Presidential Election Disaster and Civil Strife in Kenya
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DAY 32

UK - Africa – Child Trafficking                                                                                        (28.01.2008) APA - London (United Kingdom) A joint operation of the UK police and a coalition of child rights bodies, over the weekend uncovered the human trafficking ring through which thousands of young African children were being sold and trafficked to Britain to be exploited as ‘modern-day slavery’.

KENYA: Campuses stay closed amid concern over student protests                                (28.01.2008) NAIROBI (IRIN) - Most of Kenya's public universities have yet to reopen amid fears of riots and ethnic bloodshed following December's disputed polls.

Kenya's Rift Valley burns, death toll soars                                                                      (28.01.2008) NAIVASHA, Kenya (Reuters) - Machete-wielding mobs faced off in Kenya's Rift Valley on Monday and the death toll climbed to nearly 100 people in the latest bout of ethnic violence touched off by a disputed election.

Kenya: Ethnic revenge brings more chaos                                                                      (28.01.2008) One person was shot dead and several injured Monday in chaos that has erupted in more than seven towns as residents react to reports that the Sunday clashes in Naivasha targeted their communities.

Kenya's geographic and political Rift                                                                              (28.01.2008) The Rift Valley is a geographical fault line that runs through Kenya. But it is also the centre of a political and ethnic divide. So it is no coincidence, historians and academics say, that Rift Valley towns like Nakuru and Naivasha have exploded in the wake of Kenya's disputed elections.

Violence exposes Kenya's deep ethnic fault lines                                                           (28.01.2008) NAIVASHA, Kenya (Reuters) - On a road in the lakeside town of Naivasha, against a backdrop of vast mountains flanking Africa's Great Rift Valley, two groups of men armed with machetes, hammers and clubs taunted each other.

Kenya: Violence Paralyses Western Towns As Political Crisis Deepens                           (28.01.2008) Nairobi - (IRIN) Increasing violence and tension in several towns in western Kenya continue to hinder the provision of basic services such as health, education and transport, in addition to causing untold suffering to thousands of people displaced since the unrest began in late December.

Amnesty International - Killings continue in Kenya                                                          (28.01.2008) Reports from Kenya indicate that up to 70 people have been killed in ethnic killings since Thursday last week. Ten people were killed in Naivasha town west of Nairobi yesterday - six of them were burnt and four were hacked to death.

'Some Kill with Machetes, Others with Arrows'                                                                (28.01.2008) An estimated 800 people have been killed so far in Kenya as post-election violence takes on disturbing echos of the Rwanda genocide. In the city of Nakuru, rival ethnic groups are waging war on each other and thousands of people have fled their homes.

Kenya's ethnic killings spiral out of contol - Around 900 people have died                          (28.01.2008) Dozens of people have been burnt and hacked to death within a matter of hours in Kenya, as militias ignored pleas by international mediators for a ceasefire and post-election ethnic violence spiralled out of control.

Fresh violence pushes Kenya death toll past 800                                                            (28.01.2008) Clashes between machete-wielding mobs erupted in western Kenya on Monday after dozens were killed in weekend violence that pushed the estimated death toll since last month's disputed presidential election to more than 800.

Kenya violence becomes 'more organised'                                                                      (28.01.2008) Kenya was experiencing a "sinister step change" in violence, Britain's minister for Africa has warned, as it emerged that dozens of people had been killed in tribal bloodletting over the weekend.

CHRONOLOGY-Kenya in crisis after disputed elections                                                  (28.01.2008) - (Reuters) - Protests erupted in west Kenya and machete-wielding mobs faced off in the Rift Valley on Monday after dozens were killed in ethnic violence that complicated mediation efforts by former U.N. boss Kofi Annan.

Survivors oppose mediation efforts                                                                                 (28.01.2008) Victims of post election violence were in court on Monday opposing the ongoing international mediation efforts between the government and the Orange Democratic Movement.

14 killed in Kenya clashes                                                                                            (28.01.2008) NAIROBI - Fourteen people were killed in clashes with police in western towns in Kenya, police said today, amid a fresh wave of ethnic violence set off by disputed presidential elections a month ago.

Gang kills two Germans with machetes in Kenya resort                                                  (28.01.2008) MOMBASA, Kenya (Reuters) - A gang of youths hacked two Germans to death with machetes during an apparent robbery attempt in a private villa in Kenya's coastal resort of Diani late on Sunday, police said on Monday.

Kenya: This Policeman Has Shown Us the Way                                                             (28.01.2008) Every crisis creates a hero. And, almost always, he elbows his way into history from an unexpected direction. A junior military officer called Napoleon emerged from the backwaters of Europe to spellbind that continent for decades.

Rival Gangs Face Off in Kenyan Violence                                                                       (28.01.2008) NAIVASHA, Kenya (AP) - Hundreds of people from rival tribes confronted one another on a main road in this western Kenya town Monday, hefting machetes, clubs and rocks and retreating only when a handful of police between them fired live bullets into the air.

Death toll climbs to 800 in fresh wave of Kenya violence                                                  (28.01.2008) Rampaging mobs torched buses in the western Kenyan town of Kisumu today, burning a driver to death, as the death toll from post-election violence climbed to 800.

Former Kenya leader Moi in hospital with back pains                                                      (28.01.2008) NAIROBI - Former Kenyan President Daniel arap Moi has been admitted to hospital in the capital Nairobi after suffering back pains, his press secretary said on Monday.

Annan calls for tolerance                                                                                              (28.01.2008) The former United Nation Secretary General Kofi Annan has stepped up efforts to bring the two political parties in the Kenyan conflict to the negotiating table. The chief mediator has embarked on the implementation of structured talks that will bring to an end the post-conflict violence that has so far left over 1000 people dead.

Uganda: Where is Museveni's Heart?                                                                             (28.01.2008) When the White-man came to Kenya holding a Bible, he found us with our land. He told us to close our eyes to pray. When we opened our eyes after prayers, we were holding the Bible while he held our land....." said Jomo Kenyatta as he justified the bloody Mau Mau (Mzungu Aende Ulaya Muafrika Apate Uhuru) war that ousted colonialism out of Kenya.

Kenya gangs face off in tribal violence                                                                            (28.01.2008) NAIVASHA, Kenya - Hundreds of people from rival tribes confronted each other on a main road in Naivasha Monday as tensions remained high in the Rift Valley town following a weekend of ethnic violence.

The Hopes Of Kenya's Children Hanging In The Balance - UNICEF                                   (28.01.2008) The hopes of hundreds of thousands of Kenyan children and their families hang in the balance as the two leaders in the disputed election, President Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga, finally begin to talk, face to face.

Police, rioters clash in fresh Kenya violence                                                                   (28.01.2008) NAIROBI (AFP) - Police battled rioters in the west of Kenya on Monday as tribal clashes that left 130 dead over four days spread further across the country. The violence - which saw dozens hacked and burned to death mainly in the western Rift Valley region - set a tense backdrop to former UN secretary general Kofi Annan's ongoing mediation efforts.

