Presidential Election Disaster and Civil Strife in Kenya
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DAY 50

Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga to UN secretary general Ban Ki Moon  (16.02.2008)

Thousands Mourn Slain Lawmaker in Kenya                                                                   (16.02.2008) PORT VICTORIA, Kenya - Thousands turned out Saturday to bury a slain opposition lawmaker as political rivals struggled to agree on a power-sharing plan to resolve the violent, drawn-out election crisis in Kenya.

China's influence stokes Kenya's hatred of SA                                                                (16.02.2008) The diplomatic chasm between Kenya and South Africa is as wide open today as it was a fortnight ago when the government of Mwai Kibaki said it would not trust Cyril Ramaphosa as an honest broker in the African Union-mandated peace talks.

Rival camps still divided in Kenya                                                                                  (16.02.2008) NAIROBI, KENYA - Government and opposition negotiators agreed Friday to work toward a raft of  electoral  and  constitutional  reforms, but  remained  bitterly  divided  over  how  Kenya's presidential rivals might settle their differences and share power in a coalition.

Kenya deal hinges on power-sharing                                                                              (16.02.2008) NAIROBI (AFP) - Former UN chief Kofi Annan's push for a power-sharing deal in Kenya won backing on Saturday from US President George W. Bush who said a coalition government could help resolve the crisis.

SENGWER SUFFER FROM POLICE AND RAIDERS ALIKE                                           (16.02.2008) The Sengwer people in Kenya suffer at the merciless hands of cattle raiders as well as from the atrocities and heavy shelling of the area caused by undisciplined security forces.

Kenya Rivals Agree to Review Election                                                                          (16.02.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) - Kenya's political rivals announced on Friday a 10-point plan to resolve their political crisis after weeks of negotiations but they remained deadlocked over power sharing.

ETHNIC VIOLENCE - Bitter rivals sign plan to end crisis in Kenya                                    (16.02.2008) NAIROBI - Kenya's political rivals announced yesterday a 10-point plan to resolve their political crisis after weeks of negotiations but they remained deadlocked over power sharing.

A journey of displaced people from the highlands to the lakeside                                      (16.02.2008) Ms LUCY HANNAN, a television and print journalist, accompanied a convoy of displaced people from Tigoni in Kiambu District to Kisumu between February 9 and 11. The convoy drove through Naivasha, Nakuru, Mau Summit and Kericho. She gives her first-hand account.

Annan hints at a new government                                                                                  (16.02.2008) The clearest hint yet that a new government incorporating ODM members could be formed to end Kenya’s post-election crisis was given yesterday.

Foreign missions in dilemma over crisis                                                                         (16.02.2008) Kenya’s political crisis has put a number of foreign missions in a dilemma. Some think there will be a negotiated settlement to the problem while others see a possible worsening of the situation, should the ongoing peace efforts fail.

At this rate, it's about time we asked Britain to come back                                              (16.02.2008) Last weekend, I was invited to a private birthday party and in attendance was a senior State House official who has been my friend for decades. He told me that President Kibaki was to the right of the centre and ODM leader Raila Odinga on the left, and wanted to know where I stood.

Families’ dilemma over bodies                                                                                       (16.02.2008) The wooden door is partly ajar and a child’s screams can be heard from within. Inside, a woman lies motionless on the floor with blood gushing out of her mouth. A six-month-old baby is perched on a nearby bed in the single-room house.

FAIR PLAY - Envoy should name and shame those involved in US visa ban                      (16.02.2008) Citing the confidentiality of the visa application process, US ambassador Michael Ranneberger has declined to name politicians and businessmen and women his country has slapped a travel ban on for their alleged role in Kenya’s post-election violence.

Repatriation of IDPs criticised                                                                                       (16.02.2008) THE Government has come under fire over its repatriation of the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) to their rural homes.

Annan vows to steer peace talks to the end                                                                    (16.02.2008) Fresh from a retreat, lead mediator Dr Kofi Annan pushed to unlock a gridlock on negotiations by laying a roadmap for what he called a ‘new government’ expected to emerge from the initiative.

‘Legislate Truth and Reconciliation body’                                                                        (16.02.2008) Parliament should be given the powers to establish a Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission. The International Commission of Jurists Kenya Chapter (ICJ) said the proposed truth commission should be constituted by an Act of Parliament to be credible.

Prosecute Kivuitu, Wako told                                                                                        (16.02.2008) Twenty civil societies have given the Attorney General, Amos Wako a two-week ultimatum to prosecute Electoral Commission of Kenya Chairman, Mr Samuel Kivuitu.

Let’s think beyond coalition government                                                                         (16.02.2008) The chief mediator in the ongoing talks to restore peace and order in the country yesterday gave the clearest hint that coalition government is the only way out of the current political stand-off.

Working with Kalonzo is a betrayal, ex-MPs tell Kibaki                                                   (16.02.2008) President Kibaki’s former key allies in Ukambani are crying foul over his Party of National Unity (PNU)’s coalition with ODM Kenya of Mr Kalonzo Musyoka.

Mediation: The minimum standards                                                                               (16.02.2008) The other day I asked a couple of people about Ralph Bunche and they confidently said it is a road somewhere in Nairobi. Virtually everyone I talked with knew nothing about this great African-American, yet he was once chief of the UN mission in Palestine and indeed the first non-white to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1950 for his efforts as mediator between Arabs and Jews in the Israel-Arab war of 1948-49.

DAY 49

Post Election Kenya: No Need to Re-Invent the Wheel                                                    (15.02.2008) Kenya’s Crisis - A Synopsis: 1. Africa’s political elites never learn from their own foolish mistakes (Kenya’s own 1992 political violence), nor those of other African countries. The crisis in Kenya is an exact replica of what happened in Cote d’Ivoire in 2000, following a disputed election...

Kenya’s violence: Britain’s legacy                                                                                  (15.02.2008) IT'S HARD to fathom  how a rigged  election  could  produce  such  violence as burning women and children alive in a church. But  that's  what  happened  in  the  Kenya Assemblies of God Church in Kiambaa, just outside the town of Eldoret in western Kenya. Unfortunately, it didn't come as a surprise to me or others living in the region.

Hotels come under siege                                                                                              (15.02.2008) Two weeks ago, a large hotel chain that was planning to expand and hire more employees was forced to do the opposite. The hotel retired 281 employees and suspended the renovation of its major facility because it could not afford the costs involved.

Annan: what we have agreed on so far                                                                           (15.02.2008) Part of the speech by former UN secretary general Kofi Annan during his media briefing at the Serena Hotel - We have just returned from 48 hours of intense and fruitful negotiations at a secret location outside of Nairobi, which all of you now know was the Kilaguni Lodge in the Tsavo West Game Reserve.

Kenyan refugees in Uganda OCHA Situation Report No. 8                                               (15.02.2008) United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs/OCHA - The information contained in this report has been gathered by the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) from sources including the Government of Uganda, UN agencies, non-governmental organizations and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC).

Kenyan deal excludes power-sharing arrangement: Annan                                               (15.02.2008) Governance structure last item to be discussed - Kenya's government and opposition parties have reached a 10-point deal including an independent review of the country's disputed election, but still need to agree on a power-sharing arrangment, mediator Kofi Annan said Friday.

Annan outlines Kenya deal                                                                                           (15.02.2008) NAIROBI - Former United Nations (UN) chief Kofi Annan was to reveal today details of a deal agreed by Kenya’s rival parties to pull the country out of deadly turmoil, but more tough negotiations lay ahead.

