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World Bank Monitoring Developments over Karura Forest in Kenya 

Source: PANA via CNN 
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Date: 2/9/99 

NAIROBI, Kenya (PANA, 02/08/99) - The World Bank says it is keenly monitoring the destruction of Nairobi's Karura forest and how Kenyans would react to the affair. 

The bank's vice president, Ismail Serageldin, said Monday in Nairobi during a meeting with a environmetalist Wangari Mathai that the (global) environmental issue was high in the bank's agenda, as most countries were affected. 

"We at the World Bank are very concerned about the loss of forests and general environmental degradation," he said. 

He said any form of development initiated by government or individuals should be environmentally sustainable. 

"Development projects should put into consideration the impact of the project on society," he stressed. 

He said the World Bank had formulated a proposal for a new development framework that pays attention to institutions and environmental equity. 

Violent clashes occurred recently between Nairobi university students who wanted to plant tree seedlings in the Karura forest amid reports that the area had been allocated to a housing development scheme. 

The clashes eventually led to an indefinite closure of the educational institution.