The US or other outsiders will not save Kenyan democracy                                              (28.01.2008) Kenya is aflame after a disputed presidential election on December 27. Hundreds have died at the hands of the police as well as from gang rampages and inter-ethnic violence. The US has led the international diplomatic response, but its approach has been deeply flawed.

A dozen killed in Kenya violence                                                                                   (28.01.2008) MORE THAN a dozen people were reported killed after armed mobs clashed with locals and police yesterday in the lake town of Naivasha, north-west of Nairobi. Residents fleeing with mattresses and belongings made their way to nearby flower farms to seek refuge.

Naivasha killings trigger riots in western Kenya                                                               (28.01.2008) Yesterday’s killings in Naivasha have triggered a fresh wave of riots in several towns in western Kenya today. Riots have been reported in Kisumu, Kakamega, Kapsabet, Gilgil, Migori, Busia and Eldoret as residents react to reports that the Sunday clashes in Naivasha targeted their communities.

Death toll nears 800 as post-election violence spirals out of control in Kenya                     (28.01.2008) Ethnic clashes were spreading across Kenya's Rift valley last night with at least 19 people burned in their homes or hacked to death in the popular tourist town of Naivasha, 65 miles from Nairobi.

19 Burned to Death in Violence in Kenya                                                                       (28.01.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya - Ethnically driven violence intensified in Kenya on Sunday, and police officials said at least 19 people, including 11 children, were burned to death in a house by a mob.

Kenya violence spirals as at least 10 burnt alive                                                              (28.01.2008) Nairobi - Ethnic-based violence in Kenya's Rift Valley province has left up to 150 dead since clashes ignited Thursday, reports said, in a spiral of chaos that has engulfed the East African nation after disputed elections. French broadcaster RFI put the death toll at 150 after unrest erupted in the central town of Nakuru last week. The local independent Daily Nation put the number at 82.

Kenyan riot town counts its dead                                                                                   (28.01.2008) Red Cross workers are bracing for the grim task of counting the dead in the Rift Valley town of Naivasha, scene of Kenya's latest post-election violence. They said they could not establish a proper toll until they had searched the charred remains of burnt houses after a day on which at least 19 people died.

Riots erupt in Kenya's Kisumu, police fire in air                                                               (28.01.2008) KISUMU, Kenya, Jan 28 (Reuters) - Police fired teargas and bullets in the air on Monday in the western town of Kisumu where protests erupted over the killings during the weekend of people in Kenya's Rift Valley, residents said.

Activists urge UN council to tackle Kenya crisis                                                             (28.01.2008) UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - The U.N. Security Council should do something about the crisis in Kenya, since its post-election turmoil threatens to destabilize the entire region, Kenyan civil society activists said on Friday.

Kenya's Rift Valley burns, protests erupt                                                                        (28.01.2008) NAIVASHA, Kenya (Reuters) - Protests erupted in west Kenya on Monday over a weekend of horrific ethnic violence in the Rift Valley that left dozens dead and complicated efforts by former U.N. boss Kofi Annan to mediate a month-long crisis.

Kenyans retrieve bodies as Annan pushes mediation                                                      (28.01.2008) NAIVASHA, Kenya, Jan 28 (Reuters) - Kenyans in the Rift Valley town of Naivasha were braced for fresh violence on Monday after a spate of ethnic killings which complicated efforts by former U.N. boss Kofi Annan to resolve a month-long crisis.

Kibaki and Raila must act to save Kenya                                                                       (28.01.2008) The fresh tidal wave of deaths and violence, mainly witnessed in Nakuru and Naivasha, is clearly pointing to an ominous dimension the political turmoil is taking. At the close of Sunday, at least 72 people had added to the grim statistics of Kenya’s bloodbath.

Kenya’s hope lies with strong and credible institutions                                                    (28.01.2008) I attended the Law Society of Kenya’s “Way out...” symposium at Hilton recently because a way out is what all, if not most of us, are seeking out of the current crisis. A raft of recommendations came through. Dr David Ndii proposed a transition government with a limited mandate. He is among those who believe, and rightly so, that the mess we are in is partly due to failure of our institutions.

Deal with leaders behind violence, MPs demand                                                             (28.01.2008) MPs from central Kenya Sunday urged the Government to deal more firmly with those fuelling violence in Rift Valley Province as the death toll in Nakuru rose to 55.

Ruto appeals for end to killings as he visits patients                                                        (28.01.2008) The violence that hit parts of the country following the announcement of the controversial presidential results was not premeditated, an Orange Democratic Movement leader said Sunday. Pentagon member William Ruto also warned those who participated in the alleged rigging of the General Election that their days were numbered.

10 burnt alive as toll rises                                                                                             (28.01.2008) At least 10 people were burnt alive and three others stoned to death as violence sparked by the outcome of the December General Election spread to Naivasha Town.

Groups urged to end media drives                                                                                  (28.01.2008) Rival political camps should stop media campaigns trying to justify their positions regarding the December 27 elections, business executives said Sunday. The executives drawn from various institutions and companies said the campaigns were only exacerbating the crisis.

Rivals given roadmap to peaceful end                                                                             (28.01.2008) Mediation efforts to end the political crisis in which hundreds of people have been killed entered a crucial stage Sunday when President Kibaki and ODM leader Raila Odinga were handed proposals of a roadmap to a peaceful solution.

Weekend violence claims 90 lives                                                                                  (28.01.2008) Thirty more people were feared dead, bringing the toll of the weekend bloodletting to almost 90 as the epicentre of the violence shifted to Naivasha, 70km from the capital, Nairobi.

Stop the war now, Ruto tells Rift Valley residents                                                           (28.01.2008) Eldoret North MP, Mr William Ruto, has appealed to Rift Valley residents not to allow the province to become a battleground every election year.

Human Rights’ officials threatened                                                                                 (28.01.2008) Human rights’ officials fear for their lives following a report released by an international group on post-election violence. The Human Rights Watch report accuses opposition leaders in the Rift Valley of planning skirmishes in the province. Eldoret human rights organisations said the report was being linked to them yet they did not participate in its preparation.

Kenya: Anxiety as Police Visit Raila                                                                              (28.01.2008) There was anxiety at ODM leader Raila Odinga's Karen home after people said to be police officers went there inquiring about his whereabouts. The alleged police officers are said to have gone to the home on Saturday night and again on Sunday morning asking to see either Mr Odinga or his wife Ida.

Another police bid to serve Raila fails                                                                             (28.01.2008) ODM leader, Mr Raila Odinga, has protested over the use of police to serve him with an election petition. Police officers visited the MP’s Nairobi home on Saturday night and yesterday morning in efforts to serve him with the notice in vain.

18 schools closed over skirmishes                                                                                (28.01.2008) Eighteen schools have been closed down in Trans Mara District due to post-election violence. As a result, 6,450 pupils and 117 teachers have deserted the learning institutions at Birar and Kirindoni divisions due to insecurity.

