Presidential Election Disaster and Civil Strife in Kenya
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DAY 28


US Ambassador to Internal Security head over Kenyan assassination (24.01.2008)

Country's Image is Badly Dented Abroad                                                                        (24.01.2008) As I travelled to Maputo last week, a young but chatty woman sat next to me on the Johannesburg-Maputo segment. She was Basana and so was her business name.

U.S. Envoy Wants Political Pact in Kenya                                                                     (24.01.2008) A mass funeral on Wednesday for victims of clashes in Nairobi was marred by disturbances. During street clashes that are becoming the norm, opposition supporters set a government building on fire in the capital.

Raila and Kibaki speeches (verbatim)                                                                             (24.01.2008) The following are the speeches delivered Thursday by President Kibaki and ODM leader Raila Odinga when they met for the first time since the outbreak of violence.

Kenyan political rivals shake hands as Annan mediates                                                  (24.01.2008) Nairobi - Kenya's political rivals shook hands Thursday and emphasized "working together" to find a political solution to the conflict over disputed elections after meeting for the first time since last month's polls.

Kenyan Rivals Meet On Election Dispute                                                                       (24.01.2008) Rival Kenyan Leaders Meet For First Time Since Disputed Election - (AP) - Kenya's president and its main opposition leader met Thursday for the first time since the disputed Dec. 27 presidential vote sparked nationwide violence that left hundreds dead.

Is Another Genocide Worth It?                                                                                      (24.01.2008) The British have, on occasions, found themselves to blame for leaving behind them political chaos in their former colonies. Call them the world's hotspots - Palestine, Iraq, Cyprus, Southern Cameroons, Uganda, Kenya to name a few.

Kenya leaders appear more concerned with power than with people                                  (24.01.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) - As Kenyans die in their hundreds in gritty city slums and rolling cornfields in the countryside, their fate rests with two men who appear more intent on the struggle for power than on the turmoil it has set off.

Annan says Kenya foes meeting 'very encouraging'                                                         (24.01.2008) NAIROBI (AFP) - Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki and opposition leader Raila Odinga on Thursday held their first talks since disputed December polls, a development chief mediator Kofi Annan described as "very encouraging".

Here is a Breath of fresh air in a land filled with Sharks                                                    (24.01.2008) Kenya is at a thresh hold of untold Catastrophe. Yet none of the people in leadership seem to acknowledge this more so the man who holds the stick, Mwai Kibaki. He believes we have no Crisis in Kenya and therefore we don’t need a mediator.

Why GSU Crack Skulls With Glee                                                                                (24.01.2008) Some Kenyans thought the film The Constant Gardener, with its background shots of Kibera, and the scene where the police officer asks for a bribe, gave a negative picture of Kenya.

Starting a fight that you can`t win                                                                                  (24.01.2008) Meshack got us into trouble that Friday. He wasn`t drunk; of course he had taken a few bottles of beer, but some how it didn`t get into his head.

Kenya Ethnic Tensions Warning to Other Nations                                                           (24.01.2008) Those who sow the wind reap the whirlwind'. The loose political rhetoric riding on ethnic sentiments, accompanying, for example, the current controversial issues of land, may give mileage to politicians for a season, but what is it going to cost our collective future?

Kibaki And Raila Hold First Talks                                                                                  (24.01.2008) President Kibaki and the Orange Democratic Movement leader Raila Odinga have both arrived at Nairobi's Harambee House for the first face-to-face talks over the political crisis out of disputed election results.

Kenya's president, opposition leader to meet - UN                                                          (24.01.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - President Mwai Kibaki will meet opposition leader Raila Odinga later on Thursday for the first time in Kenya's political crisis, with the mediation of former U.N. boss Kofi Annan, the United Nations said.

Concern over Molo IDPs as camp closures continue                                                       (24.01.2008) NAIROBI (IRIN) - A government directive to close camps for internally displaced persons (IDPs) across the country has raised concerns among aid workers, especially over the plight of IDPs in the volatile district of Molo in Rift Valley Province, where thousands live in at least 50 congested sites.

Women Stood Up to Be Elected                                                                                    (24.01.2008) NAIROBI (IPS) - Women boldly stood up to be elected during December’s general elections. They turned out in their highest number ever -- 269 -- to contest Kenya’s 210 parliamentary seats.

Kenya's violence chokes flow of goods to the region                                                        (24.01.2008) Security concerns are preventing fuel and other goods from leaving a key port. - Mombasa, Kenya - Looking out his office window at Kenya's largest port, Mombasa, Wilson Rading counted seven ships waiting to unload. For the director of DFS Express Lines, a small freight logistics company, it was like watching his money sink to the bottom of the harbor.

More hotels in Malindi close down                                                                                 (24.01.2008) At least ten hotels have been closed down and more than 5,000 workers laid off in Malindi. The chairman of the Association of Hotel Keepers and Caterers, Malindi, Watamu and Mambrui branch, Mr Issac Rodrot, said there were less than 200 guests still staying in hotels by yesterday.

Poll Outcome Will Haunt Leaders                                                                                  (24.01.2008) The outcome of the recently concluded General Election will forever haunt President Kibaki and the Electoral Commission of Kenya chairman, Mr Samuel Kivuitu.

Kenyan crisis talks gather pace                                                                                    (24.01.2008) Kenya talks breakthrough denied - Kenya's opposition says it has not yet agreed to an official investigation into their claims of electoral fraud.

What is in the Word Tribe?                                                                                           (24.01.2008) Africa Focus, Africa Action and H-Net Africa contributors on Western media coverage of Africa Pambazuka editors give you the war on the word "tribe"

Outlawed Gangs Re-Emerge in City Slums to Offer Protection                                         (24.01.2008) Outlawed gangs have re-emerged in some parts of Nairobi hit by violence occasioned by the disputed presidential poll.

