News 2008


Gov't and ODM MPs hold joint meeting

KBC (Governmental Broadcaster)

Written By:Irene Wangui

Thu, Mar 06, 2008

MPs from the both the government side and ODM held a joint meeting Thursday to forge a common stand.

The one of a kind PNU and ODM joint parliamentary meeting began shortly after 8 A.M Thursday morning ahead of the State opening of Parliament later in the afternoon.

The meeting was convened to harmonize policies of the two parties so as to come up with a common programme to develop the country. The members were addressed by both president Kibaki and ODM leader Raila Odinga.

Top on the agenda was the power sharing deal between the two sides, where the two principals Raila and President Kibaki discussed details of the deal with the MPs.

The Mps agreed to harmonize their party manifestos and cultivate support for the two bills that will facilitate the entrenchment of the power sharing deal in the constitution.

It is in the light of this understanding that the members of parliament later convened for a session that will go down in Kenya's history as the first time since the advent of multi party politics in 1992, that parliament convened without an official opposition party.