No political settlement to Kenya crisis yet, Annan says                                                  (15.02.2008) Nairobi - Kenya's rival parties agreed Friday to a swathe of reforms meant to solve the underlying causes of the crisis that was sparked by disputed elections, but failed to come to a political settlement.

Annan - A Deal is Close                                                                                               (15.02.2008) The only thing standing in the way of a political deal out of Kenya's crisis is what shape a new "broad based" Government should take, an agreement made public by Kofi Annan today shows.

Perpetrators of Violence Must Be Prosecuted                                                                 (15.02.2008) I'm optimistic that the mediation team shall eventually define a roadmap to resolving the political crisis facing this country. I'm optimistic too that the wave of violence that has robbed us of loved ones shall cease and that the resultant humanitarian crisis shall end.

Our Survival Kit From the Election Chaos                                                                       (15.02.2008) The hero in Robinson Crusoe is faced with a challenge of how to survive after a tragic sea wreckage. He must figure how to keep alive while he hopes to be rescued. Fortunately Crusoe is able to salvage some useful survival items; some tools, guns, a little food and drink. Ironically, one item is of no value to Crusoe despite its abundance; a bounty of cash.

Kenya Food Security Update                                                                                        (15.02.2008) Food insecurity continues to accentuate among populations displaced by post-election conflict as well as among the urban poor, whose employment opportunities have narrowed.

48 hours later…and no deal yet                                                                                     (15.02.2008) - (No, not only 48 hours - it is actually 48 days after hell broke loose and nothing has been achieved until now!) - Talks on power-sharing were suspended after an intense, energy-sapping 48 hours during which the creation of an executive premier’s post and a split down the middle of Cabinet slots between PNU and ODM strongly featured.

In Kenya's peace process, devils in the details                                                               (15.02.2008) NAIROBI: Despite soothing words from Kofi Annan, the former United Nations secretary general who is trying to mediate a solution to the Kenyan political crisis, one thing seemed clear on Friday: Kenya is stuck.

Ethnic Animosity Enters the Work Place                                                                       (15.02.2008) The post-election violence which has snowballed into ethnic animosity has crept into offices and mid sized firms. Employers say their workers do not trust each other, translating into lower productivity.

Bush's Africa Interest Is Personal                                                                                  (15.02.2008) WASHINGTON (AP) - The United States has economic, political and security interests in Africa. More and more, President Bush has personal ones.

Kenya rivals sign accord but no final deal                                                                       (15.02.2008) NAIROBI (AFP) - Kenya's rival parties on Thursday signed an agreement during talks to end turmoil that has left more than 1,000 people dead, but the government warned no final deal has been made. The United States is to send Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to Nairobi to support the mediation effort by former UN chief Kofi Annan.

Kenya's political rivals sign deal on new constitution, negotiator says                               (15.02.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya: Kenya's political rivals agreed to write a new constitution - a move that could allow for power-sharing - as part of a deal to end weeks of deadly postelection violence, a government negotiator said.

Signs in Kenya of a Land Redrawn by Ethnicity                                                              (15.02.2008) OTHAYA, Kenya - Sarah Wangoi has spent her entire life - all 70 years of it - in the Rift Valley. But last month, she was chased off her farm by a mob that called her a foreigner. She now sleeps on the cold floor of a stranger’s house, seeking refuge in an area of Kenya where her ethnic group, the Kikuyu, is strong. It is, supposedly, her homeland.

No solution to Kenya crisis as Annan deadline expires                                                    (15.02.2008) - (dpa) - A 72-hour deadline to find a political settlement to end the crisis in Kenya expired Friday without any concrete solution to the conflict over disputed polls in sight.

"Tribal Violence" And "Ethnic Cleansing" In Kenya?                                                        (15.02.2008) This is a Guest Voice column by Alan Boswell, an American college student who has been studying in Kenya since August 2007. - What"s Really Happening In Kenya - "Tribal violence"? "Ethnic cleansing"? These words have been splashing in the international headlines recently as Kenya's flawed presidential election in late December has opened up its suppressed undercurrents of inequality and tribal politics for all the world to see.

Wetangula Reacts to British Envoy Claim                                                                      (15.02.2008) The Government has reacted sharply to remarks by British High Commissioner that President Kibaki's administration does not reflect the democratic will of Kenyans.

Kenya in furious attack on British High Commissioner                                                     (15.02.2008) Britain is embroiled in a diplomatic row with Kenya after the British high commissioner said President Mwai Kibaki's government did not "represent the democratic will of the Kenyan people".

Marathon champion survives another attack                                                                    (15.02.2008) World marathon champion Luke Kibet has survived yet another attempt on his life in violence sparked by the disputed vote tallying of the December’s presidential poll.

Police urged to solve Were murder                                                                                (15.02.2008) National Assembly Speaker Kenneth Marende has appealed to all security agents to put their act together to assure Kenyans of safety.

Leaders look over their shoulders as they walk after two colleagues shot dead                  (15.02.2008) Members of Parliament are scared following the killing of their colleagues and threats against their lives. They blamed the perception that the august House was a money-making machine, the conduct of the Electoral Commission of Kenya during the December election and lack of confidence in the Judiciary to handle poll disputes.

German envoy briefs mediators on grand coalition                                                           (15.02.2008) Germany has proposed a grand coalition as the best answer to Kenya’s political crisis. And German minister of State at the Federal Foreign Office Gernot Erler has been in Kenya since Tuesday, briefing members of the Kofi Annan-led mediation talks on how the coalition works.

EU Warns of Sanctions If Talks Fail                                                                               (15.02.2008) The European Union (EU) has warned that it could sever trade and bilateral links with Kenya if political leaders do not move fast to resolve the political crisis.

Annan's team strikes half-way deal in talks                                                                    (15.02.2008) The agreement reached after two days of talks to end Kenya’s post election political crisis will be revealed Friday.

Police to Recruit 5,000 Officers From NYS                                                                     (15.02.2008) The Government has announced plans to recruit 5,000 National Youth Service (NYS) graduates into the Police Force. The recruitment, scheduled to start next month is geared towards reducing the police to population ratio, currently at 1:1000 against the global standard of 1:400.

Rice visit to Kenya 'welcome'                                                                                        (15.02.2008) Raila Odinga, Kenya's opposition Orange Democratic Movement leader, has said that the US secretary of state's forthcoming visit to the country is a positive move to help restore peace.

Kenyan postelection violence delays completion of $110m Kenya–Uganda oil pipeline       (15.02.2008) Completion of the $110-million Kenya–Uganda oil pipeline project, initially scheduled for the third quarter of this year, is now expected in 2009, because of violent clashes in Kenya, following the controversial re-election of President Mwai Kibaki.

Order issued against mass grave burials                                                                        (15.02.2008) Unclaimed bodies of post-election violence victims should not be buried in mass graves, the Director of Medical Services, Dr James Nyikal ordered Thursday.

The continuing saga of the Mau Mau revolt                                                                     (15.02.2008) Immanuel Wallerstein, in the process of discussing accelerating decolonisation of much of Africa since the end of World War II, talks about the intent of white settlers in colonial Kenya and Southern Rhodesia: that whatever the devolution of powers by constitutional means, power should go to them as a group rather than to the black majority.