World Bank, AfDB raise alarm over Kenya                                                                      (24.01.2008) TUNIS - The World Bank and African Development Bank, acting to "raise an alarm" over the turmoil in Kenya, said on Tuesday they may have to adjust lending programmes there if unrest persists following a disputed poll.

Teargas at Funeral Rally                                                                                               (24.01.2008) Kenyan police fired bullets in the air and teargas at an opposition funeral procession yesterday as political strife claimed more lives, adding to the urgency of a new mediation mission by former UN chief Kofi Annan.

Talks the Only Option, States Githongo                                                                         (24.01.2008) President Kibaki and ODM leader Raila Odinga have no option but to negotiate a way out of the crisis facing Kenya.

Government building set ablaze in Kenya protests                                                          (24.01.2008) Annan launches mediation effort - NAIROBI - Protesters set fire to a government office building yesterday, forcing workers to climb out windows as former UN chief Kofi Annan tried to resolve the dispute over Kenya's presidential election.

Kenyan death toll now tops 700                                                                                     (24.01.2008) Former UN chief Kofi Annan met Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki on Thursday for talks to end the crisis sparked by his re-election one month ago, as 12 people died in further clashes.

Displaced aliens to be relocated to UN camp                                                                  (24.01.2008) More than 300 foreigners who fled their homes due to post-election violence will be moved to the Kakuma Refugee Camp in Turkana District.

Principal's dilemma over free education                                                                          (24.01.2008) More than 450 head teachers have criticised the Education ministry plan to limit the number of students who will benefit from free secondary education.

Kofi Annan Meets With Kenyan President                                                                      (24.01.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) - Kenya's president assured former U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan Thursday he wanted talks to resolve a political crisis that has sparked deadly violence, but it was unclear the president welcomed any outside mediators.

Live broadcast ban to continue, says govt                                                                      (24.01.2008) The government has said the ban on live media coverage will continue until calm returns to clash hit areas.

Conditions worsen in Kenya - UN                                                                                  (24.01.2008) Compiled by the SA Government Communication and Information System - Nairobi - Security conditions in Kenya are deteriorating rapidly, according to United Nations officials who report that more than a dozen civilians have been killed in political violence the past few days.

Kenyan opposition orchestrated ethnic violence, rights group says                                   (24.01.2008) - (dpa) - Kenya's opposition planned and organized ethnic-based violence in the aftermath of disputed polls that set off a wave of fatal clashes nationwide that has killed nearly 700 people and displaced 250,000, an international rights group said Thursday.

Must read: Tribal Tension in Kenya . . . and the delusion of African democracy.                 (24.01.2008) Call it the democracy delusion. We believed democracy was spreading. It was not. Now we worry democracy is retreating. It is not — since it barely advanced to begin with. We expect democracy to win the war on terror.

Former UN chief meets Kibaki as more Kenyans hacked to death                                    (24.01.2008) NAIROBI (AFP) - Former UN secretary general Kofi Annan met Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki Thursday for talks to end the crisis sparked by his re-election one month ago, as 12 people died in further clashes.

Glimmer Of Hope To End Kenya Violence                                                                      (24.01.2008) Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan has met with Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki Thursday in an attempt to mediate in the country's election dispute.

Kenya Govt opens investigation into disputed vote                                                           (24.01.2008) Kenya's Government has agreed to set up an official investigation into allegations of fraud in last month's disputed poll.

Severe and indiscriminate violence sweeps across Nairobi slums                                     (24.01.2008) People have been victims of armed civilians increasingly organised in groups that perpetrate indiscriminate violence - with knives, machetes and sometimes axes - against the population as a whole. Our teams have witnessed severely wounded people, with lacerated bodies and mutilated limbs or head.

Opposition officials helped plan Rift Valley violence, says HRW                                       (24.01.2008) Eldoret  – Human Rights Watch investigations indicate that, after Kenya's disputed elections, opposition party officials and local elders planned and organized ethnic-based violence in the Rift Valley, Human Rights Watch said today. The attacks, targeting mostly Kikuyu and Kisii people in and around the town of Eldoret, could continue unless the government and opposition act to stop the violence, Human Rights Watch said.

Now ECK denies rigging poll in favour of Kibaki                                                               (24.01.2008) Electoral Commission of Kenya Wednesday defended itself against accusations of rigging the December 27 presidential election.

Lift broadcast ban, say editors                                                                                      (24.01.2008) The Kenya Editors Guild has given the Government a 24-hour notice to lift the ban on live broadcasting. The guild members said they would consider taking further action in the interest of the public’s right to information and freedom of expression if the Government did not yield to their call.

Editors give State 24-hour ultimatum                                                                              (24.01.2008) Editors have given the Government a 24-hour ultimatum to lift the ban on live TV and radio coverage. The Kenya Editors’ Guild warned that it would mobilise media practitioners if the directive were not rescinded.

Ugandan army uniforms found                                                                                       (24.01.2008) Tension remained high at Malaba border after residents impounded a lorry full of Ugandan military uniforms. The residents stopped the lorry, registration number KAV 018T, headed to the customs department and demanded to view its contents.

I’m not an SLDF member, says MP                                                                               (24.01.2008) MT Elgon MP, Mr Fred Kapondi, has denied involvement in the activities of the Sabaot Land Defence Force (SLDF). The militia group is responsible for the massacre of about 600 people in the area.

Marende hopeful of a truce by Annan                                                                             (24.01.2008) National Assembly Speaker, Mr Kenneth Marende, has expressed confidence in former United Nations Secretary-General Mr Kofi Annan’s team to end the political crisis.

Mass action called off after Annan-ODM talks                                                                 (24.01.2008) A ray of hope over an end of political crisis facing the country appeared Wednesday when ODM emerged from a meeting with the Kofi Annan-headed team and called off mass action rallies planned for Thursday.

Kenya opposition calls off rally                                                                                      (24.01.2008) The leader of Kenya's opposition Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) has said he has called off a mass protest planned for Thursday in the capital, Nairobi.

