Presidential Election Disaster and Civil Strife in Kenya
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DAY 75

Politicians must not rock the boat                                                                                 (12.03.2008) A statement by the Head of the Civil Service on the power-sharing deal rekindled disagreements we thought would not come so soon after the political pact between President Kibaki and Prime Minister-designate Raila Odinga.

Violence still threatens after Kenyan peace deal                                                             (12.03.2008) President Mwai Kibaki of Kenya and opposition leader Raila Odinga signed a power-sharing agreement brokered by former United Nations General Secretary Kofi Annan on February 28. Both parties to the agreement expressed the hope that it would bring an end to two months of intertribal violence and state repression that have claimed at least 1,500 lives.

Probe on polls fiasco begins this week                                                                           (12.03.2008) Kenyans may finally know what happened at the hotly disputed and discredited December 27 presidential election. An Independent Review Committee begins inquiry into the election this week. The team is mandated to investigate all aspects of last year’s presidential election and make findings and recommendations to improve the electoral process.

Truth commision to begin work soon                                                                              (12.03.2008) The proposed Truth and Justice Commission could be gazetted this week, negotiators at the  ongoing  National  Dialogue  and  Reconciliation  talks  said  Tuesday. The  PNU  and  ODM representatives also announced that they were about to conclude Agenda IV of the talks. This involves land, legal and constitutional reforms and is the last item of discussion.

1,000 police officers moved                                                                                           (12.03.2008) Close to 1,000 police officers throughout the country are being transferred from their home districts to other areas, the Nation has learnt.

Crucial files lost in ECK drama                                                                                      (12.03.2008) Mystery surrounds the disappearance of three files containing vital information on the December 27 General Election. The files went missing on Monday when a group of activists stormed into an Electoral Commission of Kenya meeting in Kilifi.

Avoid what will push us back to the edge                                                                       (12.03.2008) After the euphoria that greeted the signing of the power-sharing accord by President Kibaki and Mr Raila Odinga, it was hoped that all the tension, suspicion, brinkmanship, self-serving propaganda and hysteria that had characterised political relations since December 30 last year would be a thing of the past.

Challenge to Odinga role threatens Kenya pact                                                               (12.03.2008) A dispute over the role of the new prime minister is emerging as a potential obstacle to agreement on a coalition government in Kenya even before the constitution has been amended to allow for its formation.

Protests at Muthaura’s power deal talk                                                                          (12.03.2008) ODM Tuesday told party supporters to ignore head of public service Francis Muthaura’s sentiments on the structure of the new coalition government. Pentagon member William Ruto said it was not Mr Muthaura’s business to “try or even attempt to trivialise the agreement between President Kibaki and Prime Minister-designate Raila Odinga”.

Muthaura jumped the gun                                                                                             (12.03.2008) Francis Muthaura, the head of Public Service and Secretary to the Cabinet, must have jumped the gun when he spoke on Monday. When Parliament starts to look at the powers and functions bestowed on various offices under the proposed coalition government, his office is unlikely to be spared.

Violence rages despite heavy security in volatile zone                                                     (12.03.2008) Police vehicles jam a dusty and bumpy path leading to Rumuruti forest in Laikipia West District in the wake of renewed wave of violence that has claimed more than 13 lives and left property worth millions of shillings in ruins.

Military soldiers beat up journalists                                                                                (12.03.2008) Journalists covering the military operation in Mt Elgon were beaten, their cameras confiscated and TV footage deleted. Military officers accosted them in Cheptais as they alighted from the vehicle to take pictures. Mr Sammy Cheboi, a reporter with Nation Media Group and Mr Hillary Obinda, a cameraman, were slapped several times then forced to kneel down.

Eight killed in renewed violence                                                                                     (12.03.2008) Eight people were killed Tuesday in a new wave of ethnic violence in Laikipia West and Narok South districts. This happened even as hundreds of residents fled their homes in Mount Elgon to escape a joint police and military operation targeting militia groups in the area.

Arrest violence inciters, say MPs                                                                                  (12.03.2008) Eleven PNU MPs have threatened to call mass action if the Government does not arrest suspected perpetrators of post-election violence. The MPs from Central Rift Valley, who met at Parliament Buildings on Tuesday, also warned that they would mobilise colleagues to shoot down Government Bills until the land problem in the province was resolved.

