said. A statement from the PPS said on Tuesday that the President was willing to share power with ODM, but the arrangement had to be within the Constitution.

How to conduct free and fair polls                                                                                  (20.02.2008) The consensus in Kenya and within the international community is that the December 2007 elections were flawed at best, and rigged at worst.

Curfew enables Nakuru residents to sleep easier                                                            (20.02.2008) A few weeks ago, 22 people were fined Sh500 each or serve 14 days in prison in default for contravening curfew orders in Nakuru Town.

Kibaki’s proposals on how to end poll crisis                                                                    (20.02.2008) President Kibaki on Tuesday for the first time signalled the kind of agreement he is proposing to help resolve the political crisis which has engulfed the country since the disputed elections.

PNU rejects creation of PM post to end crisis                                                                 (20.02.2008) The Government Parliamentary Group (GPG) has ruled out the creation of prime minister’s position as the key to unlocking the political impasse.

End impasse, neighbours urged                                                                                    (20.02.2008) Kenya’s neighbours should put more pressure on President Kibaki’s government to cede ground and facilitate a lasting political settlement to the country’s crisis, Britain’s leading financial newspaper says.

Annan efforts fall short of lasting solution, says Njoya                                                     (20.02.2008) The mediation talks between Government and ODM will only bring short-term changes in the country, controversial clergyman Timothy Njoya said Tuesday.

Power politics and betrayal two sides of the same coin                                                   (20.02.2008) KENYA COULD FINALLY BE on the verge of the fundamental constitutional change it has avoided for the last 15 years.

Sharing power is only the first step                                                                                (20.02.2008) President Kibaki Tuesday laid down his proposals to pull the country out of the political crisis. Top on the agenda is a comprehensive constitutional review within a year to provide a framework for the envisaged changes in the political, judicial and electoral processes.

DAY 53

Bush warns leaders on genocide                                                                                   (19.02.2008) US president George Bush has asked world leaders to pay attention to early genocide warning signs to avoid a Rwanda-like situation happening elsewhere in the world including Kenya.

Kenya forests suffers post-election violence                                                                    (19.02.2008) Kenya’s disputed presidential polls held last December have affected all the facets of life----and the latest report from the newly formed Kenya Forest Service (KFS) shows that even the forest resources have not been spared. The government agency charged with the management of forestry claims Sh120 million losses in a month of madness.

'We Are All Affected'                                                                                                     (19.02.2008) UN Integrated Regional Information Networks - While world attention has focused on the fallout from Kenya's post-election crisis in the country itself, the region, which is highly dependent on the east African state for goods, transport links and services, has felt the effects too.

Let Us Stand Firm for the Truth                                                                                     (19.02.2008) As anticipated, the sticking point with the mediation process is the political settlement. The Orange Democratic Movement has based its proposals in this regard on the premise that the presidential election was flawed.

Kibera's Ruthless Gangs                                                                                              (19.02.2008) DEEP INSIDE KENYA'S BIGGEST SLUM, Kibera, criminal gangs have taken over. Armed with all manner of weapons - guns, machetes and clubs - the gangs have "demarcated" the slum into what they call jimbos (regions).

Kenya Airways Suspends Paris Flights                                                                          (19.02.2008) National flag carrier Kenya Airways has suspended flights to Paris, citing a steep decline in bookings on the route in the wake of post-election violence in Kenya and negative travel advisories issued by the French authorities.

Bailing Out Brokers Kills Investor Trust                                                                          (19.02.2008) The  Nairobi  Stock  Exchange  (NSE)  has lent Nyaga Stock Brokers Sh100 million to support its obligations in the market.

The Reality behind Bush's 'Good News' Trip to Africa Is Growing Chinese Power                (19.02.2008) American President George Bush and First Lady Laura Bush are traveling to five African countries: Benin, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ghana and Liberia, Feb. 15th to Feb. 21.

A Country Without Thinkers is Doomed                                                                          (19.02.2008) Extraordinary times require extraordinary brains to provide direction. To have these kinds of brains, there must be an Education system that identifies nurtures and rewards thinkers.