Bush Policies in Africa 'Constructive,' But Skepticism Persists                                        (15.02.2008) Nairobi, Kenya ( - As President Bush begins a visit to Africa Friday, commentators say some of his administration's actions have had a constructive impact on relations, although skepticism remains, particularly in the field of security-related policies.

Amnesty International Says Kenya Must Investigate Post-Election Violence and Hold Perpetrators Responsible to Prevent Future Unrest (15.02.2008) Kenya Crisis Under Discussion at African Commission Meeting in Gambia - NEW YORK - Amnesty International today called on the African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights, meeting in Gambia, and the Kenyan government to thoroughly investigate the post-election human rights violations in Kenya that have caused 1,000 deaths, to ensure that those responsible are brought to justice.

Imaginary enemies                                                                                                       (15.02.2008) Blaming multiculturalism for our vulnerability to terrorist attack belongs to Britain's sorry tradition of xenophobia and misplaced patriotism

Recruitment Takes an Ethnic Twist After Chaos                                                              (15.02.2008) Recruitment agencies as well as head hunting firms have found themselves between a rock and a hard place in the wake of December's outbreak of ethnic-based violence.

Kenya's politicians agree to change constitution to end weeks of violence                         (15.02.2008) Kenya's political rivals today agreed to write a new constitution to allow for more power-sharing in a bid to end weeks of deadly post-election violence.

DAY 48

The Post-election Violence in Kenya:An overview of the underlying factors                        (14.02.2008) Recent political problems that threaten to tear Kenya apart require analysis that goes beyond ethnicity as portrayed in the media and current analyses that attempt to explain the situation.

George Bush Visits Africa to promote the US Africa Command                                        (14.02.2008) One year after the announcement that he United States government was going to accelerate the militarization of Africa, President George Bush is embarking on a journey to Africa to coerce African societies to align themselves with the neo-conservative agenda of the present US administration.

'Secret army' preparing for war in Kenya                                                                         (14.02.2008) An army of young warriors is being secretly armed and reinforced in remote areas of Kenya’s Rift Valley, preparing for war if the country’s knife-edge peace talks fail.

Giving Ethnic Divisions the Boot                                                                                    (14.02.2008) *NAIROBI, Feb 14 (IPS) - Anthony Njoroge passes the ball to David Onyango, whose shot makes it past the goalkeeper to a thunderous cheer from spectators at Huruma Stadium, in Nairobi's Eastlands slum area.*

Fury over UK envoy’s remarks                                                                                       (14.02.2008) A diplomatic row is brewing between Kenya and the United Kingdom following a statement by High Commissioner Adam Wood that the Government, as currently constituted, did not reflect the wishes of Kenyans.

TRANSITION: Former shadowy spy to be buried with the country’s most kept secrets       (14.02.2008) Kenya’s longest serving spy master James Kanyotu has passed on at 71, taking with him Kenya’s best-kept secrets about some of the most gruesome and trying moments in the nation’s history.

E.A Should Learn From Kikwete and Kagame                                                                (14.02.2008) UNCONFIRMED rumour indicates that Paul Kagame is the most sensitive East African President to issues regarding corruption.

Law body to launch inquiry into violence                                                                         (14.02.2008) East African lawyers will join their Kenyan counterparts in an inquiry into the violence that rocked the country after last year’s disputed polls.

Uhuru backs grand coalition government                                                                        (14.02.2008) Local Government Minister Uhuru Kenyatta Wednesday supported the formation of a grand coalition government to restore unity among Kenyans.

'Warlords might replace MPs’                                                                                        (14.02.2008) An MP told his colleagues that they risked being replaced by warloads following the post election violence that gripped the country.

Annan clarifies grand coalition proposal                                                                          (14.02.2008) Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan Wednesday said his statement on a grand coalition to resolve Kenya’s election crisis was only a proposal for further discussion.

Investigate Barack's Kenyan connections!                                                                      (14.02.2008) With Joe Klein in the tank for Barack and Dick Morris calling Odinga a client, the whole story has not been told and, for America's sake, it better unfold (very quickly, for Hillary's sake, not THAT quickly for McCain's).

UK, Swiss caution hardliners                                                                                        (14.02.2008) The UK Government has warned that individuals who stand in the way of Dr Kofi Annan-led mediation talks would "face the consequences".

Renewed pressure as saboteurs warned                                                                        (14.02.2008) The noose is waiting to be put around the necks of individuals who sabotage ongoing talks for a political settlement out of crippling crisis, The Standard can report.

Kenya-Election Violence                                                                                               (14.02.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) - Kenya's political rivals agreed Thursday to write a new constitution _ a move that could allow for power-sharing _ as part of a deal to end weeks of deadly postelection violence, a government negotiator said.

Giving Ethnic Divisions the Boot                                                                                    (14.02.2008) Anthony Njoroge passes the ball to David Onyango, whose shot makes it past the goalkeeper to a thunderous cheer from spectators at Huruma Stadium, in Nairobi's Eastlands slum area.

Kenya rivals to rewrite constitution: govt                                                                         (14.02.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Kenya's feuding parties have agreed to rewrite the constitution within a year in an effort to end post-election violence, but have yet to strike a deal on power-sharing, a government negotiator said on Thursday.

WANTED: Police probe 200 over violence                                                                       (14.02.2008) NAIROBI - More than 200 prominent personalities believed to have funded or instigated the post-election violence in Kenya are under investigation, police said Thursday.

Bush to send Rice to Kenya to boost peace bid (no - NOT food-rice!)                                (14.02.2008) US President George W. Bush said Thursday he plans to send Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to Kenya to support efforts to end violence and help political reconciliation there.

Kenya Rivals Sign Deal on Ending Unrest                                                                      (14.02.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) - Rival factions in Kenya's political crisis reportedly agreed Thursday to write a new constitution, a move that could allow for power-sharing as part of a deal aimed at ending weeks of violence in this East African country.

The Post-Election Violence - An Overview of the Underlying Factors                                 (14.02.2008) Recent political problems that threaten to tear Kenya apart require analysis that goes beyond ethnicity as portrayed in the media and current analyses that attempt to explain the situation.

Human Rights Watch blasts                                                                                         (14.02.2008) U.S. on Kenya violence - WASHINGTON (RNS) - As blood continues to be spilled on Kenyan streets in fierce protest of the disputed presidential elections in late December, the head of Human Rights Watch demanded that the U.S. government take more responsibility for that violence.

Hospitals pay the price for violence                                                                                (14.02.2008) Hospitals in Nyanza and Rift Valley provinces have borne the brunt of post-election violence after the displacement of technical staff.

Spymaster Kanyotu lived and has died an enigma                                                           (14.02.2008) The death of former spy chief, James Kanyotu, marks the end of an era and with it many secrets.

Kenyan Ogiek Leader Says He Received Death Threat                                                    (14.02.2008) A leader of Kenya’s Ogiek people says while violence against his people has eased, he himself has received a death threat. The Ogiek live in the Mau Forest in the Rift Valley and are among East Africa’s few remaining hunter-gatherers.

OGIEK LEADER RECEIVES DEATH THREAT                                                               (14.02.2008) A leader of the Ogiek tribe in Kenya has received a death threat by telephone. An unknown caller told Mr Mpoiok Kobei, 'We need your head before Tuesday nineteenth, this month.'

DAY 47

What Next - Moving from Loss and Trauma to Hope and Healing                                      (13.02.2008) A breach of humanity has occurred in Kenya, leaving people in a state of shock and disbelief. To see human beings willfully inflicting pain and death against another has wounded the souls of Kenyans not just at home but everywhere. The violence affects individuals as well as family and community.