Panel to report to AU on progress of talks                                                                      (12.03.2008) The mediation panel leaves for Addis Ababa today to table a report to the African Union (AU) on the progress of the reconciliation talks. The panel will also brief the AU on the implementation of the power sharing deal signed between President Kibaki and ODM leader, Mr Raila Odinga.

DAY 74

Experts Say Kenya Reconciliation Will Take Time                                                          (11.03.2008) Kenya's leaders have set national reconciliation as a major goal after post-electoral violence killed 1,000 people and displaced hundreds of thousands more. Experts say that healing can occur fairly quickly for some victims, but reconciliation could take a long time. Correspondent Scott Bobb was in Kenya recently and has this report.

Next for Kenya                                                                                                             (11.03.2008) A month ago, as killing, burning and looting swept through Kenya, the chances of a peaceful solution looked remote, and many pundits were predicting another Rwanda. Fortunately, the patience and personality of Kofi Annan, combined with arm-twisting by the U.S. and Europe, has resulted in a political deal. Now comes the hard part.

Kenya parliament to speed peace deal through                                                               (11.03.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Kenya's new parliament sought on Tuesday to speed up legislation ratifying a fragile power-sharing deal intended to guarantee the peace after a post-election crisis that killed more than 1,000 people.

Refugees fear returning to their homes                                                                           (11.03.2008) Nearly two weeks after President Kibaki and his election rival Raila Odinga signed a power-sharing pact that ended Kenya’s political crisis, thousands of people are still living in camps unable to return to their homes.

Killings And Displacement Continue in Areas Hit By Ethnic Violence                                (11.03.2008) Tension was still high on Tuesday in Laikipia West District, Molo and Mt Elgon districts as the spectre of inter-ethnic violence refused to go away.

Human Rights Groups Accuse Kenyan Police of Excessive Force, Killings                       (11.03.2008) Kenyans are beginning to come to terms with the violence that followed the country's 2007 elections in which more than 1,000 people were killed and as many as 600,000 were displaced. There are growing calls for investigations into the extra-judicial killings and other human rights violations that occurred after Kenyans went to the polls in elections that many believe were rigged.

Vet Displaced Persons First, NGOs Ask State                                                               (11.03.2008) Leaders of some Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) want the Government to vet internally displaced persons to establish the bona fide ones before embarking on the proposed resettlement programme.

A Block-by-Block Bid for Peace                                                                                    (11.03.2008) As Kenya Erupted, Friends From Warring Tribes Faced Down Machetes to Restore Order - NAIROBI -- On one of the most violent days of Kenya's post-election crisis, Joseph Osodo's neighborhood -- a sprawling maze of lean-to kiosks, rusted metal roofs and pounded mud paths called Kibera -- had become an ethnic battleground with clearly drawn lines.

Is political colonialism back?                                                                                         (11.03.2008) Colonialism in full swing and intensity that appears fresh is back in Kenya without calling it so. With many of its subjects claiming huge chunks of prime land in Kenya, Britain seems to believe that its desires should be taken as commands.

We Are Paying to Help, But Corrupt Kenya Instead                                                         (11.03.2008) Thank you for focusing on the corruption in Kenya that is encouraged, courtesy of American taxpayers, by the feckless World Bank ("Kenya and the World Bank," Review & Outlook, March 6 - see below).

Kenya a popular drug trafficking hub                                                                              (11.03.2008) Kenya has become a popular hub for international drug traffickers operating from the Far East, a new report says. Heroin is the most trafficked drug through Kenya.

Protest over premier’s job                                                                                             (11.03.2008) A storm is brewing over the powers of the Prime Minister after the Head of the Civil Service revealed the structure of the new coalition government Monday. According to Mr Francis Muthaura, who is also the Secretary to the Cabinet, the President will retain the powers to appoint the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Ministers and Cabinet ministers under the power-sharing agreement brokered by Mr Kofi Annan.