Hunger's global hotspot: Kenya 19 Feb 2008                                                                          Kenya: Another round of food distributions by WFP, Kenya Red Cross (KRC), GoK, and community-based organizations is underway in Nairobi slums...

Crisis talks resume in Kenya as government toughens stand                                           (19.02.2008) NAIROBI (AFP) - Kenya's rivals resumed talks Tuesday to seek a way out of the country's crisis after the United States stepped up pressure on President Mwai Kibaki to accept a power-sharing deal, but the government introduced fresh hurdles.

SMSes spread hate in Kenya                                                                                        (19.02.2008) MATHARE CHIEF CAMP, Kenya - When Joyce Mandela’s mobile phone beeped to signal she had a text message, the 27-year old Kenyan expected a note from a friend. Instead, she found a message of hate.

New bid to break Kenya deadlock                                                                                  (19.02.2008) Talks aimed at breaking Kenya's political deadlock have resumed a day after US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice urged a power-sharing deal.

Ears ringing, Kenya negotiators return to table                                                                (19.02.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Kenya's feuding parties resumed talks on Tuesday after a torrent of calls from home and abroad to solve a post-election crisis that has killed 1,000 people and jeopardised the east African nation's reputation.

Kenyan negotiators resume talks aimed at ending political crisis                                      (19.02.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya: Kenya's political rivals resumed talks to end the country's bloody political crisis Tuesday, a day after U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said they needed to quickly strike a power-sharing deal.

We Need to Go Beyond the Politics of Backroom Deals                                                  (19.02.2008) WHILE A GRAND COALITION is the most suitable deadlock-breaking mechanism in our desperate circumstances, the ideal political solution to the current crisis is not a simple power-sharing formula between the PNU and ODM disputants, designed to serve individual ambitions.

US pushes for quick peace deal                                                                                    (19.02.2008) The US has asked President Kibaki and ODM leader Raila Odinga to cede ground and quickly agree on a power-sharing deal to restore stability to the country.

Business rivalry at the centre of clashes in Uasin Gishu                                                  (19.02.2008) Stiff competition for limited economic opportunities is one of the major factors that fuelled the post-election violence in Uasin Gishu District a month ago.

Nigerian diplomat jets in as peace talks resume                                                             (19.02.2008) Ambassador Oluyemi Adeniji from Nigeria is expected to arrive today to assist former UN chief Kofi Annan in the mediation efforts. Mr Adeniji is a former Nigerian minister and UN official.

Coalition deal may be skewed in several ways                                                                (19.02.2008) WHEN CONDOLEEZZA Rice flew into town on Monday, it was clear that her mission was to put more pressure on President Kibaki to accept a power-sharing deal as the solution to Kenya’s post-election crisis.

Up the pressure, Maathai urges                                                                                     (19.02.2008) Former MP, Prof Wangari Maathai, has urged the international community to put more pressure on President Kibaki and ODM leader, Mr Raila Odinga, to speed up the search for a political settlement.

Police shuffle a ploy, say MPs                                                                                      (19.02.2008) ODM leaders reacted angrily to transfers of police officers from Nyanza, terming it a political scheme against certain communities.

Anti-sect squad disbanded                                                                                            (19.02.2008) The transfer of the anti-Mungiki police squad head and re-deployment of officers have given credence to reports that the unit has been disbanded.

Why Kenya needs an inclusive government                                                                    (19.02.2008) Foreign minister Moses Wetang’ula and some key voices in the Party of National Unity, including Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister Martha Karua and Finance minister Amos Kimunya, are clearly out of tune with the suffering people of Kenya on the crisis facing this nation.

Government faulted on post-poll Violence                                                                       (19.02.2008) An account detailing incidents of the post-election violence will be tabled before the House of Lords on Friday. The Oscar Foundation report says no attempt was made by the Government to record deaths in the affected provinces.

ODM’s proposals on how to solve crisis                                                                         (19.02.2008) ODM has proposed a two-step process to settle the political crisis even as the mediation team resumes talks this morning.

Reforms could see the return of powerful PM                                                                  (19.02.2008) The executive Prime Minister’s office, abolished on December 12, 1964 when Jomo Kenyatta became Kenya’s first President, is now inevitable if a political settlement out of the impasse is to be reached, The Standard has learnt.

