News 2008


Military hands over SLDF militia leaders to police

Published on 22/07/2008

By Roselyne Obala

The military has finally handed over to the police five top Sabaot Land Defence Force (SLDF) commanders arrested during a security operation in Mt Elgon District.

Only militia spokesman John Kanai is still in the hands of the soldiers.Colonel Stephen Boiywo, who is in charge of the military operation in Mt Elgon District, said the militia were handed over to the police so that they could be charged.

Kanaiís younger brother, Samson, who had been on the run, was arrested a few weeks ago.

Others are the late Wycliffe Matakweiís deputy, Mr Moses Chemoset, and Mr Stephen Juma Kirui, the commander who had surrendered to the military in Kapkota a few weeks after succeeding Matakwei.

Also under arrest is Mr Martin Mateki who was in charge of uniforms, Mr Robert Cheptot, the fourth in command, and Mr Geoffrey Makwere, who was in charge of the armoury.

Boiywo yesterday said Kanai was still under interrogation at the armyís Kapkota base.

"We are not yet through with Kanai. Once we complete the questioning process, he too will be handed over to the police," he said.

Western PC Abdul Mwasserah had earlier given accorded to the commanders.

"The suspects will be required to answer to the serious atrocities they inflicted on the people of the district," he said.

Mwasserah had further said the Governmentís responsibility was to protect its people and no one would be allowed to walk free after killing and destroying property.

Kanai, who was arrested in Uganda more than a week ago, was handed over to the Kenyan authorities alongside five other suspected SLDF members.

The suspects were handed over to Mt Elgon DC Mohammed Birik at the Kenya-Uganda border at Lwakhakha last Wednesday.

Matakwei, who was the commander of the SLDF was gunned down by the military in mid-May alongside three of his bodyguards.