Is this about 'jobs for the boys' or national healing?                                                         (11.03.2008) I AM AFRAID THOSE FEARS expressed in this column a month ago – more than two weeks before that climactic moment when President Kibaki and Mr Raila Odinga signed their agreement on the steps of Harambee House – are being borne out.

Deal: Govt in reverse gear?                                                                                           (11.03.2008) The Government appeared to engage reverse gear that could take momentum off a speedy enactment of the National Accord and Reconciliation Bill 2008, even as MPs prepared to discuss the landmark peace deal tomorrow.

Ultimatum in Raila petition                                                                                            (11.03.2008) The High Court has given Prime Minister-designate, Mr Raila Odinga, three days to file a response to claims made by a rival in an election petition. High Court Judge, Justice Alnashir Visram, said this would enable him hear an application seeking to strike out Mr Stanley Livondo’s case without delay.

Official: PM to work under President                                                                              (11.03.2008) President Kibaki will remain the Head of State and Government in the new power-sharing arrangement, the Government said. Head of Civil Service, Mr Francis Muthaura, on Monday clarified that the President would appoint the Vice-President, Prime Minister and his deputies, and the Cabinet subject to the terms of the February 28 accord between him and ODM leader, Mr Raila Odinga.

ECK given marching orders                                                                                           (11.03.2008) A group of activists stormed an Electoral Commission of Kenya meeting Monday and demanded that the commissioners resign in seven days. The activists threatened to mobilise the public to evict the 22 commissioners from office unless they stepped down.

Activists storm ECK meeting                                                                                        (11.03.2008) Civil society activists stormed an Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) meeting and held the chairman, Mr Samuel Kivuitu, and his staff hostage. The activists, under the umbrella of National Civil Society Congress (NCSC), stormed ECK’s conference at Sun n Sand Beach Resort in the North Coast on Monday and demanded that the hotel management evict the commissioners.

ECK Hands Over Ballots to Court for Hearing                                                                  (11.03.2008) The ECK Monday moved to beat the deadline issued by an election court to surrender election materials for Kirinyaga Central constituency to the High Court pending the hearing of a petition.

Kivuitu vows to stay put                                                                                                (11.03.2008) Electoral Commission of Kenya ECK Chairman Samuel Kivuitu has vowed to stay put as the chair of the commission despite mounting pressure from various quarters to have the commission disbanded.

Police Sought Interpol's Help in Nakitare Hunt, but he is still within                                   (11.03.2008) Police in Kitale want Interpol to help in the manhunt of former Saboti MP Davis Nakitare who is said to have fled the country.

Poll chaos threat to survival of key water source                                                             (11.03.2008) Hundreds of families have illegally invaded Mau Forest, posing grave danger to the environment and wildlife. Conflicts do not just destabilise human lives. The environment also suffers when mobs take advantage of a breakdown in law and order to invade forests and plunder other natural resources.

Hundreds flee and several dead in Kenya army offensive                                                  (11.03.2008) CHEPTAIS, Kenya (Reuters) - Hundreds of Kenyans fled the remote Mount Elgon region on Tuesday and several people have been killed as army helicopters attacked a small rebel militia for the second day, witnesses and a legislator said.

Army Fights Rebels in Mt Elgon                                                                                    (11.03.2008) HUNDREDS of Kenyans have crossed into Uganda fleeing heavy fighting in the Mt. Elgon area, where the Kenya Airforce is battling rebel militiamen armed with modern and archaic weapons.

Army, GSU launch air and land operation in Mt Elgon                                                     (11.03.2008) A combined operation of the Army and paramilitary police swooped on villages in Mt Elgon District at dawn as scared residents of all ages scampered for dear life. In what is being billed as the biggest operation in the country since the Shifta wars of the 1960s, the no-nonsense officers attacked from the air and on the ground.

Kenya army launches crackdown on tribal militia                                                            (11.03.2008) NAIROBI (AFP) - The Kenyan army has launched a massive crackdown on a tribal militia in western Kenya that has killed hundreds of people in recent months, officials said Monday. Rift Valley provincial chief Hassan Noor Hassan and the region's police commander announced a dusk-to-dawn curfew in the Mount Elgon region as the army hunted down the rag-tag Sabaot Land Defence Force (SLDF) militia.