Kibaki holds talks with Rice                                                                                          (19.02.2008) President Kibaki met visiting US Secretary of State, Ms Condoleezza Rice, on Monday for more than two hours at his Harambee House office, Nairobi. US Assistant Secretary of State for Africa, Dr Jendayi Frazer, and US Ambassador, Mr Michael Ranneberger, accompanied the top US diplomat.

US proposes ‘real power sharing’                                                                                   (19.02.2008) US Secretary of State, Ms Condoleezza Rice, gave the strongest hint yet of a possible power sharing arrangement between President Kibaki and ODM leader, Mr Raila Odinga.

Judges: Kenya has no constitutional court                                                                     (19.02.2008) Kenya does not have a constitutional court, the Court of Appeal has declared. Eleven days ago, the Court of Appeal told High Court judge, Justice Joseph Nyamu, that the Constitution had not created a constitutional court with supervisory powers over all the other courts.

Curfew helps restore calm                                                                                             (19.02.2008) The night curfew imposed in Nakuru has helped reduce crime in the town, bringing back normalcy. “I can tell you that things are not bad, it is getting back to normal because they (residents) have obeyed the order,” the officer commanding Nakuru Police Division, Mr Franchio Nyamatari, said.

Settle farmers or risk famine, warns MP                                                                         (19.02.2008) The Government has been asked to fast-track the resettlement of internally displaced people in their former homes. West Mugirango MP James Gesami said the majority of those displaced were farmers and unless they were resettled, the country was likely to be hit by famine.

Angry opposition youths oppose Kenya compromise                                                       (19.02.2008) Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice arrived in Kenya Monday to press for a power-sharing agreement. Reporter Robert Crilly discusses the latest developments between the government and opposition leaders in Kenya.

Violence not ethnic cleansing                                                                                        (19.02.2008) Kenya is at a crossroads that could lead to either the complete disintegration of the country or the beginning of a new, more democratic, sustainable nation suited to the needs and aspirations of Kenyans in the 21st Century.

DAY 52

Next Steps for Resolving the Crisis in Kenya                                                                  (18.02.2008) SECRETARY RICE: Good afternoon. I’ve just completed discussions first this morning with former Secretary General Kofi Annan, who is on behalf of the African Union and the international community here to try and help the Kenyan people and their leadership come to an end to the stalemate and the crisis that has been at the core of difficulty for this country for some time now.

US may support civil society to "check" Kibaki                                                               (18.02.2008) The US Monday warned that failure to strike an accord to end the political crisis in Kenya would push the US to support the civil society group in ’checking’ the Kenyan government. Speaking at the end of her day-long visit to Kenya, which plunged into a near civil war following the disputed 27 December election, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said the government should embrace "real power-sharing" and form a grand-coalition.

Slow Revolutions Subvert Minds                                                                                    (18.02.2008) There are many "revolutions" that have taken place over the course of time. In itself, the word "revolution" connotes an overhaul of whatever is being "revolutionised" and tends to be of two types, slow and dramatic ones. The dramatic are disruptive and capture imagination.

Leaders Have Always Ignored the People's Voices                                                          (18.02.2008) Macharia Gaitho was right, that by default, Kenya has attained a majimboist status (Daily Nation, February 5, 2008). This status arose from the post-December 27 General Election crisis, which some of our selfish leaders have forced onto us.

Bush in the bush                                                                                                          (18.02.2008) The US president's search for a legacy in Africa is in reality an attempt to bolster American interests on the continent - Where does a US president, who first got elected on a promise of "compassionate conservatism", go in search of a legacy? Africa.

Rice warns Kenya on US relations                                                                                 (18.01.2008) Condoleezza Rice, the US secretary of state, on Monday warned Kenya’s leaders that unless the country’s post-election crisis was solved soon, relations with the US would be badly affected.

Kenya breathes out                                                                                                      (18.02.2008) A lull in the violence in Kenya has brought some hope. National newspapers, filled so recently with killings, are now focused on the path to peace. But if this calm is to be more than temporary, rival politicians must act fast and out of character.

