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A tale of Kalahari Desert Bushmen: “The Great Dance – the Story of !Nqate”

"The Great Dance” is a fascinating documentary that examines the unique relationship between Kalahari Desert Bushmen, or the San people, and the harsh landscape of the Kalahari Desert in Southern Africa.

Filmed through the eyes of !Nqate, a hunter and one of the Kalahari Desert bushmen, “The Great Dance” follows the life of !Nqate as a hunter and tracker. It’s a raw and poignant story of !Nqate’s survival, as told in his own words.

A collaboration between Dutch and South African filmmakers, the film is a 35mm feature-length documentary directed by South African brothers Craig and Damon Foster, produced by Ellen Windemuth and written by Jeremy Evans. Its use of specially-adapted mini-cam technology and never-before-seen footage of the death-defying 'chasing hunt' for which Kalahari Desert Bushmen are famous for, makes this a unique and remarkable cinematic experience.

“The Great Dance” has been the recipient of many film awards worldwide, including awards at the Wildscreen Film Festival in the UK, and at other international film festivals in Canada, the US and Europe. “The Great Dance” is also available on DVD.

This is a film dedicated to the ancient !Xo San people, whose harmony with this vast Kalahari desert landscape inspired the movie. Use this site to learn more about the movie and the !Xo San - the Kalahari Desert Bushmen - or to travel into their minds, hearts and landscapes through the unique images.

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Cosmic Africa is an extraordinary personal odyssey of African astronomer, Thebe Medupe, who journeys into this ancient continent’s astronomical past unveiling the deep connection humans have with the cosmos.

Not long ago, Africa was a land without borders and fences. The earth, water and sky were its natural boundaries.

There was power in the sky, a time when ancient sky-watchers looked to the heavens for meaning, guidance and inspiration.

Out of these observations came rich legends and sacred ceremonies.

In many parts of Africa today, the sacred alliance between the earth and sky is still replayed in time-honoured ceremonies, that were handed down from generation to generation.

At the age of 13, Thebe built his first telescope in his remote African village.

Today, as a qualified astronomer, Thebe hopes to reunite the origins of celestial knowledge with modern astronomy. While technology has increased our knowledge of the ‘heavens,’ it has also distanced us from the cosmos and its influence on our daily lives.

In Cosmic Africa we join Thebe on his celestial quest into the heart of the Egyptian Sahara; the precipitous cliffs of Dogon country in Mali; and the ancestral land of Namibia’s hunter-gatherers, the Ju/’hoansi.

His experiential journey weaves together past, present and future, combining astronomical perception and history in a rich cosmic tapestry.

By exploring the various stages of human awareness and development, Cosmic Africa takes viewers into the world of shamans, sky lore experts and diviners, where spiritual and practical knowledge is intertwined.

A true story that inspires the viewer to look at Africa and the cosmos, in a completely different way.

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