Fear grips residents as army mounts air attacks                                                             (11.03.2008) The Government has mounted the strongest offensive against the Sabaot Land Defence Force (SLDF) militia. After a four-month mobilisation, according to security sources, the army, General Service Unit and paramilitary police officers landed in Mt Elgon on Sunday night.

Now Army joins war on militia                                                                                       (11.03.2008) Soldiers have been deployed in Mount Elgon and Trans Nzoia districts to flush out militiamen causing mayhem in the area. They arrived in the districts on Sunday and will conduct air-to-ground operations.

MPs accuse police of unfairness                                                                                   (11.03.2008) A group of MPs allied to the government are accusing the police force of selective justice in dealing with perpetrators of post election violence. The MPs have now vowed to resort to mass action if the law is not applied fairly.

Tourism faces Sh70bn losses                                                                                       (11.03.2008) Local tourism operators are predicting a Sh70 billion loss in sales as the high season, normally between December and April, comes to a close. Mombasa and Coast Tourist Association (MCTA) chairman, Mr Kuldip Sondhi, said in Mombasa that the fragile sector has suffered heavy losses from which it will be hard to recover in subsequent seasons.

Fall in revenue stalls KWS                                                                                            (11.03.2008) Kenya Wildlife Service is finding it difficult to carry out conservation projects planned for this year following a sharp decline in revenue collection. “Our wildlife is now at risk. If tourists don’t come to visit our game parks and national parks, we shall not have anything with which to protect these animals,” the KWS communication manager, Mr Paul Udoto, said Monday.

DAY 73

Demonstrators storm electoral body meeting                                                                  (10.03.2008) An Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) meeting was disrupted Monday when members of the civil society stormed the venue to demand the immediate resignation of its embattled chairperson Samuel Kivuitu and his 22 subordinates.

Power-sharing: conflict or compromise?                                                                         (10.03.2008) Kenya's parliament is preparing to usher in a power-sharing agreement, brokered to bring to an end to months of ethnic violence sparked by December's disputed election.

Row flares over Kenya coalition on eve of debate                                                             (10.03.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Kenya's fragile power-sharing deal to end a bloody post-election crisis suffered a setback on Monday as a row broke out over the role of prime minister in the proposed coalition government.

Row over Muthaura statement on deal                                                                            (10.03.2008) A fresh row erupted on Monday over the power sharing agreement signed by President Kibaki and ODM leader Raila Odinga just a day before parliament begins debate on the bills seeking to legalize the agreement.

Muthaura defines roles in new coalition administration                                                     (10.03.2008) The Government has moved to define the powers of the President, Vice President and Prime Minister in the new coalition administration. The Head of Civil Service Francis Muthaura made the announcements this afternoon.

Kenya: public service not to get power sharing                                                                (10.03.2008) The recently- signed, power-sharing deal between the government and opposition does not affect senior positions in the civil service, the judiciary and state corporations, Kenya’s head of civil service and secretary to the cabinet, Mr. Francis Muthaura, said Monday.

Kenya government deploys army to flush out militia group                                               (10.03.2008) (Clearinghouse note: AngolaPress seems to have mixed up something here, since 500 deaths in skirmishes between Gikuyu and Turkana in the past one week can not be confirmed) Nairobi, Kenya, - A contingent of 1,000 military personnel has been dispatched to quell insurgency in Eastern Kenya where a militia group calling itself Sabaot Land Defence Force (SLDF) is said to be committing atrocities, the Kenya Television Network (KTN) reported in Nairobi on Monday.

First Zimbabwe, now Uganda - soon Kenya?                                                                  (10.03.2008) British land-laws and anglican-law-based constitutions created havoc everywhere the British set foot in Africa - Britain to Help Tenants Pay Off Landlords - UGANDA and Britain have agreed to establish a fund to enable tenants buy land from landlords.

Tribalism Here, and There                                                                                             (10.03.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya - The joke going around here, after a rigged vote, is that it may be easier to elect a Luo president in the United States than in Kenya. “We beat them to it, I just wasn’t sworn in,” Raila Odinga, the opposition leader and a member of the large Luo ethnic group, told me. “Obama, if elected, would have been second, but I was robbed at the ballot box.”