State stops transfers of students, teachers                                                                    (24.01.2008) The Ministry of Education has halted the transfer of students and teachers displaced by post-election violence. There has been a flurry of transfer requests by teachers and students seeking to be moved to perceived safer areas.

Party holds prayers for violence victims                                                                          (24.01.2008) ODM Wednesday held inter denominational prayers for victims of post- election violence. Party leader Raila Odinga told a gathering at the city’s Ligi Ndogo grounds on Ngong Road that the current fighting was not ethnic, but between Kenyans and a clique of politicians who want the status quo maintained.

Two killed, scores injured in clash-torn slum                                                                   (24.01.2008) Tension was high after two men were killed in the violence-torn Kariobangi estate in Nairobi. Five people have been arrested following the early morning orgy on Wednesday, which left scores of Darfur residents injured.

Two attacked as mob tries to evict ‘outsiders’                                                                 (24.01.2008) Two people were Wednesday admitted to hospital in a serious condition following a flare-up of violence linked to the disputed presidential poll result.

Man shot dead as 50 houses are burnt in Rift Valley                                                       (24.01.2008) A man was shot dead and two others injured in Nakuru and Molo districts on Tuesday night as a new wave of violence spread.

Kenya's Editors Guild Gives Government Ultimatum to Lift Ban on Live Coverage               (24.01.2008) The Kenya Editors’ Guild has given the government of President Mwai Kibaki 24 hours from Wednesday to lift the government’s ban on live TV and radio coverage of the country’s post-election activities. Macharia Gaitho is chairman of the Guild and editor with Nation Media Group of Kenya. He told VOA the editors have several options against what he described as the government’s nebulous ban.

Kenyan funeral turns violent, Annan mediates                                                                 (24.01.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Police fired teargas to disperse stone-throwing youths near an opposition funeral in Kenya on Wednesday, but former U.N. boss Kofi Annan managed to broker a halt to further street protests after weeks of unrest.

Kenyan Rivals to Meet for First Time                                                                              (24.01.2008) Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki and opposition leader Raila Odinga have agreed to meet for the first time since the disputed Dec. 27 presidential elections, which sparked weeks of ethnic violence, former U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan said Thursday.

Annan must insist on a ceasefire first                                                                            (24.01.2008) As former UN Secretary-general Kofi Annan gets down to the complex assignment of leading the search for resolution to Kenya’s post-election crisis, one of his earliest priorities must be to push for a ceasefire.

Chaos as Annan begins talks                                                                                        (24.01.2008) Police lobbed teargas canisters at what was a peaceful mass funeral service for those killed in post-election violence, even as a series of meetings aimed at finding a solution to the political crisis began.

Breakthrough in Kenyan talks denied                                                                             (24.01.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya (UPI) The Kenyan government's claim of a breakthrough in talks over disputed election results was denied by the opposition party in Nairobi Thursday.

DAY 27

Both sides must start talking to each other                                                                    (23.01.2008) Kofi Annan has arrived in Kenya not a moment too soon. The crisis engulfing the nation which was once regarded as one of the most politically stable in Africa is deepening.

Q&A: Githongo on Kenya violence                                                                                 (23.01.2008) John Githongo, formerly in charge of rooting out corruption in the Kenyan government, gives his views on the political turmoil that has engulfed his country.

An American Solution to the Kenyan Constitutional Crisis                                               (23.01.2008) Kenya is home to more than 70 ethnic groups of different origins but with a long history of interaction. Most were already here when the colonialists arrived towards the end of the nineteenth century.

Mourners angry after police interrupt funerals                                                                  (23.01.2008) The police attacked the mourners soon after Raila Odinga and his close collaborators had finished addressing the gathering. ODM leaders condemned the killings by police officers.

Violence, Death And Justice                                                                                         (23.01.2008) The Office of the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court (ICC) is closely observing recent post-election Kenyan violence, according to reports from The Hague, the court's seat.

UN warns of food shortage if crisis not solved                                                                 (23.01.2008) The number of people displaced by post-election violence has gone down from 325,000 to about 122,000, according to a UN report.

Kenya opposition calls off protests                                                                                (23.01.2008) Kenya's opposition has called off mass rallies against the disputed presidential polls, at the request of the former UN secretary general. "On the request of the mediation team we have called off the activities we had planned for tomorrow," an Orange Democratic Movement leader told reporters Wednesday after senior party officials met former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan.

Kenya opposition calls off protests at Annan's request                                                    (23.01.2008) NAIROBI (AFP) - Kenya's opposition on Wednesday called off mass rallies scheduled for the next day to protest disputed presidential polls, at the request of former UN chief Kofi Annan, in Kenya to mediate the crisis.

Deadly Dispute Over Kenya Election Goes On                                                                (23.01.2008) - (AP) Dozens of protesters set fire to a government office building Wednesday, forcing workers to crawl out windows as former U.N. chief Kofi Annan tried to resolve the deadly dispute over Kenya's presidential election.

Fresh Violence Erupts in Kenya as Annan Mediates                                                       (23.01.2008) In Kenya, a funeral for opposition members killed in the violent political crisis dissolved in fumes of tear gas as police battled stone-throwing youths. The latest violence came as former U.N. Chief Kofi Annan began talks to try to resolve the post-election stalemate that threatens what had been east Africa's most stable nation.

Can victims, aggressors find a sense of justice?                                                             (23.01.2008) A class of hopeless youth filled with rage, up for hire for political, social, economic and religious goals is emerging. When the youths are on the rampage, they do not belong to any political jurisdiction. No politician will lay claim to those destroying the railway line, never mind that the British colonialists imported labour from India to lay the line in the first place.

Bono meets Pentagon chief to discuss poverty                                                               (23.01.2008) WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U2 lead singer and activist Bono visited the Pentagon to discuss Africa and the fight against global poverty with U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates, representatives of the two men said on Wednesday.

Museveni Extends Stay in Kenya                                                                                  (23.01.2008) PRESIDENT Yoweri Museveni has extended his official visit to Kenya by a day, in order to resolve a political dispute between President Mwai Kibaki and opposition leader Raila Odinga over the December 27 presidential elections.