Gang targets buses, injure passengers                                                                          (28.01.2008) Transport on the Nairobi-Naivasha highway was interrupted by violence. Public service vehicles bound for western Kenya had to change route. Officials of Akamba and Easy Coach companies said they avoided the Nakuru route and Nyanza and Western-bound buses took the Nairobi-Narok route.

PNU blames ODM over skirmishes                                                                                (28.01.2008) The Party of National Unity wants ODM to take full responsibility for the aftermath of the General Election, saying its advocacy for a regional system of Government had been misunderstood, leading to deaths and evictions.

Arsonists burn ECK offices in Kilgoris                                                                            (28.01.2008) Arsonists broke into the Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) stores in Kilgoris and set it on fire, burning all ballot boxes and other essential materials.

Death toll in Nakuru hits 60 as clash rages                                                                     (28.01.2008) Sixty people have been killed in post-election violence in Nakuru. The death toll is expected to rise as rival groups continued to clash yesterday. Fifty-five bodies are lying at the Nakuru Municipal Mortuary. The other five were yet to be collected from the town’s estates.

Let us talk about what really ails our country                                                                  (28.01.2008) Last week, I treaded where angels dread. I talked about what I believe has plunged our beloved country into chaos.

14 killed and thousands flee as violence spreads to Naivasha                                           (28.01.2008) At least 14 people were killed, 10 of them burnt after their house was set ablaze as violence erupted in Naivasha Town Sunday.

DAY 31

Kenyan death toll reaches 800                                                                                      (27.01.2008) Ethnic clashes have convulsed western Kenya as gangs fought with crude weapons and set homes ablaze, pushing the death toll from a month of violence over the country's flawed presidential election to nearly 800.

More than 100 killed in latest upsurge of Kenya violence                                                  (27.01.2008) NAIROBI (AFP) - Kofi Annan on Sunday pushed for peace and talks between Kenya's feuding politicians as ethnic violence spread in western regions where the death toll from the past three days surpassed 100.

Press despair as Kenya crisis continues                                                                        (27.01.2008) The press in Kenya and neighbouring countries expresses deep dismay that the post-election violence has continued despite talks being held between President Mwai Kibaki and opposition leader Raila Odinga to find a way out of the crisis.

Fighting spreads in western Kenya                                                                                (27.01.2008) Fighting has erupted in another town in western Kenya, say reports. Reports suggest at least nine people have been killed in brutal inter-tribal bloodshed in Naivasha. Gangs of youths blocked the main road. The town is about 60km (37 miles) south of Nakuru - also the scene of recent fighting - and sits on the main road between Nakuru and the capital Nairobi.

Student witnesses Kenya violence                                                                                 (27.01.2008) The parents of an 18-year-old student from Telford say their daughter has witnessed the political violence in Kenya at first hand. Nyree Grevett, from Telford, has been working in an orphanage at Nakuru near Nairobi for several months.

Violence Continues In Kenya With 47 More People Killed In Nakuru                                 (27.01.2008) Nairobi, Kenya (AHN) - Since Thursday more than 47 people have been killed in tribal fighting in Nakuru, in Western Kenya. This comes on the heel of a mediation visit by former United Nations Secretary General, Kofi Annan.

More people die in Kenya's ethnic clashes                                                                     (27.01.2008) At least 17 people were killed in overnight ethnic clashes in western Kenya spurred by December's disputed presidential polls, police said Sunday.

Latest Kenya Ethnic Clashes Kill 69                                                                              (27.01.2008) NAIVASHA, Kenya (AP) - Gangs armed with machetes and bows and arrows burned and hacked to death members of a rival tribe in western Kenya Sunday, as the death toll from the latest explosion of violence over disputed presidential elections rose to 69.

Tribal hatred fuels more Kenya violence                                                                          (27.01.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya (CNN) -- Tribal fighting has killed at least 47 people since Thursday in Nakuru, a city in western Kenya's Rift Valley where former U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan just visited, according to an opposition party member.

Annan: Violence Is Escalating in Kenya                                                                         (27.01.2008) Former United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan urged Kenyan rival leaders to put aside their divergences and end the bloody conflict.

Kenya's ethnic violence escalates                                                                                 (27.01.2008) Gangs armed with machetes and bows and arrows burned and hacked to death members of a rival tribe in western Kenya as police stood by helplessly.

Ethnic clashes erupt in Kenyan town of Naivasha, at least 7 killed                                    (27.01.2008) NAIVASHA, Kenya (AP) - Gangs armed with machetes and bows and arrows burned and hacked to death members of a rival tribe in western Kenya Sunday, as overwhelmed police stood by helplessly.

Catholic Priest Killed as Ethnic Violence Toll Rises                                                        (27.01.2008) A Catholic priest of the Diocese of Nakuru was today killed as vicious inter-ethnic violence claimed more lives in the Rift Valley town.

Tourism players appeal for lifting of travel advisories                                                        (27.01.2008) Hoteliers and curators in the Coastal city of Mombasa are raising the red flag over huge losses incurred due to post election violence. Over ten tourist hotels in Malindi and South coast have closed business while an estimated 1500 curators are faced with a similar predicament.

Seven killed in ethnic violence                                                                                       (27.01.2008) People were burned and hacked to death in ethnic clashes in Kenya's western Naivasha town, the latest flashpoint of violence over President Mwai Kibaki's re-election.

Annan meets Odinga as fresh Kenya clashes erupt                                                        (27.01.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - More ethnic clashes erupted in Kenya's Rift Valley on Sunday as former U.N. chief Kofi Annan met opposition leader Raila Odinga to try to mediate an end to a month-long crisis that has killed 750.

Annan meets Kenya's Odinga for crisis talks                                                                  (27.01.2008) NAIROBI, Jan 27 (Reuters) - Former U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan met Kenya's opposition leader Raila Odinga on Sunday as ethnic violence in Rift Valley undermined efforts to mediate a month-long crisis that has killed 750.

I didn’t offer Raila PM post, says Kibaki                                                                         (27.01.2008) President Kibaki has denied that he had offered ODM leader Raila Odinga the post of prime minister. The President said such an appointment would be a constitutional matter.

22 MPs to face court battles                                                                                         (27.01.2008) Less than a fortnight since the 10th Parliament was sworn in, some of its members are already facing petitions challenging their election. At least 22 election petitions challenging the election of some of the 206 MPs have been filed.

Church leaders differ on post-poll violence                                                                      (27.01.2008) The debate on whether the violence that erupted in the country after last year’s General Election was pre-arranged or not has drawn mixed reactions from the clergy.

The big problem with our country                                                                                   (27.01.2008) One great Nigerian scholar wrote a book: ‘‘The Problem with Nigeria.’’ He says the problem is not its air, people, or weather. But Nigeria suffered and continues to suffer due to other completely different reasons. Similarly, Kenya suffers today as a result of many complex factors. We have, since time immemorial, had land problems, unemployment, favouritism, tribal antagonism, foreign interests, regional problems, etc

Annan pushes for peace as Kenyan death toll mounts                                                     (27.01.2008) AFP - Kofi Annan was to push Sunday for peace and talks in Kenya as mediation efforts hit further hurdles after a surge in the death toll from ethnic clashes in the country's west to 81.