Locals, Wildlife Authority Battle for Mt Elgon Forest                                                        (10.03.2008) FOR 32-year-old Andrew Namasoko, staring death in the face is an everyday experience. A chill goes down his spine whenever he recalls that fateful day in October last year, when Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) guards confronted three of them for allegedly killing two young antelopes in Kapchorwa-Bugimotwa village of Mt. Elgon forest.

The tree of peace needs the rain of ethnic harmony                                                         (10.03.2008) IF THERE’S ONE LESSON I LEARNT during my days in detention, it was that when hopes fail, it is safer to err on the side of caution than euphoric optimism. Then when wishes don’t happen, I don’t suffer heart failure.

Kenyans drink deep at the well of amnesia                                                                     (10.03.2008) President Kibaki opening Kenya’s Tenth Parliament: “Please succeed. Please forget the history of what has happened.” Victory, peace, stability, goodwill, unity, good faith, integrity, courage - he used all these words and more. They were like warm little blankets tossed over sleeping babies.

Why the instability in Somalia should be concern for Kenya                                             (10.03.2008) Last week’s US military strikes on a Somalia town close to the Kenya border have worked to once again spotlight how hardships in Somalia continue to affect Kenya.

21 die in dispute over border line                                                                                    (10.03.2008) CLASHES over a border dispute have left 21 people dead in the past two months in north-western Kenya, officials say. The incidents exemplify one of the key causes of ethnic violence that paralysed the East African nation for nearly two months following disputed elections.

165 children defiled monthly, says police report                                                              (10.03.2008) Sex pests are on the prowl and are mostly targeting children. As other crimes decrease, police say defilement incidents rose by 37 per cent last year. Despite the enactment of the Sexual Offences Act two years ago, the 2007 police crime statistics show 165 children were defiled every month, which translates to six minors daily.

Thousands flee from Kenyan army operation                                                                   (10.03.2008) Tens of thousands of people are fleeing their homes in western Kenya following an army operation targeting members of a group linked to clashes over land, a Red Cross official says.

Army Cracks Down in W. Kenya                                                                                   (10.03.2008) KITALE, Kenya (AP) -  Officials in western Kenya say the army is using heavy firepower to crack down on a group linked to bloody land clashes. Defense Department spokesman Bogita Ongeri declined to give details, saying only troops were in the area to assist local officials.

How to end the Mt Elgon crisis                                                                                      (10.03.2008) The  land  clashes in  Mt  Elgon  District  continue to  hurt  weak, innocent children and women. The quickest and the most sustainable way to end this problem is to bring the warring clans and factions to a round table talk to arrive at an amicable solution.

Kenya security forces attack land clash area                                                                  (10.08.2008) ELDORET, Kenya (Reuters) - Kenyan military helicopters fired at targets in the Mount Elgon region on Monday to flush out gunmen suspected of killing at least 12 people in the latest land dispute.

Army offensive on Kenya militia                                                                                     (10.03.2008) Kenya's army has launched a huge military operation targeting a militia which has killed some 500 people in a land dispute over the past 18 months. The army is using heavy artillery, hundreds of troops and helicopter gunships, in the Mount Elgon forests near the border with Uganda.

A grand coalition was the right solution                                                                          (10.03.2008) Q and A: In November 2005, the major parties in Germany - The Christian Democrats, Christian Social Union and Social Democrats - formed a grand coalition after no party won enough seats to govern in the September elections. WALTER LINDNER, German ambassador to Kenya, last week shared the experiences of his country's grand coalition with Special Correspondent FRED OLUOCH

US Congress: Bush strategy in Somalia is failing                                                            (10.03.2008) The Bush administration has been faulted for failing to stabilise Somalia after a March 3 American missile strike on the horn of Africa country, a congress report says.

Where was the EAC when the region's head was being cut off?                                        (10.03.2008) At the signing of the power-sharing pact between President Mwai Kibaki and ODM leader Raila Odinga two weeks ago, both leaders thanked the international figures who had helped make the deal possible.