Kenya's poor at each other's throats                                                                              (23.01.2008) No phrase so commonly used about Africa can conceal quite so much. I am talking about those two very familiar words "tribal violence". They conjure up memories of the Congo and Biafra in the 1960s, Uganda and Burundi in the decade after that, all the way to the miseries of Central Africa in the 1990s.

State Overpowering People                                                                                           (23.01.2008) Post-election politics in Kenya has become a war of attrition, and President Mwai Kibaki seems to be winning it, the cost to the image and economy of the country notwithstanding.

Democracy must work for every Kenyan                                                                         (23.01.2008) “Concentration of authority marks almost all present political systems which have become unwieldy and top-heavy: be they capitalist, socialist or communist systems. The individuals count no more, though as voters they are styled as masters. They present themselves at periodical elections for casting votes and then sleep away until the next one...

The Country Has Come Too Far to Waste Gains                                                             (23.01.2008) COLUMN - Barack Obama - Nairobi - I have been deeply troubled by the recent events in Kenya. The ongoing political impasse and the tragic violence pose an urgent and dangerous threat to Kenyans, Kenyan democracy, and stability and economic development in a vital region.

Man killed in Molo protests                                                                                           (23.01.2008) Youths struck Molo town and killed a businessman near Molo Academy. Youths sniffing tobacco and chanting war slogans attacked the man near the school and burnt him to death in his car, on Tuesday.

Kenya Protesters Burn Government Offices                                                                    (23.01.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) - Dozens of protesters set fire to a government office building Wednesday in a melee following a memorial service organized by the opposition for victims of Kenya's election violence. Workers crawled to safety from a window in the smoking building, just as former U.N. chief Kofi Annan was due to start a mediation mission here.

Kenyan police tear gas opposition funeral                                                                       (23.01.2008) NAIROBI (AFP) - Kenyan police fired bullets in the air and tear gas at an opposition funeral procession Wednesday as political strife claimed more lives, adding to the urgency of a new mediation mission by former UN chief Kofi Annan.

Kenya opposition to call off protests: sources                                                                 (23.01.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Kenya's opposition will call off planned protests over the disputed election victory of President Mwai Kibaki at the request of former U.N. chief Kofi Annan, opposition sources said on Wednesday.

Kenya opposition, police clash at funeral                                                                        (23.01.2008) NAIROBI  - Kenyan police fired teargas to disperse stone-throwing youths at a funeral on Wednesday held by the opposition for slum residents killed in a crackdown on protests against President Mwai Kibaki's disputed election.

Editors’ ultimatum on live coverage ban                                                                          (23.01.2008) The Kenya Editors Guild has given the Government a 24-hour notice to lift its ban on live broadcasting. The editors said they would take unspecified "further action" in the interest of the public’s right to information and freedom of expression. The notice runs out tomorrow at 11am.

Ultimatum to the govt on media suspension                                                                    (23.01.2008) The Media Council of Kenya is asking the Minister for Information and Communication to withdraw the suspension on live broadcasts with immediate effect and instead channel any complaints relating to the professional conduct of the media to the Council in accordance with the law.

Kenya: Editors issue 24hrs iltumatum to government                                                      (23.01.2008) KENYAN Editors under the banner of the increasingly influential Editors Guild have issued a 24 hour ultimatum to the government to lift a ban on live coverage that has been in force since December 29 last year when the disputed Presidential election results were announced.

Kenya opposition leader calls for power sharing in German interview                                 (23.01.2008) Berlin - Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga called Wednesday for a power-sharing government to end the conflict in the East African country, in an interview with German television. President Mwai Kibaki could remain in power, while the opposition put up the prime minister, Odinga told national public broadcaster ARD.

Annan urges Kibaki, Raila to embrace dialogue                                                              (23.01.2008) Former UN Secretary General Mr Kofi Annan pleaded for good faith, and genuine dialogue in search of reconciliation and a lasting solution to Kenya’s political crisis.

Annan aims to end Kenya vote row                                                                                (23.01.2008) Dozens of protesters have set fire to a government office building in downtown Nairobi, forcing workers to crawl out windows. The violence came the day former UN chief Kofi Annan started his effort to try to resolve a deadly dispute over Kenya's presidential election. Elsewhere, two people were killed in violence linked to the ethnic tension that has been an element in the political turmoil.

Annan seeks to end Kenyan killings                                                                              (23.01.2008) NAIROBI (AFP) - Former UN chief Kofi Annan was to start talks with Kenya's feuding political factions Wednesday, as political strife claimed more lives including a top athlete killed by a poison arrow....

Annan faces tough challenge reconciling Kenya foes                                                       (23.01.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Former U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan will hold talks with Kenya's feuding parties on Wednesday to find a rapid solution to a standoff over a disputed election that erupted into a bloody political crisis.

Act before chaos, urges group                                                                                       (23.01.2008) The Government has been asked to prevent causes of violence instead of reacting to them.

Odinga sets conditions to power sharing in Kenya                                                          (23.01.2008) - Radio Netherlands - Nairobi - Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga says President Mwai Kibaki can stay in office as long as an opposition candidate becomes prime minister.

Kenya's opposition says it will cancel protests planned for later                                       (23.01.2008) Radio New Zealand - Kenya's opposition says it will cancel protests planned for later this week at the request of the former United Nations chief Kofi Annan.

Of siege politics and how the country can free itself                                                        (23.01.2008) The ongoing political unrest and ethnic violence has led to what is being referred to as a national ‘crisis’, requiring urgent resolution through dialogue between the two contending parties.

Ethnic Fighting Escalates in Kenya                                                                               (23.01.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya - Renewed ethnic fighting broke out in Nairobi Sunday where residents said several people hacked to death with machetes and homes were set ablaze in more violence stemming from the disputed presidential election.