Dozens are killed as Kenya erupts into violence once more                                             (27.01.2008) After 48 hours of bloodshed, former UN chief calls for investigation into 'systematic abuse' of human rights - Kofi Annan, the former UN secretary general, yesterday called for an investigation into "gross and systematic abuse of human rights" in Kenya's Rift Valley after 48 hours of bloodshed that left at least 25 people dead.

Death toll in Rift Valley rises above 80                                                                           (27.01.2008) Nairobi - The death toll caused by ethnic violence in the Kenyan province Rift Valley has risen above 80 in three days. In the provincial capital Nakuru alone 45 people were killed, mainly by machetes.

Government departments dealt a blow in Nyanza                                                            (27.01.2008) It was one of the most eagerly awaited elections. But upon conclusion, the exercise has left bitterness and suffering, with towns and villages changed forever.

The sad state of the Kenyan nation                                                                                (27.01.2008) This is what Kenya looks like, a month after voters went to the polls to elect a new president, Members of Parliament and councillors. Kenya is becoming a political and economic cripple, no longer a master of its fate. Anger and despair sweep across the land. There is death and plunder. There is also lawlessness everywhere.

Residents take up communities                                                                                    (27.01.2008) A month after the announcement of the disputed presidential poll results, life in the rural areas has come to a standstill in parts of Rift Valley Province. Regions that had civil servants or workers from other communities are worst affected.

Savagery in a displacement camp                                                                                 (27.01.2008) Eight-year-old Gerrishon Mwangi hovers around the Red Cross Society’s food collection point at Jamhuri Park in Nairobi. Like many other children, he was displaced from the sprawling Kibera slums, Nairobi, in the post-election atrocities. Etched indelibly in his mind are gruesome images of burnt homes and empty stretches of land that now stand in what used to be his home. Mwangi’s face speaks of hunger and fatigue of sorts.

Annan presses for Kenyan accord                                                                                 (27.01.2008) Former UN chief Kofi Annan is due to hold further talks in Kenya to try to end the deadlock between President Mwai Kibaki and challenger Raila Odinga.

Ethnic Violence in Rift Valley Tears Kenya Apart                                                            (27.01.2008) NAKURU, Kenya - Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, may seem calm, but anarchy reigns just two hours away. In Nakuru, furious mobs rule the streets, burning homes, brutalizing people and expelling anyone not in their ethnic group, all with complete impunity. On Saturday, hundreds of men prowled a section of the city with six-foot iron bars, poisoned swords, clubs, knives and crude circumcision tools. Boys carried gladiator-style shields and women strutted around with sharpened sticks.

Death Toll in Latest Kenya Clashes at 25                                                                       (27.01.2008) NAKURU, Kenya (AP) - Men sobbed as police unloaded 16 charred bodies at a mortuary in this western Kenyan city. People with machete and arrow wounds overwhelmed the main hospital and were forced to share beds. Hundreds of homeless took shelter at a church.

Dozens die in Kenyan riots                                                                                           (27.01.2008) Kofi Annan calls for probe into civil rights abuses as machete gangs and arsonists settle old scores - Kenyan police were yesterday fighting to control gangs who have killed at least 27 people over three days of chaotic violence in the town of Nakuru, capital of the Rift Valley region.

Nakuru death toll hits 53                                                                                               (27.01.2008) The bodies of at least 53 victims of the violence that struck Nakuru town and the surrounding areas were on Saturday lying at local mortuaries, while about 100 injured people were admitted to various hospitals.

Annan urges leaders to make ‘hard choices’                                                                   (27.01.2008) Mediator Kofi Annan has urged Kenyan leaders to make hard choices to end the current political crisis. Mr Annan also said the ongoing violence had gone beyond the disputed presidential election results.

ICJ calls for interim government                                                                                     (27.01.2008) The Kenyan chapter of the International Commission of Jurists has proposed that the ongoing negotiations work on the formation of an interim government based on some form of power sharing.

Bush skips Kenya in Africa tour as US backs peace talks                                               (27.01.2008) President George W Bush will once again skip Kenya in his planned visit to Africa next month. But this time around, the likely reason for the side-step is the raging violence triggered by results of last month’s presidential election.

Thousands flock to churches and police stations for safety                                              (27.01.2008) Thousands of Nakuru residents fled to police stations and churches for safety as violence continued for the second day in the Rift Valley town.

Victims tell of ordeal at the hands of attackers                                                                (27.01.2008) Victims of the Nakuru violence who are recovering at the Rift Valley provincial general hospital yesterday gave heart-rending accounts of their encounters with raiders.

Facing the bitter truth                                                                                                   (27.01.2008) It is hope against hope and race against time. It seems the string holding Kenya together, for the moment, is the mediation effort by former UN Secretary General Mr Kofi Annan and his team of Africa’s eminent persons.

The state of the Nation                                                                                                 (27.01.2008) The Sunday Standard Online brings you accounts of the state of the nation, about a month after the onset of killings, destruction and displacement triggered by discredited presidential election results. The stories cast the picture of a nation stung by forces of political rivalry and mired in unresolved historical injustices.

Kibaki, Raila must be ready for choices, says Annan                                                      (27.01.2008) Former UN chief, Mr Kofi Annan, visited internally displaced people then told President Kibaki and ODM leader, Mr Raila Odinga, to be ready to make hard choices on the negotiation table for the sake of peace.

Man whose shooting was captured on TV buried                                                             (27.01.2008) A man whose killing by a police officer KTN recorded was buried on Saturday. Mourners wailed uncontrollably at the burial of George Soja Onyango, at Ratta village, where family members condemned the killing.

Scores killed as violence escalates in Nakuru                                                                 (27.01.2008) Twenty-three people have been killed in Nakuru. This brings the death toll to 35 since violence erupted in the town two days ago. And the death toll was bound to rise to 47 as police collected 10 more bodies in the outskirts of the town.

Hotel chain closes six branches                                                                                    (27.01.2008) A giant hotel chain, African Safari Club, has closed six of its 10 branches at the Coast. This follows massive cancellations over the post-election violence.

The Big Three on Annan’s peace team                                                                           (27.01.2008) Whether for real or cameras, the momentous handshake after a face-to-face meeting between Mr Mwai Kibaki and ODM leader, Mr Raila Odinga, gives an inkling of the credentials of the Kofi Annan-led mediation team.

Issues Kibaki, Raila must address for mediation to succeed                                            (27.01.2008) The handshake between Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga on Thursday was a momentous event and a symbolic gesture.

Annan hits out at 'systematic' Kenya abuses as 15 more killed                                        (27.01.2008) The Sydney Morning Herald - Kofi Annan said Saturday he had witnessed "gross and systematic human rights abuses" on a visit to western Kenya, where 15 more people were killed overnight in the flashpoint town of Nakuru.

DAY 30

Tribal gangs clash in Kenyan town                                                                                 (26.01.2008) NAKURU, Kenya (Reuters) - Kenyan police battled on Saturday to stop clashes between tribal gangs wielding machetes, spears and bows and arrows that have killed at least 27 people in the western town of Nakuru in three days of bloodshed.