Seven Questions: What’s the Matter with Kenya?                                                           (18.02.2008) Kenya was supposed to be Africa’s development success story. But a disputed election has brought reality crashing down, with blood in the streets and widespread reports of ethnic cleansing. John Githongo, a former corruption czar in the office of President Mwai Kibaki, explains why the West got Kenya so wrong.

There's a lot to learn from history on land revolutions                                                       (18.02.2008) The highlight of the other week was no doubt the attempt by some Members of Parliament to block the tabling of the five-clause bill that seeks to amend the Land Act.

Rice lays down the gauntlet in Kenya                                                                            (18.02.2008) America has warned that it will not be business as usual in Kenya, unless a coalition government is in place. US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice met with the country's political rivals, President Mwai Kibaki and the opposition's Raila Odinga, today.

Rice in Kenya for crisis talks                                                                                         (18.02.2008) NAIROBI (AFP) - US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Monday urged for an urgent power-sharing deal between Kenyan President Mwai and opposition leader Raila Odinga and join a grand coalition.

Rice presses leaders on power sharing in Kenya crisis - Summary                                   (18.02.2008) Nairobi - US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice called on warring parties in Kenya to share power and share the responsibilities of governance in order to stem the conflict over disputed polls that has left more than 1,000 people dead.

Rice backs power sharing in Kenya crisis                                                                      (18.02.2008) US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has said Kenya feuding parties should share power so as to end the post-election crisis.

Rice roots for grand coalition                                                                                         (18.02.2008) US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice says the only way out of the current political crisis in the country is a properly structured grand coalition.

President holds talks with US Secretary of State                                                            (18.02.2008) President Mwai Kibaki Monday afternoon at his Harambee House office held talks with visiting US Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice.

US pressures Kenya to accept ’grand coalition interim government’                                  (18.02.2008) Visiting US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has sent the strongest warning yet that Washington would only do business with a legitimately constituted government in Kenya, dealing a major blow to President Mwai Kibaki, who is resisting UN and AU-backed proposals for "a grand coalition interim government."

Rice Offers Help if Kenya Ends Crisis                                                                            (18.02.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya - Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice arrived in Kenya on Monday to try to break the deadlock between Kenya’s rival politicians, and it seemed that she was bringing carrots, not sticks.

50,000 Face Starvation in Parts of Coast                                                                        (18.02.2008) More than 50,000 people are faced with starvation in Kilifi and parts of Kaloleni District. The food deficit is  attributed  to  the  prolonged  drought  that  has  ravaged  Ganze  and Kaloleni constituencies as well as the rampant destruction of food crops by rampaging wild animals.

UK Rights Body Wants Kenya Trouble Causers Punished                                               (18.02.2008) INDIVIDUALS behind the widespread human rights abuses during the post-election violence in Kenya should immediately be arrested to face justice that meets "international standards."

A GRAND COALITION GOVERNMENT FOR KENYA?                                                    (18.02.2008) Can peace be brought to Kenya? Last week, a curious mission from Berlin sought to help rival political parties out of the current crisis. The solution proposed is a coalition modelled on Berlin.

The Sound of Silence                                                                                                   (18.02.2008) China is playing a spoiler role not only in Sudan, but now in Kenya as well. In the midst of the country’s post-election turmoil, Beijing has steadfastly refused to put any pressure on the warring parties, despite (or perhaps because of) its “large and growing economic stake.

U.S. wants Kenya crisis solution "yesterday"                                                                 (18.02.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told Kenya's feuding parties on Monday to hurry up with a pact to end a post-election crisis that has killed 1,000 people and dented their nation's global status.

Government accuses the West of meddling                                                                    (18.02.2008) Foreign powers will not dictate to the Government. Mr Moses Wetangula, the Foreign Affairs minister, said: "We will not be led, guided or given conditions by foreign States on how to reach a solution to solve the political impasse in Kenya."

Long fight for change and link to crisis                                                                           (18.02.2008) The ghost of constitutional reforms - which two successive regimes failed to deal with - has re-emerged to haunt the political leadership in the middle of a post-election crisis, The Standard can report.