Transitional govt my proposal, clarifies Annan                                                                 (13.02.2008) Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan Wednesday clarified that the formation of a two-year transitional government followed by a presidential election were only his suggestions and that the matter had not been agreed upon by the two parties in the political dispute.

Kenyan politicians discuss power-sharing to end postelection violence                             (13.02.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) - Kenya's rival parties sequestered themselves at a luxury lodge in a game park normally packed with tourists Wednesday as they attempted to hammer out a peace deal to end weeks of bloodshed.

Churches: We let Kenyans down                                                                                   (13.02.2008) Churches leaders have publicly acknowledged they were partisan prior to Kenya’s the December elections making it impossible for them to forestall the political crisis facing the country.

Kenya government anger with Annan                                                                             (13.02.2008) NAIROBI, - The head of the Kenyan government team at crisis talks has expressed anger with mediator Kofi Annan over comments on resolving the election dispute.

"Silent emergencies" stalk Africa's hungry children                                                         (13.02.2008) DAKAR (Reuters) - While world attention is gripped by major crises such as Darfur and Kenya, malnutrition threatens the lives of hundreds of thousands of children in "silent emergencies" elsewhere in Africa, the United Nations said.

Kenya talks hit a snag                                                                                                  (13.02.2008) NAIROBI - Talks on ending Kenya’s post-election turmoil hit a snag today when the lead negotiator for President Mwai Kibaki said there was no agreement on a "grand coalition" government.

Time to Rethink Kenya, Invent Africa                                                                              (13.02.2008) OTTAWA/CANADA - (WTN) - After being a director on the global board of Transparency International, John Githongo continued 2003 in an official governmental position to fight corruption, under the presidency of Mwai Kibaki. In 2005, he left his position and denounced high-level corruption in Kenya. He is one of Africa's most renowned advocates for transparency and good governance.

Even God killed – Mungiki leader                                                                                   (13.02.2008) AfricaNews interviewed Mathenge A.K.A Mnyama, the Mungiki regional coordinator for central Nairobi. [INTERVIEW] After being hunted down as being an outlawed sect, the Mungiki came back to the Kenyan public arena in January, this time as warriors fighting for president Mwai Kibaki. Since then, their influence and power have been increasing.

Kenyan ambassador to USA hopeful that blackout, talks will end bloodshed                     (13.02.2008) LITTLE ROCK - Kenya's ambassador to the United States said Tuesday he was hopeful that a round of peace talks would create a breakthrough that would end postelection violence in his home country.

Kenyan politicians discuss power-sharing to end postelection violence                             (13.02.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya: The final push for peace in Kenya continued at a secret location Wednesday as top negotiators said the opposition had proposed sharing power with the government for two years then holding new elections.

Annan's Proposal Not Debated - PNU                                                                            (13.02.2008) Party of National Unity Tuesday said the formation of a transitional government and holding presidential election in two years as allegedly proposed by former UN secretary general Kofi Annan had not been discussed or agreed on.

Though Potentially Messy, Coalition the Only Way Out                                                   (13.02.2008) On the face of it, A grand coalition of parties does not appeal. Cautious voices have warned that we are likely to end up with an adhocracy in Parliament - a messy arrangement where the distinction between the opposition and the Government will be blurred, and where oversight institutions of the House will find it difficult to function.

Kenyan roses take armed escorts to Europe                                                                  (13.02.2008) NAIVASHA, Kenya - In a country strangled by anger and fear, it is taking armed escorts and emergency airlifts to make sure that Kenya's most warmhearted export - the rose - arrives in time for Valentine's Day.

Kenya politicians discuss coalition deal                                                                         (13.02.2008) The final push for peace in Kenya continued at a secret location today as top negotiators said the opposition had proposed sharing power with the government for two years and then holding new elections.

Kenya's version of Democracy                                                                                       (13.02.2008) KENYAN DEMOCRACY - What really is democracy? This is not a rhetoric question because over the past month I have been grappling with it but every moment of thought has brought more questions than answers.

Displaced populations still on the move in Kenya                                                            (13.02.2008) The violence that has shaken Kenya since late December last year has led to population displacements in the western part of the country. The general situation remains unpredictable and needs are changing constantly. MSF has set up a flexible system to provide logistical and medical aid to the displaced persons.

Two Held Over Were's Killing Freed                                                                               (13.02.2008) Two people who were being held by police in connection with the killing of Embakasi MP Mugabe Were have been set free.

Annan ‘deal’ misunderstood                                                                                          (13.02.2008) NAIROBI - The chief mediator in Kenya’s political crisis Kofi Annan said today his call for a "grand coalition" had been misunderstood by the government as a final deal.

Kenyan rivals hunker down in secret for crisis talks                                                         (13.02.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Kenya's political rivals sought a deal to end an election crisis at a luxury safari lodge on Wednesday, while mediator Kofi Annan tried to soothe government fury over a proposal for new elections.

Jealousy 'leads' to unrest                                                                                              (13.02.2008) Naivasha - Although they are from different tribes, Peter and Sospeter have much in common: they do the same job, are roughly the same age and practically share the same first name.

Kenyan Negotiators Continue Talks After Government Protest                                          (13.02.2008) Former United Nations chief Kofi Annan has pulled Kenya's political rivals back to negotiations, following a government protest over his proposal to end the country's post-election crisis and ethnic violence.

ANALYSIS-Seeds of class war sprout in Kenya's crisis                                                   (13.02.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Kenya is a land of stark contrast: the rich drive gleaming luxury cars, can afford to enrol their children in top British schools and in the case of one local magnate, send suits to London for dry cleaning.

Why shouldnt Kenya Army save lives?                                                                           (13.02.2008) Since the end of December 2007 General Election in Kenya and the contested declaration of President Kibaki as winner, anarchy and disorder have descended on this country, once an oasis of peace in a region beset with state-and-politician orchestrated violence.

Why 'Illegal Aliens' Head West                                                                                      (13.02.2008) The question of migration has to be seen in its full context. A French philosopher became famous for saying "I think therefore I am". Human existence since Adam and Eve can be characterised by a similarly simple phrase: "I move, therefore I am". If you don't move you are dead!

Group cautions on talks                                                                                                (13.02.2008) The International Centre for Policy and Conflict (ICPC) has called on the Annan-led mediation teams to act with caution as they get to the climax of the talks.

Loggers Capitalise on Violence in North Rift to Venture Into Forests                                 (13.02.2008) Forests in parts of North Rift region have not escaped the effects of political unrest occasioned by the December 27 disputed presidential election results.

Ex-police chief held over raids                                                                                       (13.02.2008) A retired assistant commissioner of Police is among more than 30 people arrested in connection with election related violence in Trans-Nzoia district.

Machel Calls for Lasting Political Solution                                                                      (13.02.2008) Only a political solution can haul Kenya out of the current crisis, a member of the Kenya National Dialogue For Reconciliation committee, Mrs Graca Machel, has said.

Kabando: I’m on US travel ban threat list                                                                        (13.02.2008) The Mukurwe-ini Member of Parliament, Mr Kabando wa Kabando, has publicly declared that he is among the 13 politicians and businesspeople facing an imminent ban to the United States for their alleged role in the post-election violence.