More houses torched in Nakuru                                                                                     (26.01.2008) A woman has been killed and close to 30 houses torched as violent attacks continued in Nakuru, after clashes erupted on Thursday night.

Annan decries rights abuses in the Rift Valley                                                                (26.01.2008) Former UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan has just toured the clash torn Rift Valley province and described the situation as “heart-wrenching.”

Death toll rises in Kenya town                                                                                       (26.01.2008) Al Jazeera - Gunfire is reported to be continuing across the Kenyan town of Nakuru where at at least 45 people have been killed in clashes in the past two days.

DAVOS-UN aid chief warns of irreversible spiral in Kenya                                                (26.01.2008) DAVOS, Switzerland (Reuters) - Kenya is in danger of falling into an irreversible spiral of violence while politicians attempt to settle their differences, the top U.N. aid official said on Saturday.

Annan Tours Violence-Torn Western Kenya                                                                    (26.01.2008) Former U.N. chief Kofi Annan says "gross and systematic" human rights abuses have occurred in western Kenya, where dozens of people have been killed in recent days.

Annan speaks of abuses in Kenya                                                                                 (26.01.2008) Nairobi - Former Secretary-General of the United Nations Kofi Annan says he has seen "gross and systematic human rights abuses" in western Kenya. Speaking after visiting camps for people who have fled their homes to escape the country's post-election violence, Mr Annan said the abuses should not remain unpunished.

Kenyans count bodies in post-election battleground                                                        (26.01.2008) NAKURU, Kenya (Reuters) - Bodies of murdered Kenyans piled up in Nakuru mortuary on Saturday. Some adults, some children. Some bore the machete blows, spear thrusts and arrow shots that probably finished them off.

Former UN Chief Suspects Something Else To Have Triggered Violence In Kenya             (26.01.2008) Nairobi, Kenya (AHN) - Former head of the United Nations Kofi Annan expressed concerns over human rights abuses in Kenya during his visit to areas of the country worst hit by ethnic clashes caused by disputed elections.

Revenge vow by homeless Kenyans                                                                              (26.01.2008) Sporadic gunshots rang out in a main Rift Valley city as Kenyans forced from their homes by post-election ethnic violence threatened to seek revenge. Streets were strewn with bodies slashed by machetes and pierced by arrows.

Annan tries breaking Kenyan deadlock                                                                          (26.01.2008) Former United Nations chief Kofi Annan was set on Saturday to push to break the deadlock in Kenya's political crisis a day after fresh ethnic strife cast a pall over efforts to halt the killings.

Dozens Dead in Latest Kenya Clash                                                                              (26.01.2008) NAKURU, Kenya (AP) - Sporadic gunshots rang out Saturday in this western Kenyan city as those forced from their homes by postelection violence threatened revenge. Police took 16 charred bodies to a mortuary, where onlookers sobbed.

Fighting Erupts in Western Kenyan Town                                                                       (26.01.2008) NAKURU, Kenya (AP) - Fierce street battles erupted in a western Kenyan city Friday, leaving bodies lying on the ground with machete slashes and pierced with arrows, witnesses said.

Violence Continues in Kenya a Day After Talks                                                              (26.01.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya - The political bickering continued in Kenya on Friday, and so did the violence, with young men in gangs from opposing ethnic groups killing one another in the streets with machetes and bows and arrows.

Annan visits heart of Kenya ethnic clashes as death toll soars                                         (26.01.2008) NAIROBI (AFP) - Former United Nations chief Kofi Annan on Saturday flew to the heart of Kenya's ethnic clashes in the Rift Valley to see first-hand the carnage wrought by fighting spurred by disputed elections. Annan, on his fifth day in the country, visited Molo and Trans-nzoia districts where some tens of thousands of displaced people have taken refuge, a UN official said.

KENYA: Nakuru residents join displaced camp in their own town as violence erupts          (26.01.2008) NAKURU (IRIN) - Nakuru residents made up most of the new arrivals at the town's showground camp set up for people fleeing post-election violence in neighbouring districts, according to a local aid official. The camp holds 5,900 people, according to coordinator Jesse Njoroge who said most of the 696 new arrivals were from Nakuru itself.

Annan touring strife-torn Kenya                                                                                     (26.01.2008) Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan is visiting some of the areas affected by violence which followed Kenya's disputed election. Mr Annan, in Kenya to mediate attempts for a political solution, was heading to Eldoret and Rift Valley areas.

Inter-ethnic scores settled in Nakuru                                                                              (26.01.2008) Terrifying mobs of young men armed with panga (machetes), rungus (wooden clubs) and bows and arrows stormed through the streets of Nakuru on Friday.

Into the Valley of Death                                                                                                (26.01.2008) Anger at vote-rigging has worked to rip a thin scab off many years of frustration at poverty, corruption and inequitable land ownership - KIPKELION, KENYA - With the sun barely over the edge of the valley, the colours on the hills were muffled. The banana leaves were dull green, the sugar cane stalks pale yellow. And so the flames, when we saw them flare in first one house, then a second, then streets and streets on fire, were shocking, vivid orange, more alive than anything around.

Annan works to break Kenyan deadlock as violence grows                                              (26.01.2008) NAIROBI (AFP) - Former United Nations chief Kofi Annan was set Saturday to push to break the deadlock in Kenya's political crisis a day after fresh ethnic strife cast a pall over efforts to halt the killings.

Raila rules out becoming Kibaki’s prime minister                                                            (26.01.2008) Opposition leader Raila Odinga has ruled out the option of taking up the post of prime minister in President Kibaki’s government as a way of ending the current political crisis.

Red Cross Sending Medical Supplies to Treat Wounded in Kenya                                    (26.01.2008) The International Committee of the Red Cross, ICRC, says it has sent enough medical supplies to Kenya's Nakuru Provincial Hospital to treat at least 100 weapon-wounded patients. This shipment of surgical and other supplies comes as ethnic fighting escalates in the east African nation's Western Rift Valley Province. Lisa Schlein reports from ICRC headquarters in Geneva.

Secretary of AU Affairs Meets for the second time                                                          (28.01.2008) The Secretary of the African Union Affairs at the General People's Committee for Foreign Liaison and International Cooperation met for the second time on Friday in the Kenyan capital Nairobi with the candidate of the Orange Movement in Kenya Raila Odinga.

Why recognition concept is important                                                                            (26.01.2008) Following the violence occasioned by the December 2007 disputed elections, questions have been raised as to whether the Government of President Kibaki who was sworn in is legitimate.

Nakuru erupts                                                                                                              (26.01.2008) At least six people were killed Friday in Nakuru town during clashes involving youth from the Kalenjin and Kikuyu communities. The post-election violence worsened in the volatile Rift Valley region only a day after bitter rivals President Kibaki and opposition leader Raila Odinga shook hands publicly for the first time since the fiercely contested general elections and called for peace.