37 Mungiki suspects arrested                                                                                       (18.02.2008) Thirty-seven Mungiki suspects were arrested taking an oath after a bust up in Nairobi’s Kayole estate. More than 200 others who had taken the oath escaped because the officers who had laid the ambush were few.

Where is the First Lady? Ida asks                                                                                 (18.02.2008) First Lady Lucy Kibaki has been challenged to break her silence and help restore peace. Mrs Ida Odinga, the wife of ODM leader, Mr Raila Odinga, wondered why the First Lady had not visited displaced people and address their plight.

Over 200 police officers transferred from Nyanza                                                             (18.02.2008) More than 200 police officers have been transferred from Nyanza to stations outside the province. The mass transfers have sparked anxiety among officers in the region with some linking them to the political crisis. "May be the transfers are over reports of police brutality in quelling post-election violence," said one who believed he would be affected.

Executive power in the Bomas document                                                                       (18.02.2008) The document that the National Constitutional Conference adopted in 2004 - popularly known as the Bomas Draft - proposed radical changes to share executive power.

Government scoffs at US calls                                                                                      (18.02.2008) The Government Sunday scoffed at the US and international community calls for a power-sharing formula that would end the political crisis in the country.

To the world, Kenya is now in the league of war-torn states                                              (18.02.2008) One of the things Kenyans will have to get used to from now onwards is the fact that outsiders will be putting us in the same category as Somalia, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sierra Leone and other war-torn African countries.

Coalition agenda as Miss Rice arrives for talks                                                               (18.02.2008) The Government and ODM have set their terms for Monday’s meeting with chief mediator Kofi Annan as top US diplomat is scheduled to arrive in the morning to push for a power-sharing formula aimed at ending the political crisis.

Rice: Deal in Kenya Will Enhance US Ties                                                                     (18.02.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) - Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told Kenya's rival politicians Monday that a power-sharing solution to a bloody political crisis would enhance the country's relationship with the United States.

Rice in Nairobi to Attend Mediation                                                                                (18.02.2008) Nairobi (Prensa Latina) US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice arrived in the Kenyan capital Monday to attend a mediation among the political rivals who unleashed a crisis in the country after the results of the 2007 presidential elections.

Elders killed in arson attack                                                                                          (18.02.2008) Two elderly men were Sunday hacked to death by a group of raiders who later set eight houses on fire in Kuresoi, Molo District. The incident occurred at Tegea Farm where most residents have fled their homes and sought refugee at a nearby trading centre following the post election violence.

DAY 51

Six arrested over killing Belgian tourist                                                                           (17.02.2008) A combined force from the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA), the army and the Police have arrested six people suspected of involvement in the shooting of a Belgian tourist in Mt. Elgon National Park two weeks ago, a statement from UWA said yesterday.

Ouko family still seeking answer                                                                                   (17.02.2008) The family of the former Foreign Affairs minister, John Robert Ouko, quietly marked the 18th anniversary of his brutal murder. One of Ouko’s brothers, Mr Collins Seda, on Saturday said the family is still waiting to know Ouko’s killers.

Nakuru attack victims shot while fleeing                                                                         (17.02.2008) Police have been accused of brutality while handling protests in the Rift Valley. Despite Government denial and attempts to justify the actions of the officers, police are said to have trampled on human rights.

US says no deal expected from Rice Kenya visit                                                            (17.02.2008) DAR ES SALAAM (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice does not expect her visit to Nairobi on Monday to forge a deal to end Kenya's political crisis, the White House said on Sunday.

Kenya elders demand goat from Kibaki                                                                          (17.02.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Kenyan elders have demanded a goat from President Mwai Kibaki as compensation for an alleged assault by First Lady Lucy Kibaki, local media said on Sunday.

Scores feared dead as police, cattle rustlers clash                                                          (17.02.2008) Ten people are feared dead following a gun battle between police and suspected raiders who attacked Kabolet, on the Trans Nzoia/West Pokot border.

Annan optimistic that a final deal will be struck                                                               (17.02.2008) As they took a weekend break, the PNU and ODM negotiating teams were still worlds apart over the option of a coalition government suggested by former UN secretary-general Kofi Annan.

