Mau Forest Cover down by 60% in the last years

It is not rocket science and it doesn't take donor funded "projects" and other delaying tactics to establish the nitty-"GRIDdy" facts.

While flying over the Mau forest in a single engine aircraft with a speed of  approx. 120 knots from SW to NE (like when you fly from the Mara to Nakuru) you were flying over forest for at least 12 minutes still in 1998.

NOW after 4 minutes all is over !

STOP committees and working groups, which are talk-shops only, and stop just driving somewhere to the forest edge and believe everything is still green and just fine.

STOP projects which are moneycentered and designed to maintain the problem (for further "projects") rather than solving it.

STOP believing the people can ever match the daily forest loss by planting trees or genetically engineered horror-creations.

The Mara River has nearly dried up and on the  Tanzania side the agri-industrialists  get ready to plough the once huge Mara swamp in order to most likely plant GM cotton. Likewise the Ewaso Ngiro hardly reaches Lake Natron today.

WAKE UP ! and support the only real forest defenders of the Mau - the traditional OGIEK, who were the only ones stemming themselves effectively against the oncoming tide of the takers, their land surveyors, the crooked lands officers and lawyers as well as against the courts.






The Industrial Machine called Forestry

We count the costs 
in shattered bits 
lost opportunities
In peoples displaced, 
Choice denied
The Spring is Dry...

It lives by killing mountains and valleys.
Disappearing fountains and streams.
It kills the buck, the mole, the swallow and the lark.
Consolidating 'fake forests' - Fragmenting habitat
It does not consider the worm that burrows the soil.
It counts not the micro-organisms and knows not
the function of the soil food web.
Just mining blindly.

The massive mills spew filth into the crisp country air,
A constant drainage of polluted effluent
into the crystal clear water,
Compromise the river system - pass the problem downstream.
Trucks roar throughout the night
Gone are the days of peace and quiet.

In the south...
Cheap land, cheap labor, cheap life
Warm sun, fast growth, a quick buck,
draining the life force from this land.

This need for greed
These costs too high
And we must change
So it can change...