Gunfire resounds in Rift Valley town in Kenya                                                                 (26.01.2008) NAKURU, Kenya - (Reuters) - Gunshots rang out in Nakuru, Kenya, on Saturday and armed gangs manned roadblocks in the Rift Valley town where ethnic clashes have killed at least a dozen people in 24 hours, witnesses said.

Annan's burning desire to entrench rule of law in Africa                                                    (26.01.2008) When Kofi Annan flew into the country on Tuesday night to mediate the political crisis in the country, one of the first words he uttered in his Press conference at Serena Hotel in Nairobi was that the rule of law must be respected. The former United Nations secretary-general is a strict adherent to the rule of law and order. But he is also very political and very African.

Top leaders should sign deal, says Maathai                                                                   (26.01.2008) Nobel Laureate Prof Wangari Maathai is of the opinion that President Kibaki and ODM leader Raila Odinga should sign a peace agreement with legal basis, which cannot be broken.

Kenyan Gangs Clash in New Trouble Spot                                                                     (26.01.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya - While the political bickering continued in Kenya, so did the violence on Friday, with young men in gangs from opposing ethnic groups killing each other in the streets with machetes and bows and arrows.

Rights group seeks evidence on killings                                                                         (26.01.2008) Human rights groups are casting the eye on post-election violence with attention shifting to gathering evidence that could help nail its perpetrators.

NSE seeks to stay afloat as foreigners flee                                                                    (26.01.2008) The Nairobi Stock Exchange (NSE) is battling to retain its limited number of foreign investors amid deepening political uncertainty.

Tension in Nakuru as chaos erupt                                                                                  (26.01.2008) Tension reigned in Nakuru, leaving 12 people dead. Businesses premises remained closed as transport was paralysed in the town that has enjoyed relative peace in the past two weeks.

Annan’s team meets Kivuitu                                                                                          (26.01.2008) Former UN chief Kofi Annan’s mediation team turned focus on meeting leaders and groups who could contribute to helping the team solve the crisis.

Army helps out as Nakuru erupts                                                                                  (26.01.2008) Thirty-Two people were killed in fresh flare-up in Nakuru and Molo. And Rift Valley’s capital was put on 7pm-6am curfew. Military officers in fatigues, and armed to the teeth, were brought out of the barracks to enforce law and order. Another 5,000 people were displaced in Nakuru and adjoining areas.

Why Ali has to save Kenya from sliding into failed state                                                  (26.01.2008) The violence that has come about because of sheer incompetence and dereliction of duty on the part of Electoral Commission chairman Samuel Kivuitu has brought into sharp focus the roles of government institutions. The chaos has also exposed genuine heroes and fraudsters.

Crimes court watching Kenya                                                                                        (26.01.2008) The International Criminal Court is closely monitoring the recent post-election violence in Kenya and is ready to intervene, subject to various conditions.

DAY 29

Ethnic violence reignites in Kenya                                                                                 (25.01.2008) NAKURU, Kenya - Kenya's disputed presidential election touched off fighting in the country's fourth-largest city Friday, with witnesses reporting bodies being left in roadways with gashes on their heads and arrows lodged in their torsos.

Kenya massacre survivors ask court to stop talks                                                           (25.01.2008) Survivors of a church massacre in Kenya went to court to try to stop former UN boss Kofi Annan leading mediation efforts and said some participants in the talks were guilty of human rights abuses.

Marriages Fall Victim To Kenya Violence                                                                       (25.01.2008) In Kenya, Intertribal Marriages Fall Victim To Election Violence - (AP) He doesn't call. He doesn't write. His cell phone has been switched off for weeks. After 17 years, Naomi Kering's husband is gone - one more intertribal marriage fallen victim to the violence that has followed Kenya's disastrous presidential election.

President Kikaki Is Trying to Undermine Mediation Efforts, Says Kenya's Opposition Party (25.01.2008) Kenya’s main opposition party is criticizing President Mwai Kibaki for trying to undermine mediation efforts aimed at resolving the country’s political crisis. The Orange Democratic Movement, led by Raila Odinga, says it rejects Mr. Kibaki’s statement that he is the duly elected president of Kenya.

Activists urge U.N. council to tackle Kenya crisis                                                           (25.01.2008) UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - The U.N. Security Council should do something about the crisis in Kenya, since its post-election turmoil threatens to destabilize the entire region, Kenyan civil society activists said on Friday.

ODM denies planning violence                                                                                       (25.01.2008) A human rights group claims ODM officials and traditional elders in Rift Valley Province planned and organised ethnic-based violence which erupted amid the dispute over the presidential election results.

Should the Country Be Suspended From the Commonwealth?                                         (25.01.2008) Kenya should be flattered, rather than insulted, by the amount of international attention it has received from the African Union, the European Union, the United States, other African leaders and the indefatigable Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Ethnic clashes resume in Kenya                                                                                   (25.01.2008) More ethnic clashes erupted in Kenya's Rift Valley province yesterday, leaving at least 12 people dead and displacing thousands.

Political Ruffians Hoodwink Civilians                                                                              (25.01.2008) The Kenya I have always known from the works of writers like Ngugi wa Th'iong and Meja Mwagi is different from the Kenya I read about in the media today.

The IMF has warned that Kenya is facing an economic catastrophe                                  (25.01.2008) Political unrest in Kenya threatens to reverse Kenya’s economic gains and further rattle regional economies that depend on the country’s status as a regional hub.

A Step Backward in Kenya                                                                                           (25.01.2008) A wide-grinned Kofi Annan stood for a photo-op yesterday alongside Kenya’s president and his key opponent—that is, of course, the vote-rigging president and his ethnic-baiting adversary.

Kenya: Tanzania transport cargo stopped                                                                       (25.01.2008) Kenya's Ports Authority has stopped discharging cargo and goods for Tanzania at port of Mombasa until normal operations resume in the country.

The hopes of Kenya’s children hanging in the balance                                                     (25.01.2008) Nairobi / Geneva  - The hopes of hundreds of thousands of Kenyan children and their families hang in the balance as the two leaders in the disputed election, President Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga, finally begin to talk, face to face.

Must read: Understanding Kenya’s Politics                                                                    (25.01.2008) Until late 2007, Kenya was considered one of the most stable countries in Africa. It has functioned as East Africa’s financial and communications hub, the headquarters of many international nongovernmental organizations, and a magnet for tourism. Analysts looked favorably upon its healthy and broad-based economic expansion under President Mwai Kibaki, which stood in marked contrast to the growth of countries such as Angola and Equatorial Guinea that depend on the export of a single commodity-oil.

Betrayal, dashed hopes - bad times have arrived in Kenya                                               (25.01.2008) More than two years ago, when Kenya's current opposition leader, Raila Odinga, quit President Mwai Kibaki's government, I wrote the following: "The trick will be to get Kibaki out without triggering a wave of violence that would do the country grave and permanent damage . . . Bad times are coming to Kenya."

15 dead in western Kenya as Annan pushes for dialogue                                                 (25.01.2008) NAKURU, Kenya (AFP) - Fresh clashes killed 15 people in Kenya, police said Friday, while former UN chief Kofi Annan pushed for dialogue to end political and ethnic turmoil sparked by last month's disputed presidential poll.