Maathai says State has failed on security                                                                      (23.01.2008) The Government has failed to provide protection for its citizens and their property in the wake of post-election violence, Nobel laureate Prof Wangari Maathai said Tuesday.

More than 70,000 to miss Form One places                                                                   (23.01.2008) More than 70,000 KCPE candidates in Rift Valley Province will not get places in secondary schools as parents express fear of taking their children to schools in troubled areas.

Settle the displaced, say MPs                                                                                      (23.01.2008) CENTRAL Kenya MPs want the Government to temporarily resettle those evicted from their homes in Rift Valley Province.

Families defy ‘go home’ orders                                                                                      (23.01.2008) Families uprooted from their homes have vowed to resist a decision to close down camps and resettle them in their homes, even as the Government says the camps are no longer necessary.

Clash victims leave camp                                                                                              (23.01.2008) Over 1,300 displaced people camping at Jamhuri showground, Nairobi, are expected to vacate on Wednesday. However, a standoff looms, as 1,000 of them are wary of returning home due to insecurity.

Kibaki 'stole' Kenyan election through vote-rigging and fraud                                             (23.01.2008) Systematic electoral fraud including vote-rigging in a third of all constituencies, stuffed ballot boxes and election officials changing results had a decisive impact on the outcome of the Kenyan elections, an investigation by The Independent can reveal.

Ex-UN chief begins Kenya mission                                                                                (23.01.2008) Kofi Annan, the former UN secretary-general, will hold talks with Kenya's political parties on Wednesday in an effort to find a solution to weeks of deadlock.

ODM sues Kibaki in The Hague                                                                                     (23.01.2008) ODM has filed a complaint with the International Criminal Court in The Hague against President Kibaki and several key Government officials.

Kenya’s reality check as Annan jets in                                                                          (23.01.2008) The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) and bitter rival Party of National Unity (PNU) will on Wednesday be presented with another important chance to take steps that could help return the country to sanity.

Six killed as Annan arrives for crisis talks                                                                       (23.01.2008) Six people were killed in a fresh flare-up of violence in Nandi South District just hours before a team of international mediators arrived in Nairobi for talks between the Government and the Opposition.

Kenya faces famine threat                                                                                            (23.01.2008) Kenya faces famine in the next few months if the political crisis persists. According to the Kenya Food Security Update report, political unrest coupled with poor rainfall in some parts of the country had compromised the country’s already weak food security status....

ODM to file complaint against govt at the Hague                                                             (23.01.2008) The Orange Democratic Movement has announced it will file a complaint against the Government at the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Riot police disperse pro-Kibaki protesters                                                                       (23.01.2008) Police dispersed pro-government protesters, who had attempted to march to Uhuru Park. Donning PNU colours and carrying party posters, the demonstrators were stopped before they could reach Kenyatta Avenue in the city centre.

Quick act saved student from raiders                                                                             (23.01.2008) When friends turned foes and decided to unleash terror on wananchi perceived to be outsiders in Kipkelion, it took the ingenuity of a friend in deed to save Veronica Gechengo from imminent danger.

UNHCR relocates Kenyan refugees in Uganda                                                                (23.01.2008) MULANDA, Uganda (UNHCR) - The UN refugee agency on Wednesday began relocating an estimated 6,500 Kenyan refugees away from border areas in south-east Uganda to a transit centre some 35 kilometres inland.

DAY 26

Ogiek defend forests against corporate thief                                                                   (22.01.2008) Ogiek forest defenders successfully defended today the trees of the famous Mau Forest in Kenya. Timsales Ltd., East Africa's largest timber dealer with companies in Kenya and Uganda, was stopped today by Ogiek homeland guards to cut trees in Mariashoni location.

Annan in Kenya on mediation mission                                                                           (22.01.2008) Kofi Annan, the former UN secretary-general, has arrived in the Kenyan capital Nairobi on a mission to mediate between opposing political parties after a disputed presidential election.

Wildlife Numbers Decline as Desperate Refugees Seek Meat                                          (22.01.2008) There are no real winners in Africa’s many tribal and political conflicts and the list of losers keeps growing.

Search for "night time spinach" threatens wildlife, local livelihoods                                    (22.01.2008) Meat hungry refugees are sustaining a thriving wildlife poaching trade in Tanzania, according to a report by the wildlife trade monitoring network TRAFFIC.

New Kenya deaths as Annan arrives to mediate                                                              (22.01.2008) NAIROBI (AFP) - Nine people were hacked or burned to death in new violence linked to Kenya's political crisis on Tuesday, as former UN secretary general Kofi Annan arrived to revive mediation efforts.

It's Now Time to Address Political/Ethnic Fault Lines                                                      (22.02.2008) The post-2007 general election crisis should offer new lenses through which to diagnose major political fault lines in the Kenya polity.

Kenyan President asks for PGB Guards                                                                        (22.01.2008) The President of Uganda and Former UN Secretary General Koffi Annan are expected in Kenya today for mediation talks.

Kenya opposition files ICC complaint for crimes against humanity                                    (22.01.2008) NAIROBI (AFP) - Kenya's opposition has filed a complaint with the International Criminal Court, charging that the government committed crimes against humanity in its crackdown on demonstrations, a spokesman said Tuesday.

Kenya government plans ICC complaint against opposition                                              (22.01.2008) NAIROBI (Thomson Financial) - The Kenyan government said it is planning to file a complaint against opposition leaders to the International Criminal Court over post-election violence, a spokesman said.

Kenya's opposition to take government to international court                                            (22.01.2008) Nairobi - Kenya's opposition said Tuesday it had filed a complaint with the International Criminal Court in The Hague against President Mwai Kibaki, his cabinet and police officials, accusing them of crimes against humanity during the post-election period.

Kenyan opposition take government to ICC                                                                     (22.01.2008) The Hague - Representatives of Kenya's opposition have lodged a complaint with the International Criminal Court in The Hague against the government in Nairobi. Opposition leader Raila Odinga's party is accusing Kenyan police of crimes against humanity in crushing recent protests in Nairobi and elsewhere.

