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EU warned that Kenya crisis is not fully resolved


By Richard Newton

March 05, 2008

The International Watchdog Organization, Human Rights Watch, has warned the European Union not to regard the Kenyan crisis as resolved.

While welcoming the power sharing deal brokered by UN mediator Kofi Annan, the organization said there was still much to be done and the International community had a vital role to play.

All eyes will be on the Kenyan Parliament tomorrow as it lays the groundwork for political co-operation following months of violence and loss of life. Human rights watch says this is only the first step in the process to address the critical issues.

Alain Deletroz from the International Crisis Group says: "I think this is the first benchmark that will show clearly where the country is heading, whether the agreement will hold or not".

The Human Rights Watch says the power sharing deal does not mean the international community can 'pack up and go home'.