Fears over rising IDP numbers in Mt Elgon                                                                     (25.01.2008) NAIROBI (IRIN) - The number of internally displaced people (IDPs) in the volatile district of Mt Elgon in western Kenya could increase due to the effects of the post-election violence that has hit parts of the country, according to an official of the Kenya Red Cross Society.

More killed in Kenya unrest                                                                                           (25.01.2008) Fresh clashes have killed at least 10 people in Kenya, undermining efforts by Kofi Annan, the former UN secretary general, to mediate the dispute sparked by last month's presidential polls that have caused weeks of unrest.

'Kibaki derails mediation'                                                                                               (25.01.2008) afrol News - For peace loving Kenyans, there could be anything as important as watching their country's arch-political rivals - President Mwai Kibaki and the leader of Orange Democratic Movement Raila Odinga - holding peace talks auspices of the former UN chief Kofi Annan.

Mind your words - Kofi Annan                                                                                        (25.01.2008) Former United Nation's boss Kofi Annan is telling both political and religious leaders to watch they say so as to restore calm in the country.

Kenya bourse says foreigners invest despite crisis                                                          (25.01.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Foreign investors are still trading at the Nairobi Stock Exchange despite nearly a month of post-election violence that has upset the economy, the bourse's Chairman, Jimnah Mbaru, said on Friday.

Up until recently I didn't even know which ethnic group my colleagues belonged to             (25.01.2008) SOS-Kinderdorf International - A state of emergency was declared in Kenya following the elections at the end of December.

Mediation effort “fails to stem violence, tension”                                                              (25.01.2008) NAIROBI (IRIN) - Violence and tension are still rife in parts of Kenya's Rift Valley Province, despite ongoing mediation efforts to resolve the political crisis, the secretary-general of the Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS), Abbas Gullet, said on 25 January.

In Kenya's scenic Rift Valley, ugly violence                                                                    (25.01.2008) Clashes around the Kenyan town of Nakuru in the volatile Rift Valley have claimed at least seven lives despite hopes for a settlement between senior political leaders.

Breaking Kenya's Impasse: Chaos or courts?                                                                 (25.01.2008) KENYA’S 2007 ELECTION HAS PRECIPITATED THE COUNTRY’S WORST CRISIS SINCE THE ABORTIVE AUGUST 1982 coup by the Air Force: 700 deaths, nearly 300,000 others displaced, an estimated 60 billion Kenya shillings ($850 million) and continuing instability which has undermined the country’s international image and rapidly eroded donor confidence.

Two die as Kenya violence continues                                                                             (25.01.2008) Half a town has been burned down and at least two people have been killed in the latest ethnic clashes in Nakuru, western Kenya sparked by a dispute over elections, the Kenya Red Cross Society said.

Chaos rock Nakuru                                                                                                      (25.01.2008) Kenya Army soldiers have been called out to beef up security in Nakuru town after rival militia blocked key roads and destroyed property in fresh escalation of violence.

STATEMENT BY KENYA TOURISM INDUSTRY                                                             (25.01.2008) REBUILDING THE INDUSTRY AFTER THE SLUMP OF 1997 - Kenya's tourism stakeholders have worked tirelessly over the last seven years to rebuild the industry after the slump of 1997, earning the country Kshs 65.4 Billion in 2007....

Kenya presidential elections violence situation report                                                      (25.01.2008) UNIC/OCHA/UNDP - Highlights: President Kibaki and Opposition leader Odinga meet face-to-face following Kofi Annan’s mediation - A third round of food distribution to 72,000 people begins in Nairobi slums ...

Tame the Terror Gangs                                                                                                 (25.01.2008) Sometime ago, the Government outlawed organised criminal gangs, which used to unleash terror and mayhem in various parts of the country.

Poaching threatens Masai Mara                                                                                    (25.01.2008) Increased poaching in the wake of the collapse of tourism following Kenya's post-election crisis is threatening the Masai Mara, conservationists say.

Kenya's meltdown                                                                                                        (25.01.2008) There seems little doubt that Kenyan president Mwai Kibaki stole his second term in office in last month's election, but opposition leader Raila Odinga is proving a man of questionable judg ment, too.

Town Razed In Kenya Ethnic Clashes                                                                            (25.01.2008) More than half an entire town has been consumed by fire in Kenya's Rift Valley in the latest bout of ethnic violence since December's disputed election.

West cannot impose democracy in Africa: Ethiopian PM                                                 (25.01.2008) LONDON, Jan 25 (AFP) Trying to impose democracy in Africa is wrong, Ethiopia's prime minister said Friday, contrasting Western attitudes to countries like Kenya and Zimbabwe to policies towards oil-rich Gulf states.

KNCRH embarks on investigations on human rights abuses                                             (25.01.2008) The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights has set up teams of investigators to document alleged post election human rights abuses reported in various parts of the country.

No breakthrough in Kenya talks                                                                                     (25.01.2008) Nairobi - Thursday's talks between Kenyan president Mwai Kibaki and opposition leader Raila Odinga failed to produce a breakthrough. Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan mediated the talks, the first face-to-face meeting between the two men since Kenya's disputed presidential elections at the end of December.

Drawback after historic handshake                                                                                (25.01.2008) Opposition leaders are now demanding a review of the mediation process only hours after Raila Odinga and President Mwai Kibaki shook hands, smiled and called for peace across the country as hundreds of onlookers cheered them on Addressing a rare late night Press Conference the leaders, who spoke in the absence of Raila Odinga, particularly took issue with the speech delivered by President Mwai Kibaki that started by declaring: “As I pointed out after being sworn in as your duly elected President of Kenya, I will personally lead our country in promoting unity, tolerance, peace and harmony among all Kenyans,"

Kenya's Odinga rules out being Kibaki's PM                                                                   (25.01.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Kenya's opposition leader Raila Odinga ruled out on Friday taking a new post of prime minister in President Mwai Kibaki's government as a solution to the post-election dispute crippling the east African nation.

Kenya opposition asks AU to avoid endorsing Kibaki                                                       (25.01.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Kenya's opposition leader Raila Odinga called on Friday for the African Union (AU) to avoid endorsing President Mwai Kibaki's disputed re-election at its upcoming summit in Ethiopia.

Stabilize Kenya                                                                                                           (25.01.2008) Rioting and bloodshed in Kenya have reached levels that can no longer be ignored. A rigged election several weeks ago delivered a narrow victory to President Mwai Kibaki. Since then, nearly 700 people have been killed and 250,000 displaced. Police assaults against rioting opposition-group supporters and pogroms fueled by tribal resentment contributed to the body count.

Democracy demands a recount                                                                                     (25.01.2008) In the end, only Kenya can decide its fate. But the international community must stop pushing for a backroom 'compromise' - Kenya is aflame after a presidential election on December 27 widely believed to have been rigged to secure the re-election of Mwai Kibaki.