Use of violent tactics splits police in Kenya                                                                    (22.01.2008) Officers say they were told to burn slum shacks, shoot live rounds in a bid to suppress protests - NAIROBI - The police commander poured gasoline down the walls of three slum shacks and set them alight. At each home, his officers waited until his back was turned, then doused the flames.

Saitoti Warning On Live Bullets                                                                                     (22.01.2008) Police are under instructions not to use live bullets on demonstrators, Internal Security minister George Saitoti said on Monday. "The police force is not supposed to use live bullets and those are the instructions within which they are operating. We simply don't condone the use of live bullets," Prof Saitoti.

Six killed as Kenya gears for Annan mediation                                                               (22.01.2008) NAIROBI (AFP) Six people were killed in fresh tribal clashes in Kenya, police said Tuesday, as authorities broke up a pro-government rally ahead of the arrival of former UN chief Kofi Annan to mediate the deepening crisis.

Annan prepares to try to mediate in Kenya crisis                                                            (22.01.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Former U.N. secretary-general Kofi Annan was due to arrive in Kenya on Tuesday to try to mediate in a post-poll crisis that has torn the country in two and triggered weeks of violence that killed at least 650 people.

Diplomatic spat as Annan jets in for talks                                                                       (22.01.2008) A quiet diplomatic furore preceded today’s arrival of former United Nations chief, Mr Kofi Annan, who is expected to jumpstart stalled mediation talks.

Rival groups' terms for talks                                                                                          (22.01.2008) The Government and ODM have given hints on what they would put on the table when talks aimed at ending the current political stalemate start in Nairobi.

No retreat, says ODM at service                                                                                    (22.01.2008) An emotional Mr Raila Odinga flew to his violence-battered hometown of Kisumu and declared that nothing would deter Kenyans from their quest for justice.

Kenyan police fire tear gas at Kibaki supporters                                                              (22.01.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Police fired tear gas on Tuesday to disperse supporters of President Mwai Kibaki before former U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan starts mediating in the standoff over Kenya's election that has caused weeks of unrest.

Moderate Majority Must Defeat Ethnic Hawks                                                                 (22.01.2008) Kenya is being held captive by two groups of people. Those whose primary objective was to rig the presidential elections - call them the ethnic riggers - and those who inflame ethnic hatred and cause death, destruction and displacement - call them the ethnic warriors.

Central Rift Leaders Form Peace Forum                                                                         (22.01.2008) Leaders from Central Rift Valley have formed an initiative aimed at bringing lasting peace to parts of the region rocked by ethnic strife.

More IDPs arrive at Eldoret camp                                                                                  (22.01.2008) More than 11,200 internally displaced people (IDPs) have been registered with more arriving at the Show Ground camp in Eldoret in Kenya's Rift Valley Province, the area the most affected by post-election violence in early January.

Police clash with students                                                                                            (22.01.2008) Police on Monday dispersed scores of Kenya Polytechnic University College students who turned up at the Nairobi Campus. The students were supposed to resume learning yesterday after an earlier circular pushed the opening day from January 14.

14 more killed in latest round of post-poll attacks                                                            (22.01.2008) Fourteen people were killed in various parts of the country in fighting linked to the disputed presidential election result. The killings occurred in Nairobi, Kipkelion, Molo and Trans Nzoia.

Ten houses burnt during protests                                                                                   (22.01.2008) More than ten houses were set ablaze when arsonists raided a village in Aldai, Nandi South District. Hell broke loose when residents of Kabwareng’ and Mokoywo villages accused other residents of failing to support them in last week’s ODM mass protests.

Tough tactics against protesters cause rift in Kenya's police force                                    (22.01.2008) NAIROBI - The police commander poured gasoline down the walls of three slum shacks and set them alight. At each home, his officers waited until his back was turned, then doused the flames.

Residents dump body at police station                                                                           (22.01.2008) Hundreds of residents in Molo marched to the local police station and dumped the body of one of their colleagues whom they claimed raiders killed in the post-election violence.

African Union condemns rights violations in Kenya                                                          (22.01.2008) THE African Union has condemned what it described as "gross violations of human rights" in Kenya and called for investigations.

Govt summons British envoy                                                                                         (22.01.2008) The Government is enraged by reports that UK does not recognise President Kibaki as legitimately elected.

Minister summons UK envoy                                                                                         (22.01.2008) Foreign Affairs minister Moses Wetang’ula has summoned British high commissioner Adam Wood over his country’s stand on the disputed presidential election results.

Kenyan refugees in Uganda                                                                                          (22.01.2008) UNHCR - together with the Ugandan authorities – is gearing up to relocate recently-arrived Kenyan refugees away from the border areas. Starting tomorrow (Wednesday), we plan to move in the next five days up to 6,000 Kenyan refugees from three border locations – Malaba, Busia and Lwakhakha – to Mulanda transit centre some 35 kilometres inside Uganda.

Uganda says its troops not in Kenya                                                                             (22.01.2008) Ugandan has denied claims of deploying its troops in Kenya to help quell post-election violence. In an advertisement the Ugandan Foreign Affairs ministry says: “The Government and people of Uganda wish to reassure our brothers and sisters in Kenya that there is no truth whatsoever in the allegations that we have deployed troops in Kenya or even engaged in activities that would endanger the lives of Kenyans.

State defends trade deal with EU                                                                                   (22.01.2008) The Government has defended the decision to sign a controversial trade agreement with the European Union that will open the country to tariff-free products from the rich bloc.

The Kenya Crisis - Now What Next?                                                                              (22.01.2008) In the run-up to the 1988 general elections, President Daniel arap Moi shared with Kenyans his frustration with his vice-president Mwai Kibaki.

Rapes surge in chaotic Kenya                                                                                       (22.01.2008) Nairobi - Cases of sexual assault against women have risen dramatically in Nairobi since the disputed December 27 presidential election broke into violence, says hospital officials.