Marende says he supports reconciliation                                                                        (13.02.2008) "Honourable members, allow me at the onset to appreciate the efforts of our very worthy negotiators in seeking solutions to the post-election crisis that has engulfed our country, under the auspices of the Kenya National Dialogue and Reconciliation Team.

DNA tests to help net rapists                                                                                        (13.02.2008) Some 100 DNA samples have been collected from rape victims of the post-election violence to help net the suspects.

Your role is vital and we can’t afford to fail, Annan tells MPs                                            (13.02.2008) We have come here today to brief you on the progress of the National Dialogue and Reconciliation process. We arrived three weeks ago, and have been engaged in face to face negotiations since January 29 after the parties appointed their teams.

Freeze aid to army, says Kiai                                                                                       (13.02.2008) US military assistance to Kenya should be suspended, pending a resolution of the post-election crisis, two Kenyan human rights leaders write in Tuesday’s edition of The New York Times.

MPs bury differences in House to get peace                                                                   (13.02.2008) Hostility and suspicion gave way to camaraderie as MPs from across the political divide crossed the floor and mingled on both sides of the Old Chamber of Parliament for the Speaker’s Kamukunji.

Parliament pledges to spearhead search for peace                                                          (13.02.2008) Parliament will push the enactment of any constitutional or statutory changes aimed at bringing about lasting peace, reconciliation and national unity.

MP faults US envoy’s demand                                                                                       (13.02.2008) Mukurweini MP, Mr Kabando wa Kabando, reacted sharply to a demand letter by US Ambassador, Mr Michael Ranneberger, that he writes an essay detailing his efforts and achievements in promoting peace.

Annan pleads for grand coalition government                                                                  (13.02.2008) Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan Tuesday hinted at a grand coalition government to end Kenya’s post election crisis, but the move was immediately challenged by the Government.

Ilchamus back in court to stop nominations                                                                    (13.02.2008) The Ilchamus Community has moved to court in yet another bid to stop the nomination of 12 MPs. They want the court to issue orders quashing any nominations that may have been submitted to the President by the Electoral Commission of Kenya.

We must not waste this opportunity                                                                               (13.02.2008) Tuesday marked another milestone in the path towards resolving the political crisis and finding a lasting solution to fundamental problems this country has failed to tackle since independence.

Though potentially messy, coalition the only way out                                                      (13.02.2008) ON THE FACE OF IT, A grand coalition of parties does not appeal. Cautious voices have warned that we are likely to end up with an adhocracy in Parliament – a messy arrangement where the distinction between the opposition and the Government will be blurred, and where oversight institutions of the House will find it difficult to function.

Security team alarmed by mob lynchings                                                                       (13.02.2008) The Imenti North District security committee is alarmed by increased cases of lynching of theft suspects in the Meru municipality.

Ex-Police Chief Arrested                                                                                               (13.02.2008) A retired assistant Commissioner of Police is among 30 suspects being investigated over claims of funding post-election violence in Trans Nzoia District.

Annan Teams Off to Secret Location                                                                              (13.02.2008) Former UN chief, Dr Kofi Annan, and his mediation teams are at an undisclosed location to hammer out the final deal between PNU and ODM.

A blot on the talks                                                                                                        (13.02.2008) Claims of ambush, obstinacy and a protest by the Government side threatened to spoil the party as the final countdown in the search for a political solution began on an optimistic note on Tuesday.

Women Criticise Nominations                                                                                       (13.02.2008) The League of Kenya Women Voters has asked political parties to set rules governing the nomination of MPs and councillors to stem the confusion and discontent that have accompanied the exercise.

Kenya election compromise reportedly afoot                                                                   (13.02.2008) Former U.N. leader says power-sharing deal being drafted. - NAIROBI, Kenya - Former U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan said Tuesday that Kenya would have a solution to its postelection crisis later this week as the country's dueling political parties retired to an undisclosed location for what are expected to be final talks.

As Kenyans forced to camps, aid groups fear worse problems                                         (13.02.2008) ELDORET, Kenya - Since their home was torched six weeks ago, Peter Monderu's six children sleep tangled like puppies on the cold ground.

Unite the Country, Graca Tells MPs                                                                               (13.02.2008) A member of the mediation team Tuesday pleaded with MPs to unite the country and bring hatred and bleeding to an end. Mrs Graca Machel reminded the over 200 MPs that they were the right people to spearhead peace initiatives for the sake of the country.

Finance Minister Dropped As Kikwete Names Cabinet                                                    (13.02.2008) President Jakaya Kikwete Tuesday named a new Cabinet which is smaller and designed to suit current and future needs of the country.

Kenya talks stutter at Annan's proposal                                                                         (13.02.2008) Nairobi - Talks on ending Kenya's post-election turmoil hit a snag on Wednesday when the lead negotiator for President Mwai Kibaki said there was no agreement on a "grand coalition" government.

Kenya talks stumble over Annan's proposed 'grand coalition'                                            (13.02.2008) NAIROBI (AFP) - Talks on ending Kenya's post-election turmoil hit a snag on Wednesday when the lead negotiator for President Mwai Kibaki said there was no agreement on a "grand coalition" government.

Will 'grand coalition' end Kenya's woes?                                                                         (13.02.2008) The creation of a power-sharing government in Kenya appeared imminent on Tuesday after a parliamentary briefing in which former United Nations secretary general Kofi Annan spoke of a possible "grand coalition" to end the country's political crisis.

Group Cautions On Talks                                                                                              (13.02.2008) The International Centre for Policy and Conflict (ICPC) has called on the Annan-led mediation teams to act with caution as they get to the climax of the talks.

PNU MPs protest at mediation proposals                                                                       (13.02.2008) PNU and Government MPs were ambushed by mediation proposals for a transitional Government and fresh presidential elections, they have claimed.

Evicted from the city and rejected at home                                                                     (13.02.2008) A displaced woman got a rude shock when she returned to her ancestral home in Siaya and found a deserted homestead.

Hardliners are the real enemies of Kenya                                                                       (13.02.2008) I hear strains of a new melody beginning. In the streets of Nairobi life seems to have bounced back to normal. It is a long shot to think of what or who is really absent now.

Honouring Kenya through sacrifices                                                                               (13.02.2008) You have heard that how one deals with a difficult situation could either break them or hoist them to the hall of fame. The same goes for communication.

Kibet suffers another attack                                                                                          (13.02.2008) This afternoon, for the second time in under two months, World Marathon champion Luke Kibet has survived an attempt on his life in Kenya.

DAY 46

By Inviting Bush We Are Dishonouring Ourselves                                                            (12.02.2008) It would seem to me that there are certain moral limits beyond which no one can cross without forfeiting one’s honour and human dignity. Our seemingly voluntary decision to invite and to entertain a hated war criminal for four days in our beautiful land will probably go down in history as marking the darkest moment in our political history so far.

Families feel strain as ethnic violence divides Kenya                                                       (12.02.2008) KINOO, Kenya - As the ethnic violence shows few signs of abating, Josphat Karanja, a Kikuyu, and his wife, Everlyn Adoyo, 25, a Luo, have begun looking for a new home in a safe section of Nairobi. In the six weeks that ethnic fighting has ripped through Kenya, Josphat Karanja hasn't once called his father, not even after clashes erupted near the family home in the turbulent Rift Valley.

Will the violence and death end soon in Kenya                                                               (12.02.2008) Former U.N. chief Kofi Annan says he is hopeful Kenya’s feuding political parties can reach a deal this week aimed at defusing the election crisis before they move to a secret location.