The IMF has warned that Kenya is facing an economic catastrophe                                  (25.01.2008) Political unrest in Kenya threatens to reverse Kenya’s economic gains and further rattle regional economies that depend on the country’s status as a regional hub.

Fresh clashes in Kenya kill at least 8                                                                            (25.01.2008) Nairobi: At least eight people were killed in fresh clashes in Kenya, police and aid agencies said on Friday.

Seven killed in western Kenya as Annan pushes for peace                                              (25.01.2008) Nairobi. Seven people were killed in clashes in western Kenyan, police said Friday, as former UN chief Kofi Annan pressed for dialogue between the country's feuding leaders.

Kofi Annan to African Leaders                                                                                                    Kofi Annan said to African Leaders on June 2, 1997: "My friends, the promise of Africa’s third wave beckons. Our turn has come.

Kibaki-Raila meeting a turning point?                                                                             (25.01.2008) It may have essentially provided for just a photo-opportunity, but the first direct encounter Thursday between President Kibaki and Opposition leader Raila Odinga, since the disputed elections, may well have been a giant step towards resolving the political standoff and halting the slide towards anarchy and national disintegration.

Arsonists strike again and raze 16 homes                                                                      (25.01.2008) More than 16 houses were set ablaze in Eldoret Thursday as panic started to grip the town again. The houses were burnt in Kasarani and Munyaka estates.

60,000 miss class due to chaos                                                                                    (25.01.2008) More than 60,000 students from primary and secondary schools in Rift Valley Province have been displaced following the post-elections violence.

The world watches as Big Two give their promise                                                            (25.01.2008) Frost thawed when President Kibaki and ODM leader, Mr Raila Odinga, met for the first time in months.

Soldier and policeman in quarrel over land                                                                      (25.01.2008) A soldier and an Administration policeman confronted each other in a plot ownership row in Isiolo. Hundreds of people gathered on the plot at Kambi Garba estate on the Isiolo-Marsabit Road as the two uniformed men threatened each other.

Local tourism hardest hit by chaos, say players                                                             (25.01.2008) The domestic tourism market has been hardest hit by political skirmishes, industry players have said. The Tourism Trust Fund (TTF) said though concentration has been on international tourist arrivals, local visitors have been most affected.

State ignores media demands                                                                                       (25.01.2008) The Government and editors were headed for a clash after the Ministry of Information ignored a 24-hour ultimatum to lift the ban on live television broadcasts.

ODM rejects Museveni offer                                                                                          (25.01.2008) ODM has turned down President Yoweri Museveni’s proposal for a judicial commission of inquiry into the presidential election.

Police kill two in Molo as violence rages on                                                                    (25.01.2008) Two people, including a boy, 12, were shot dead by police in Sachangwan, Molo District, as violence persisted.

Maathai’s protest on bodyguard                                                                                     (25.01.2008) Former Tetu MP, Prof Wangari Maathai, has protested at the withdrawal of her bodyguard, terming it political.

MPs allowed to hold peace meetings                                                                             (25.01.2008) Rift Valley MPs will be allowed to meet their constituents to contain the current political upheavals. Area PC, Mr Hassan Noor, told The Standard the Government would lift the ban on public rallies to allow the leaders to preach peace.

Doctors divided over post-election crisis                                                                         (25.01.2008) Medical practitioners have expressed fears that the political crisis could tear the profession apart. They said deep suspicion and mistrust between health workers had taken root since last year’s General Election.

Kibaki, Raila come face-to-face                                                                                     (25.01.2008) President Kibaki and ODM leader, Mr Raila Odinga, closed the gaping divide between them in a momentous handshake that lit a ray of hope over the political crisis.

Kenya needs power sharing                                                                                          (25.01.2008) Nairobi - The only way out of the deadly crisis that has rocked Kenya for a month is a political deal, which analysts said yesterday was likely to include creation of a prime minister position for the opposition.

Don't honor hate talk                                                                                                    (25.01.2008) Who says racism is dead in America? It's alive and well on talk radio, on WABC in New York, from the microphone of legendary talk show host Bob Grant.

SA companies not wanted in Kenya – study                                                                   (25.01.2008) A study by the SA Institute of International Affairs has recorded instances of ‘blatantly anti-South African sentiment’ among Kenyans towards companies operating in their country, prompting the ANC to call on the government to pass a law governing the conduct of local firms operating in Africa.

New board to run CDF                                                                                                  (25.01.2008) THE Government will not release money for Constituency Development Fund (CDF) projects until the National Management Board is in place. Finance minister, Mr Amos Kimunya, also said MPs must first constitute Constituency Development Committees (CDCs).

Envoy defies broadcast ban                                                                                          (25.01.2008) United States Ambassador Michael Ranneberger participated in a live radio interview in spite of a Government ban on live media broadcasts.

Businesses see huge losses                                                                                        (25.01.2008) Local manufacturers are projecting an estimated Sh260 billion loss in the next six months due to post-election turmoil.

Verbal attacks stoke Kenya crisis, despite talks                                                             (25.01.2008) Kenyans faced more turmoil today after both sides in the country's deadly political crisis accused each other of trying to sink mediation efforts.

Kenya crisis continues despite talks                                                                              (25.01.2008) Nairobi (Reuters) - Kenyans are facing more turmoil, with both sides in the country's deadly political crisis accusing each other of trying to sink mediation efforts.

Chaos in North Rift unmask historical disputes over land and cattle rustling                       (25.01.2008) A new wave of violence has hit the North Rift region casting doubt on the position that the ongoing mayhem was purely a result of the disputed presidential election results.

Hope at last                                                                                                                 (25.01.2008) It was the handshake that rekindled hope for peace. As millions of Kenyans watched on television, President Kibaki and ODM leader Raila Odinga stepped forward Thursday and clasped each other’s hand in a gesture which carried with it the destiny of a bruised nation.

ODM criticise Kibaki remark                                                                                         (25.01.2008) ODM Thursday swiftly criticised President Kibaki over remarks that he was the duly elected Head of State. Led by secretary-general Anyang Nyong’o, the ODM leaders said President Kibaki’s statement negated “the whole rationale for international mediation.”

MPs united in call for peace                                                                                          (25.01.2008) Political differences were set aside Thursday when 40 MPs from the violence-torn Rift Valley Province joined hands and made a passionate appeal for peace.

Chaos: ODM and police trade blame                                                                              (25.01.2008) Police and ODM traded accusations over the chaos that erupted at a prayer meeting in Nairobi on Wednesday.

Kibaki, Raila and Annan speak                                                                                      (25.01.2008) President Kibaki: I am deeply concerned by the violence and destruction of property since the conclusion of the General Election.

Clashes engulf Kenyan town, three dead                                                                        (25.01.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Election-related ethnic clashes have engulfed areas around the Kenyan town of Nakuru, causing three deaths, hundreds of injuries, and thousands of displacements, the local Red Cross said on Friday.

Let’s get some serious action going around here                                                             (25.01.2008) Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai is back in full flow. It is good to see her break free of the captivity of elective politics. Being MP for Tetu obviously had its advantages and she fought hard and valiantly to retain the seat.


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