Bomb At ADC Farm Yet to Be Taken Away                                                                    (22.01.2008) Business at the Government-owned Agricultural Development Corporation branch on the Kenya-Uganda border is still suspended, a week after a bomb was found.

Museveni gets cold reception ahead of talks                                                                   (22.01.2008) President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda received a hostile reception as he arrived for mediation talks scheduled for tomorrow. His presence in the conflict-ridden East African country has attracted mixed reactions from various quarters within Kenya.

Call Off the Mutant Ninja Turtles                                                                                    (22.01.2008) After the general election of 2002, I honestly never again expected to feel fear of the kind I had felt until then. Even as my optimism and belief in the National Rainbow Coalition began to fall away - in the wake of a dishonoured MoU, the failure to conclude constitutional reform, a turnaround on addressing historical injustices and past grand corruption and the revelations of new grand corruption - whenever asked, I continued to respond: Yes, things are much better now.

Hungry Tanzania refugees eat chimps and wild game                                                      (22.01.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Hungry refugees in Tanzania are eating chimpanzees and other endangered species in order to supplement their meagre diet, international conservation group Traffic said on Tuesday.

Kenyan Tourism In Turmoil After Disputed Election                                                         (22.01.2008) The chief of Kenya's leading tourism body says post-election chaos has sparked the worst crisis the country's travel industry has ever seen, and that hotels and suppliers are at risk of collapse unless the political impasse ends soon. Nick Wadhams reports from Nairobi.

Poisoned arrow kills runner                                                                                           (22.01.2008) Nairobi - Kenyan marathon runner Wesley Ngetich has been shot and killed by a poisoned arrow, the second international athlete to die in post-election violence in the east African country.

Kenyan athletics star killed by poisoned arrow: officials                                                   (22.01.2008) NAIROBI (AFP) - Kenyan marathon runner Wesley Ngetich has been killed by a poisoned arrow, officials said Tuesday, the second international athlete to be claimed by post-election chaos in three weeks.

Kenya violence brings a bloody end to uneasy coexistence among ethnic groups              (22.01.2008) ELDORET, Kenya (AP) - For nearly 40 years, Josphat Mwangi lived on his farm in western Kenya, a six-acre (2.5-hectare) plot of rolling earth with a sparkling river in the distance.

Hypocrisy of Imperialist Nations                                                                                    (22.01.2008) While Kenyans are sad victims of violence and wanton destruction of property, imperialists are not. Imperialists have been looking for excuses to bring Kenya down and make her a "beggar" state once again . They can say "hooray" mainly because of carefully calibrated series of little plots that have added up to the mess being witnessed.

Kenyan women urged to wear sacks                                                                              (22.01.2008) Two Kenyan women explain why they have taken to wearing sacks as their own personal protest and why they want others to join them in doing so.

DAY 25

Marathon Mourns the Loss of Wesly Ngetich                                                                  (21.01.2008) Duluth, Minn. ~ Grandma’s Marathon has suffered a great loss with the news that two-time men’s champion Wesly Ngetich was killed today during ongoing violence in Kenya.

Signs in Kenya that killings were planned                                                                       (21.01.2008) The International Herald Tribune: KERINGET, Kenya: At first the violence seemed as spontaneous as it was shocking, with machete-wielding mobs hacking people to death and burning women and children alive in a country that was celebrated as one of Africa's most stable.

Kofi Anan's visit brings hope for Kenya                                                                           (21.01.2008) Former U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan due to arrive in Nairobi Tuesday - NAIROBI, Kenya (CNN) - Kenyan Foreign Minister Moses Wetang'ula said hopes were high that former U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan can start a dialogue to help resolve Kenya's political crisis. But Wetang'ula pointed out that only Kenya's courts can decide if President Mwai Kibaki's government is legitimate.

Kenya protests after UK says Kibaki not recognised                                                       (21.01.2008) The British High Commissioner to Kenya, Mr Adam Wood, will on Wednesday officially declare whether his Government recognises President Kibaki as the winner of the disputed General Election or not.

UK "could reject Kibaki govt"                                                                                         (21.01.2008) Suggestions that Britain may not recognise the Kenyan government have provoked an angry reaction in Nairobi.

Britain yet to recognize Kibaki as President                                                                   (21.01.2008) Kenya’s political crisis was a subject of debate in the House of Commons again, as it emerged that the UK did not formally recognise the Kibaki Government. The House was told how Kenya remains tense and unpredictable.

Kenya lashes opposition and summons UK envoy                                                          (21.01.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - The Kenyan government condemned as "sabotage" on Monday a plan by the opposition to widen its protests against President Mwai Kibaki's re-election to a boycott of companies linked to his allies.

Uganda: Kibaki Must Share Power                                                                                (21.01.2008) Those who thought the Kenyan crisis would quietly blow over and it would soon be business as usual again have been proven wrong.

No Let-Up in Kenya Violence As Political Crisis Continues, UN Reports                           (21.01.2008) Deadly violence continues across parts of Kenya and the police presence remains heavy, the United Nations reports today, as the country reels from the crisis sparked by last month's disputed election.

Protesters Storm Tea Firm Demanding Jobs                                                                   (21.01.2008) James Finlay, Kenya's second largest tea investor, was yesterday grappling with renewed post-election disruptions as mobs stormed some of its factories in Kericho to protest the outcome of the December 27 presidential poll.

Kenyan Violence Blocks Local Cargo Trains                                                                   (21.01.2008) Trains from Mombasa in Kenya are not coming to Uganda because a kilometre-long section of the rails was uprooted in Kibera, a Nairobi suburb, on Friday during the post-election demonstrations.

KENYA: Spreading the word of hate                                                                              (21.01.2008) NAIROBI (IRIN) - Inflammatory statements and songs broadcast on vernacular radio stations and at party rallies, text messages, emails, posters and leaflets have all contributed to post-electoral violence in Kenya, according to analysts.