UN mediators recommend 'transitional coalition government' for Kenya                             (12.02.2008) Nairobi, Kenya - The African Union and UN-backed panel of Eminent African Personalities mediating in the Kenyan political crisis said Tuesday it had recommended the formation of a transitional coalition government pending fresh polls to save the East African nation from hurtling further into the abyss.

Africa Forum peace mission to the Republic of Kenya                                                     (12.02.2008) - (Ed. Note: And what came out of it? - NOTHING!) - On 27 December 2008, the Republic of Kenya held what by all account was a historic and peaceful presidential, parliamentary and civic election. The electorates turned out in unprecedented large numbers to cast their ballots.

ODM wants PM's post with executive powers, PNU says no                                            (12.02.2008) Nairobi, Kenya - Although hopes are rising that the Kenyan post-polls crisis will soon be resolved by the African Union (AU) and the UN-backed mediation panel, the two parties involved appeared far from being ready to restore peace to the East African nation if signals emanating from their camps are anything to go by.

"Leaders Must Think Beyond Own Interests", says Ban Ki-Moon                                     (12.02.2008) Over the past month, I have been deeply engaged in the evolving situation in Kenya. As I warned at the African Union Summit, ethnic clashes threaten to escalate out of control.

Civil Servants in Plea for Security                                                                                  (12.02.2008) The Civil Servants Union is calling on the Government to provide security to its members affected by post-election violence.

Man First Lady Slapped Gets Another Blow                                                                   (12.02.2008) The civil servant slapped by First Lady Lucy Kibaki on December 12 last year has now been removed from his powerful post in the Office of the President.

Next in line of turmoil: Uganda?                                                                                     (12.02.2008) Museveni (nicknamed M7), who is said to not be a Muganda but a Tutsi and "his" Uganda seems to come into similar trouble at home as Kibaki in Kenya, whom he held the stirrups.

MPs Should Be Impartial                                                                                              (12.02.2008) For all the promise that the Kofi Annan- led mediation effort to return the country into political stability has shown, keen watchers of the Kenyan political scene believe it is entering the most testing phase now. That phase has nothing to do with the nature of political settlement.

Put Anti-Graft Agenda Back On Course                                                                         (12.02.2008) The political crisis and violence that have rocked Kenya since the December 27 General Election have all but eclipsed the anti-corruption agenda.

Kenyan minister booed by refugees                                                                               (12.02.2008) DRAMA ensued at Mulanda transit centre in Tororo district on Monday when Kenyan refugees booed their home minister for special programmes, Dr. Naomi Shaban, when she tried to downplay the security situation in Kenya and urged them to return home.

Uganda restricts refugees                                                                                             (12.02.2008) The Ugandan Government plans to restrict Kenyan refugees. Tororo Resident DC, Mr Mpimbaza Hashaka, said refugees in Mulanda sub-county would not be allowed to travel without a permit.

Kenya now listed among Hunger's Global Hotspots                                                              Hunger's global hotspots: 12 February 2008 - Kenya - The Government of Kenya, Kenya Red Cross (KRC) and WFP continued to provide food assistance to people displaced/affected by post-election crisis. Thus far, 1,772 mt of WFP food has been distributed to 372,000 people displaced in Rift Valley and western Kenya as well as the most vulnerable people in the slums of Nairobi and Kisumu.

Tears for Kenya: Violence in Kenya hits close to home                                                   (12.02.2008) It has been difficult of late for Josie Mai, an art instructor at Missouri Southern State University, to not think about what was happening to members of her family in East Africa. Her younger sister married Julius Were (pronounced where-ay), a native of Kenya, five years ago in Kansas City. Her sister, Sarah, is five months’ pregnant with her first child.

Kenyan Politicians Discuss Power-Sharing                                                                    (12.02.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) - Peace talks to end postelection bloodshed in Kenya moved to a secret location Tuesday for a final push. Negotiators said the opposition has proposed sharing power with the government for two years and then holding new elections.

Defusing the ethnic time-bomb                                                                                      (12.02.2008) KENYA'S STRIFE II - The way to permanently solve the crisis in Kenya is to end politics as usual. This past December, President Mwai Kibaki declared victory over the challenger Raila Odinga despite every indication that the election process was unfree and unfair. Even though Kibaki appointed his government with indecent haste, Odinga did not accept defeat, and violence ratcheted up.

Seek Political Solution, Counsels Machel                                                                      (12.02.2008) The current crisis facing the country can only be addressed through a political solution. Mrs Graca Machel, a member of the Kenya National Dialogue For Reconciliation Committee has said.

SOMEWHERE IN AFRICA BLOG: Discrimination checklist                                             (12.02.2008) I'm in the market for a mechanic - the last guy having turned up for work drunk one too many times - so I asked Thomas, the office's driver, whether he knew anyone. He thought on it for a moment and replied, "There is a man. He's a Kikuyu, but he's a good man."

Political Crisis in Kenya: Kofi Annan Emphasizes                                                           (12.02.2008) The talks for resolving the current crisis between President Mwai Kibaki’s Party of National Unity (PNU) and Raila Odinga’s Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) have been underway with former Secratary-General Kofi Annan who is acting as a chief mediator. “The current crisis is a big challenge, but it provides an opportunity for Kenyan leaders to steer the country to a new level of stability”, Annan said on Monday at a special session in parliament. “I sincerely hope we will complete our work by early next week”, he continued by implying the real progress made in the negotiations.

Kenyan minister criticises crisis mediator Annan                                                            (12.02.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - The head of the government team at Kenya's crisis talks criticised chief mediator Kofi Annan on Tuesday, complicating his efforts to bring a swift end to the country's post-election turmoil.

Kenya's helpless students traumatised by crisis                                                             (12.02.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Winnie Atieno is a typical Kenyan high school dropout these days. She loved maths and sciences and dreamt of becoming a doctor -- until the men with machetes came around.

Annan seeks to seal Kenya crisis deal in days                                                               (12.02.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Kenya should have a political solution to its election dispute this week, but its divided parliament must swiftly endorse wider reforms, former U.N. chief Kofi Annan said on Tuesday.

Politicians Urged to Avoid Derailing Talks                                                                       (12.02.2008) Two ODM members of Parliament have asked politicians to desist from making utterances that may derail the Kofi Annan mediated talks.

Crisis highlights cluster complications                                                                           (12.02.2008) NAIROBI (IRIN) - The post-election crisis in Kenya has highlighted some of the shortcomings of the cluster approach, introduced two years ago to improve emergency responses involving many actors.

Unicef slams 'licence to rape'                                                                                        (12.02.2008) Geneva - Sexual violence has reached epidemic proportions in African countries from Kenya to Sudan with many men seeing social chaos as a "licence to rape," the UN children's fund warned on Tuesday.

Court threatens to strike out case against VP                                                                 (12.02.2008) - still ignores Indigenous People - The Ilchamus community from Baringo District is not giving up in its bid for recognition as a marginalized group that deserves representation in the tenth Parliament.

Talks reach grand coalition stage                                                                                  (12.02.2008) Former United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan took his mediation efforts to the Kenyan Parliament saying that the Kenyan dialogue process had struck out all the options, remaining with only one - formation of a Grand Coalition.

‘Kenya’s pain is Africa’s pain’                                                                                        (12.02.2008) NAIROBI - Rights activist Graca Machel delivered an emotional plea to Kenyan lawmakers today to help end the crisis sparked by disputed elections, saying they were facing a “historical mission.”