Executive power has been a thorny issue                                                                       (17.02.2008) Executive power and how it is exercised has been a thorny issue for a long time. And, as PNU and ODM seek a political solution to the current dispute that ostensibly centres around such power, President Kibaki and ODM leader Raila Odinga will be expected to make hard choices.

Hostile youths confront police                                                                                       (17.02.2008) Panic gripped Kakamega on Saturday when hostile youths confronted police over the arrival of displaced families returning to their rural homes.

Police force may recruit former street children                                                                (17.02.2008) Former street children who were sent to the National Youth Service might now find their way into the police force. This follows a decision by the government to increase the number of police officers and include NYS graduates during recruitment.

We will hunt you down, arsonists told                                                                            (17.02.2008) Police investigating the post-election violence in Nairobi are looking for more than 20 people said to have been photographed committing various crimes.

Amnesty alarmed by violence                                                                                        (17.02.2008) Amnesty International has called for investigations into human rights abuse and killings perpetrated in the post-election violence in Kenya.

Children nurse gunshot wounds                                                                                     (17.02.2008) I thought he was crying. Getting closer, I could hear him struggle to utter something. He drools uncontrollably as his heavily bandaged jaw has made his mouth to remain agape for the past two weeks and he has to be fed by relatives taking care of him at the hospital.

Kalonzo’s party faces credibility test                                                                              (17.02.2008) He may have genuine concerns protesting at a power-sharing deal between President Kibaki and Mr Raila Odinga or insisting that ODM should take the presidential election dispute to court.

Grand coalition government could save Kenya                                                                (17.02.2008) United States President George W Bush backed calls for a power-sharing agreement to end weeks of civil strife following disputed and discredited presidential election.

Kenya says forcing a deal would be a mistake                                                                (17.02.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Kenya's foreign minister said on Sunday the solution to a post-election crisis lay with Kenyans and any outside attempt to force through a deal would be a mistake.

The mayoral election circus is back                                                                               (17.02.2008) Mayoral elections are slated for a week from tomorrow. They come amidst a background of serious challenges facing urban centres across the country. Some of these challenges result from the post- election violence, while others are rooted in decades of ineffective, incompetent and lackadaisical management of civic institutions.

Why Britain should help Kenya resolve its political crisis                                                 (17.02.2008) Letter PM Gordon Brown - Dear honourable Gordon Brown, Prime Minister, UK. - We are Kenyan citizens and have been troubled by the turn of events in our country in recent weeks.

ODM wants ECK disbanded                                                                                          (17.02.2008) The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) has demanded that a new team be appointed at the Electoral Commission of Kenya before the pending by-elections are held.

Seasoned negotiator proposed to join talks                                                                    (17.02.2008) Mr Kofi Annan, leader of the ongoing mediated talks, on Friday announced the possible inclusion of Ambassador Oluyemi Adeniji of Nigeria in the negotiations.

Why World's Attention is Focused On Country                                                               (17.02.2008) When US Secretary of State, Dr Condoleezza Rice joins Dr Kofi Annan for the peace talks in Nairobi tomorrow, the full force of the world will have landed in Kenya in a way the Government never seems to have anticipated.

Parties to table concerns during Tuesday meeting                                                          (17.02.2008) Mediated talks to end the political crisis in the country resume on Tuesday, with the PNU and ODM representatives expected to discuss their reservations about working together.

Government says outside threats won't end crisis                                                           (17.02.2008) The Government has said outside threats to force a deal to end the political crisis will not work. Foreign Affairs minister Moses Wetangula has said that any solution lies with Kenyans.

Kenya rejects US pressure over power-sharing deal                                                        (17.02.2008) NAIROBI (AFP) - The Kenyan government Sunday issued a veiled warning to the United States not to put "a gun to anybody's head", on the eve of US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's visit to push for a power-sharing deal.

Kenyan children haunted by memories of violence                                                           (17.02.2008) NAKURU, Kenya (Reuters) - Children crammed into a soccer stadium in this Rift Valley town won't be kicking a ball around any time soon.

Kenyans demand more graft scalps                                                                               (17.02.2008) Riot police have deployed in Kenya's capital as anti-corruption protesters took part in a banned demonstration.


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