Kenya: excessive police force condemned                                                                     (21.01.2008) Amnesty International today condemned the reckless and excessive use of lethal force by the Kenyan police, as reports emerged of the killings of at least twelve people - including a 13-year-old boy - by police during protests called by the opposition Orange Democratic Movement.

Kenya's 'mafia' feel the heat                                                                                          (21.01.2008) The plan by Kenya's opposition to boycott companies run by allies of President Mwai Kibaki in protest at the outcome of last month's presidential election is an astute political move.

Kenya government turns on critics, Odinga hailed                                                           (21.01.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki's government went on the offensive against critics on Monday, condemning opposition economic boycott plans as "sabotage" and summoning the British ambassador for a ticking off.

Drums and dancing greet Kenya opposition leader                                                          (21.01.2008) KISUMU, Kenya (Reuters) - Fanatical supporters of Kenya's opposition leader Raila Odinga banged drums, danced and blew whistles on Monday as the former political prisoner returned to his western stronghold of Kisumu.

Report: Kenyan vote violence was planned                                                                     (21.01.2008) NAIROBI, Kenya - Human rights officials and Kenyan police said the post-election tribal fighting that has killed more than 650 people since Dec. 30 was planned and organized.

Grandma's Marathon Champion Killed In Kenya                                                              (21.01.2008) Grandma's Marathon has suffered a great loss as a two-time men's champion was killed today in Kenya.

116,000 displaced in North Rift region                                                                            (21.01.2008) The number of Displaced people in the North Rift region has shot up to 116,000 people, says the Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS). The KRCS North-Rift Regional Manager, Mr Abdi Noor, said updated data showed that the post-election violence had claimed 140 lives in the region.

Kenya: ODM unveils new protest plan                                                                            (21.01.2008) The opposition has unveiled a new strategy of fresh street protests consisting in boycotting businesses owned by president Kibaki`s supporters and weekly mass. Today the ODM is in Kisumu and Kakamega to begin another round of protests.

Raila told off for remarks on Kalonzo                                                                              (21.01.2008) Three Cabinet ministers and an MP have defended the Vice-President, Mr Kalonzo Musyoka, following attacks by ODM leader, Mr Raila Odinga.

President faulted on talks’ team composition                                                                  (21.01.2008) Some religious leaders in Western Province have dismissed a 10-member team President Kibaki has appointed for talks over the political stalemate.

Kenya defends new trade deal with EU                                                                          (21.01.2008) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Kenya defended on Monday its decision to sign a new trade deal with the European Union that will see the east African nation eventually open its markets to tariff-free products from the rich bloc.

More killed as rivals differ over peace talks                                                                     (21.01.2008) Ten more people were killed in different parts of the country as the Government and ODM continued to differ over the way forward in the search for a peaceful settlement to the current political crisis. On Sunday, the Government insisted that the committee led by Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka would lead peace negotiations as mandated. And ODM leader Raila Odinga repeated that his group would not work with the Kalonzo committee.

More lives lost                                                                                                             (21.01.2008) The Orange party leader Mr Raila Odinga spoke of peace "returning soon" as the Government made an important concession by allowing today’s mass funeral service in the first ever sign of softening up. But there was widespread outrage over the Kalonzo Musyoka-led mediation team, on a day 26 more lives were violently snuffed out.

Kenya: 15 Killed, Homes Set on Fire as Violence Escalates                                            (21.01.2008) About 15 people were killed in Kipkelion and Londiani, bringing to 22 the people who have died in the past two days. Police shot some of the victims on Saturday night, while others died in gang attacks.

5,000 police recruits on duty                                                                                         (21.01.2008) The Government plucked more than 5,000 police recruits from class to reinforce a force overwhelmed by spiralling post-election violence.

Forty Deaths Reported In Just Five Days As Fresh Ethnic Clashes Erupt In Kenya            (21.01.2008) Nairobi, Kenya (AHN) - Fresh ethnic clashes erupted over the weekend killing two overnight in the Mathare slums of Nairobi where one person was hacked to death and another body was recovered by the police, bringing to 40 the number of victims in just five days.

Museveni enters Kenya mediation fray as dark horse – on govt side?                                (21.01.2008) The EastAfrican - Two uneasy questions have occupied minds in East Africa over the past two weeks: One, why was Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni - who is expected to visit Nairobi this Tuesday - the first, and so far only East African leader to congratulate President Mwai Kibaki, even though his victory in the December 27 poll is being disputed by the opposition and has been judged irregular by election observers?

Uganda seeks help to feed Kenyan refugees                                                                  (21.01.2008) The Uganda government and humanitarian agencies in the country say their resources are being stretched by the continued influx of Kenyans fleeing the violence in their country to the displaced persons camps set up in Uganda’s border districts.

Nakuru town eyes displaced investors                                                                            (21.01.2008) Nakuru, the Rift Valley town that has become a haven for thousands of people displaced, is promoting itself as the investment destination of choice for businesspeople who have fled violence in western towns of Kisumu, Kericho and Eldoret.

Raila urges supporters to press on for justice                                                                 (21.01.2008) ODM leader, Mr Raila Odinga, says the party will overcome injustices it has encountered, no matter how long it takes. The Lang’ata MP said the post-election turmoil was only a temptation. He urged his supporters not to despair in their quest for justice.

Schools still shut over chaos                                                                                         (21.01.2008) Learning in many schools has not resumed countrywide for the second week since schools reopened for the new school year.

Kenya: UN Agency Opposes Plan to Close Camps                                                         (21.01.2008) The UN Children's agency, Unicef, Sunday expressed concerns over Government's plan to close all camps and send the displaced back to their homes. The Government is expected to close the camp at Jamhuri Park by 10am Monday and repatriate the displaced. It is also expected to close other camps across the country and return the uprooted groups to their homes.

Maathai unhappy with Kibaki team                                                                                (21.01.2008) Nobel Peace Laureate, Prof Wangari Maathai, has dismissed the mediation team led by Vice-President, Mr Kalonzo Musyoka, saying it will not solve the political impasse.


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