Kenya crisis talks move to secret retreat                                                                        (12.02.2008) NAIROBI (AFP) - Negotiators from Kenya's feuding factions moved to a secret retreat on Tuesday for crunch talks on a deal aimed at pulling the country out of post-election turmoil that has left more than 1,000 dead.

Annan briefs MPs on Kenya crisis                                                                                 (12.02.2008) Mediator Kofi Annan has addressed an informal session of Parliament and briefed them on developments to end the political impasse.

As Elsewhere, America Sucks Essential Talent Out of Kenya                                          (12.02.2008) It isn’t lost on people in other countries that America is a magnet that attracts their best talent - and it s often resented. With Kenya in flames after a contested election, some in that country feel that it might be better if some of those talented people were persuaded to return or remain in Kenya.

Kenyan Rights Activist Pushes for UN Action                                                                 (12.02.2008) The chairman of the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights, Maina Kiai, has been one of the country's leading independent voices since the beginning of the crisis sparked by Kenya's disputed presidential election of December 27.

Annan seeks parliament backing for Kenya deal                                                             (12.02.2008) NAIROBI (AFP) - Kofi Annan sought support from Kenya's divided parliament on Tuesday for an imminent political deal to pull the country out of turmoil that has left more than 1,000 people dead.

Norway supports negotiations in Kenya                                                                          (12.02.2008) The Norwegian government has granted USD 1 million in support of the ongoing negotiations aimed at solving the political crisis in Kenya.

Making Kenya work                                                                                                      (12.02.2008) The experience in Kenya today demonstrates that the road to democracy can be a rocky one, if not illusionary, for some developing nations.

Kenya panel to probe disputed elections                                                                        (12.02.2008) NAIROBI - Kenya’s feuding parties have agreed to set up an independent panel to investigate the December presidential election and its disputed outcome, which unleashed widespread violence, chief mediator Kofi Annan announced on Tuesday.

Life in Kenya far from a bed of roses                                                                              (12.02.2008) Naivasha, Kenya - Past the greenhouses and fields of roses, a chain fence surrounds rows of white tents. In the lakeside town of Naivasha, flower farms - which make Kenya the biggest supplier to Europe - are, as usual, in overdrive in the run-up to Valentine's Day on Thursday.

Annan seeks parliament backing for Kenya deal                                                             (12.02.2008) NAIROBI: Kofi Annan sought support from Kenya's divided parliament on Tuesday for an imminent political de`al to pull the country out of turmoil that has left more than 1,000 people dead.

Kenya Tourism Board Set for Global Fair in Germany                                                      (12.02.2008) Kenya will participate in this year's annual International Tourism Bourse travel trade fair to be held in Germany next month. The State-run Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) and other industry stakeholders will represent the country.

Can a Kenyan Peace Agreement Stem Rape?                                                                (12.02.2008) The international community must support Kenyan women, promote peace and send a message that sexual assault will not be tolerated.

Around Kenya: After the violence                                                                                   (12.02.2008) After six weeks, Kenya's violent ethnic and political clashes are easing, following disputed elections. Here is a snap-shot of the situation in what have been some of the worst trouble spots ...

Annan moves Kenya talks in drive for speedy deal                                                          (12.02.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Former U.N. boss Kofi Annan has invited Kenya's feuding political parties to continue talks at a secret location outside Nairobi, with the aim of reaching an agreement within two or three days, a spokesman said on Monday.

Kenya’s War of Words                                                                                                 (12.02.2008) WHEN you find yourself at a wedding discussing how more than 800 people have been killed and more than 250,000 kicked out of their homes for having certain ethnic origins, you know there is something terribly wrong with your country. Living in Nairobi the past few months has been like living in a relatively comfortable glass cave in the middle of hell.

AFRICA Ethnicity: Releasing Africa`s “Suppressed Rage”                                                (12.02.2008) "We have met the enemy and he is us," Pogo - The December, 2007 presidential elections troubles in Kenya that saw over 1,000 people killed reveals the unresolved “rage” of Africa’s ethnicity, as the Polish-born novelist Joseph Conrad will tell you in his famous “suppressed rage” phrase that fits some of Africa’s deadly ethnic conflicts.

Kenyans Say Tribal Divide Has Reached Police Force                                                     (12.02.2008) Victims of Mobs Accuse Officers of Standing By - NAIVASHA, Kenya - Benson Onyango slipped behind the door of his house, terrified as he watched about two dozen young men chase his friend down the dirt paths of their neighborhood in this lakeside town. His friend stumbled to the ground, and the gang began beating him with clubs and iron bars.

Kenya talks head to secret site                                                                                     (12.02.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya (CNN) - Negotiators trying to resolve a political crisis in Kenya plan to move to an undisclosed location and make no public statements for the next few days, a senior aide to former U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan told CNN on Monday.

Kenya mediators go undercover                                                                                     (12.02.2008) Negotiators trying to break the deadlock between Kenya's government and the opposition are planning to relocate to a secret location. A senior aide to former UN secretary general Kofi Annan says the negotiators plan to move to an undisclosed location and make no public statements for the next 48 to 72 hours.

Envoys’ warning over talks                                                                                            (12.02.2008) Five foreign diplomats urged President Kibaki and ODM leader, Mr Raila Odinga, to agree on a political solution to the political crisis.

Kibaki warns inciters                                                                                                    (12.02.2008) President Kibaki has told the perpetrators of violence that their days are numbered. He also warned those inciting wananchi to engage in arson attacks that the law would soon catch up with them.

Annan: Deal could be struck in 48-72 hours                                                                    (12.02.2008) Hope for a breakthrough in the crippling political crisis rose Monday night after mediator Kofi Annan announced that a deal could be struck within the next 48 to 72 hours.

Raila's Plea On Petition                                                                                                (12.02.2008) ODM leader, Mr Raila Odinga, wants the High Court to strike out a petition challenging the election of President Kibaki. Raila says as far as he was concerned, there was no proper and valid petition before the court.

IDPs threaten to strike                                                                                                  (12.02.2008) Displaced people in Trans-Nzoia District have threatened to go on a hunger strike to complain about local provincial administrator.

Let’s give peace in Kenya a chance (message from former US Ambassador)                     (12.02.2008) I spent three years in Kenya as US Ambassador. I shed blood and tears with Kenyans after al Qaeda blew up the American embassy in 1998 killing 213 people and injuring over 5,000.

DAY 45

Kenyan militia strike back                                                                                             (11.02.2008) First they sent leaflets saying they would avenge the killings of their tribesmen when violence flared following Kenya's disputed election. Then they told other tribes to leave certain areas.

African babies being sold into slavery in UK for up to $10,000                                          (11.02.2008) An estimated 500 African children a year - many of them babies - are being trafficked into the UK where they end up working as virtual slaves, a new investigation has revealed.

Annan calls for media blackout during talks                                                                    (11.02.2008) Former United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Kofi Annan has called on Kenya's negotiating team to move their talks outside the capital, Nairobi, with the goal of reaching an agreement on the outstanding political issues in the next 48 to 72 hours.

Annan hopes for Kenya talks result in 2-3 days                                                              (11.02.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Former U.N. boss Kofi Annan has invited Kenya's feuding political parties to continue talks at a hidden location outside Nairobi, with the aim of reaching an agreement within two or three days, a spokesman said on Monday.