Get to the root of Mt Elgon killings                                                                                 (10.03.2008) THE KILLING of more than 10 people at the outskirts of Kitale by a gang which is claimed to be Sabaot Land Defence Force is chilling coming as it does at a time when the country is healing.

Child-soldiers in the making?                                                                                        (10.03.2008) FRANCIS  AYIEKO  writes  that  counsellors  are  worried  that  children  below  18 are becoming loyal to militia leaders - such as those of the proscribed Mungiki and Taliban - which are flourishing in the guise of self defence.

Women have set their minds on promoting peace                                                           (10.03.2008) Guns may be fired, machetes may be wielded and manly egos may fly from one corner of the earth to the other but when it is time for the woman’s heart to act, the world will be forced to listen.

Chief Kadhi issues warning to Muslims                                                                          (10.03.2008)  Muslims  have  been  warned  against  using  Mosques  to  make  inflammatory announcements based on rumours. Chief Kadhi Sheikh Hamad Kassim at the weekend told clerics to be responsible concerning information passed to the public because, if inaccurate, it could cause unnecessary panic and lead to violence.

Two killed in fresh fighting                                                                                             (10.03.2008) Two  more  people  were  at the  weekend  killed  in  renewed  fighting  between two rival communities in Marsabit. The deaths bring to five the number of victims since the fighting started on Thursday.

Kivuitu's team under fresh pressure to quit                                                                      (10.03.2008) The Electoral Commission of Kenya came under sharp focus Sunday with leaders saying the team led by Mr Samuel Kivuitu must be disbanded before investigations into election irregularities begin this week.

Poll chaos: Killers to face law                                                                                       (10.03.2008) The days of people who killed others and destroyed property during the post-election violence are numbered, Attorney General Amos Wako has warned.

Kibaki told to dissolve Cabinet                                                                                       (10.03.2008) ODM Pentagon member Mrs Charity Ngilu and Hamisi MP Mr George Khaniri have asked President Kibaki to dissolve the Cabinet. Ngilu and Khaniri said the move would pave way for reconstituting of the Cabinet in accordance with the guidelines in the new power-sharing deal.

Military to quell clashes in Mt Elgon                                                                              (10.03.2008) Eldoret  Airstrip  was  turned  into a  military  base  after  hundreds of  officers  landed in preparation of today’s operation in Mt Elgon District. Hundreds of residents jammed the Eldoret-Iten road to witness the mobilisation of troops, most of them from Gilgil.

Women oppose police search in Mt Elgon                                                                      (10.03.2008) Women from Mt Elgon have expressed concern over the impending security operation to flush out Sabaot  Land  Defence  Force (SLDF)  militia. The  women  said  innocent  people, including women and children, were harassed and sometimes killed in such operations.

Envoy says US travel advisories to remain                                                                      (10.03.2008) The US travel advisories on Kenya still stand. US Ambassador, Mr Michael Ranneberger, said the  US  Government  was yet to  review  the  advisories  despite  the  signing of a political  deal between President Kibaki and ODM leader, Mr Raila Odinga.

Laikipia death toll hits 19 in four days                                                                            (10.03.2008) About ten houses were torched as violence continued in Laikipia West District for the fourth day. At the same time, the death toll in the clash hit areas of Mutamaiyo, Gatundia, Ol Munyu, among others stood at 19 by Sunday, according to former area councillor, Mr Munyiri Mutitu.

Karua: No amnesty for those who broke law                                                                   (10.03.2008) Cabinet minister, Ms Martha Karua, has ruled out giving amnesty to perpetrators of post-election violence. At the same time, the minister said the newfound political agreement did not take away President Kibaki’s power to chair the Cabinet.

Police arrest five in Eldoret church arson                                                                      (10.08.23008) Police have arrested five suspects in connection with the Kiambaa killings where a church in Eldoret was burnt by rowdy youth during the post-poll clashes.

12 killed in western Kenya                                                                                            (10.03.2008) Mt Elgon - A Kenyan worker for the International Red Cross reports that 30,000 people in western Kenya have fled an outbreak of violence there. In the past few days, at least twelve people have been killed in the Mount Elgon region.


PART 11 - 10th Mar. 2008 until 12. Mar. 2008

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