Annan demands News Blackout for 48-72 h                                                                    (11.02.2008) - Mediation translocated outside Nairobi - (Nairobi) - After another day, which didn't bring progress in the negotiations concerning the legitimate governance in Kenya after the flawed presidential elections, Chief-Mediator Kofi Annan asked his mediation team and the feuding sides to continue the talks at an undisclosed location outside Nairobi.

Rivals truce nearing in Kenya                                                                                        (11.02.2008) NAIROBI - Negotiators for President Mwai Kibaki and opposition leader Raila Odinga re-started talks yesterday in a mood of national optimism that a political solution to Kenya's worst crisis since independence may be near.

New-born rhino named Kofi Annan                                                                                 (11.02.2008) A new-born rhinoceros in Kenya has been named Kofi Annan in honour of the former UN Secretary General. Baby Kofi was born at the weekend in the community-owned Ol Choro Oirogua Conservancy in the Maasai Mara reserve.

Militia Have Their Own Agendas                                                                                    (11.02.2008) We are now into the second of the two weeks given for progress on the first three items of the mediation process. The prognosis is mixed.

Displaced Kenyans Find More Problems                                                                        (11.02.2008) ELDORET, Kenya - Since their home was torched six weeks ago, Peter Monderu's six children sleep tangled like puppies on the cold ground. His 9-year-old girl bears the scars of a horrific arson attack on a church, and his fearful wife startles awake at the least sound.

Rescue mission in Kenya                                                                                             (11.02.2008) Kenya has long conjured up images of colonial rule (cue the movies White Mischief and Out of Africa). It was also a rarity for Africa, a country where the end of that rule - Kenya gained independence from Britain in 1963 - wasn't followed by violence and corrupt dictatorships. Until now.

Kenyan government plans to build houses for IDPs                                                         (11.02.2008) Nairobi, Kenya (PANA) - The Kenya government has said it will cover the cost o f rebuilding houses for the more than 300,000 internally displaced people (IDPs) and of resettling them as a result of the post-election violence that has also c l aimed over 1,000 lives in the past six weeks.

Election Tragedy                                                                                                          (11.02.2008) The horror pictures of electoral violence coming out of Kenya since the closing days of 2007 into 2008 have shocked the television-viewing world. Commentators have presented it as marking an unfortunate shattering of the political record of an exemplary democracy that has over the turbulent decades of a mayhem-riddled sector of Africa been a shining example of peace and good governance.

600,000 forced to leave their homes in Kenya crisis - UN                                                 (11.02.2008) The UN's humanitarian chief John Holmes said today that up to 600,000 people have been forced from their homes in Kenya during weeks of violence that has killed 1,000 people.

When Voting Rationally is Not Betrayal                                                                          (11.02.2008) In a representative democracy voting is a fundamental exercise without which its content becomes devoid of meaning. Voting is therefore the cornerstone on which any pragmatic application of democratic ideals must begin.

Kenya crisis talks head into decisive stretch                                                                  (11.02.2008) NAIROBI (AFP) - Kenya's political rivals on Monday began a crucial week of negotiations led by Kofi Annan to clinch a political deal that could end a crisis sparked by President Mwai Kibaki's re-election.

Optimism at Kenya talks, negotiators urge patience                                                        (11.02.2008) NAIROBI, Feb 11 (Reuters) - Negotiators for President Mwai Kibaki and opposition leader Raila Odinga re-started talks on Monday in a mood of national optimism that a political solution to Kenya's worst crisis since independence may be near.

As criminals take advantage of postelection violence, Kenyans turn vigilante                     (11.02.2008) KISUMU, Kenya - Children clustered around the charred body, its features melted into an unrecognizable black mask. The man, accused of being a thief, was the fourth person to be burned alive this month in this western Kenyan city.

Elections - Children Pay a Heavy Price                                                                          (11.02.2008) More than 100,000 children are still suffering in makeshift camps six weeks after the announcement of presidential election results sparked violent protests across the country.

Kenya's Opposition ODM to Propose Power-Sharing Government                                     (11.02.2008) In Kenya, both the opposition Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) and embattled President Mwai Kibaki’s Party of National Unity (PNU) are scheduled to present new positions Monday to former U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan who is mediating a resolution to the country’s post-election crisis. This comes after both parties agreed to abandon their original postures in favor of a political solution.

Kenya’s Middle Class Feeling Sting of Violence                                                              (11.02.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya - George G. Mbugua is a 42-year-old executive with two cars, a closet full of suits and a good job as the chief financial officer of a growing company.

Time running out for Kenya                                                                                           (11.02.2008) NAIROBI - A political deal is urgently needed in Kenya to prevent violence sparked by disputed elections from spiralling out of control and engulfing the once stable country, experts say.

Raila: I won’t be a betrayer                                                                                            (11.02.2008) ODM leader, Mr Raila Odinga, has reiterated that he will not betray his supporters in the talks seeking a solution to the political crisis.

MPs* defend the President against rigging allegations                                                     (11.02.2008) * many from constituencies, where the election results didn't come forward in time!  - More than 35 MPs have dismissed as "baseless and manifestly ill-founded" ODM’s claims that President Kibaki stole the presidential election.

Re-run could be a good option                                                                                       (11.02.2008) Our leaders should agree to a poll re-run to restore the confidence of Kenyans and the international community.

Nation building is worth the price                                                                                   (11.02.2008) What has happened has baffled many and a myriad on its causes have been postulated. Although, Kenyans have always asserted that Kenya is one nation and one state, it has always been otherwise.

It's better to split the five-year term and save the country                                                 (11.02.2008) It’s the 11th hour in Kenyan politics. Now is the time for our leading politicians not only to make bold concessions, but more importantly, decisions that will be remembered for holding the country together. One significant decision that President Kibaki of PNU and Mr Raila Odinga of ODM should make is to split the current five year term in two equal halves.

Return, refugees told                                                                                                    (11.02.2008) The Government has petitioned Uganda and Tanzania to facilitate the return of Kenyan refugees. East African Cooperation minister, Dr Wilfred Machage, said the refugees had no reason to continue living in neighbouring countries.

Political solution? What Kenyans want                                                                          (11.02.2008) Many Kenyans would welcome a power-sharing or any other deal arrived at quickly through the Kofi Annan-led effort to stop the country from sliding deeper into political abyss.

On the threshold of a breakthrough                                                                                (11.02.2008) It will be a unique political solution for Kenya that will be unveiled this week if both sides at the Kofi Annan-led talks agree to final details of a deal already on the table.

Firms and civil service hit hard as staff run away from their stations in fear                        (11.02.2008) Professionals from all sectors have borne the brunt of post-election violence that erupted after the Electoral Commission of Kenya declared Mwai Kibaki President amid disputed poll tallying.

Danger of politicians misusing the youth                                                                        (11.02.2008) A video clip uploaded on YouTube by a Kenyan blogger features politicians dancing to DNA’s hit single Banjuka. Seen within the context of the current conflict, it provides ironic entertainment. The laughter it generates is sardonic because of the vulgarity of its subtext.

Breakthrough in Talks As Both Sides Climb Down                                                          (11.02.2008) Former United Nations secretary general Kofi Annan appears to be on the brink of clinching a peace deal for Kenya. Getting President Mwai Kibaki to climb down from the position that the election dispute could only be resolved in a court of law was no easy task.


PART 6 - 11th Feb. 2008 until 16. Feb. 2008

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